The best vitamins and multivitamins for men after 50 years: name, recommendations of doctors for use

List of the best vitamins for men after 50 years.

The health of a man after 50 years undergoes a number of changes. The body's need for various hormones, as well as vitamin preparations, is changing. In this article we will talk about the most necessary vitamins and complexes that are necessary for men 50 years old.

What vitamins are needed for men after 50?

Many believe that women after 50 years old age quickly, which is associated with a decrease in hormone levels. Yes, this is true, however, hormonal changes affect not only women, but also men. The whole difference is that in representatives of the strong half of humanity these changes occur smoothly, and not abruptly, as in women.

Testosterone levels fall by 1% every year, starting after 30-35 years. In this regard, libido may decrease, significant changes in spermatogenesis can be observed. To maintain a sufficient level of the amount of sex hormones, as well as normalize libido in adulthood, you can use vitamin preparations.

List of required vitamins for men after 50 years

  • In general, the male body throughout life needs different vitamins and their concentrations. Since after 50 years there are significant age-related changes, it is necessary to increase the amount of certain vitamins in the composition of food. Among them are vitamins of group B.
  • Men 50 years old are prone to overweight, possible overeating. Many have a beer belly. This is due to the abuse of alcohol and fatty foods, but also with a decrease, a slowdown in metabolism. To improve metabolism, speed it up, We recommend including vitamin b2 and b6 in your daily diet.
  • In addition, such components prevent the occurrence of strokes, as well as osteoporosis. An important element in the diet of men after 50 years is vitamin A, also vitamin E. Vitamin A helps to improve vision, and tocopherol, in turn, stimulates sperm production, thereby normalizing libido.
  • Many men after 50 years have problems with their teeth, this is due to a violation of the digestibility of calcium. In this regard, the teeth may crumble, osteoporosis will occur. Even with normal calcium intake, but with a lack of vitamin D, it will be poorly absorbed. That is why calcium is often combined with intake vitamin D. Of course, it is quite difficult to control the concentration of one vitamin.
  • That is why men recommends complex preparations aimed at filling the deficiency of nutrients in the body. This can be done with the help of vitamin and multivitamin complexes. Manufacturers have tried, developed a huge number of drugs for older men.
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Vitamin rating for men over 50 for potency

Men aged are sometimes very concerned about the problem of potency. That is why manufacturers have taken care of this problem, and have developed several complexes aimed at improving libido. Basically, the composition includes not only vitamin preparations, but also l-arginine, as well as zinc. These components improve libido, and contribute to a rush of blood, as well as increased erection.

Vitamin rating for men after 50 years:

  1. Potential forte. This drug can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is freely available, so there is no need to order online. The composition contains vitamin complexes, but, in addition, there are also supplements, among them you can find ginseng, yohimba. The composition contains arginine, as well as zinc. It is worth noting that this medicine calms the nervous system, and also improves the body's resistance to disease. There are 30 tablets in the package, they must be taken one capsule per day. It is recommended to take the drug in courses of 30 days, that is, one package is enough for the whole course.

    Potential forte

  2. Vitrum prenatal forte. The name prenatal can be confusing for many, since the drug is mainly prescribed for pregnant women. However, this is not so, for men after 50, and for representatives of the stronger sex of reproductive age, this is also a very good vitamin complex. It contains vitamins b6, calcium, ascorbic acid. Thanks to all these components, it is possible to improve the state of the reproductive system, as well as to prevent the occurrence of complications and deterioration of potency. Despite this, the drug has contraindications, including thrombophlebitis, which is very important for older men. Therefore, before buying this product, you need to talk with your doctor, and be checked for diseases that are indicated in contraindications.

    Vitrum Prenatal Fort

  3. Kamavit forte. Despite the name, this is not a vitamin product at all, since there are no synthetic vitamins in its composition. However, this is a completely herbal medicine, which is in addition to the daily diet of men 50 years old. The composition contains anchors, lemongrass, damiana, as well as ginko biloba. This is a natural aphrodisiac that improves potency. In addition, it will be useful for men who have a decrease in blood supply in the pelvic organs, including varicose veins. The drug improves well-being and stimulates the immune system.

    Kamavit forte

  4. Yohimbe forte. This drug also cannot be called a full-fledged multivitamin complex, since it does not contain the groups of the most necessary vitamins. It is made using ginseng extract, with the inclusion of zinc, as well as selena. Also contains agave extract. In general, it turns out that the preparation is combined in its composition, since it contains microelements and plant components. Thanks to this combination, it improves the state of the nervous system, stimulating motor activity, and increases erectile function. Therefore, the drug will be ideal for aged womanizer.

    Yohimbe forte

Please note that all preparations based on vitamins and plants for potency are not medicines. That is, they cannot fully restore erectile function. For these purposes, use Viagra, and other similar drugs. These vitamin complexes improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and indeed can alleviate the condition with prostatitis, reduce the risk of prostate adenoma.

Complex vitamins for men after 50 years

Despite the fact that men really care about the problem of potency after 50 years, you need to pay a lot of attention to your health. As mentioned above, among the main problems that men age have, heart problems, blurred vision, decreased muscle mass, and general malaise. Therefore, some manufacturers have developed multivitamin complexes, which contains all the necessary vitamins for men of this age.

The list of complex vitamins for men after 50 years:

  1. Centrum silver man 50 +. This is a complex preparation, based on vitamins of groups B, D, A. Due to the content of these components, a good effect on the eyes, heart, and muscles of a mature man is observed. It also contains vitamin D and vitamin E. One tablet per day is taken. Despite the rather high price, in general, using such a vitamin complex is quite profitable due to the fact that there are 65 tablets in the package. Accordingly, they will last for more than 2 months. It is even more profitable to purchase a package of 100 pieces, since the bonus is 33 pieces as a gift.

    Centrum silver man 50+

  2. Complex B-50 from 21 century. The package contains 60 tablets, so it is enough for two months. This is a vitamin supplement, which contains vitamins of group b among which are b1, b2 and b6. In addition, it contains folic acid, vitamin b12, biotin, pantothenic acid, and also calcium. This is ideal for men after 50, as it contains all the necessary vitamins for the functioning of the male adult body.

    B-50 from 21 century

  3. Alphabet for Men. This drug is recommended not only to the stronger sex after 50 years, but to all men in general. As indicated in other sources, in this vitamin complex there is a differentiation, that is, a separation by time of administration. One tablet is taken in the morning, others for lunch, and the third in the evening. There are significant differences between them, since morning tablets contain ginseng, which is aimed at improving libido. The lunch pill contains mainly B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, lycopene, and lutein. The evening pill contains L-carnitine and folic acid, chromium, biotin. Thanks to this separation, vitamins are better absorbed and work. That is, 3 tablets should be taken per day. In the package of 60 tablets, respectively, one box is enough for 20 days. The price of the drug is quite affordable.

    Alphabet for Men

The best vitamins for men after 50 years: name

Names of vitamins for men after 50 years:

  1. Duovit for men. The package contains 30 tablets, which is enough for a month of admission. It contains tocopherol, ascorbic acid, folic acid, as well as many minerals. In addition, there is vitamin E, as well as B. Thanks to this, it is possible to improve the reproductive function of men, improve potency, and also prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, due to the high content of calcium and magnesium. Contains Vitamin D, which improves calcium absorption.

    Duovit for men

  2. Olimp vita-min plus Maine. This is a drug that is a mixture of vitamins and herbs. It contains the essential vitamins necessary for a mature man. In addition, they contain ginseng, lutein, and hyaluronic acid. The composition contains antioxidants that are good for the work of the cardiovascular system. Due to the content of lutein and hyaluronic acid, the functioning of muscles, as well as vision, improves. Vitamins have a positive effect on the libido of men. Take one tablet daily.

    Olimp vita-min plus

  3. Velman Tricholodzhik. This is a drug whose main purpose is to improve hair growth and prevent hair loss. At the age of 50, many men care about the problem of hair loss, so they try to stop the problem in different ways. This is a vitamin preparation, which contains vitamin d3, beta-carotene, tocopherol, a lot of trace elements. In addition, silicon dioxide, lysine, methionine and plant extracts are included. Thanks to herbal supplements, it is possible to improve hair growth, and to prevent their loss. In general, the drug can be taken even if there are no problems with hair loss, because it is a multivitamin complex that improves the health status of men and stimulates the immune system.

    Velman Tricholodic

Vitamins for men after 50 years: reviews

Reviews about vitamins for men after 50 years:

Alexander, 53 years old. For a long time I took vitamins Alphabet. I did not notice a significant result, taking 3 tablets per day is very inconvenient, especially if you are at work at this time. It is much more convenient to take one tablet per day. I took the complex for 2 months, the condition as a whole improved, but I did not notice obvious results.

Eugene, 51 years old. He took Velman Tricholodic for 2 months. The hair stopped falling out, a new fluff appeared on the head. I believe that the drug as a whole is effective, because the hair has become tougher and stronger. Dandruff has decreased, indeed the condition of the scalp has improved significantly. Improved mood, and overall well-being. I will continue to purchase this drug.

Sergey, 57 years old. For a month I took the drug Yohimbe. I read that the composition contains extracts of plant herbs, some trace elements. I can say that the drug improves potency. In addition, the number of calls to the toilet during the night was reduced. I began to sleep much better. In my opinion, the drug also calms the nervous system. I recommend these vitamins to everyone.

Please note that doctors recommend complex multivitamin preparations for men after 50 years that contain the necessary vitamins, as well as trace elements. Basically, their composition is about the same, there may be differences in the form of herbal supplements. Usually, after 50 years, ginseng extract, ginko biloba and folic acid are added to the composition. There are no significant differences in multivitamin preparations.

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