Women's sandals: fashion trends of 2019, photo. What is fashionable this summer from women's shoes? How to choose sandals stylish, fashionable, beautiful for girls and women in 2019?

In this article I would like to highlight the topic of choosing sandals. Let's see what will be fashionable this season and how to choose the right shoes.

According to experts, this summer will be subject to individuality. And this means that any woman will be able to choose which one to be this summer - flirty, feminine, restrained or shocking.

There are simply no bans this season! However, certain points should be considered. And in order not to get lost in the variety of models, we offer you some options.

Rules for the selection of sandals

  • Shoe comfort and stability - this is the main rule for the selection of sandals and what European fashion houses repel from. This means that increased attention should be paid to the material. For example, respected genuine leather, which can be found at Haider Ackermann, Miu Miu

Leather for sandals 2019 is a guarantee of quality

  • Regarding an element such as wedge heel, it is strongly recommended that you select the one made of balsa wood. It has a good effect on the foot when walking, and also does not leak moisture
This is what 2019 cork sandals look like These sunny sandals with a high-quality wedge heel can decorate legs in 2019

IMPORTANT: Never purchase synthetic shoes, leatherette and those materials that can cause an allergic reaction.

  • Naturalness in fashion is not only about materials - it extends to the color scheme. If you want brightness, then it is better to pay attention to natural palette, ignoring acidity and neon inclusions

A vibrant but natural mix of colors in sandals 2019 Bright, but not neon sandals 2019

  • As for the cut, then here simplicity, convenience and versatility in price. Despite the emphasis on individuality, the abundance of bows or sequins is not welcome
Sandals 2019 should not be overloaded with decor

Sandals 2019 quite interesting design

Fashionable 2019 heeled sandals

This is ideal for those ladies who want to look fashionable and dress comfortably. Not everyone is able to walk in stilettos, so a steady heel is the “golden mean”. Such sandals can be worn both at work and for walks.

A stable heel in sandals-2019 is both fashionable and beautiful But such sandals-2019 with a stable heel are perfect for the office

Those who want to somehow emphasize their individuality should not worry - for example, you can choose a model with the so-called “tractor” heel and the same sole, transparent heel. And you can buy sandals, the platform and heel of which are covered with leather, decorated with outlandish ornaments or glisten from metal elements.

Sandals 2019 with a tractor heel and a sole Transparent heel with sandals 2019 Decorated heeled sandals 2019 Leather sandals-2019, the heel of which is decorated with fur

Sandals 2019 with decorated under the snake skin sole and heels Rhinestone-Decorated Heel Sandals-2019 2019 metallic heel sandals

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to maintain balance: so, the higher the heel, the less finishing should be on the shoe. Massive elements can be perceived easily only in combination with a flying image that gives a low heel.

In 2019 sandals, a heel can be unusual only if it is low

Bent heels or unusual shapes relevant this year.

Another example of bent heels in sandals 2019

Platform sandals

Despite the fact that the platform in 2019, as before, is at the peak of fashion, stylists are wary of this trend. Firstly, the image should be selected very carefully, and secondly, too high a platform is not considered a sign of good taste. In addition, low women excessively high platform visually makes massive.

A small platform for sandals-2019 - what you need for short ladies But such sandals-2019 will only make a small leg heavier

As a rule, this kind of shoes does not add femininity due to the roughness of the lines and corrugation. but pastel colors it is quite possible to brighten up this effect.

2019 pastel shoes don't look rude because of the sole Corrugation in sandals-2019 gives the image a stiffness Stiffness in sandals 2019 can be achieved thanks to massive buckles

If you want unusualcan be flaunted in shoes with an unusually trimmed platform. There are even non-standard forms of platforms.

Unusual platform in sandals-2019

IMPORTANT: The balance is very important in the case of the platform - so if it is large and richly decorated, the top should be as restrained as possible.

But these 2019 sandals can be decorated on top brighter because of a restrained platform

Especially fashionable is a strap that attaches to the ankle. It is doubly good if there is a buckle on such a strap.

Lace-up buckle strap 2019 is a hit this season


Sandals are very popular. boat-shaped - They fit perfectly in the foot. In addition, such shoes are quite versatile.

Shoes-2019 sandals in the form of boats are quite versatile

If you want to combine sandals with shoes, you can opt for models in which there are and heel and thick sole.

A heel and a thick sole are a great solution for 2019 sandals

Closed toe also give a resemblance to the shoes. In this case, most of the foot will remain open. Recommended for use in the 2019 season.thongs.

Closed-toe 2019 sandals

Always at the peak of popularity open toe shoes - This is a summer model, but at the same time quite closed.

2019 Open Toe Sandals You can choose these sandals-shoes-2019 with a fashionable strap The model of sandals-shoes-2019 may be less massive, but with an emphasis on the strap Sandals-shoes-2019 may not have a decor, but please with color

Stiletto Sandals

The hairpin does not go off the fashion catwalks. Of course, this kind of shoes cannot be called comfortable, but at least one pair this summer should be obligatory for any self-respecting fashionista. As for height, you should adhere to the indicator from 12 centimeters.

Every girl should have at least one pair of stiletto sandals in 2019

If you want to draw even more attention to your legs, give preference gold textures. Also especially fashionable this season. thongs. It is worth noting that in combination with a hairpin, the straps look chic.

IMPORTANT: Remember that even world-famous designers do not risk combining a hairpin and straps in a day look. This combination is good for evening outings or for special occasions.

gold textures - trend in sandals 2019 Stiletto sandals 2019 with straps - great for an evening out

Individuality can be demonstrated by choosing sandals. with flirty bows. They go well with a hairpin. A bow made of laces is a rather original solution.

Lace bows go well with stiletto heels in 2019 sandals Flirty bow on the side will decorate sandals-2019 Another side decoration on sandals 2019

As for fabric bows, it should be borne in mind that such shoes are not suitable for any clothes. For example, jeans in this case are unlikely to look good, but a fluffy skirt is perfect.

Transparent hairpin - it is very elegant, designers are advised to pay attention to this option.

Transparent stiletto sandals-2019

Wedge Sandals

Wedge-heeled shoes are a great find for fans of the retro style, which is once again in fashion. In addition, it is a kind of "golden mean" - much more elegant platform and more comfortable than the heel.

This is where the classic can prove itself, unlike other models of summer shoes. For example, shades of red, blue and nude will always be relevant, including in the summer of 2019.

2019 nude wedge sandals Red wedges of sandals-2019 with metal inserts And here are the 2019 sandals on blue wedges

As for the coverage, the podiums return models made of varnished material. Dull over the past year, it has gained extraordinary popularity, so you can transfer it to shoes.

Lacquer in fashion and sandals 2019

Closed Sandals

As for the closed sandals, you can choose the model with a closed toe. This is considered a classic. In addition to the classic black and white colors, experts recommend paying attention to bright saturated colors.

It is advisable to choose sandals-2019 bright shades

IMPORTANT: Whatever shade you prefer, keep in mind that the lines of the shoes should be clear.

You can give preference to another type of closed sandals - with open toe but partially or completely closed upper part. If there are any straps and buckles fashionable this season - generally wonderful.

2019 Closed Stiletto Sandals Partially Closed Sandals 2019

As we said earlier, transparency in fashion. And some designers use it in the case of closed sandals, making the closed part transparent.

Transparent closed part in sandals 2019

Fashionable Clogs

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that natural materials are especially revered in 2019. And that means that clogs that include wooden elements at the peak of popularity. For example, you can safely purchase models with a massive sole or a wedge made of wood.

Such clogs with a powerful sole will be at the peak of fashion among sandals 2019

If you want to bring something authentic into the image, you can’t find a better solution than wearing shoes on wooden soles. And preferred is recommended Japanese style. In this case, the sole may be thin - the shoes will still turn out noticeable.

Japanese-style sandals 2019

You can choose a "middle ground", giving preference mid-height sole or wedge. The main thing is the material. It should be a cork tree.

Fashion flip flops

Flip flops are just the perfect find for a hot summer. She will be especially appreciated by those ladies who do not like high heels or wedges. But even spanks can be made feminine and elegant thanks to ruffles, eye-catching appliqués, bows.

2019 slippers-sandals can be feminine thanks to bows 2019 slippers sandals with straps and bows

And thanks sequins, beads and rhinestones the image will be brilliant and sophisticated.

Sparkling Pebble Sandals 2019 2019 slippers-sandals with lots of small pebbles 2019 Large Beaded Sandals Slippers

If you want something more sporty, then they are perfect denim trim or the so-called tractor sole.

2019 Denim Sandals 2019 tractor slippers sandals

Fashionable slates

Slates are quite practical shoes, especially suitable for a beach holiday. But individuality is in fashion this summer, so even slates can decorate with flowers or chains, pendants.

Chained Sandals Floral Slides-Sandals-2019 Multi-colored slippers-sandals-2019

Shales will look great made of leather with various inserts. Moreover, as we recall, natural materials are now in trend.

Leather sandals-2019

As we see, women of fashion this summer will not be deprived of the freedom of choice of shoes. To their joy, convenience is also in fashion now, so if you don’t want to torment your legs with high heights, you can always find some alternative solutions. At the same time, each woman will have the opportunity to express her individuality, choosing together unusual and bright models.