All about how to wash things by hand and in the washing machine: tips, secrets and basic rules for washing. What is the right and better way to wash things from natural cotton, silk, socks, a down jacket? How to wash terry towels so that they become soft?

The article will teach you how to wash things in the washing machine and manually. You will also learn how to choose the means for washing things.

A good housewife strives to do everything so that after washing things do not deform and do not fade. But unfortunately, sometimes we get the result that was not at all expected. A favorite thing can sit down, fade or, in general, change its color.

It would seem that everything was done, as always, the powder, temperature and program were correctly selected, but the blouse was still hopelessly ruined. In this situation, the woman has only one thing, throw away her blouse and buy herself a new one. So that you, too, would not have similar problems, let's figure out how to properly wash things.

Rules for washing in a washing machine

A modern woman does laundry almost every day. And, although this process has long become quite an ordinary occupation, it should be treated with all responsibility. After all, the correct and high-quality washing not only prolongs the life of clothes, but also serves as an indicator of the thriftiness of the fair sex.

And so that during the washing process you do not have any additional difficulties, take care in advance of the place where the blouses, dresses and bedding will wait when it is washed. After all, if this place is poorly ventilated, it is likely that in addition to dirt, mold will appear on things, and it is unlikely that you can remove it with ordinary powder.

Basic rules for washing clothes in a machine - machine:

• Sorting things. Before you start putting things into the machine, be sure to sort them carefully. Pay attention to the color, type of fabric, size of linen and degree of contamination.
• The washing mode. Now almost all clothes, towels and bedding have labels on which it says which washing regimen will be optimal. Give preference to the one indicated on the tag
• Temperature condition. If the fabric is very dirty, you can set a rather high temperature, but if the pollution is minimal, it is better to stop at an average temperature
• Laundry detergents. The best option for cleaning laundry is considered a washing powder. If you prefer liquid products, then do not forget that they lose their strength at temperatures above 55 degrees
• Workload of the machine. Each machine has a weight limit, so if the instructions say that you can put, for example, 5 kilograms in it, then such a weight should be. In no case do not ram clothes into the drum, it would be better if it is loaded about half

Hand Wash Rules

But no matter how washing machines make life easier for a modern woman, there are times when you have to wash clothes with your hands. Manually have to wash the clothes of a newborn baby, underwear, products from silk, wool and cashmere.

It’s also better not to put gentle, flying blouses, lace, dresses and skirts with not very resistant paint into the machine. All these things require special care, which the machine cannot give them.

Recommendations that will help to wash correctly:
• Soak soiled laundry before washing
• Thoroughly dissolve powder or soap in water
• Start cleaning with the cleanest and brightest things.
• If the dirt is strong enough, use a brush or washboard
• For delicate fabrics, do not use very hot water.
• After washing, rinse the laundry a couple of times in clean water

Laundry detergent: how to choose?

The quality of the wash depends not only on how it is carried out, but also on the means by which it was carried out. Therefore, if you go to the store for powder, then buy the one that suits your clothes. After all, if you plan to clean things in an automatic machine, then a detergent for hand washing is absolutely not suitable for you.

Typically, such powders foam quite strongly, and the machine will not be able to properly rinse all the foam. As a result, after drying, not quite beautiful stains can appear on the fabric, which cannot be removed without repeated cleaning.

Powder Selection Rules:
• For detergents, buy powders that do not contain soda or bleach
• In a quality and safe product, there should be no more than 5% surfactants
• There should be a separate powder for each type of fabric.
• Handwash powder must have a voluminous and stable foam
• If you have hard water, pick up products that contain phosphates.

Detergents for washing - an alternative to powders: names

We all know that washing powder causes quite a lot of harm to the environment. Synthetic substances of which it consists, getting into the soil, poison it for a rather long time.
Even for an adult, this product carries a certain danger. Poor-quality powder can provoke allergic reactions, which, without appropriate treatment, are aggravated, and wet eczema appears on the skin.

Means that can replace washing powders:

• Washing balls. This tool is made of special rubber, inside of which there is a magnetic core. If you put it in a drum, then the amount of powder used can be reduced by half
• Ecological gel. Such a detergent rinses much faster and completely dissolves at a temperature of 30 degrees. After its use, no additional treatment with an air conditioner
• Soap nuts. The dry skin of this fruit contains a substance, saponin, which helps rid tissues of dirt and stains. Nuts can be laid directly in the drum or prepare a soap broth from them and add it to the water
• Laundry soap. A good alternative to modern powders is household soap. In addition to washing clothes well, it also has bactericidal properties.

How to wash a thing so that it does not sit down: recommendations

Clothes and bed linen sewn from high-quality natural fabrics, if improperly washed, can severely deform and sit down. Therefore, before you throw your favorite thing into the machine, be sure to carefully study the tag.
If it so happens that there is no special tag, then try to determine the type of fabric and the required temperature regime yourself. Also do not forget about the powder. If you wash a bright enough blouse or dress, then give preference to means for colored fabrics.

Simple recommendations:
• First, soak the item in hot water. The temperature should be 15-20 degrees higher than indicated on the tag
• Wait until the water becomes warm
• Squeeze clothing lightly and place in a bowl of very cold water
• Rinse thoroughly and place to dry.
• If you wash with a washing machine, then set the temperature to no more than 60 degrees
• For a spin select standard mode

How to wash clothes made from natural cotton?

In the closet of each person can find things sewn from cotton fabric. Both adults and children love this fabric for its softness and comfort. But still he has several negative qualities. Cotton clothes get dirty quite quickly, wrinkle very much and shrink if not washed properly.

Due to these fabric properties, many are afraid to buy cotton items and prefer synthetic fabrics. But you should not be afraid of them. If you wash them correctly and on time, then shirts, trousers and blouses will last you a long time.

Rules for washing cotton items:
• Do not get carried away by high temperatures
• Wash white cotton with a special bleaching powder
• Do not wash cotton with synthetics
• If there are stains on things, then they must be soaked before washing
• After washing, rinse and carefully hang the laundry.
• Avoid strong drying of cotton products.

Tips for washing white linen

Almost every woman now has a laundry assistant. But no matter how good the machine is, not all things are erased equally well. Sometimes you take out a once-white blouse from a drum, and with nostalgia remember what kind of white things mom had. But she washed clothes without an automatic machine, and then there were no high-quality powders. Therefore, let's figure out how to properly wash white things so that they do not turn gray.

Rules for washing white clothes:
• Remove metal hardware from white items
• Prepare a solution of powder and bleach
• Put dirty things in the solution and heat them to 50 degrees
• Remove the laundry and rinse thoroughly first in warm water and then in cold
• If there are gray spots on the cuffs and collars, repeat the procedure again.

How to wash silk things?

Silk things are quite expensive pleasure, but if you decide to spend money on such a blouse, a dressing gown or bedding, then you certainly will not regret the money spent. Such underwear can warm you in the winter cold and cool you in the heat of flight. But in order for this delicate fabric to serve you for a long time, it must be properly washed. After all, if, for example, you clean it with aggressive detergents, then it will quickly lose its bright and saturated color.

Recommendations for washing silk products:
• Natural walk should be washed exclusively by hand
• The temperature of water should not exceed 40 degrees
• After washing, rinse the laundry with water and vinegar
• Never use bleaching powder for cleaning.
• Wash silk with a special emollient

How to wash socks manually and in a washing machine?

All women know that socks are such a product that gets dirty very quickly and constantly disappears somewhere. But even if they didn’t go away during washing, then over time this product will evenly become slightly untidy and ugly. Most often, their appearance is negatively affected by an incorrect washing. The color of the socks fades, they are covered with spools and deformed. How to avoid such problems, we will understand below.

Basic rules for washing socks:
• Clean socks from dust and dirt and turn them inside out
• Sort them by color and type of fabric
• To prevent socks from getting lost in the machine, use a special bag for washing
• Use a powder that is suitable for the type of fabric.
• Never put your socks in very hot water.
• Synthetic products can be washed with ordinary powder
• Woolen and cotton products are best washed with laundry soap or special gel.

How to wash terry towels so that they become soft?

Every good housewife tries to keep the towels in her house clean and fluffy. But sometimes, literally after the first wash, this product becomes tough and scratchy. Usually women write off everything on not very high-quality material. Of course, this can also be the reason for the stiffness of the towel, but in most cases, the softness of the towel is washed. If, for example, your water is not quite soft and you cleaned the laundry without emollients, then you will not be fluffy if you do not make your towels.

Recommendations that will help make towels fluffy:
• Use only liquid detergents for cleaning.
• Do not wash in economy mode
• Never bleach towels
• Use stain remover to remove stains
• Along with towels, put a ball for downwear in the drum
• Spin at the lowest possible speed.
• After washing, rinse the product with air conditioning

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