What is a mandala and its meaning, how to use it? 10 mandalas to bring brightness to life

Mandala is a sacred symbol that can help a person get closer to what he wants. He acts by meditation during the coloring and attunement of consciousness in a positive way.

What are mandalas and why are they needed, how to use them?

Mandala -unusual word denoting the name of a geometric pattern. This drawing is not simple and representsgeometric matrix.If you literally translate the word "mandala", then it stands for "circle" or "circle". In fact, it is: a mandala is a square inscribed in a circle and decorated with many decorative figures, as well as patterns.

Each drawing located in the mandala, all figures and ornaments are located.symmetrically to each other.

It is interesting to know that in the East this drawing is very holy. Recognizes himBuddhism and Hinduism.Moreover, in order to draw a mandala, it is necessary to observe a certain ritual. Monks draw it and see in the image not just a drawing, but a real oneobject of worshipwhich, with all its beauty and depth, symbolizes the universe and the cosmos.

A person to whom such a culture and faith is alien cannot understand: why, then, do you need a mandala? The answer is simple: this figure allowsopen the subconscious.Sacred mandala is capableto establish harmony between man and nature.Of course, in order to achieve such a result, you must be carried away by the knowledge of the inner world and be a spiritual person who knows how to meditate.

Each mandala pattern accumulates during creation in itself. positivehuman energy.That is why many Buddhist and Hindu temples are decorated with mandalas. Some call the mandala "frozen prayer," because it is able to express the inner world of man at the time of drawing.

mandala - sacred drawing or image

How to color mandalas and the better?

Mandala is alwayscolor image.An exception in this case may be a mandala tattoo applied to the body in black ink. If we talk about real mandalas, it is worth noting that in the originalthey are painted by monks with colored sandon a flat surface for two months. This process they need only as a meansmeditation.After the little picture is ready, it is simply blown away and set to new.

It doesn’t matter what goals you follow when drawing a mandala. The main thing -know how to do it right.Sacred imagealways colorful.For this reason, you will come in handy any writing stationery tools of different colors:

  • the pencils
  • ballpoint pens
  • gel pens
  • oil handles
  • felt-tip pens
  • any paints
  • liners (felt-tip pens with the finest tip from 0.1 mm)
  • rapidographs (pens with ink tube)

It is not difficult to draw a mandala even with the help of a special computer program, if you have certain knowledge of the ability to own a graphic tablet or mouse.

sand mandala

The meaning of colors in the mandala, how to color the picture?

In drawing a mandala, you are freeuse absolutely any color.It is worth highlighting the most popular shades, since most often they have a certain meaning:

  • red -color of blood, color of survival, love and passion
  • the black -the color of darkness, death, despair, danger
  • yellow -symbolizes well-being, joy, happiness
  • Orange -ambitiousness, emotionality, debate
  • blue -symbolizes the source of life, water and sky
  • blue -mysticism, mystery, conflict, intuition, fear
  • green -support, understanding, desire to help
  • light green -weak energy field
  • Violet -emotional addiction
  • purple -worries, excitement, well-being

Coloring the mandala follows from the middle of the image and gradually reaching the edge. So the picture will turn out organic and will not be spoiled by your palm.

drawing mandala with felt-tip pens - bright and beautiful

Mandala for fulfilling a wish is very strong: photo for coloring

All mandalas can be divided into several subspecies: for the fulfillment of desires, for attracting money, for happiness, and so on. Choose the exact coloring template that you currently need. Peculiarmeditation and reflection on your goals while coloringIt will help you fulfill your wishes as soon as possible and will set you up to be more confident in yourself.

Mandala coloring templates for wish fulfillment:

coloring mandala number 1 coloring mandala number 2 coloring mandala number 3

Mandala for attracting money and material well-being: photo for coloring

It is no secret that someone wants to fulfill his desire, while the other wants to attract financial well-being. In this case, comes to the rescueanother mandala is the mandate of raising money.What is the secret of such an image? The answer is very simple: during coloring you can clearly concentrate all your thoughts on how to quickly and efficiently come to your financial well-being.

Coloring the mandala should onlyin good spirits,so that your drawing is not only beautiful, but also contains onlypositive energy.

Patterns of coloring mandalas for attracting money:

Mandala for attracting money, template number 1 Mandala for attracting money, template number 2 Mandala for attracting money, template number 3

Mandalas for harmonizing space: photos for coloring

It’s not uncommon for a modern person to findharmony with the outside world.Most often, complexes, an abundance of problems and misunderstanding interfere with him. A magic mandala will help to establish your world inside the body and the world around you. Equip your workplace, choose a coloring template and prepare a lot of colored pencils.

Try to immediately finish the decoration, after you start it (on the same day). Do not give up such work and do not discard the pattern.

Coloring mandala patterns for harmony:

Mandala for Harmony Pattern No. 1 Mandala for Harmony Pattern No. 2 Mandala for Harmony Pattern No. 3

Mandala coloring page: antistress

The so-calledcoloring antistress.The principle of their action is to distract a person from problems and envelop them with interesting therapy of colorful drawing and transformation. Mandala coloring works on the same principle, but its magical abilities not only relax the human soul and body.

Mandala attracts everything positive to a person, what can take from the environment.

Templates for interesting coloring "antistress":

coloring-antistress, pattern number 1 coloring-antistress, pattern number 2 coloring-antistress, pattern number 3

Mandala of love, happiness and relationships, female happiness: photo for coloring

Mandala of lovedesigned to help a person gain romantic feelings and understanding of a loved one. To paint such a mandalaneatly and slowly.When working with a drawing, you should think only about romance, relationships and pleasant things.

If during coloringmandalas of loveyou will be in a bad mood or depression, you cannotcharge your magic drawing with positive energy.

Patterns for coloring the mandala of love:

love mandala, pattern for coloring number 1 love mandala, pattern for coloring number 2 love mandala, pattern for coloring number 3

Mandala from loneliness - for love and marriage: photo for coloring

It's no secret that some magical things can influence the outcome of many events. So the mandala appears peculiar"Push"which gives a person the courage to carry out his plans.

The mandala of marriage is capable ofaccumulate and exude positive energyfor man, in particular - women. Such a mandala is necessary so that a woman does not lose self-confidence and is able to find happiness in marriage.

Happy Marriage Mandala Coloring Patterns:

marriage mandala for coloring, template No. 1 marriage mandala for coloring, template No. 2 marriage mandala for coloring, template No. 3

Mandala for conceiving a child: coloring book

Every adult wants to extend the genus. Sometimes stress, health problems, and negativity become an obstacle to conception. Drawing and coloring a special mandala will helpget pregnant safelyand find peace within the soul.

Coloring Patterns:

conception mandala, pattern No. 1 conception mandala, pattern number 2 conception mandala, pattern No. 3

Mandala for forgiveness: photo for coloring

Often the inner world of a person is veryrestless.It also happens that calm borders on depression and apathy. A man like a sponge absorbs a huge amountnegativitythat surrounds him every day. No one is immune from the fact that he can make a large number of mistakes, wrong actions and insults.

You can only fix the forgiving yourself and accepting yourself.Find a way to this will helpmagic mandalawhich, through drawing and coloring, will reveal the most beautiful sides of a person’s soul and allow him to think about himself.

Forgiveness Mandala Coloring Patterns:

coloring mandala "forgiveness", template number 1 coloring mandala "forgiveness", template number 2

Mandala for health and healing: photo for coloring.

Even doctors often say that a person’s recovery depends only on hisdesire to recover.This theory is far from a myth, but a scientifically proven fact. Improve your mood and inspire yourself to recover coloring mandala.

Coloring mandala templates for health:

template mandala "health" for coloring No. 1 template mandala "health" for coloring No. 2

Coloring mandalas for children.

Every parent should tryinstill in your child a sense of beauty.For this, more than ever, a simple coloring scheme of the “mandala”, which can be painted together in your free time, will come in handy.

Simple coloring templates:

mandala for children, template number 1 mandala for children, template number 2 mandala for children, template number 3

Coloring mandalas for weight loss

The mandala does not have any restrictions and therefore can help a personfind any thing and achieve any goals.This also applies to harmony. Just imagine visually your dreamand start painting the template.

coloring mandala "health, weight loss"

Coloring Pages - Art Therapy: The Most Complex Mandalas

For those who have a “creative touch” and love tasks that are more complicated, more detailed coloring templates for “mandala” come in handy. Such mandalas are oriented towards careful work, concentration and dipping into the deepest thoughts.

Complex Mandala Templates:

complex mandala number 1 complex mandala number 2 complex mandala number 3

10 mandalas to bring brightness to life

Improve mood and lightenstate of mindnot only the coloring of the mandalas will help, but also their contemplation. You must attach the image of the mandala in a prominent place so that it is constantlyfell into your field of vision.

Ten mandalas for a good mood:

bright mandalas for a good mood mandalas for the brightness of life mandala for peace of mind and happiness positive mandala mandala "passion and joy" mandala "inspiration" mandala "playfulness", "childishness" mandala "balance" cheerfulness mandala

Protective mandala: photo for coloring.

The protective mandala will helpput up a standall the negative that surrounds you every day.

Protective mandala for coloring

Coloring mandalas print with value

To know for surethe meaning of the mandalaYou need to print a few explanations of the templates for yourself.

mandala "good mood" om mandala simple mandala "dreamcatcher" mandala "desire" successful business mandala

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