Are there any vacation benefits for parents with many children and which ones? Additional leave for parents with many children under the labor code: conditions, design

Families with many children, as a rule, are entitled to different benefits. They concern and holidays. Let's find out what benefits you can get and how to arrange an additional vacation.

Russian law provides that every citizen has the right to leave. And if they are also parents with many children, then certain benefits apply to them. Although, such days are not provided to every employee. So are there any vacation benefits for large families and how are they provided? Let's find out.

What family is considered to be large when this status is lost?

Which family is considered to be large?

First of all, it is worth figuring out which family is considered to be a large family and what can contribute to the loss of this status. Unfortunately, there is no clear concept and criteria in the legislation. So families with many children can be recognized individually.

As a rule, families that raise three or more children under 18 or 14 years of age are recognized as such. There is a lot from a number of circumstances:

  • It is important to know that little depends on consanguinity. The fact is that ward children are also taken into account
  • Basically, these criteria apply to areas where fertility is too low. If it is good, then the number of children can increase to 4-5
  • Sometimes for a child the status of “from a large family” can be maintained up to 23 years. This happens in the case of full-time study at a university, as well as during military service
  • If a family has three or more children, but they are from different marriages, then such a family will not be considered a large family

It is also important to know that the status of a large family is withdrawn after one of the following circumstances occurs:

  • Reaching 18 or 23 years old
  • Death
  • Creating your own family, marriage
  • Divorce and section of children

Large families can be confirmed by a special document that is provided by social security authorities. To receive it, you need to contact the appropriate authority and provide all the necessary documents.

Are there any vacation benefits for large families and which ones?

Vacation benefits for large families

According to labor law, for large families some benefits are provided and they differ little from other families:

  • There is no probationary period if the family brings up a child up to 1.5 years
  • If there is a disabled child in the family, the employer must provide an abbreviated schedule based on the application of the parent
  • Additionally, families with a disabled child are provided with 4 extra days off per month
  • If necessary, sending on a business trip, the mother or father must agree if they are raising a child under 3 years old or disabled
  • Plus, when raising children under 12 years old, parents are allowed to independently choose a convenient time for vacation and notify the authorities in advance
Extra vacation

Even for parents with many children, an additional vacation is provided. Although, not only large families are the criteria for its receipt. So, they can provide it:

  • Workers raising two or more children under 14
  • Single parent raising a child under 14 years old
  • An employee with a disabled child under 18

Features of providing additional leave to parents with many children

Extra vacation

An employee who is a parent with many children or has a disabled child is entitled to additional leave. Its duration is 14 days. It can be provided on the following conditions:

  • Place of employment, position, and salary are retained
  • An additional period can be added to the main vacation or broken into parts
  • You cannot transfer vacation from one reporting period to another

The management should satisfy such a petition, just remember that it is not required. Such an opportunity is provided only if it is prescribed in the collective agreement. So, in fact, the employer in this regard completely decides everything himself and can change the number of children and age.

An employer can do what opportunities allow him - for example, material support for families, leisure activities.

If the employee decides to take leave without maintenance, and his absence for more than two weeks will affect the production, the employer may refuse and the decision is not subject to challenge.

How to arrange an additional vacation: rules, instructions, features

How to get an extra vacation?

So, if a large worker wants to get unpaid leave outside the schedule, then the first application is submitted. His sample looks something like this:

Sample Application

It must specify:

  • Personal data of the employee - full name and position, and another personnel number, if any
  • The type and duration of rest is indicated
  • Prescribes the grounds on which the employer must provide additional time for rest
  • The list of applications (documents) is indicated

The last point may not be very clear. In fact, in this case it means that you must provide documents that confirm the right to receive such leave:

  • Birth or adoption certificate
  • Certificate of residence of children with the employee
  • The conclusion on the disability of the child, if necessary
  • Certificate that the second spouse was not granted additional leave

The last document can be replaced with a certificate from the employment center, confirming that the second parent does not yet have a permanent job. Or a certificate of registration as an IP is attached. The latter deprives the parent of the right to receive additional leave. All this is transferred to the personnel service.

After that, the application is transmitted to the manager for signature. If he agrees to this, then he needs to put his signature, and copies of documents are attached to the personal file of the employee.

An order must be drawn up that the employee is allowed to go on vacation, as well as the date of return to work. If vacation pay is paid, then the order also prescribes how much will be transferred to the employee. The latter should get acquainted with him under the signature.

How are vacation pay for extended holidays for large families calculated?

Vacation calculation

If the employer pays for additional leave, then his calculation will be standard:

  • First, the billing period is determined. Usually it is 12 months, with the exception of holidays and sick leave
  • Next, the average earnings along with bonuses are calculated
  • The average daily earnings are calculated
  • Holiday pay is determined and accrued.
  • Transferred to the bank to the employee’s account

Funds are transferred three days before going on vacation, and its date is determined according to the vacation schedule. If it changes or is adjusted, then the management’s order is taken into account, according to which the changes are made.

Having concluded from all of the above, we can say that the law does not have a clear concept of large families, as well as the criteria for its determination. But, according to the legislation, additional leave may be granted at the discretion of the employer, but not more than 14 days. This opportunity is recorded in the collective agreement. If this is not the case, then the manager will not be able to challenge the refusal. So when applying for a job, you should always carefully study the documents for the availability of relevant items.

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