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Proverbs and sayings about love for children of preschool and school age, school, DOE: a collection of the best proverbs with an explanation of meaning. What are and how to find proverbs and sayings about love for children?

In this article you will find a large selection of proverbs and sayings about love.

Proverbs and sayings about love for preschool, kindergarten: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

Love is that which moves a person, that which inspires him. This is the most spiritualized and most beautiful feeling that can only exist between people or in the soul. Love can be different, but always, it must be sincere and true.

A child will be able to understand what love is by studying, reading, and explaining sayings. Russian folk art has many proverbs on this subject.

Proverb of loveInterpretation of the saying
Where love and advice, there is no grief.The proverb says that if you live in goodness and harmony with each other, then life will be sweet and pleasant.
It is better not to have a heart than not to have love for the people in it.The proverb teaches people to love, so as not to be callous, because such others do not appreciate and do not accept.
He who loves himself too much is not loved too much by others.The saying encourages people to get rid of selfishness and to love others around them, as it is much more valuable and more beneficial.
With love there is space everywhere, with evil everywhere crowded.The meaning of the saying is that open people are always and everywhere welcome, but they try to avoid an embittered and selfish person.
You can’t hide love, fire and cough from people.The point is that a person in love can always be recognized, since he is different from others: he “glows”, smiles, becomes kinder.
Love at least do not love, but look more often.The saying implies engaging in a business that is not particularly like. Or "do through power."
Where there is love and harmony, the yard is red there.When people love each other, any business they undertake comes out fine and good.
Less commonly, you love more.Meaning: longing for a loved one only enhances feelings.
I remember the old love.The saying says that love never dies and always its echoes remain in the heart.
Love is not a potato - you will not throw it (you will not throw it out) through the window.It is very difficult to get rid of the feeling that once gave happiness and joy.
I want - I love, I want - I stop loving.A proverb embodies the strong will and spirit of a person who is able to have power over his emotions and desires.
One soul suffers, another knows nothing.Simply put, this is “unrequited love”, i.e. when one person loves, and the second does not reciprocate.
He will fall in love - he will buy a fur coat, he will not fall in love - he will fall for the last.The proverb tells that a person who has love gains a lot of other positive qualities and vice versa.
Tolerate - to fall in love.The saying symbolizes patience and endurance.
You won’t be full of love alone.One conclusion can be drawn from this proverb: to feel a person is not enough to be happy - you also need to act.
You will not be forcibly sweet.The saying says that it is simply impossible to force a person to do something and get a good result.
Who did not love, was not young.Love is often associated with youth and with the best feelings that a person can survive.
Nothing warms blood like love.It is believed that love gives a person strength, inspires and makes one act.
The heart is not a stone.The "heart of stone" often characterizes a person as heartless, evil, and rude. But in fact, the heart cannot be stony, which means this saying “calms”, convincing that there is kindness in everyone.
The crown covers everything.After marriage or marriage, it is believed that a person becomes wiser and prudent.
On the big road the grass does not grow.Symbolizes frequent use or over-popularity.
Married - not to attack, as if married not to disappear.The proverb says that marriage is a serious decision that every woman must come to thoughtfully.
Out of sight, out of mind.Exact interpretation: “forget and not remember”, “delete from life”.
The eye does not see - the soul does not hurt.A proverb symbolizes ignorance or non-possession of a situation.
There was love without joy, separation would be without sorrow.If a couple had “played” feelings, they would not really grieve at parting, or “easily came - easily left” (do not regret).
It's hard to love, not love is harder than that.Without good human feelings, a person becomes stale and uninteresting.
Love is the ring, and the ring has no end.It symbolizes marriage as eternal love and infinite happiness.
Love is nettle.In this case, love is associated with something complex and something that brings pain.
Love is like glass: if it breaks, it does not grow together.The meaning of the saying: love is easy to find and easy to lose, so you need to cherish it.
Love and advice, and no need.The saying speaks of people in love who are happy only from what each other has.
Love makes the smart crazy, the meek - violent, and the indomitable - peaceful.A proverb warns a person that love can transform him, multiplying all his positive qualities.
Clever proverbs for children about love

The best proverbs and sayings about love for primary and secondary school age: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

Even the smallest children should be familiar with comprehension of sayings and proverbs. Choose the most understandable and simple lines for them, trying to interpret each word together.

Proverb of loveInterpretation of the saying
Whoever loves him obeys.The proverb says that a person in love is very often a slave who can inspire something.
If you are angry, you will stop, but you will begin to love and you will not find the end.These words convey the full power of a feeling like love.
The mind is enlightened with truth, the heart is warmed with love.Exact interpretation: a person who knows how to love and love embodies all the most positive qualities.
Love for all ages.The saying says that it’s never too late to experience a feeling like love (at any age).
You will force yourself to be afraid, but you will not force you to love.These words confirm that love is a sincere feeling and it is impossible to artificially cause it.
Awl in a bag and love in the heart can not be concealed.It is believed that love can not be hidden, no matter how hide it, but it manifests itself in words and deeds.
Loving is good mutual.Only when the feeling is mutual, people are happy.
Love us with little black ones, and everyone with red ones will love us.A proverb teaches people to love everything in a person: both good and bad.
Love is not a fire, but will catch fire - you will not put out.Another saying that love is a very strong feeling that changes a person.
To marry money, to strangle.Words confirming that you need to choose a person for love not by his status, but by "the will of the heart."
If the guy was a heifer, be under his heel.A saying describing the weak character of a person and his stupidity.
The first guy is in the village, and there is one house in the village.A saying that speaks of an excessive pride of a person.
Love needs a will, and the mind needs room.Those. "mutual love".
Love at home what you want, but in people - what they give.You can’t demand qualities from a person, you need to love in him everything that is good or bad.
Love yours, remember strangers.A proverb teaches people to help each other, even if there is no self-interest from this.
He loved to joke about Thomas, so love yourself.The saying "equates" people to each other.
The wolf also loves the sheep.Even where there is anger and hatred, love can exist.
The cat likes to lick the cream on top.A saying characterizes a person who likes to take the best from life.
Cat loves milk, but short stigma.Simply put: if you want a good result, you should work hard.
He loves pop pancake - and he would eat alone.The meaning of the words: not everything that you want in this world can be obtained.
To love warmly - to go to the forest for firewood.The meaning is that if you really want to get something, you will get it through diligence.
To love warmth and endure smoke.If the heart loves sincerely and disinterestedly, it loves not only the good, but also the bad sides of man.
Love is dear, not a gift.Love cannot be foreseen; it is sudden and unpredictable.
Love cannot be bought for money.In this case, love is equated with the wealth of a person, which is much more expensive than money.
Love does not look, but sees everything.Thanks to love, a person becomes wiser.
Love is better than enmity.The saying encourages people not to quarrel and to give each other only good.
Love is not alms: you cannot give it to everyone.The saying warns that not everyone is worthy of such a great feeling as love.
Love is really strong.Only sincere, faithful and true love can be long and strong.
Love is stronger than fear.For the sake of a loved one, you can do any thing.
Love is blind.Exact interpretation of the saying: “unpredictable choice” or decision-making without thinking.
Proverbs of love: old, new, Russian folk

Popular Russian folk proverbs and sayings about love: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

Not every proverb or proverb should be taken literally. It is important for each parent to find life examples or comparisons for the baby.

Proverb of loveInterpretation of the saying
Sweetest of all who loves whom.Interpretation: good quarrels.
Where it is sweet, there are eyes, where it hurts, there is a hand.The meaning of the saying: a loved one can make a hurt or "mistakes by stupidity."
Your gift is not dear to me, your love is dear.Another saying that confirms that true love does not know self-interest.
Only one who is crazy can love madly.A proverb warns a person not to do stupid things because of strong love.
Those who do not love, they don’t listen to him.Society, which does not want the good of others, does not accept.
To whom the heart lies, the eye runs there.A person who is kind and considerate can certainly count on help and support.
Love begins with the eyes.It is believed that a person’s eyes cannot lie. They reflect every feeling and every emotion. Therefore, if a person is in love, he immediately becomes a kinder and more tender look.
I do not like to love, but I can’t get rid of it.Interpretation: a strong habit.
Whom grandfather loves, that and the bones in his hands.The meaning is: how much you have earned, you will receive as much or “reward as you deserve."
Do you like to scold - be able and make peace.It is important to possess not only negative, but also positive qualities. For example, to have the courage to ask forgiveness if you offended someone.
Love to talk - love and listen.You need to be careful about others and not exalt your person.
Do you like honey - carry and bee sting.It cannot be that a person is given everything in life easily and simply. In order to be happy - you need to work hard.
Do you like gifts - love and gifts.It is important to be careful and always help those who once helped you.
Do you like someone else's beard to tear - love and substitute your own.Interpretation of the saying: "bestowal" or "get what you deserve."
I love Serka for the custom: even if he is unlucky, he laughs.The saying goes: everyone has the right to love.
I love you, but not as myself.Exact interpretation: not quite sincere feeling.
Brotherly love is better than stone walls.The meaning of these words is that kindness to each other and understanding are much more beautiful than quarrels and insults.

Love conquers everything.

Love and goodness - treasure is not necessary either.

Love here is compared with a great power, which is not given to everyone.
Love and swara are worse than fire.In a literal interpretation: reconciling two warring parties is very difficult.
Love, though flour, but without it boredom.It is impossible to live without love. You need at least someone to love.
Love is like a mirror: if you break it, you won’t glue it.Lost love is very difficult to return and make it so strong and strong.
Without love, as without the sun, you cannot live.In this case, love is compared with what it is impossible for a person to survive in the world, and this is true. Without love, a person loses self-confidence, considers himself unnecessary.
There is no more that love than dying for each other.It is believed that for the sake of true love, people are ready to commit the most thoughtless, most daring and most stupid acts.
True love does not burn in fire, nor drowns in water.Sincere love will pass any test and will only become stronger.
Proverbs and sayings for children about love

The most interesting proverbs and sayings about love for children: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

This article contains the most interesting proverbs about love: old, new, popular or long forgotten.

Proverb of loveInterpretation of the saying
Love and the priest will teach to dance.All are born equal in this world.
In love, women know everything that they did not teach.A kind feeling born in the soul of a person unconsciously pushes for good deeds.
Where the harm comes from, there is dislike.All bad deeds are committed by people without love.
Loves like a dog stick.The literal meaning: "does not like at all" (if it comes to stick) and "really loves" (if it is about playing with a dog).
Loves like a cat fat.Exact interpretation: strong love.

Love honey, love and chill.

Love currants, love and sore eyes.

Do you like to ride, love and carry a sleigh.

Do you like to visit, love and call to yourself.

Without effort, you will not get anything good.
Love me, so love my little dog.A proverb teaches a person to love in a person all of his traits, even if some of them are not good.
Love and advice - that is where the light stands.This world is built on good feelings and good attitude.
Love does not know the law, does not consider years.Love is not subject to any rules and conditions; it can embrace a person at any age.
Love and small take for the great.When a person loves, he extols the person. Considering him the best.
Love does not look, but sees everything.Literal interpretation: “the heart feels” or good intuition.
He puts love and a wise guy in fools.Love often deprives a person of prudence.
Love can be blind too - it honors black for white.For the sake of love, a person can commit rash acts and “see no boundaries”.
You cannot close love to the castle.You cannot forbid a person to feel.
Love is not measured miles.Love in the distance does not die.
Love does not know revenge, and friendship does not know flattery.In real friendship, people are brought together by a good attitude and sympathy, a sincere desire to help each other. There is no place for hatred in true love; people forgive each other.
Love is not a potato: you can’t boil it in a pot.Literal interpretation: love does not feed or "it is not enough just to love, you need to do something."
Monks love when they work in the field for them.Exact Interpretation: Self-Interest.
For those who love, and in December, spring.A man who is inspired by love may not notice the shortcomings of his beloved.
Where love and kindness are, there is beauty.Beauty is not only external qualities, but also internal.
Fell in love as a mouse burst into the box.Exact interpretation: an unexpected act.
Fell in love as soot slammed into his face.Exact interpretation: an unsuccessful act.
Lovers always have a short night.Interpretation: time is running fast with a good person or at work, and every second you count from idleness or with the enemy.
All fear drives out love.Love gives a person many positive qualities.
Money is a matter of gain, there is nothing to grieve about, and love is another matter: it must be valued.You need to appreciate the love that a person gives just like that.
Money is dust, clothes too, and love is the most expensive.Love is comparable to wealth.

For a lover, a hundred miles is not a distance.

There is no limit to true love.

Exact interpretation: "anything is possible if desired."
The most interesting proverbs about love that can be given to children for discussion

Small, short proverbs and sayings for children about love: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

A collection of folk proverbs about love is useful not only for school, but also in order to develop high moral values ​​in your child.

Proverb of loveInterpretation of the saying
The cat loves the mouse too.Exact interpretation: very fond of.

Love is blind.

Satan will fall in love instead of a clear falcon.

This proverb can be understood very literally, it symbolizes true love that occurs suddenly in people, regardless of status or other life advantages.
Whoever likes what is choking on them.Exact interpretation: everyone will get what they deserve.
Lovely scolding - only amuse.Quarrel of two lovers - wasted time.
With a lovely paradise and in a hut.For true love, money doesn't matter.
For a sweet friend and an earring from an abalone.For a loved one is ready to give the last.
Where there is love, there is adversity.Exact interpretation: beware of danger.
To a lover, and fear does not go.A proverb describes a person who is ready to do any actions for the sake of a loved one.
Every love has a beginning.Exact interpretation: nothing happens for no reason.
Love us, and walk by.Exact Interpretation: Do Not Disturb.
Love, know whom.The saying warns a person to be more careful.
Loved, but gave nothing.These words speak of "barren" and futile labor.
You can love, but carefully.A saying warns a person to be careful.
Female love, that morning dew: the breeze smelled - and there is none.The proverb is literally interpreted as "something frivolous or empty."
If he falls in love, the mind will recede.By love, a person can commit many rash acts.
Do not love - grief, and fall in love - twice.This saying should be understood as follows: not everyone brings good, you can suffer from it.
With a beloved kiss that revel in honey.Literal interpretation: have fun.
They do not joke with love.A proverb teaches a person not to lie and not to betray.
Another love is like snow: it soon melts and turns into dirt.These words symbolize vain, barren and not sincere love, which gives a person only harm.

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