Why does the dog whine: reasons - what to do?

Animal lovers know that often a dog can whine. It's time to figure out the reasons and understand what needs to be done.

Dogs cannot tell their owner about sorrows using words. However, often animals try to attract the attention of the owner with the help of whining. Sometimes dogs can whine just like that, for no particular reason, however, as a rule, there really is some kind of problem, for example, the dog is sick, hungry, stressed, and so on. Let's see together why the dog can whine, thereby breaking the silence.

Dog whines: reasons

A dog is considered a pack animal, and therefore the sounds that a doggie can make are a way of expressing their own feelings, transmitting some information to people. It turns out that the dog basically starts whining for reasons that are reasonably logical. If you take care of your own pet, then never ignore his cheekbones.

With small puppies, everything is clear enough. Pets, when they develop, need care, love, attention of the owner. Puppies also need regular walks, food, and drink. If you do not follow this, the puppy will constantly whine, squeak, cry.


However, if already an adult dog whinesthen this may be a sign of some kind of problem. You will have to identify this problem in order to solve it immediately.

Health problems

If a dog whinesnever panic. You just have to discover the reason why the dog is behaving this way. Do not ignore the sounds that it makes. Initially, take the animal to the doctor. It is possible that the pet is having health problems. Of course, this reason does not apply to those four-legged friends who whined from an early age. But if the dog began to whine unexpectedly, then you should be wary.

  • Try to monitor how the animal behaves so that it is not affected by a serious illness. For example, if a pet had problems, it began to limp, it is difficult for him to get up and take a lying position, then, most likely, the dog was injured. The four-legged friend may have paw problems.
  • Also, the dog may worry: gums, teeth, injuries that have occurred in the oral cavity. It often happens that some kind of sharp object causes inconvenience to your pet. It can injure the gums or even break a tooth.
  • It is possible that problems arose in the genital or urinary system. And, if you do not pay proper attention to your pet and its health, the diseases that you run will turn into more serious pathologies.
  • Maybe your pet has become infected with parasites. They are able to torture a pet, and therefore be one of the main reasons because of which the dog whines, constantly cries.
  • It is also possible that you are not feeding the dog the right food or not monitoring his health. You should know that dogs can also be very worried about constipation, which is why it whines just like that.

Other factors associated with a variety of diseases and injuries of the four-legged friend are also possible. It is they who force the pet to whine, just squeal, cry.

You can determine at home the main reasons why your dog whines. However, there are situations when it is impossible to do without the help of a professional veterinarian. Touch carefully all areas where injury may occur. The dog will definitely respond to your touch when you touch the sore spots. If you have no idea what to do in such a situation, then by all means go with the dog to the doctor. He may discover the cause, begin complex treatment.

Behavioral Issues

There are individuals who have high nervousness, anxiety and anxiety, and therefore they constantly whine. Such problems can greatly ruin people's lives, as animals whine and bark, even when there is a slight noise.

Remember how many dogs whinewhen salutes, firecrackers or other pyrotechnics explode. Perhaps your dog whines if you leave the house or leave the pet alone for a long time.


We offer you some key tips:

  • Of course, in order to rid the dog of fears, you have to stock up on patience and time. For example, your dog is very afraid of a thunderstorm, and therefore she howls, whines. Often turn on the sounds of wind, rain, various disasters of nature. Also do not forget about the sounds of thunderstorms, sea waves. And you can turn on a quiet melody for a pet in his own language. However, initially turn on the sounds quietly, then over time you can increase them. When the music will sound, stroke the dog, tell the pet that the thunderstorm is not so terrible at all, it does not threaten his life at all. You will definitely see the result if you start turning on sounds regularly. The pet will get used to the given sounds over time, it will no longer whine and cry so often.
  • The dog whines when puppies are taken from her. She wants to "say" in this way that the children be returned to her that she misses them, is sad and worried. In addition, dogs can whine regularly if they have a heat, which is considered normal.
  • Sometimes it happens that boys-dogs whine, because they recognize leadership on another dog, and therefore they ask him to reconcile.
  • Also, the dog can whine if the owner punishes him for a certain offense. So the pet is trying to show that he admits his own guilt, agrees that it is his master who is considered the main one. The whining will disappear very quickly when you caress your pet.
  • Small dog whinesif he wants to play a little. It often happens that a dog whines if it lacks human attention. This suggests that the pet just misses its own owner. You can tell your pet some kind word. Go to him, scratch behind the ear, pat on the withers. This will all be appropriate, but do not forget to give the dog some treat, such as bone or meat, after your caresses.

The instincts of a real hunter

It is the instincts of the hunter that forcewhine a dog. Mostly, they occur in dogs when they discover prey, for example, a fox, which they simply can not get. Another target for dogs may be a squirrel, a bird or a cat on a tree. It will be difficult for you to fix such a problem, since it is inherent in dogs in genes. However, you will still be able to do something.

Your task is to calm the dog, distract it from the prey. Take the pet away from the place where he saw the target or even take him to the room if the situation happened at home. If the dog saw the prey on the street while in the house, then close the windows with curtains or lower the blinds. You need to make your pet calm down.


Dog can whineIf she is very worried, she is overexcited and nervous. Fighting dogs sometimes whine if a battle awaits them. This is not due to the fact that the pet is not self-confident, afraid, alarmed or confused. Most likely, he just can’t wait to get into the battle as soon as possible.

Dogs are not like cats. They are laid-back, very emotional. Inside the animals, a large number of feelings can accumulate, which they simply can not restrain.

Lack of owner attention

Every pet likes it when the owner is attentive to it. And, in order to attract the attention of their owner, furry pets begin to whine, even howl. Do not ignore this behavior, since whining does not end there. A dog can behave this way long enough.

Other reasons

In some casesdogs whine even when they sleep. Scientists claim that pets also have dreams, which, as a rule, can relate to injuries, running, chasing, stalking. You, too, probably noticed a similar behavior of your favorite. But you need to know if your dog whines in a dream, quickly breathes heavily, this can cause shortness of breath and a malfunction of the respiratory system. This must beware. Do not waste time, urgently take the pet to the veterinarian.

  • Remember, the dog asks you for something with its whining. For example, she wants to take a walk in order to quickly satisfy her own need, if the pet can no longer endure. Whining often occurs if the dog is lonely. If you went, for example, to work, to the store, and the animal is left alone, then it can begin to whine, because it feels useless to anyone. Be careful about your pet in such situations.
  • Sometimes it happens that the pet is just cunning, and therefore whines. So he begs for something. Perhaps he wants more attention or an additional portion of food - this behavior can be considered manipulation. But if dog whines not because she wants to go outside, or she lacks water or feed, then just ignore this behavior. The pet, when he realizes that he is not able to attract your attention, will cease to behave this way.

If your dog whines, wags its tail, it means that it has a great, joyful mood. This conclusion is considered erroneous, and therefore you must understand it differently. For example, on the street a pet noticed his own brother, he begins to wag his tail, whine. Believe me, the dog is not at all happy about this meeting, she is not friendly. This is only arousal, which sometimes leads to serious consequences. If you only slightly lower the leash from the pet, he will immediately show his own aggression.

There are many reasons for whining

Whining may be a sign of pain. This statement is also incorrect, because the pain of the dog, as a rule, moan, scream. If you accidentally step on the pet’s foot, it will only scream, but after a couple of seconds it will shut up, although the pain will still bother him.

Sometimes dogs whine in spite of their owners. This is not to be thought, because dogs are not as cunning as humans. In addition, whining is only a certain communication, a chance to bring some information to the owner.

How to wean a dog whine?

What to do if the pet regularly whines? If you were able to identify the causes, then your main goal will be to address them. You can do the following:

  • Is the pet lacking affection and attention? Present it to him. But you should not spoil your dog with a hug regularly. The situation will simply get worse. The pet should understand that you care about him, love, devote a lot of time. Try to play, communicate, walk on the street with a dog a lot, be with her more often.
  • If a dog whines, because he wants to go to the toilet, try to walk her on time so that the pet does not suffer.
  • Show that whining is very bad. For example, take your pet to the next room or express your displeasure with strict intonation. Do this more often so that the dog understands what offends you with such behavior.
  • If the dog constantly feels lonely, you often leave it yourself at home, then try to teach your pet to do this. From the very beginning, leave only the room. But, at the same time, show that you are not throwing a pet, you are near it. Then hide and do not react to the pet's barking. Over time, you can increase the period of the procedure.
  • Don't let the dog ever get bored. Introduce the pet to other dogs, walk with it, offer various entertainments that will cause only positive emotions in the pet.
  • Doggie recently faced with a stressful situation? Then surround him with your care, create ideal conditions for him so that he feels completely safe.
  • Dog whines, so how sick? Take him to the vet so that the situation does not worsen.
Why whines
  • Does the dog whine, begs for something? Then she must understand that by such a method she will not be able to get what she wants. Try to fulfill the pet’s request if it can be absolutely calm.
  • From childhood, teach your pet not to show his own emotions so violently.
  • Be especially responsible for the animal and its health. Get vaccinated regularly, take him to the veterinarian for an examination, watch how the pet behaves.
  • It is very useful to train a dog in a special mode. In this case, the pet will understand that you need to go to bed, eat and walk on the street only for certain hours. Consequently, the dog will cease to demand all this when he wants.

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