The script of the matinee on September 1 in kindergarten: songs, poems, dance, skits, contests, games

The article contains materials that will help educators organize the holiday of September 1 in kindergarten

September 1 brings a joyful mood not only for schoolchildren, students. Elegant and ceremonial on the Day of Knowledge and Preschool Children in kindergartens: for them, teachers arrange matinees, come up with entertainment, play skits.

This article contains thematic materials that will help kindergarten workers to spend the Knowledge Day interesting and informative.

Preschool children are also waiting for September 1

The scenario of the matinee on September 1 in kindergarten

This scenario of the holiday of Knowledge Day is suitable for children 4-6 years old. The hall or section of the kindergarten where the celebration will take place can be decorated with balls, garlands, flowers.

How to arrange a music room by September 1 Another room design by September 1

Clown Ginger
Clown Pooh
Baba Yaga
Music sounds - a phonogram of popular children's songs by V. Shainsky, Yu. Chichkov, G. Gladkov. Children of all groups go to the site. They are met by two clowns - Ryzhik and Pukhlik.

We gathered here all at once
At a fun hour for children.
How did you relax in the summer?
Did you miss each other?
The answer is children.
So we all met together!
Let's start our holiday with a song!

The song "Smile" is performed, verses by M. Plyatsky, music by V. Shainsky.

Puff. But I see, after the summer we got a lot of new kids. We must certainly get to know them!

The musical game "Let's Meet You"

  • Selected music with a pronounced two-part form
  • Children form two circles: external and internal
  • On the first part of the music, the outer circle moves to the right, the inner circle to the left
  • In the second part of the music, the children of the inner and outer circles turn to face each other, the children opposite each other greet each other's hand, pronounce their name in turn, and perform oncoming pops
  • The first part of the music moves on

And so several times.

Sounds "disturbing" music, flies on a broomstick Baba Yaga.

Dressy and dressy

Baba Yaga. Disgrace! What a holiday, and even without me! Not good! Thought not to teach? I have a nose - in! Not a nose, but a pump! (Sneezes) What, aren't you afraid of me? (Children’s answer.) That's right, whoever has fun is not afraid! And my mood is fine today, I even want to sing! (Sings)

Two hundred years off the shoulder,
In the pool of dance with his head,
Young man,
Dance with me!

Dance is performed "Repeat after me". To the tune"Cucarachi"Baba Yaga performs simple dance movements, children repeat after her.

Ginger. Everything is fine, wonderful, great!
Puff. And I look, not everything is so beautiful.
Ginger. Well what are you, my friend, what's the matter?
Puff. Where are all the adults? Where did they go?
Baba Yaga (evil laughs). These are my tricks! No more in your kindergarten adults! See who I turned them into.

Teachers dressed up as children come out: bows, nipples, bibs, shorts, short skirts.

Ginger. So miracles! What are we going to do with these babies now?
Puff. And I came up with! Well done you, Jagul! Now our holiday will be even more interesting. We will have fun competitions between our real children and these enchanted kids. Do you guys agree? (Children's answer.) And you? (The answer of the educators.)
Ginger. In this case, we already have a team of educators. It remains to give her a name.

Carers call their team "Dolls."

Puff. And we will have several teams of children, because there are so many of them, children! In one game some children will play, in another competition others will take part. Have you agreed? And your teams, guys, what will they be called? (Children call their teams "Toons-1" and "Toons-2.")
Baba Yaga. Teams, get built! The first game is called Through the Hoop. We are starting to do everything according to my whistle.

Game Through the Hoop

Teams of 7-8 people line up one after another at one end of the pitch. At the other end of the court, opposite each team, lies a hoop.
At a signal, the first players from the teams run each to his hoop, thread it through himself, put him in his place, return to his team, pass the baton to the second in the team; the second runs to the hoop, etc.
The team that completed this task wins faster.

Baba Yaga (takes out the ball, throws it up several times). Oh! Where are you, my young years! Do you like to play the ball, killer whales? (Children answer.)
Then with balls our next game.

The game "Who is more?"

A large number of small and large balls are scattered around the site. At the signal of the team, they begin to collect them (tutors - small balls, children - large), each team puts the balls in their basket.
A certain time is given for this task, at the end of which the number of collected balls of both teams is calculated.
The winner is the team with more goals.

Ginger. And now the new “Toon” team and the “Dolls” team stand in one big circle for the game “Who is the most dexterous?”.

The game "Who is the most agile?"

Skittles are placed in a circle, they are always one less than the participants in the game, who also line up in circles in a row.

  • Music sounds
  • The participants of the game, dancing, move in a circle
  • At the end of the music, everyone should grab a pin next to him.
  • The one who does not get the size out of the game

The game continues until one point is left. The winning team is a participant whose participant will eventually grab it.

Puffy. It's time to relax. And the best rest, in my opinion, is dancing. I just adore them!
Ginger. There are many dances in the world, but we will recall the most famous. And at the same time, we will compete who our best dancers are: Toons or Dolls.

Kids will happily take part in contests and games.

Competition "With dancing around the world"

For each of the teams, musical excerpts of familiar dances sound. Team members perform the characteristic movements of these dances.
Teams dance in turn.

  • For the "Dolls" are: "Sirtaki", "Lezginka", "Lombada"
  • For "Toons": "Dance of the Little Ducklings", "Gypsy", "Mistress"
  • All together perform "Letka-Yenka"

Baba Yaga (carries big and small pants).
Take a look at what I found in my chest.
Puff. Yagusya, what’s this on our holiday?
Baba Yaga. Don’t say, my dear. These pants are also designed for the game. She is very funny and interesting. Teams, build in pairs one after another!

Both kids and older children will be able to take part in the skits.

Game "Pants for two"

Team members stand in pairs one after another at one end of the court. There are racks at the other end of the site.
“Puppets” get big pants, “Toons” get small ones.
Standing in pairs, they pass one leg into one leg (Siamese twins). At the signal, the first pair of both teams runs to the other end of the court, runs around the rack, returns to his team, transfers the pants to the next pair, etc.
The first team to finish the competition wins.

Ginger. In agility, quickness, ingenuity, there are no equal either to “Dolls” or “Toons”. Children, did you like your educators enchanted by Baba Yaga today? (Children answer.)
Puff. And when do you like them better: when are they ordinary educators or when are they as mischievous and funny as you are? (Children answer.)
Ginger. That's wonderful! Let your teachers always remain so kind, funny, sometimes mischievous.
Puffy. And the friendship between you will be strong, strong.
Children and educators freely dance to the song "Big Secret for a small company (performed by S. and T. Nikitin). So Baba Yaga comes out with a tray on which are boxes of sweets.
Baba Yaga. Fly in! Take it apart!
Children open the boxes, and in them, instead of sweets, pebbles.
Ginger. Yagusya, we tried, had fun from the heart, and you again for yours!
Puff. Not good, not good! They say that good ends well. And what is going on here?
Baba Yaga. I can not do anything with my harmful nature! Right trouble!
Ginger. Baba Yaga, and if we kindly ask you to return us a real treat?
Puffy. And let's say magic words together?
Baba Yaga. Well, try it. Maybe you can do something ...

Children beg Baba Yaga, calling her affectionate words, utter magic words: "please," "be kind," etc.

Baba Yaga. Oh oh oh! What is it with me? Where are the scissors carrying me? (Baba Yaga with the children moves towards the hidden basket with refreshments, the children find it.)

So I became kinder
More complacent and generous.

Here are your goodies. Help yourself to your health!
Ginger and Poohlik. And we wish you all year of fun and sunny mood!
Baba Yaga and the clowns say goodbye to all participants of the holiday, leave.

What is a holiday without Baba Yaga?


In this section, songs that can be used to prepare the script for the celebration of Knowledge Day in kindergarten are collected to help educators and leaders of preschool educational institutions.

First of september
Music M. Partskhaladze. Words by Yu. Polukhin

In kindergarten with everyone
I have been friends for many days
And now another time -
There are more important concerns!
I have books in my portfolio
I have a bouquet in my hand
All the boys you know
Surprised look after.

Why am I cheerful
And dressed as a parade?
I'm going to school today
This is not a kindergarten for you!

Pre-school dance on September 1


Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
This is common knowledge throughout the world.
Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
This is common knowledge throughout the world.

Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not three, not five, you need to know
Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not six, not seven. This is clear to everyone.

Thrice three forever nine
There is nothing to be done
And not hard to count
What is five five

Five five twenty five
Five five twenty five
Absolutely right

Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
This is common knowledge throughout the world.
Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
This is common knowledge throughout the world.

Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not three, not five, you need to know
Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not six, not seven. This is clear to everyone.

Whoever friends ask
Six eight forty eight
Six six please take into account
Invariably thirty six

Six six thirty six
Six six thirty six
That's right.

Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
This is common knowledge throughout the world.
Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
This is common knowledge throughout the world.

Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not three, not five, you need to know
Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not six, not seven. This is clear to everyone.

Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not three, not five, you need to know
Twice Two Four Twice Two Four
And not six, not seven. This is clear to everyone.

Words and music: Zhanna Kolmagorova

If there’s a mess in the house,
Someone climbed into the attic
Someone tied to the tail
Butterfly cat.
If your house is not recognized
You gotta know about it
So there were friends here
So I tell you ...

Girls, boys
Solid naughty.
They read books
And live fun.
Girls, boys
Gnawing again.
Funny even too
And the songs are sung.

Pull up panties soon
Aren't you a playful?
Where is your image? Where is your charm?
And on stage we are without moms!
We are artists, stage, roles,
We are going on tour soon.
Just learn the words
All of Moscow recognizes us!

Girls, boys
Solid naughty.
They read books
And live fun.
Girls, boys
Gnawing again.
Funny even too
And the songs are sung.


Different letters to write with a thin feather in a notebook
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
Subtract and multiply, do not offend the kids
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
Subtract and multiply, do not offend the kids
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
Add two to four, read syllables by syllables
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
Good books to love and be brought up
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
Good books to love and be brought up
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
Find east and south, draw a square and a circle
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
And never confuse islands and cities
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
And never confuse islands and cities
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
About the verb and about the dash, and about the rain in the yard
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
To be very strong friends, to value friendship since childhood
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
To be very strong friends, to value friendship since childhood
They study at school, learn at school, learn at school.
To the land of knowledge - with smiles and laughter!


Preschool children on Knowledge Day come as real little schoolchildren: smart, smiling, with beautiful bouquets of flowers.
The kids have learned poems and are ready to congratulate their friends, parents and guests of the holiday from September 1.
Here is a selection of poems for preschool children with the Day of Knowledge.

If you go to kindergarten
Then you take with you:
Squared notebook
New slingshot?
Broom for cleaning?
Two bread crust breadman?
Album and paint?
Carnival masks?
Alphabet in pictures?
Torn shoes?
Felt pens and pen?
A bunch of cloves?
Colored pencils?
Air mattresses?
Eraser and a ruler?
Caged in a canary?
The first of September is the red day of the calendar!
Because on this day
All the girls and boys
Towns and villages
They took bags, took books
Took breakfast under the armpits
And rushed for the first time
in first grade!

This holiday is all important
This holiday is for all children.
This day is everywhere with us
Celebrates the whole country.
This is the best day
Red calendar day!

Holiday in kindergarten should be fun
Many, many days in a row
Summer and winter
We went to kindergarten,
In kindergarten, native.

We wake up early
You cannot be late.
They are waiting for us in the garden
Toys and friends.

Here we are taught to dress
Brush your teeth, wash your face.
And tie the shoelaces
And recite poems.

Among us there are boasters
Crybaby, brawlers, cowards.
But we always forgive each other
And do not grieve with reproaches.

Kids in the kindergarten live,
they play and sing here.
Here they find friends
go for a walk with them.
They argue and play together
imperceptibly grow up.
Kindergarten is our second home:
how warm, comfortable in it.

We have a lot of glorious
Different days on the calendar,
But there is one - the most important,
The very first in September!

The bell rang merry
Hello, school time!
And walks together to school
This morning kids!

In the first grade we are too early,
But we grow like butter
We are not lazy
We will learn to learn
our dolls are with us,
Learn the numbers. Learn the letters.

How many of you don't like boredom?
Who is the jack of all trades here?
Who is dancing and singing?
Who protects clothes?
Does she put it under the bed?

Who keeps things in order?
Who is tearing books and notebooks?
Who says thanks?
Who thanks for everything?

Who is the first to get down to business?
And who runs boldly in the sports hall?
Sings songs in the music room?
And who neatly keeps notebooks?

And who is not a lazy person, and not a coward, and not a crybaby?
Who puts a huge blot in the album?
Who is charging smiling?
I like charging, I try on charging?

Colorful balloons will give a feeling of joy and fun

Waltz dance

A waltz is pre-schooled at the September 1 holiday - this is a special moment: touching to tears and causing emotion. Let parents look at their kids differently

Waltz in kindergarten - the highlight of the holiday

Classic or fiery, with the participation of schoolchildren, with elements of a flash mob - choose the option that is best suited for the holiday in your kindergarten.

Watch the video and create your own special waltz.

Video: options for staging dances in kindergarten


In order for the holiday of Knowledge Day in kindergarten to be fun, you need to make sure that the script contains funny interesting scenes.

It’s sometimes very difficult to look for humorous miniatures: you need to open the entire script of the holiday and see if the scene is provided for in it.

We suggest using the miniatures collected on our portal for the holiday of September 1

Future first graders

/ two girls and two boys participate /

1st girl
- In the fall we’ll go to school, become students.
I’ve already bought everything for school.
2nd girl
-School is all serious, you can play there, of course,
But if the bell rings and the lesson begins,
then learn to write, count, to get a rating of "5".
1st boy
-If you know a lot, you can become a scientist,
I love to dream so much!
2nd boy
-But my neighbors, future first-graders, dreamed of becoming testers.
1st boy
What did they feel?
2nd boy
All (surprised)
- Balls? ! Oh, how interesting?
2nd girl
- Here, listen how it was.
Dev: The brothers got up early in the morning, did not even have breakfast.
From parents, secretly to the balcony
2nd boy
They wanted to test whether briefcases could fly
On balloons, like birds in the clouds ?!
1st boy/ admiringly /
- Wow!
- And what, briefcases flew?
Flew! Flew and ...
Fly-and-and (wave their hands like wings, pull the letter and-and-and)
Straight (pause) down!
1st boy / admired /:
- Wow! Wow! And then what happened?
2 girl:
- On the branches, the briefcase hung, on the branches of a maple.
2 boy:
Oh shout from the balcony, oh don’t hesitate for an hour
call the climber!
Everyone chants cheerfully, playing with each other in their hands, repeating:
Oh, do not hesitate for an hour, call the ver-ho-laza!
1st boy (with interest )
- And another portfolio?
2 girl:
- And another stuck in the bushes, loudly heard: Bach! Bah!
Everyone repeats cheerfully: Bach! Bah! Testers salute! / play, squeezing rhythmically palms /
2 girl:
- The portfolio fell right into the pond!
All / fun / Where-a-ah?
1 girl: (fun)
To the frogs in the pond!? / Everyone laughs / frogs will go to first grade ?!
1st boy:
- Imagine frogs with briefcases stomping / and continues (in a thin voice) /
Oh, do not hesitate for an hour / with your index fingers conducts / call a diver!
(all together in bass) Call the diver! / chant /
2 boy: (continues)
There is a loud roar on the balcony, / shows, rubs his eyes /
The roar of two students, the testers are sad
In vain tried, immediately obvious.
2 girl / sad / The flight was unsuccessful,
And at the door / pause // with regret all together / dad is waiting!
1st boy:
“I hope they haven’t really hit it?”
2 girl:
- Yes, no, not really, it turned out to be an educational conversation.
2-boy - / joyfully / I think the boys will become cosmonauts.
All together: Mandatory !! They will!

Video: comic scene

Competitions for September 1

Competitions for kids develop communication skills, activate the emotional factor of trust and support.

The holiday will not be complete if the guys cannot compete and receive incentive prizes.

We offer you a choice of contests that will help fill the holiday of September 1 with fun and laughter

Competitions develop communication skills

Cat and Mouse: Competition Game

All players joined hands and formed a circle.
Inside the circle there is one player who will be the mouse, and outside the circle there is another player who will be the cat.
The cat's task is to get into the circle.
Players, in turn, must protect their mouse and do not let the cat into the circle with their hands.
If the cat nevertheless enters the circle, then the mouse should run out of it.

One, two, three: competition

Children become in a circle, and put a gift in the center of the circle.
The host begins to count "one, two, three ... one hundred!", "One, two, three ... eleven!". Players must catch exactly that moment when the leader will say the cherished "three."
The one who reacts first can pick up a present.

Typewriter contest

Players are awarded long strings, at the ends of which are attached machines.
The task of each player is that he must quickly rewind his ball. Players will rewind balls to cheerful music.
Whose machine came first, he won.

Contest of colorful handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs of different colors are hung on the board. On each handkerchief is written the name of the girl. The task of the boys, at the signal of the presenter, is to run up to the board and pluck a handkerchief with the name of the girl that you like. After this, a handkerchief must be presented to this girl.

Ball in the palm of your hand

All players line up and pull one rug forward with the palm up ... The leader gives the ball to one player.
This player will not stand in the line, but will walk along it with a ball. He must choose whom he wants to put the ball in his palm.
After he selects the “victim” and puts the ball into his palm, the rest of the players should notice this and detain the player.
If they do not have time to do this, then the player who put the ball in his hand, leaves the line and becomes the lead.


To brighten up a light sadness over the outgoing summer, to prepare the kids morally for learning, games will help. And how without them at a children's holiday? On Knowledge Day, choose cognitive thematic entertainment

Games for kids on Knowledge Day

The game "Dream of first graders"

Presenter: Our guys had a dream, as if they were in space, in zero gravity. Everything scattered across the ship, and the guys have to go to class. The guys are tied to space chairs, so they will be assembled sitting, not getting up from their space chairs. Who will pack faster?

Two children are sitting on chairs at different ends of the hall. School supplies and empty hoops are scattered around each child. You need to collect your items in a hoop without getting up from a chair, you can move around the hall while sitting on a chair.

White sheets of books,
A lot of black letters on them.
For people, they are important,
The guys should know them.
If you know the letters
You can read a book
And hear at that hour
A fascinating story.
You will find out how old
The sun gives us its light
Why spring flowers
And in winter the fields are empty.
You know your native land,
The land is mighty and large.
The book is a good friend to us
Read - you will find out for yourself.
Master: Mom has kids,
Fidget kids
There are 33 of them.
What is their name, call me!
Children: Letters!

Game "Collect letters"

On the floor are letters and numbers mixed up. Children must separate the letters separately and the numbers separately.

Presenter: And now we are starting the fun score!

In the booklet they lived One yes one,
They went to fight alone on ... (One)
And our fire went out, this time
The truck brought firewood - it's ... (Two)
They gave the shoe to the elephant,
He took one shoe
And said: "We need a wider
And not two, but all ... (Four)

Game: Math Pea

Children are given pods with peas (drawn), children must count the peas and pick a figure that matches the number of peas.

Masha: I understood everything. I also want to study, I’ll run to Mishka, it’s time for the child to go to school.
Masha leaves the hall.
Presenter: And we guys will see now how Masha is going to school.

Watching the cartoon "Masha and the Bear"
Masha enters the hall, dressed like a schoolgirl.

Masha: So I'm ready to go to school. And you guys have a treat from Mishka.
It treats children with juice.

Postcards, drawings

On such a delightful day as September 1, kids should not be sad. Invite them to draw or make a card together. Let them feel they are diligent and independent students. Children will be carried away by the creative process, and emotions and worries will be left behind

Small greeting cards With leaves Another option for postcards

Crafts for September 1

An informal celebration of the Day of Knowledge may be preceded by a joint colorful decoration of a section of a kindergarten or music room where the celebration will take place. You can also prepare homemade gifts and surprises for participants and winners of competitions and games. Make crafts is not difficult. The main thing is fantasy and desire!
Other homemade products for the future student are presented in the photo

Creative crafts for school Sea of ​​positive in painted pebbles Paper bag

Good master classes of crafts, see here: //

Watch the video: SAYA SUETSUGU: President of Tokyo International Players (November 2019).