Why and how to wind up the number of friends on VK? Free and paid cheating on the number of friends in VK: description, tips

The instructions in this material will help you add a lot of VK friends.

Many Internet users do not see the difference between subscribers and friends in a group or public. Meanwhile, these differences exist and consist in the fact that the position in the search engines depends on the number of subscribers, and the success of your business and the amount of earnings depend on your friends.

Ways to increase the number of friends VKontakte

To cheat the number of your friends, you can use one of the following most popular methods.

  1. Manually. To do this, from your public you need to enter the section "Groups" click on Community Search and drive in a request "Add to friends". Then enter the community and write on the open wall a proposal to add everyone without subscribers. You can also paste a ready-made URL-image of the corresponding content (there are a lot of them on the Internet).

Remember that the number of requests to add to friends is limited - up to forty throughout the day.

  1. Using special services. The option is more operational and guaranteed, but for high-quality execution, most likely, you will need to spend a certain amount.
Using groups

The algorithm on such sites is approximately the same: registration (via "soap" or a social network), select "Add as friend" in the orders section, specify a social network on VKontakte and fill out an application, indicating a link to your page, the desired number of friends, and pay for work by anyone, convenient for you.

Programs for cheating friends VKontakte

Internet statistics show that the use of special programs for cheating on indicators necessary for users in social networks is gaining more and more popularity. These programs are a fairly effective method for promoting a public or group on VK, so we offer you a selection of the most popular of them.

Use programs
  1. "VTope" - a free wrapping program that works on a barter basis (you to me - I to you).
  2. "VKMIX" - here you need to perform tasks of other users. It works very quickly, so its use may cause suspicion.
  3. "VkDuty" is a free program that positions itself as the safest for users. Works on activity exchange.


  4. "BroBot" - the creators focus on user-friendly interface, security, speed.
  5. 5. "Ad-socail" - gives you the opportunity to earn points and increase your popularity from anywhere in the world. Compatible with Android.

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