The most unusual horoscopes in the world: a list. Druid horoscope on stones, trees, animals for 2019: description. What are the signs of a flower horoscope, druids and the compatibility of men and women in stones, trees, animals?

Unusual horoscopes are described. The horoscope of druids on plants and stones for 2019 is presented.

Druids are a wise people that existed in the 1st millennium BC. The most interesting thing is that, according to historians, this population of the planet was very developed and progressive. They were in harmony with nature and carefully treated the flora and fauna. The people believed in the power of plants and each of the people, depending on the date of birth, appointed a plant patron.

The most unusual horoscopes in the world: a list

In addition to the usual zodiac signs, there are other divisions of people, depending on the date of their birth. Horoscopes of peoples who lived before our era are considered very unusual and interesting.

The list of interesting and non-traditional horoscopes:

  • Druids
  • Mayan Indians
  • Oriental
  • Western
  • Phoenician
  • Celtic
  • Vegetable
  • Scandinavian
  • Slavic totem
  • Runic

The most strange can be considered runic and horoscope of the Druids. In the Runic horoscope, the signs originate on the day when the duration of the light and dark parts of the day is the same. It is April 20 or 21.

According to the runic horoscope, material people are born at this time, for which the rune of property is responsible. In the traditional zodiac horoscope, this is Aries. If we compare the characteristics of people born at this time in different horoscopes, we can note a lot in common.

Maya Indians mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth, but some of their inventions are still popular. This tribe also learned to determine the fate of a person based on the date of his birth.

Initially, three numbers are determined that correspond to the date of the month and year of birth. Further, these numbers are summarized. It turns out one number, according to which the characteristic is given.

In the Celtic horoscope, 13 signs were identified that corresponded to some kind of animal. The Celts very closely connected people with animals, they appreciated nature and all the inhabitants of the planet. The characteristic is close to the usual zodiac horoscope.

Slavic totem horoscope also uses the appearance of insects and animals. Each period has its own symbol. There are 12 characters in a year, and they do not coincide with the beginning and end of the usual zodiac signs. This horoscope is called "Beast", and all animals live in the forests of Russia.

Druid horoscope on stones and trees for 2019

Druids are servants of the Celtic gods. This is a sacred caste that connected a person with nature, or rather with some plant. According to the Druid horoscope, the year is divided into 13 periods, each of which corresponds to a tree. The breakdown was carried out according to the lunar calendar, where the month lasts 28 days.

Moreover, unlike the usual zodiac horoscope, each of the patron plants has two periods of influence. This is after the vernal equinox and summer solstice. In the table by date of birth, you can determine which of the trees is your patron.

Description of signs (trees) in the horoscope of the Druids

  • Rowan. People born in this period idealize what is happening, they think progressively and are not afraid of change. Sometimes they seem insufficiently restrained and very emotional
  • Ash. Nature is very impulsive and emotional, although representatives of this sign often wear a mask of wisdom and calm. In fact, almost all decisions are made spontaneously. It is difficult for them to work without clear instructions and tasks. That is why they make bad leaders out of them, because they cannot finish what they have begun
  • Alder. People born during this period are very restless. They tend to do something. They love to explore new horizons and are not afraid of change. But unlike many signs, Alder succeeds in a career precisely because of his love for the new. In the family, this symbol is not so smooth due to constant internal anxiety. They tend to come up with problems and misunderstand what is happening.
  • Willow. This is a strong and strong-willed sign. Among those born during this period there are many artists, artists and cultural figures. In general, the sign is very rational and consistent. Willows are hardworking individuals who bring almost everything to the end. Thanks to this, they achieve success in their careers and business;
  • Hawthorn. People born at this time are very impulsive and sensual. They can perfectly express their thoughts, respectively, they make good journalists and writers. Actively take part in sports and successfully do it
  • Oak - the king of the forest, who is an excellent leader. Such people are distinguished by a strong and strong-willed character. They predict the situation a few steps ahead. The sign has many problems because of pride. It is this quality that leads to family quarrels and misunderstandings at work.
  • Holly. People who were born during this period are very responsive. They help a lot both financially and morally. They are efficient and prefer to be partners rather than business leaders. Although Holly progressively and soberly assesses the situation, and may well be the leader
  • Hazel. This tree seeks knowledge and has an inquiring mind. The most interesting thing is that they make good researchers and research project managers. Such people are very attentive and can characterize the situation in a short period of time.
  • Grapes This sign is very open and straightforward. Often hides a romantic nature behind a mask of indifference and calm. They perform well in the public service due to excellent organizational skills;
  • Ivy. The people of this plant are indecisive, they are constantly tormented by doubts. They have many friends, since they have a good-natured and cheerful disposition. Never offend loved ones. Despite constant doubts, all troubles are quickly resolved.
  • The reeds. These are complex individuals who constantly strive for power in any field. They are trying to subjugate relatives and friends. They love change and are not afraid to turn their lives upside down
  • Elder. Such people are ambitious and straightforward. Always striving to move forward, not afraid of change. Often become travelers and explorers. They are sincere in relationships and therefore they are often offended or abandoned
  • Birch tree - ambitious plant. People born in this period are very rapidly moving towards their goal. They believe that thanks to their desire and hard work they can achieve everything they want.

Druid horoscope: compatibility of a man and a woman by tree and year of birth

Compatibility in trees is similar to the signs of the zodiac, but there are plants that go well with any of the representatives of the flora in the horoscope of the Druids.

Trees that are compatible with all plants:

  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Olive
  • Birch tree

People born under these signs are able to create an excellent union with everyone or not to create with anyone. It all depends on the worldview of the individual.

Good compatibility is possible with trees that are two characters away from yours, and then again after two. It turns out the multiplicity of the number 3, but the ninth character is an exception, it is contradictory.

An alliance is possible, but with huge sacrifices on the part of each partner. For example, Ash is perfectly compatible with Hawthorn and Hazel.

Druid horoscope: male and female animal compatibility

According to the Druids, each person has an animal protector. This is a kind of totem. Such a horoscope is less common than woody or floral.

  • So, according to this horoscope, the Deer gets along well with Seal and Salmon
  • Crane can create harmonious relationships with Swan and Bee
  • A seal gets along with an Otter and a Goose
  • Bear will create a great pair with Owl and Cat
  • The snake will be able to create a family with Salmon and Deer
  • Swan and Crane can make friends with a Bee
  • The otter will converge with Seal and Goose. The cat will talk with Owl and Bear
  • Salmon compatible with Snake and Deer
  • Swan will build a harmonious relationship with the Bee and the Crane
  • Goose is compatible with Seal and Otter, and Owl with Cat and Bear

The ancient horoscope of the Druids: the compatibility of men and women by stones

Druids believed that each person has his own talisman that protects and brings good luck.

The compatibility of stones is presented in the table.

Flower horoscope by date of birth for 2019

According to the horoscope of the Druids, each person corresponds to a flower or grass. In total there are 36 plants, one per decade in the lunar calendar.

  • In 2019, Gentian will have many worries at work and at home.
  • Thistle will travel a lot
  • Immortal will succeed in the professional field
  • Mistletoe in life will be stable, and Belle awaits financial expenses
  • Mimozu will succeed in all endeavors
  • Mac to implement many projects
  • Lily will be successful in her work, and Digitalis will receive a promotion
  • Magnolias need to be calmer and weigh each decision.
  • Hydrangea awaits change, and Dahlia cash reward
  • For Lily of the Valley and Portulac, 2019 will be successful in all endeavors
  • Chamomile and Lily of the valley are waiting for serious tests
  • The bell and the daisy will have to leave the comfort zone for a short time and face many problems
  • Water lily and Tulip need to keep their mouth shut, otherwise they risk losing their partner
  • Violet and Rosehip have a lot to travel
  • For Sunflower and Rose 2019 will be a successful year in business
  • Delphinium and Carnation run into trouble at work
  • Aster and Heather are doing great in 2019
  • Camellia and Lilac will have a new relationship
  • Freesia and Orchid are in trouble with finances
  • For Peony and Gladiolus, the year is successful in business
  • Dandelion and Lotus are not planned changes
  • For Edelweiss this year is very busy and difficult

Flower and Horoscope Compatibility

The compatibility of men and women by color, according to the horoscope of the Druids, is described in the table in the picture below.

Characterization of a sign by a flower horoscope

Human characterization is based on the lunar phases and date of birth.

According to the horoscope of the Druids, only 36 colors. Each flower is a decade in a month.

In the same way as characterization of signs based on the zodiac chart is given, one can describe the behavior of people, taking into account the date of birth.

Flower horoscope by name and date of birth

To see the flower horoscope by date of birth, watch the video.

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