Name of months in English with transcription and translation: list

When learning English, you always want to quickly learn certain words. We will tell you how to quickly remember the names of the months in English.

As a rule, remembering the names of the months in English is not difficult, because they are consonant with Russian names. That's just sometimes people who practice English still doubt the pronunciation, spelling and correct pronunciation.

Today we decided to tell how you can quickly remember a month in English and learn how to pronounce them correctly.

Name of months in English with transcription and translation: description

Today, almost all countries of the world use a single calendar to determine the date, which consists of 12 months. In the UK, the year begins in January and ends in December. To understand the pronunciation of the months, try looking at the tablet:

Table of months

As you can see, the English names are quite similar to the Russian ones and they can be easily remembered. When studying, it is most important to learn the correct pronunciation. This will quickly remember new words.

Seasons with months in English - how are they pronounced?

A year in the UK consists of 4 parts. Each of them is a certain season and they have three months.

By the way, some argue that the division of the seasons is uneven, that is, in the spring and autumn only two months, and in winter and summer four.

Months by season

How are months shortened in English?

As you know, Americans are very fond of shortening words so that it is more convenient, and therefore in calendars, documents and other things, the full names of the months are rarely written. If we talk about abbreviated spelling, then, as a rule, two or three letters are used.

It is important to say that three characters are commonly used by Americans, four by the British, and two by the British.

Month reductions

There are a couple of rules that you must remember to write abbreviations correctly:

  • The names of the months are always capitalized, because basically they are formed from proper names
  • At the end of abbreviations with three characters, a period is put, and in the case of using two characters it is not required

How fast and easy to remember a month in English?

For children, you can buy a special calendar or make it yourself. It will help the baby quickly remember the months, and also plan wisely time.

You might think that remembering months is not necessary, but you are very mistaken. Without knowing this information, nothing important can be done - to book a ticket, find out the date, and so on.

You can start learning months, starting from kindergarten, if the child has already learned them in their native language. To do this, you can use different pictures and drawings.

There are some tips to help you remember the months yourself:

  • Use the English calendar on your phone. This will help to quickly remember not only the months, but even the days of the week.
  • Make offers with different events using the names of the months
  • Tell us what months and days your friends were born.
  • Make a small weather characteristic that happens every month
  • You can try to work out effortlessly. One of the most popular games is creating cards for 12 months with reductions. Take one scatter card and name the month

How to remember a month in English using poems?

Teaching children and even adults English is much easier with the help of poems. Rhymes allow you to quickly memorize the necessary words, simple sentences and increase your vocabulary.

Depending on the age, different complexity of poems is offered and depends on the level of language proficiency.

Poems for Kids Poems for entry levels Poems for adults

How to learn a month in English using songs?

I really like everyone to learn for a month with the help of songs. Different depending on the level of knowledge and age. We suggest you familiarize yourself with several options for songs.

Songs about the months

How to learn a month in English - the rule of knuckles

This rule is very popular even in the UK, as it is remembered with it all months faster. It allows you to quickly remember how many days in a month, so as not to look for this information.

Put your hands in front of you and clench your fists. By the joints, you can understand whether you call a short month or a long one.

The countdown is on the left and on the right. The first month is, of course, January. If the name falls on the knuckle, then it lasts 31 days, and if it’s on the cavity, then 30 days.

So that you often don’t have to count the knuckles, you can simply learn a simple rule called “ap-yun-sen-no”. These are syllables of the months of 30 days each, and the rest, respectively, of 31. The only exception is February, because it has the fewest days.

As you can see, learning to memorize months is not so difficult, having learned them once, you will remember them forever and will not make mistakes.

Watch the video: How to Pronounce the Months of the Year: American English (November 2019).