How to decorate clothes? Decorating clothes with flowers, embroidery, beads, rhinestones, accessories, crochet, ribbons, applique. Decorations for children’s clothing

Decorating clothes is fashionable and popular. Modern stores offer a lot of jewelry: ribbons, beads and accessories that will help make your image unique, stylish and unique.

Fashionable and simple decoration of modern clothes for every day

Clothing in itself has ceased to be decoration. To attract the attention of others, create your own individual style, stand out from the crowd, help fashionable and modern jewelry for clothes.

The purpose of decorating clothes is to make it not only beautiful and attractive, but also as unusual as possible, one that other fashionistas do not have.

decoration of clothing with fittings

There are a lot of decoration techniques: from simple to the most complex techniques. The main secret of successful work is a great desire to create a unique image.

In some cases, decorating clothes is very easy. For this you will need just scissors. To do this, you will need to find on the Internet the appropriate video or a master class on the correct cutting of fabric elements.

example of decorating a t-shirt with scissors

Simple methods of decorating can also include a non-standard way pins decoration. This simple item can be easily purchased at any specialized department. Its cost is very small, and the effect of the work is huge! Metal elements add some brutality to the image.

shirt decoration with pins

One of the most unusual ways is dressing clothes. To do this, you can use a special paint for drawing on clothes, or you can use the most common technical. Try cutting out a pattern from cardboard: a cross, a heart, or any other shape. Put the template on the straightened T-shirt and apply a thin brush on the cutout in the template.

dressing clothes

When finished, remove the template and leave the clothes in a calm condition until they are completely dry. For such decoration it is best to use a dense fabric, denim or jeans. You are free to paint with special paints for clothes what you like and it will always be original.

Bright decoration of clothes with flowers and other decorative elements

Even dozens and hundreds of years ago, women decorated their clothes with flowers to create a romantic and vibrant image. Floral decor is relevant today. Modern designers are trying to produce clothes with a variety of prints of roses, bouquets and individual flowers and attach volumetric details from the fabric.

decorating t-shirts with volumetric roses from fabric

Decoration for clothes in the shape of a flower is quite possible to make yourself from chiffon fabric or satin ribbon. No less popular is felt and other familiar types of fabrics, the main thing is desire and diligence.

What are the flowers for decorating clothes?

You can create bright flowers, adjust their size and shape according to your own desire and taste. You are free to create a pattern from a large number of small roses, and you can focus on one large flower. Flowers can be voluminous or flat, the latter perfectly adorn the hem of dresses and skirts.

decorating skirts with flowers

Many decorative floral elements can be purchased at needlework stores. On the Internet there are many patterns for embroidery and even sewing flowers to clothes, indicative styles of clothes and stylish images.

Flowers on clothes can be:

  • from satin ribbon -bright decorative elements that are more suitable for the holiday party
  • from braid - such flowers are rather modest decorative elements and they should decorate clothes of different styles: casual, festive and even business. It’s easy to make such flowers, but they look spectacular
  • from chiffon -light and almost weightless flowers will decorate summer clothes and will not burden the image
  • embroidery flowers -decorate absolutely any clothes in any part of the body. Embroidery is always relevant, always fashionable and always highly valued

Video: “Simple flowers from ribbons with your own hands”

Original decorative embroidery clothing decoration

Embroidery has always been relevant and still remains so. There are several embroidery techniques: satin stitch, cross, paillettes, knots. Embroidery should be chosen, focusing on the style of clothing. T-shirts can be decorated with embroidery along the neckline, hem or sleeves. Skirts require embroidery around the edge or at the waist, and the dress can be embroidered in absolutely any place or over the entire area of ​​the product. Not infrequently embroidery decorates even shoes and accessories.

embroidered clothing

Original and unusual will be decoration with jeans embroidery. For this decor, any element is suitable: skirt, dress, pants, jacket or shorts. Dense fabric will perfectly complement any technique and make it more feminine.

Embroidery decoration will highlight your item among all the others and make the image unique, even if the wardrobe item that you decorated is the simplest.

In order to gently apply embroidery to the fabric, you need to choose the right thread, not to cheapen and buy the highest quality floss (or silk thread). A special mesh will also be a necessary element, which will allow us not to go beyond the boundaries of the picture. Follow the scheme very accurately and you will enjoy a pleasant result.

Video: “Embroidery on clothes”

Unusual and feminine decoration of clothes with beads

Beading is one of the most popular ways to decorate clothes. This is a very budget option to make your image bright, festive, unique and very feminine. Moreover, embroidery with beads always captivates women and gives them pleasure from the process.

beading jeans

Drawings from such embroidery are voluminous, colorful and sparkling. The choice of beads is wide in modern needlework stores and everyone will be able to choose beads to their taste: matte, transparent, glass, plastic, round, long.

Decorating clothes with embroidery you can adhere to clear patterns of patterns, but just as successfully, you have the right to let go of imagination and embroider a pattern as you wish. Animalistic and natural patterns will look spectacular on any fabric: birds, flowers, climbing plants, wings, trees and so on. Choose the thinnest needle with a small eye and thick silk threads that can withstand not the small weight of beads.

Video: “Beadwork on clothes”

Festive and everyday decoration of clothes with rhinestones

Having appeared once on clothes, rhinestones have become the darlings of many women and therefore complement their wardrobe anywhere in any quantity. Rhinestones imitate gems and are always considered a symbol of wealth, taste and desire to look stylish. It is safe to say that rhinestones are for everyone. There is only one rule to observe - do not overdo it with the number of crystals.

decoration of clothes with rhinestones

So, every fashionista should know that rhinestones on evening clothes look the best and most profitable. Evening artificial lighting makes rhinestones flicker, distinguishing a woman from the crowd. During the day, you can use the minimum number of pebbles and decorate them with straps of shirts, belts, caps, shoes.

Rhinestones are attached with a thread or with a hot gun with a quick-drying glue.

Video: “Rhinestones. Transfer rhinestones to clothes "

Original delicate jewelry for crocheting clothes

Crocheting clothes came from our grandmothers, but today it has acquired a more global and aesthetic value. So, crocheted items inserted into casual clothes are very popular.

crochet jewelry to complement casual wear

The lace that is obtained by crocheting is unusually feminine and delicate. They are good at decorating summer clothes: T-shirts, t-shirts, skirts and even shorts. But no less profitable, they also look on warm blouses, as well as dresses.

Video: “We crochet jewelry. Simple flower "

What are the accessories for decorating clothes?

Every woman always pays attention to the fact that modern clothes are a platform for many bright accessories and jewelry. You can buy them in a fabric and accessories store, in the department of creativity and needlework, or on a specialized site. Each individual element is able to emphasize the peculiarity of your clothes and make it unique.

accessories for decorating clothes

The attention of customers is a huge number of bright brooches made of beads, rhinestones and beads. They can always be attached to some areas of clothing, giving it a different shape and directing attention to one zone only.

Buttons that differ from standard plastic tablets and impress with their shapes are no less popular: ovals, fangs, squares, semicircles, months, and others. The buttons are decorated with many rhinestones.

Rhinestones and multi-colored pebbles are decorated with zippers, clasps, straps, belts and chains, which are easy to insert into any clothes.

Unusual and original decoration of clothes with ribbons

The tape is not difficult to purchase in the store. The modern use of ribbons as a decorative element and decoration is very popular. Moreover, the technique of creating flowers, patterns and embroidery is a huge amount. One of the most popular is the kanzashi technique - a way to create flowers from pieces of ribbon.

decorating a jacket with a kanzashi ribbon flower

Flowers in this technique are voluminous and they will perfectly decorate the upper parts of clothes: jackets, jackets, ballerinas, blouses. With such beautiful flowers, it is better not to burden the lower wardrobe items.

Video: “Workshop. Kansashi Flower "

What is applique apparel decoration?

Applique is one of the easiest and fastest ways to decorate clothes. For this you will not need a large amount of time spent on painstaking work. Applications are sold ready-made in fabric stores.

dress decoration applique

As a rule, the applique sold in stores has a rubberized or glued bottom layer. This is necessary in order to ensure reliable attachment to the fabric. This glue melts when exposed to high temperature and seizes on the fabric. Such a procedure is carried out with an iron, but always without the “steam” mode.

Unusual decoration with clothing ornament around the edge

ornament is one of the most popular ways of decorating clothes in recent times. This is because ethnic motifs are gaining momentum in fashion and every designer is trying to include an ornament pattern in their collections. An ornament is an embroidery. Putting an ornament on clothes, you need to consider the rules for its placement.

The ornament on the edges of clothing looks the most profitable: sleeves, hem, a line along the location of buttons, a collar zone.

decoration of clothes with an ornament

What are the ornaments made of fabric for clothes?

Even the fabric itself can be used to create decorative elements. To do this, you need to know several basic techniques for processing material: scissors, stitching and even fire. From shreds of fabric it is quite realistic to create flowers that will decorate your neckline or sleeve.

Chiffon fabric, for example, is very easy to burn and from it you can create beautiful voluminous peonies that look beneficial on any fabric and any material.

cloth decoration

It is also advantageous to receive the lining of several types of fabric. So, you can sew printed fabric underneath the plain and with the help of scissors cut a specific pattern. Fabric applique is no less popular, the main rule is to observe the style and not try to make the applique too defiant or childish.

Stylish metal jewelry for everyday clothes

Brutality has become popular and is increasingly being sought by fashionistas in casual clothing styles. There are a great many metal ornaments in modern hardware stores. Each is distinguished by its originality and corresponds to different styles.

decorating clothes with metal decorations

There are many options for decorating your clothes, you can attach a large iron chain to your pockets, sew buttons on your back or collar zone. The main condition is to observe the style in all clothes and then you will look very stylish.

How to decorate a dress? Simple decoration options

Contrast women's lace will help to decorate a simple casual dress. You can buy this at any fabric store, the choice of lace is wide and varied. Lace applied on a mesh or repeating crochet patterns will look spectacular.

lace dress decoration

You should adhere to the basic rule of decoration - try to choose contrasting colors. For example, black lace decorates white fabric, and white - black. The most profitable places to place the pattern:

  • chest area
  • back
  • collar zone
  • hem
  • sleeves
  • belt

Video: "The secret of decorating lace"

How to decorate a black dress and create a unique style?

A black dress always adorns every woman, it hides flaws and gives sexuality to its owner. Metal jewelry and stones look great on black fabric of any material. Therefore, try to give yourself a unique look with the help of these decorative elements.

dressing black dress

Do not try to decorate a black dress from head to toe. Choose only one area worthy of emphasizing you on the beneficial side: belt, chest, shoulders or hem. Attach a row of rhinestones of different sizes and diameters along the collar zone. Try using rhinestones of various colors (at least four and no more than seven) or stick to only one shade.

Decorations for children’s clothing. How to decorate children's clothes beautifully?

Children's clothing is always the presence of colors, bright elements and funny details. You can decorate any item of clothing with a cartoon applique: purchase it in a store or make it yourself from rags. Girls will like embroidery with sequins in any part of a T-shirt, skirt or dress. Try to embroider a name, heart and any pleasant inscription on the subject of the wardrobe with sequins.

decorating children's clothes

A variety of stripes, ruffles, bows, ribbons and patterns of buttons will diversify even the most boring clothes of the baby and give him vivid emotions. Try to take into account the wishes of your child and then he will wear clothes with great pleasure.

What is the decoration of children's knitted clothes?

A great option for decorating children's knitted clothes is a crochet applique. It is made of yarn and gives the opportunity to decorate sweaters, cardigans, panties and even slippers of children with bright cartoon characters, cute animals and flowers. Such details are crocheted and their creation usually does not take much time.

To create a cute element, you will need threads, a hook, patterns (found on the Internet) and some accessories: buttons, beads, sequins or beads. Such parts are mounted mainly on the place where the child will always watch them: on the stomach, chest, sleeves, belt, hips or knees.

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