Beautiful family mottos for the coat of arms, sports competitions, in life, for the contest in poetry and prose. The motto of the family of famous people, royal families

The article offers you ideas for composing original family mottos and emblems.

Beautiful family mottos for the family coat of arms to school and kindergarten in poetry and prose

Sometimes it is not clear to a modern person what a family coat of arms is and why is a motto needed? The fact is that in a kindergarten or school they can offer the child to think about how important his family is. As, for example, in ancient centuries, families started their status, had a coat of arms and came up with their own motto.

This is necessary in order to develop in your child a thirst for knowledge of history, a kind of love for his own family. Indeed, if a family is something special - it will certainly be unique and the best. The child will also relate to himself - a native of a noble and noble family.

The family coat of arms and motto is a personal matter for every family. There are no specific rules for their preparation. In the drawing of the coat of arms, it is important to take into account the characteristics of your family and depict the attributes that often accompany people in their daily and professional lives. For example, if the parents are doctors, it would not be out of place to draw a statoscope or some special medical instrument, if dad is a hereditary miner - a pick and helmet will also be in place.

There are a lot of options for symbols and images. It’s important to think up in advance what exactly you will put in the picture. Write in advance on paper the words symbolizing family values ​​and only then, relying on them, make an image. Drawing should not be big. He should be organic and look whole.

Examples of family emblems:

Family coat of arms example No. 1 Family coat of arms example No. 2 Family coat of arms example No. 3 Example of family coat of arms No. 4 Family coat of arms example No. 5

The family motto is the credo with which every member of the family goes through life. This is exactly what unites several people into one whole and forms values ​​in life. In the motto you can express your attitude to the world around, list the virtues of the family and the best qualities.

The motto may be poetic, may be prose. The main thing is that it should sound good and harmonize with your family coat of arms. Such attributes (coat of arms, motto) will help your child understand how much you need to protect family values ​​and love your loved ones: special, important, beloved and the best in the world!

Options for family mottos in prose:

  • Life is a joy and we live in pleasure!
  • Our goal is to be bigger, stronger, stronger, better!
  • Family is my everything!
  • I will turn the planet upside down, but make my family be happy!
  • Family comes first!
  • We are with each other, not against each other!
  • While we are together - we are invincible!
  • Family is what makes us happy!
  • We are a happy family, because we are better friends!
  • There is no family in the world more beautiful, our love is our happiness!

Versions of family mottoes in verses:

Family is understanding
Smiles, love, forgiveness,
Huge signs of attention
And just inspiration!

Learn your family,
Do you want far and wide.
There is none in the world more beautiful
And you won’t find wiser!

We stand for each other
We will answer for each.
Love gives us these powers
Parents and children!

If we need a victory
We are flying after her
And in front to the ends of the world,
We have a huge supply of strength!

we smart and delicious
Our family is better in the world!
We are made up of winners
We will conquer the whole world!

Do you want to believe, do not want to believeAfter all, our family is like a beast!
She rushes ahead
Leave all behind!

At our family
Steel hardening,
Don't need a gun
We shoot from a stick!

"Self-Confidence and Strength" -Here is our whole life slogan.
We live easily, we live beautifully
The secret of victory is!

You, even if you want to findAnother such family
You can’t, we are alone in the world
And we truly rush to victory!

Motto and title for a sports family in poetry and prose

A sports family motto is required in cases where the family takes an active part in competitions and contests. Such events are often held by schools, kindergartens, children's camps and motels, entertainment centers.

It does not matter where the competition or competition is held: in the gym or outdoors, an important part of the program is the presentation of your team as a friendly and folding motto that will reveal positive qualities and set the mood.

IMPORTANT: On a Family Day, Sports Day or Healthy Lifestyle Day, a city or village often holds competitions for its residents to rally them and mark the date well. It is in such situations that you will need slogans in prose and poetry.

Options for family sports mottos in prose:

  • We are confident, healthy and athletic - our family knows no limit to strength!
  • Sport is health, health is love, and love is a family!
  • We really need sports, we are friends with sports!
  • Love lives in the soul, and sports in the body!
  • Our sporting victories cannot be counted, our family is valor, activity and honor!
  • Sport is our strength, with sport we are light and beautiful!
  • We value sports and respect how we can live without sports - we don’t know!
  • Sport is not fun for us, sport is the road to success!
  • Sport, it’s like a family member, we will leave you behind!
  • Sport lives in our family, we are doubly happy with it!

Versions of family sports mottos in verses:

Our sports achievements
Favorite no and no more beautiful!
Our family is happy
Healthy, beautiful!

We respect, love sports.
And do not argue with us!
We will defeat everyone in the world
Believe me - we have enough strength!

Sports of our family
There is no happier person in the world
Let's get the job done soon
We want new victories!

We live with sports
We respect and love him.
Engaged in night and day
We are not destroying our family with laziness!

Health is very important to us,
Therefore, we respect sport.
We are strong, brave, courageous,
Before us are thousands of roads!

Our family is sports
Our family is worthy
Strong and beautiful
Powerful, very resistant!

Sport is our pride
We are not in danger of old age!
Our spirit and disposition are firmness,
Compete in joy!

The wind is on our way,
We are not afraid of barriers.
We are all stronger in the world
Sport is our joy!

Family and sport are us,
We are ready to jump to the moon!
We are ready to drink the ocean
All victory and glory to us!

We are stronger in the world,
Search all the white light
We are all on the sport with you,
We are the seed of dreams!

Family sports mottos

What to come up with a motto for a friendly family in poetry and prose?

A friendly family motto is useful in any competition and competition. He will definitely set you apart from others and will raise your “fighting spirit”.

Options for the motto of a friendly family in prose:

  • Our understanding gives us joy, we are a friendly family!
  • All are friendly as one, our family is invincible!
  • Friendship is our "horse", we are a family of friends!
  • We are friendly, we need each other!
  • Our family is friendly and cheerful, cheerful and good!
  • Friendship is our secret of happiness!
  • There are no friendly families in the world!
  • We have so much friendship that we are ready to share!
  • If you do not know what friendship is, you need to get to know us!
  • We are very "friends" of each other!

Options for a family motto in verses:

To be friends is happiness for us.,
To love one another is joy.
Any misfortunes in life
We make it sweet!

Families are friendlier just in the world,
We send you very friendly greetings to all!
We all share success equally
We are happy - we believe in our strength!

Family for us is love and friendship,
Every day we need each other
We love all our friends
We are proud of our family!

We are grateful to the whole world,
For having fun.
Believe me, no friend!
In the soul, love burns with fire!

Our family is a charge of positive
A portion of friendship and a portion of the world!
We look forward to huge, great victories,
We protect each other from troubles!

If you are not cheerful,
Come visit us!
We are happy and friendly
We will be very glad to see you!

We will show you an example.
Big happy family.
We don't want change
We love each other much!

We are friendly in any matter,We are friendly at any time.
And love is like air for us
It gives us strength to win!

No friendlier than us and happierWe are a team - a beautiful family!
We wish to always be together
Our life is good, like a song!

A family consists of friendship
Attention and care.
We will fulfill any needs
Problems, work and work!

Family mottos

What is the motto for a healthy family in poetry and prose?

A family that leads a healthy lifestyle, plays sports and actively rests, must definitely acquire a special motto that will come in handy.

Options for the motto for a "healthy" family in prose:

  • In a healthy family there is happiness and joy!
  • We monitor our health and live with joy!
  • Lightness in the body and joy in the soul - thanks to the health of our family!
  • In a healthy body there is a lot of love for one's neighbor!
  • We have so much health that we are ready to share!
  • Although you live great, meet our family!
  • We are fans of health!
  • We have a healthy body and spirit!

Options for the motto for a "healthy" family in verse:

Health is our strength
Health is our everything!
We’ll get to the finish line beautifully,
Everything will be fine with us!

We have been friends with health for a long time,
For our family it is important!
We need a victory today
We deserve it bravely!

Each of us is good
Each of us is beautiful!
Let you shiver
From our spirit and strength!

In a healthy body healthy mind
And this, friends, is not a rumor.
Our family is a role model
We will show you how to win!

We are an example and advertisement for you,
Our family has become the best!
We strongly believe in our success,
We are more beautiful and healthier than everyone!

Health is most important to us,
No other families are healthier!
We are proudly moving forward to success,
We win easily, with a laugh!

(Surname) in front!
We have health and strength
So that we win!

Our slogan is simple
Strong and important:
"Comes forward
Who is healthy and courageous! "

Be faster and stronger
Be more successful, wiser.
Our family strives forward,
It is not more successful and more beautiful!

Health in us
Boils and burns,
Health everyone
Of us breathes!

Mottos for a healthy lifestyle family

What to come up with a motto for a young family in poetry and prose?

Options for the motto for a young family in prose:

  • We are young and energetic, strong and pretty!
  • Our youth is our strength!
  • We are young in body and soul!
  • Youth gives us strength to win!
  • We are youth and strength!
  • We are young and we are invincible!
  • Our strength is in youth and self-confidence!
  • We have a huge charge of youth and positive!
  • Youth and energy will lead us to victory!

Options for the motto for a young family in verse:

We are a young sprout in the earthWhat makes its way out.
We have confidence in the family,
And we will not destroy it!

It helps us to win
Energy and youth
We are all ready to jump
At the fastest speed!

We have youth in the body,We have youth in our souls.
Love for family is in the heart
Reasoning is in the head!

We are good of course
That young body and soul.
We are dashing away from problems
We will help in a word, even in deed!

To win a victory
Our youth will help.
The wind blows on our way
And empowering experience!

We are young, strong, beautiful,
In any fight irresistible.
We have a large stock of victories,
We are a huge hello hello to you!

Confident and young
Hand reach the star
We are the center of the world and the universe
We do not like to be secondary!

Our family is ruled by youth,
Our family is our pride!
We are right for success
Problems are not a hindrance to us!

We are healthy, strong, young
We are ready for anything and much!
Not very wise by age,
Roads are open before us!

We have a clear advantage,
Youth is our main strength!
With him we can do anything
With her we are easy and free!

Mottos of a young family

What to come up with a motto for the reading family in poetry and prose?

Variants of the motto for the reading family in prose:

  • Knowledge is power, the mind is invincible!
  • We read - we are developing!
  • The secret of success is hidden in books!
  • The pages of books hide the meaning of life!
  • We read a lot, we are on the road to knowledge!
  • A book is power, a book helps to win!
  • We love knowledge, the mind is the secret of the universe!
  • We are drawn to knowledge, they are our secret of victory!
  • We are smart and cunning because we are well-read!
  • You cannot kill with a book, but with your mind you can defeat!

Variants of the motto for the reading family in verse:

We read - it's trueThis is the success of our secret.
We are slowly moving towards victory
But surely we will find her for dinner!

We love training for the mind,
They will not harm you!
They will give you knowledge
Success in any competition!

We read a lot of books,They took a lot of ideas.
Today we’ll come to victory wisely
Of all the teams, we are the smartest!

The secret of victory and successThere are books for us - they are not fun!
They develop our thinking,
Give a promotion in life!

Our family has one secret:
We read books, found the answer
How to be winners in life,
Successful to make any thoughts!

Motto for reading family

What to come up with a motto for a large family in poetry and prose?

Options for the motto for a large family in prose:

  • Happiness is hidden in the eyes of our children!
  • The more children, the more happiness!
  • These are not just children - this is our pride!
  • The more children, the better the parents!
  • Our family collects children!
  • Each of our baby is partly an angel a little bit!
  • We are happy parents because we have a personal kindergarten!
  • We are always loved by each other!

Options for the motto for a large family in verse:

We love children - no secret,
For us, families are not more important!
Family - love, warmth, attention,
We exceed expectations!

Parents and children are our best friends
We always love each other, we help each other.
We are a very harmonious and friendly family,
And how to live alone, alas, now we do not know!

Children are the pride of parents
They are smart, amazing,
They give a lot of power
Let the family win!

We are a large family
We are like best friends!
We love loved ones to help,
We want to become successful!

Our kids are our pride
They give us youth in life.
They are beautiful and smart.
Worthy of our praise!

Motto for a large family

What to come up with the motto for Family Day in poetry and prose?

Options for family prose family mottos:

  • Family Day is a day of happiness for parents and children!
  • We are loved and loved on a happy family day!
  • We will be dearer and stronger on Family Day!
  • On Family Day, we become more dear!
  • We love Family Day - this is a favorite holiday for relatives!

Options for family mottos for Family Day in verse:

Family Day is a very important date,Our family was born once,
She is very nice and sweet
May life be fresh and beautiful!

Mom dad is my parents
You dear, delightful!
I love you with all my soul
I cherish you with my love!

Family is joy every day
I love loving family at all!
The family will help me in any task,
Will provide support from a distance!

Family Day Motto

What is the family motto for the contest in poetry and prose?

Options for family mottos for the contest in prose:

  • Family is what gives strength and inspiration!
  • My family hides the secret of my success!
  • I do not know a family in the world as beautiful and strong as mine!
  • A family is a diamond among gray stones!
  • Family is a gift of life if you loved the world!

Options for family mottos for the contest in verse:

I want to confess everything -I have a family from God
She will save you problems
Will show the right way!

Family is understanding
Family are signs of attention
Family helps to be the first
She gives wisdom, faith.

I am sure that peopleThey cannot live without a family.
In it, they always love each other,
Even if you are in the distance.

More important than family happinessThere are no other joys.
She's in bad weather
Will give you a sea of ​​sweets!

Motto for the family

What is the family motto for life in poetry and prose?

Options for family mottos in prose:

  • Families are a source of love and strength!
  • Wherever you are - remember the family!
  • Mom is the heart of any family!
  • Take care of your family and value it like a bar of gold!
  • Family is inspiration and self-confidence!

Versions of family mottoes in verses:

Family - Confidence Seed,
She is a reliable amulet.
Any day, hour, any time,
She will save me from troubles.

Family is a source of strengthWith lively, clean water.
She carries me on the wings
She is always and everywhere with me!

When the gloomy day comes,
The family will save me from sadness.
It’s better, brighter, more fun with her,
She will not allow evil to me!

Children's motto on the theme of family verses

I love my familyI keep my family.
No its more important and better
She drives clouds from the sky!

Family is more important to me in the world,
She is like flowers, like a spring wind.
I am proud of her every day stronger
She allows me to be stronger!

I have a beautiful mother
I have a very strong dad,
I have a big family,
I do not know other happiness!

Poems and mottos about a happy family

Family mottos are short in verse and prose

Short family mottos in prose:

  • Family is the power of the heart!
  • Family - "7" Me!
  • Family is a joy for me!
  • Family is my love!
  • Love is me and the family!

Short family mottoes in verses:

I will tell you unashamedly
I love my family.
I don’t know how to live without her.
Without her I can’t!

Family - Confidence
In itself,
Have a family
Happiness on earth!

I have
Big family,
She really needs me -
I am happy!

The motto of the family of famous people, royal families

Famous family mottos of secular and royal families will help you get a portion of inspiration for writing your own.


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