The benefits and harms of peppermint tea, tinctures, tea for women, men, children, pregnant women. Mint Tea Recipes

There are many disputes about the properties of mint. This plant can bring great benefits to the body, and can cause infertility. The article reveals all the secrets of the competent use of this fragrant plant.

Mint is the oldest medicinal plant. Healers already at the time of the Assyrians and Egyptian pharaohs used its healing properties.

The name she received from the ancient Greeks. Legend has it that Persephone, the consort of Hades (Hades), the god of the underworld, turned his mistress Menta into a plant. So there was mint, a delicate plant with a cold smell.

What is the use of mint for women and for men?

Peppermint is considered more “female grass” because it brings more benefits to the female body.

Mint benefits for women:

  • regulates hormones by lowering testosterone levels and increasing progesterone levels
  • improves physical condition with PMS, menopause, reduces menstrual pain
  • relieves nausea in pregnant women with toxicosis

The benefits of peppermint for men:

  • increases the tone of the whole body, which contributes to increased potency
  • increases sensitivity and reduces stress, which increases the pleasure of lovemaking

But mint can not be consumed in large doses, like any medicine.

How to brew mint?

In order to preserve useful substances as much as possible when brewing mint, you must adhere to the rules:

  • brew mint in porcelain dishes, if not, then in a glass
  • before putting mint in the teapot, pour boiling water over it
  • pour mint with water about 5 minutes after boiling, and not immediately, in order to preserve trace elements as much as possible
  • insist after pouring boiling water for 15 minutes
  • 1 cup of tea is recommended to take 1 tsp. fresh or 0.5 tsp dry mint leaves. These are proportions for tea, they put more mint in medicinal decoctions
  • drink mint tea only freshly and without sugar

Mint tea is an independent drink, but you can add mint leaves to regular tea or herbal preparations.

Benefits and harms of mint tea

Thanks to the main active ingredient - menthol, mint tea soothes the soul, strengthens the body:

  • reduces pain
  • regulates metabolic processes
  • removes cramps
  • improves the gastrointestinal tract
  • enhances mental activity
  • regulates the cardiovascular system
  • tones and invigorates
  • calms the nervous system

Peppermint tea can only be harmful if overused. Heart pain, drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbances, heartburn, weakness may appear. Frequent use of mint tea (more than 3 cups daily) adversely affects the "male power" and the ability to conceive.

The use of mint in medicine

Mint has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, choleretic, sedative properties.

In medicine, it is used in the treatment of many diseases:

  • insomnia
  • neuralgia
  • hypertension
  • gastritis
  • gynecological diseases
  • asthma, vomiting, colds, rheumatism

Various tablets, ointments, drops contain a mint component.

What is the use of mint broth?

Decoctions are distinguished by a high concentration of nutrients. Decoctions are prepared if necessary to provide a deep effect on the body.

The benefits of mint broth:

  • regulates digestion
  • contributes to weight loss
  • lowers blood sugar
  • positive effect on the immune system
  • normalizes perspiration
  • lowers pressure
  • protects the body from the effects of radiation
  • treats cough, relieves sore throat, reduces headaches
  • relieves heartburn, nausea
  • normalizes blood circulation

Peppermint tincture: medicinal properties and contraindications

The high usefulness of peppermint is determined by its composition:

  • essential oil - menthol, provides taste, smell, anesthesia and antispasmodic properties of mint
  • tannins - give an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, accelerate the healing process, destroy bacteria
  • carotene - natural immunostimulant
  • vitamin P - reduces capillary permeability, relieves swelling and inflammation
  • vitamin C - strengthens the immune system, reduces vascular permeability
  • betaine - regulates the digestive system by activating fat metabolism in the liver and stimulating the production of bile
  • phytosterols - "plant hormones", lower cholesterol, contribute to improved metabolism
  • volatile - carry out protection against bacteria, microorganisms
  • trace elements - regulate the functioning of the nervous system, the production of enzymes

There are also several contraindications to the use of mint tincture:

  • allergy
  • hypotension
  • low gastric acidity
  • varicose veins, since menthol reduces the tone of blood vessels
  • liver disease, kidney

Also, mint tea is not recommended for nursing and pregnant women, as well as children under 5 years old.

Mint lemon balm: medicinal properties

  • Melissa is also called "lemon mint" because it has a mint and lemon flavor
  • There is less essential oil in lemon balm than in mint, so it is more often used in cooking as a seasoning, and not just as a flavoring
  • Lemon mint is used to combat depression, as an antiviral and antispasmodic

The healing properties of mint

  • Mint alcohol tincture is used for neuralgia, irritability, and insomnia. It relieves pain, reduces spasm. Apply on whiskey, forehead nape a few drops and rub. Or take 10-15 drops shortly before bedtime for a week
  • With bronchitis, inflammation of the nasopharynx, trachea, tincture is used for inhalation. Peppermint relieves swelling and inflammation, reduces pain, makes breathing easier. Solution: add 15 drops of tincture to 1 liter of hot water, breathe this vapor. Repeat 3-4 times a day.
  • Mint tincture can be made as follows: 20 g of dry leaves pour 100 ml of alcohol, moonshine with a strength of 75%. But you can use ordinary vodka. Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. Take 3 times a day, 25 drops, which must be diluted in 1 glass of water. Used to relieve cramping, migraines, nausea and vomiting

Peppermint effect on the heart

  • Peppermint is useful in treating angina pectoris because it dilates the coronary vessels and stabilizes the heart rhythm. It is part of validol, valocordin. It normalizes cardiac activity, improves blood circulation
  • With heart disease, it is useful to drink infusion: 4 tbsp. dry mint is poured with a liter of boiling water. Infuse the broth for about 2 hours. You can drink like regular tea. The calming effect of tea will increase if you add valerian root
  • It is necessary to limit oneself to 2-3 cups a day, otherwise the pain in the heart will resume, headaches will begin

Mint for depression

  • To relieve depressive states, it is good to use peppermint tea: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry leaves is poured in a glass of boiling water immediately after boiling. Insisted 1 hour. Take half a glass in the morning and at night
  • If the condition is very serious, then prepare a decoction: 1 tbsp. spoonful of dried leaves, pour 1 cup of water and boil the broth for 10 minutes. After boiling, insist another 10-20 minutes, strain. Take a decoction of 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day before meals 2-4 weeks

Mint for infertility

Infertility is a direct contraindication to the use of mint infusions and decoctions. Especially if you use not peppermint, but field.

But if the cause of infertility in women is an increased number of male hormones - androgens, then the doctor can prescribe mint infusion. It has been proven that 2 cups of infusion per day significantly reduce androgen levels.

Mint tea during pregnancy. Can pregnant women drink mint?

  • It is not recommended to drink mint for pregnant women, as this can trigger the appearance of uterine tone. Mint also increases estrogen levels in the body, which can contribute to miscarriage
  • But since peppermint relieves nausea well, peppermint tea is recommended to drink with toxicosis, dizziness, heartburn, and a cold. But no more than 2 cups per day and after 3-4 days it is advisable to take a break
  • The dosage of mint tea for pregnant women should be discussed with your doctor first

Can children give mint?

Children with mint tea are not allowed to give up to 3 years of age. If the child is not too active, then mint should not be given up to 5-6 years of age, since mint can cause drowsiness and lethargy.

In addition, mint in children can be a source of allergies. Therefore, before giving your child peppermint tea, you need to consult a pediatrician.

Soothing peppermint decoctions for young children

For young children, you can prepare decoctions of mint, which are added to the bath for bathing. Such a bath will relax and soothe the baby; it can be used for up to a year.

Prepare a simple broth:

  • take 50g of collection - oregano, mint, calendula flowers in equal parts
  • Pour in three liters of boiling water, insist for half an hour
  • Strained infusion add to 10 liters of water
  • In these baths, you need to bathe the child before bedtime 3 times a week
  • The minimum number of procedures is 5-7, if there is no allergy and the child likes

Peppermint essential oil: properties and applications

  • The aroma of mint affects a person at the emotional, physical and mental levels.
  • Peppermint oil has a tonic effect. Its aroma restores strength, relieves stress, increases mental activity, relieves stress, relieves headaches, restores heart rate
  • With a headache, peppermint oil is rubbed on the forehead, back of the head, whiskey, after which a cold compress is applied to the head
  • In case of nervous disorders, fears, it’s good to have a scarf in your pocket with a few drops of oil on it, so that you can smell aroma when you are exhausted
  • When fainting, instead of ammonia, you can give a smell of peppermint oil and rub it into whiskey
  • To reduce abdominal pain, rub the stomach with essential oil and apply a cold compress. Also with pain, bloating, heartburn, it helps if you drink a glass of water with 2-4 drops of oil; or eat a slice of sugar with 2-4 drops of essential peppermint essence
  • Baths with 6 drops of peppermint help restore your heart rate. The same baths will improve the condition of the liver.
  • Nausea will pass if you inhale the aroma of peppermint oil.
  • Compresses with peppermint oil (4-6 drops are enough) help with acute respiratory infections: relieve coughing attacks, relieve fever
  • Massage with mint (6 drops per 10 ml of the main massage oil) will help relieve pain with arthritis, bruises, rheumatism, sprains, muscle pains
  • If you put a cotton wool with essential oil to a diseased tooth, then the pain will subside
  • Aromatherapy with the use of essential oil (3-6 drops per aroma lamp) of mint is an excellent relaxation method

Using Peppermint Oil

  • To keep your skin toned, wipe it daily ice cubes from mint infusion:
  • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried leaves per half liter of boiling water, insist for 2-3 hours, filter and freeze in ice molds. This procedure will improve blood circulation in the skin and prevent inflammation.
  • If you wash your face with such an infusion 2-3 times a day, the skin condition will improve significantly, and age spots and wrinkles will be less noticeable.

Rejuvenating mask with mint:

  • mix 1 cup of oatmeal (finely ground), 2 tbsp. tablespoons of mint, 3 tbsp. tablespoons of warm milk. Apply the mask for 15-20 minutes. The skin should be clean. Rinse off. The procedure is best performed before bedtime.

Using Peppermint Oil for Hair

Mint can help with such hair problems:

  • dandruff
  • oily scalp
  • brittle, dull hair

To do this, add mint oil to the shampoo, at the rate of 2 drops per 10 g of shampoo (1 serving of shampoo). This enrichment helps to enhance blood circulation, stimulate hair growth, relieves inflammation of the skin, removes itching and irritation.

You can make a mint rinse. Take 2 tbsp. tablespoons of mint and 1 tbsp. boil water for 10-15 minutes. Cool, strain, add 3-4 drops of peppermint oil. After washing the hair, it is necessary to rinse the hair with this broth and rub it a little into the roots.

Mask with peppermint oil for weakened and dyed hair: to 2 tbsp. tablespoons castor oil add 2 drops of peppermint oil. Apply oil to the hair, cover the head with a film. Hold the mask for about 40 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo.

For oily / normal hair, use the recipe: mix 2 egg yolks, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 3-5 drops of peppermint oil. Hold the mask for 15-20 minutes, rinse with shampoo.

Acne Peppermint Essential Oil

To get rid of acne, wipe the face enough with a cotton pad with a few drops of mint essence 2-3 times a day. This must be done gently and accurately.

For oily / combination skin, you can add peppermint oil to a tonic or gel to cleanse the skin, which will help cleanse the skin from rashes and improve it.

The use of peppermint in cooking

  • In cooking, it is better to use apple or curly mint. These species do not give bitterness when heated. But pepper is also popular
  • Fresh mint is used for dressing meat and vegetable dishes, salads, it is used to make cocktails, liquors, ice cream, desserts, sweets, and used as decorations. Dry leaves are also used, but mainly for making tea, infusions, as a seasoning for meat, for sauces, in baking
  • Mint is used as an independent spice, trying not to combine with others. Its dose should be minimal: 1-5 g of fresh herbs, 0.2-0.5 dried per serving. Add mint to dishes shortly before cooking, 5-10 minutes

The benefits and uses of peppermint: tips and reviews

Lilia Vladimirovna, 47 years old:

“I make facial masks myself. I apply the mask once a week. For 4 months, age spots have become less noticeable, and the skin tone has really increased. It seems to me that I look fresher, as if after rest. But the wrinkles have not disappeared.”

Anna, 20 years old:

“I have acne regularly since the age of 13. The pores on the nose and cheekbones are enlarged. Now I wash the gel into which I added the essential oil (2 drops per 10 g of gel, added it directly to the bottle and mixed it), I burn the inflammation that appears with mint and 1 time every I’m drinking mint tea a day. My face has become cleaner and my acne has less. What helped - I don’t know, maybe in the complex. "

Olga, 30 years old:

"I like to take a bath with peppermint oil. I add peppermint, lavender and rose oil, drops of 6-10 each. The effect is amazing, I feel wonderful after it, rested and cheerful."

Lyudmila Ivanovna, 55 years old:

"On the advice of her daughter, she began to wipe her face with ice cubes from peppermint infusion. Helps to wake up in the morning and remove swelling."

Karina, 35 years old:

“I used to drink coffee in the morning, now I switched to a green smoothie: you need to take one small bunch of parsley and mint, half a lemon without zest, 2-3 tablespoons of honey, 1.5-2 liters of water. Mix everything in a blender, drink fresh, helps to cheer up in the morning. "

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