Which is better to choose a tonometer on the wrist for people after 50 years: rating of the best tonometers, review, tips for choosing

Rating of the best carpal tonometers after 50 years.

A tonometer is a necessary device in a house in which there are hypertensive patients and people suffering from a decrease in blood pressure. In this article we will tell you which tonometer is better to choose and give a rating of the most popular devices.

Which tonometer is better on the shoulder or wrist?

The first question that concerns almost all potential buyers is which tonometer to choose? There is no universal answer. It is necessary to consider the category of the population, the neglect of the disease, and the presence of heart problems. You can purchase a blood pressure monitor at Aliexpress

Which tonometer is better on the shoulder or wrist:

  • Oddly enough, but the simplest tonometers, which are mechanical, are recommended for young people who sometimes control their health. That is, for constant use, they are not very suitable.
  • This is due to the fact that you have to manually pump air with a pear, and the measurement indicators are fed to a round dial. They need to be detected and listened with a phonendoscope.
  • These are all fairly simple manipulations for young people, but it complicates the situation if an elderly person is involved in measurements. If you have no problems with pressure, but sometimes you feel not very well and suspect that the pressure level may jump, get the cheapest device.

Wrist blood pressure monitor, which is better after 50?

Another situation is if the tonometer is necessary for the elderly, who have hearing and vision problems, as well as everything new to them. Accordingly, such people need to purchase the simplest devices, the use of which will not be very difficult.

Wrist blood pressure monitor which is better after 50:

  • That is, for older people who suffer from hypertension and heart disease, the most inappropriate is a mechanical tonometer. This is due to the fact that not every elderly person is able to correctly put on the cuff, fix it, and determine the pressure readings. It is best to purchase an automaton, with arrhythmia measurement, an alarm clock, and scoring of the results.
  • Many pensioners will say that it is very expensive, and it is better to purchase something easier. In fact, this is not so; health is more expensive. The use of such a device is very simple, in addition, they have a long warranty and a maintenance period.
  • It is very simple to measure your health indicators with the help of such devices, even an elderly person who is not friends with equipment will cope with them. Why all the bells and whistles, like an alarm clock and voiceover results?
  • This is necessary so that the elderly person does not forget at what time it is necessary to measure indicators. That is, if the doctor ordered to monitor the state of health in the morning and evening, the alarm clock will let you know, and the elderly person will not forget to perform the necessary manipulations, measure indicators, drink pills in case of high blood pressure. Voice acting allows you not to concentrate on numbers and not to peer at the screen. This is ideal if a person suffers from poor eyesight, which often happens with older people.

This is due to the fact that it is difficult for an aged person to use mechanical devices due to the high error, in case of improper installation of the cuff, as well as incorrect reading of the results.

Wrist blood pressure monitor automatic rating of the best 2018:

  1. well swissmed 655. This is a popular tonometer, which is distinguished by an automatic mode, while choosing the most successful measurement algorithm. It is worth considering that in most cases the device performs three measurements, from which the average values ​​are selected. Thus, all results are very accurate and the possibility of error is excluded. The main advantage is that even elderly people who are not friends with the equipment can use the device. The price of the device is not low, but the quality is pretty good. The device has a recording diary, as well as a screen indicator. Under normal pressure you will get a green screen. At higher and lower values, the screen lights up in red. This is ideal if you do not know which indicators are normal. As for diaries, the device can memorize up to 60 measurements for each person in the family. The diaries record the date, time, as well as pressure indicators. This is ideal if you need to carry out pressure monitoring for your therapist or family doctor. Such measurements will help you choose the most appropriate treatment.
  2. Omron h & m 600 e. This is a good device, which is of high quality, Japanese assembly. It is an automatic device, the discharge of which occurs with the help of a compressor. By the way, the pumping part of the device is almost silent, therefore it does not cause inconvenience and anxiety. The cuff is designed for a medium-sized arm. The best option for a relatively low price. Suitable for retirees, as well as elderly people who are not friends with technology. It does not require any additional measurements and does not contain complex instructions. Using the device is very simple and affordable.

Automatic tonometer on the wrist: ranking of the best

Tonometers on the wrist are not much different from the shoulder options by the method of work and design. Measurements are made due to the pulsation that occurs in the area of ​​blood vessels.

Automatic tonometer on the wrist, rating of the best:

  1. microlife BP a2 basic. An excellent device that will become an indispensable gift for a person of age. Mostly purchased for elderly parents who are poorly versed in new devices and modern technology. It does not require any additional interventions, and pressure measurement is carried out in just one click. The display is also colored red and green, depending on whether the indicators are normal or exceed the norm. Accordingly, even a person who does not have a medical education, relevant knowledge, will be able to figure out how critical the health indicators are. It features a tight-fitting cuff, which is almost impossible to install incorrectly. Suitable for the elderly, due to ease of use. The price of the device is relatively low.
  2. BP a90 microlife. The device is ideal for the elderly, and is recognized as one of the best. This is due to the fact that to measure vital indicators, just press one key. Up to five measurements are memorized, while the upper and lower pressure and pulse are also recorded. There is no additional measurement of arrhythmia. However, the device has shown itself to be reliable and durable, which is most important for pensioners who cannot often purchase expensive equipment.

The best tonometers on your wrist for measuring pressure

In the area of ​​the shoulder, heart contractions are more noticeable due to the size of the vessels, they are larger. The capillaries and blood vessels on the wrist are thin, so it’s quite difficult to catch the heart rate.

The best tonometers on your wrist for measuring pressure:

  • There may be large measurement errors. This option is not suitable for the elderly, who suffer from vascular diseases, atherosclerosis. With age, the thickness and elasticity of the vessels changes, so it is difficult to capture pressure in the wrist area, which is fraught with severe errors and errors.
  • However, there are still options that allow them to be used for people over 40 or 50 years old. All tonometers that are worn on the wrist are recommended for people under the age of 40, without any problems with the heart and blood vessels.
  • That is, it is an ideal device that is suitable for periodic pressure measurement, with the aim of monitoring it in residents suffering from or suspecting hypertension. It is also ideal for athletes. However, for the elderly, it is still recommended to purchase shoulder tonometers.
Wrist blood pressure monitor

What is the best tonometer on your wrist?

Many people believe that the carpal tonometer is more compact and it is much easier to use, but in fact it is not. The principle of using automatic wrist and shoulder tonometers is exactly the same.

What is the best tonometer on your wrist:

  • The difference in sensitivity and thickness of the veins at the top and bottom of the arm. The veins in the upper part are larger, so the pulse, as well as the pressure, is much easier to feel.
  • Therefore, to obtain accurate measurements, if a person is constantly suffering from hypertension, it is necessary to record the pressure over several times, it is best to purchase the shoulder option. It is easy to manage and gives very accurate results.
  • If you do not suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, the tonometer is necessary as a device that will rarely measure pressure, but you can still get a carpal option.

Accordingly, choosing the device, it is necessary to take into account these subtleties, and in no case to save, even if the device selects a senior citizen who has low incomes.

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