Adultery - What Sin? What can lead to the sin of adultery? Cara for adultery. How to atone for the sin of adultery: expert advice

Adultery is a grave sin. Let's find out how a cheater will be punished and how to atone for guilt.

Each of the world religions has its own commandments, canons, ceremonies, specifically indicating standards of life behavior that will not lead to the commission of sinful acts and, subsequently, to the punishment of God. Orthodoxy also has its indisputable truths, which give a person following him happiness and a spiritually rich life. However, most people prefer to break the main commandments, which brings them incredible suffering.

The sinfulness of adultery

One of the main Orthodox sins is adultery - the desecration of the marital union by betrayal, and light feelings - sinful thoughts about another person. By committing this sin, a person ceases to be a morally integral person, a perfect practical act tears him in two.


God's seventh commandment is, "Do not commit adultery." The Holy Fathers clearly express their opinion on this subject, quoting passages from the Gospel:

  1. The adulterer is already the one who, with a desire, gazes at a woman.
  2. The children of Israel must confront such a passion, because heaven does not accept those who are unclean in heart.
  3. The body of an Orthodox person is the abode of the Holy Spirit; people are considered guests in this mortal world; accordingly, being not at home, one cannot commit sinful acts.
  4. It is imperative to take care of the purity of our bodies - in due time, every Christian will be called to account for the years he has lived.
  5. The Lord condemns adultery, but approves the purity of marital relations and the immaculate bed.

IMPORTANT: The Bible emphasizes: each person with faith in God in his soul, is prescribed to observe the ten commandments of God, bringing peace of mind and meaning in life. Violation of these commandments causes many sinful misconduct.

And only then, realizing the incorrectness of our behavior, we begin to think about how to make amends and atone for sins, including adultery. Understanding the essence of the deed, realizing the consequences of betrayal in marriage, it is necessary from the pure heart to repent before the Almighty.

What can lead to the sin of adultery?

  1. The family hearth is being destroyed.
  2. Having committed a sin, a man lowers himself to the very bottom: from now on, he is controlled only by base needs and desires.
  3. The adulterer loses his reputation in the eyes of others.
  4. The traitors are now destined only one way - to the underworld; the only thing left for them is to spend the rest of their lives in prayers to God for forgiveness.
  5. Their soul is now devoid of peace and joy of love.
  6. The sin of treason is considered the theft of cleanliness and integrity.
  7. Homo sapiens becomes like an animal.
  8. Only thoughts of infidelity and lust settle in my head.
  9. An adulterer is often ill and dies early.
  10. He faces poverty, loss of friends and relatives.
  11. This becomes the reason for the lost understanding and love in the family.
  12. One of God’s penalties for adultery is mental deprivation.
Destruction by sin

One of the spouses who suspects their soul mate of treason is forced to eke out a difficult existence, filled with soul-poisoning feelings. Any food is not nice, even your own home is seen as a resident of evil. Sleep is disturbed, any friendly participation is regarded as a mockery, on a clear day you see clouds above your head. Even if adultery has not been proven, the mere thought of its probability drives one crazy.

Husband and wife belong to each other, and the realization that one of them provides his body for the dirty pleasures of another person is a heavy burden on the soul. Because of violation of the sacred oaths of fidelity given by the spouses during the conclusion of the marriage, adultery will necessarily entail a great punishment.

Kara for adultery

The Church provides for punishment for sinful acts committed under the influence of feelings and desires - excommunication for a term of fifteen years; priests in this case lose their dignity. By demonstrating the severity of the misconduct, each believer is taught a lesson in how to behave:

  • Any fornication / harlot does not have the right to communion until she repents.
  • Kara is that conscience itself will not let you forget what you have done. Only by destroying the memories of what happened will a person be cleansed of sin.
  • The result of committed adultery is pain due to the emergence of treason, which most often leads to the breakdown of the union, as spouses consider it practically impossible to keep the family.
  • For any fornicator, the gates are now closed for the entrance of his soul into the heavenly abode.
  • Adultery is punishable by "second death in the underworld lake", consisting of fire and sulfur.
  • The New Testament confirms the fact that each human body is part of the body of Christ, therefore, having sinned, the believer is able to dishonor the Son of God, thereby depriving the universe of unity. Having lost support from above, we find ourselves in the grip of terrible demons.
According to the covenant
  • Any act of adultery erects a metaphysical barrier through which it is difficult to penetrate prayers and forgiveness. If the soul cannot be healed after repentance, then most likely its owner will be forever excommunicated from the Church and God.
  • The sin of moral or physical betrayal of an Orthodox believer gradually destroys the body and soul of a person; henceforth, the strength of his will is weak and he is no longer guided by the laws of morality.

St. Basil in matters of betrayal in marriage, did not see the difference between the one who committed adultery: wife or husband. Each transgression was considered a mortal sin and could be atoned for only by absolute repentance. Christian canons for a long time did not recognize such equality, since in ancient times women were not considered full members of society.

Atonement for sin by an adulterer

It should be remembered that only by repenting from a pure heart, praying to the Almighty, rethinking the whole burden of a sinful act, stopping to seek solace in fleeting relationships, betray your marriage partner, a true believer will not save his body and soul from suffering.


It is necessary to find courage in oneself, repent of already committed sins, pray to the Almighty, so that he restrains himself from such actions in the future. Only then, is it possible to purify the heart and soul and, continuing spiritual development, rise to a higher level of self-knowledge.

The sooner the understanding comes of what was done wrong, the existence is rethought and a righteous life is started, the faster a person will get the opportunity for personal happiness, observing the Divine Commandments.

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