How to twist a massage hoop for weight loss to remove the stomach and sides: trainer's recommendations, reviews

There are many methods for losing weight, twist hula hoop - one of them. Next, the process will be described in detail, how to properly rotate the massage hoop to lose weight, how long it will take to lose weight.

Many girls are striving to lose weight by summer, but diets cannot do without sports training, but the skin and muscle tissue must be elastic. Probably a hoop for this case fits perfectly. Not only will the extra centimeters leave at the waist, hips, but you will also feel fresher and more cheerful. All areas of your body will work actively. The main thing to know how to twist the hoop. Information you can find further in the details.

How to twist a hoop: does a hula hoop help you lose weight?

Back in the last century, in the sixties, talented Americans invented hula- hoop. These were the creators of children's toys A. Melin, R. Knner. The hula hoop used to be called the hula hoop. Why? Because the movements that the girls perform by rotating the hoop are like the famous Hawaiian dance. A massage hoop differs from the usual one in that it has special convex devices inside its surface for influencing the body.

Slimming hoop

It is necessary to carry out exercises correctly, and choose a hulahup heavier. Then it will turn out to lose weight much faster than with the usual hoop, which we know from childhood (hollow inside and light). When performing rotations, the main thing is not to be lazy. If classes with this equipment are not frequent and take only five minutes a day, while the diet is not followed, then there will be no weight loss.

Should rotate dailywill have to learntwist the hoop correctly, and cut back ordinary servingsthat you used to eat especially at dinner. According to user reviews, thanks to the hula hoop, many girls managed to remove a few centimeters at the waist and hips. Training with this massager is equivalent to fitness.

It is recommended to perform movements rhythmically, then all the cells of the body come in tone, the pulse quickens, the respiratory strength increases, which leads to an acceleration of metabolism, i.e. fat mass is burned, muscle tissue is strengthened, and overall body volume decreases. Strikingly noticeable local effect. For example, if you twist hula hoop this part of the body decreases at the waist, on the hipsthen are decreasing sizes hips. Experienced trainers advise using a bodyflex hoop, the process of losing weight in this case is even faster.

You need to be prepared for the fact that you will not notice instant results immediately after the first lessons with a hoop. For weight loss, you need to engage in a long duration of time. On average, in order to remove a centimeter in the waist, hips, you need to twist the hula hoop for about two months. And at the same time, your workouts will not be particularly exhausting, because you can combine them with watching your favorite television shows or shows.

How to twist hula hoop?

IMPORTANT: Start twisting the hoop five minutes a day. Especially if you have chosen a heavy massager. After all, unaccustomed muscles and skin will hurt after exercise, and hematomas will still remain on the skin. Some trainers advise starting to do this sport with lighter hoops. And then start using heavy hula hoops. You can still protect the skin with thick clothing, then the likelihood of bruising will be less.

How to twist a hoop, how many twist hula hoop for weight loss?

How to twist the hoop correctly, how much time to do it for weight loss - the most impatient women who need to lose weight faster are asked such questions. First of all, before answering these questions, you should decide on a hula hoop. For beginners, as already mentioned, it is better to choose not heavy massagers. Then you need to be able to twist it without dropping it, this task is not easy for some athletes.

How to hold hands while torsion hoop?

But already, when you learn to handle this equipment, observe the following conditions:

  • Losing weight happens imperceptibly and not immediately, because you will first have to go to the minimum level - this half an hour classes with hulahup. After that, you can go to the next step of the level and do the hoop for 45 minutes. And already change your lightweight hoop to a heavy analogue.
  • Your body should gradually take the load. Try not to keep your feet shoulder-width apart when working with the hoop; it’s better to strengthen the amplitude of your body’s vibrations. Let the muscles work at full load.
  • When you can hold the hoop for a long time without any problems, start add steps to rotations. Step sideways, forward, backward, keep your hands behind your head. This will make it easier for you to maintain balance.
  • For effective weight loss, it will be enough for you to start twist the hoop daily for about 45-50 minutes, the only condition is that you do this without rest, stopping. It is then that the muscle tissue begins to strengthen, and the fat cells melt in front of the eyes. The first results will be noticeable in about a month. A person loses weight by 4-5 kilograms during such training.

As you can see, the result will not come right away, to improve the performance of exercises with a hoop, supplement with additional physical training and moderate nutrition.

How to twist a hoop in order to lose weight at the waist - trainer's recommendations

Many women care about their volume at the waist. Especially when the tummy does not fall for a long time after childbirth, and you so want to regain your former look, a hula hoop will help. The main thing is to perform the rotation correctly and your waist will become slim, like a wasp.

Hula hoop exercises

Let's consider, how to twist the hoop for the waist.

  1. Take a starting position first spread your legs a little and put them on a level with shoulders, feet apart.
  2. Take Hula Hup in hands and set in motion. Hold the hoop at the waist with rotational movements. And you can raise your hands to your head.
  3. Pull the belly slightly so that the hula hoop, touching it, bounces. Turn the massager as long as possible. If it falls, start all over again. The duration of the exercise depends on your stamina and habit. Many girls with trained muscles are able to rotate the simulator for about 1.5 hours a day, and more than that, the body does not need to take such exercises as stress. Otherwise, over time, he will begin to stock up on energy and demand high-calorie foods, which will lead to the opposite effects, the opposite of losing weight.

You can still do exercises with a hoop at the waist and additional step movements. This will improve not only your figure in the waist, but your heart will begin to train its stamina, it is useful for the work of the body.

IMPORTANTA: Any trainer who has experience will confirm that turning a hula hoop is good for body beauty and better health.

How to twist the hoop: before meals or after, what time of day?

Many girls who monitor their health are interested in the question: how to twist the hoop correctly before eating or after? The best option for training is two hours after the meal and one hour before eating. So you do not disturb the digestive process in the digestive tract during exercise.

It is also recommended to drink water after exercise with a hula hoop. Just drink non-carbonated drink. What time of day to train is really important, the main thing is not in the evening before bedtime, otherwise you may have insomnia.

When is it better to twist a hula hoop?

How to twist the hoop so that it does not fall?

The fair sex twist hula hoop in different ways. Firstly, it can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. And it doesn’t matter, you can do this and that. After all, it’s convenient for someone to start on the right side, and for someone on the left. Circular movements are performed both on the waist and on the hips, and at the same time, girls can lower, raise the massager without problems by strengthening or decreasing the rotation speed of this equipment.

May apply lateral hula hoop rotation. More precisely, moving the body from side to side, so the hoop can stay on the hips for a long time, the main thing is to catch the torsion rhythm. Keep your hands and elbows above the hoop so that they do not interfere with its rotation, and you can hold your legs as you like.

However, it is sometimes difficult for beginners to keep the hoop on themselves for a long time. To rotate it for a long time and holddo the following:

  • When the hoop begins to fall from the waist to the hips and is about to fall, try to bend your knees under the hula hoop and begin rotate the massager faster and a little bit of body push up.
  • Again, when the hoop sank to the hips, lower your shoulders slightly back, make rotational movements with the body in the same direction as the massager rotates, faster push it with your hips up - on the waist. Engage the flexibility of the body, movements do spinning, smooth but strong.
How to hold a hoop?

As you can see, so that the hoop does not fall, you should unwind the hula hoop more and toss it up a little with your body. And no matter how you do it, the main thing is the result.

How to twist a hoop: can it be twisted during menstruation, after cesarean?

Despite all the benefits of practicing hula hoops for the human body, some contraindications to the use of this subject should be taken into account. There are times when hula-hoop classes have to be postponed for some time, and maybe it’s not worth doing such exercises at all.


  • Complications in the postpartum period, painful periods, gynecological pathologies.
  • Inflammatory processes in the digestive tract, kidney disease, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, appendicitis, cholecystitis - these are all diseases that are a contraindication to torsion of the hula hoop.
  • You can not use this kind of weight loss for pregnant women.
  • Patients with diseases of the spinal column, hernia, myositis.
  • Women with injuries of the skin in the zone of influence of the hoop.

Do not also engage in this sport after Kesarev’s operation. It is allowed to start training only after six months of rehabilitation, when everything heals. During menstruation, if they are painless, then you can deal with a massage tool, it is only better to reduce the intensity of training and time.

Can I turn the hoop during menstruation?

How many calories does a massage hoop burn, reviews

How many calories does a massage hoop burn? According to average estimates, about 50-90 kcal can be burned in ten minutes of torsion of a hoop. And some say that in an hour the figure goes up to 450 kcal. And this is all true. After all, much depends on the strength of training. If you deal faster, then fats will be burned much faster. Experienced instructors say hula hoop exercises are akin to aerobic calorie burn exercises. Only the intensity and duration of classes is important.

Next, see the reviews:
Elena, 29 years old:

I immediately began to turn a heavy hula hoop, at first I could only twist it ten times and it was very painful, bruises appeared on my body. But despite this, she continued to twist and now I can freely rotate the hoop for half an hour, noticed that she had lost two centimeters in her waist.

Arina, 25 years old:

Since childhood, she loved to turn the hoop, but then she abandoned this business, work, home, family, child. Now I decided to lose weight and wanted to return to my favorite pastime. I’ve been doing it for two weeks, without rest I can twist the hoop for 40 minutes. My hoop is made of aluminum, and inside with torsion it is massage with rubber balls. They are a little stiff, but they form a good waist. During this time, dropped two pounds. Since in addition to charging, I cut myself a portion for dinner.