What does the tongue scratch by the days of the week: signs, meaning

Signs regarding itchy tongue by day of the week.

Our ancestors paid a lot of attention to various signs, and what happens to their body, individual organs. The language deserves special attention, because the itching in this place most often indicates that you will gossip, or spread rumors about you. In this article we will consider in detail what the language itches on by the days of the week.

What does the tongue itch on Monday: signs

In most cases, an itch in the area of ​​the tongue indicates that you will scratch it with you, or perhaps your enemies, gossips, so do not relax.

Itching in different places:

  • Please note that if the root of the tongue is itching, you must be extremely careful and think about what you are saying. Because an incorrectly spoken word can cause a quarrel and destruction of relations with good friends or relatives.
  • If you have itching in the middle, then you will gossip. Try to think of a person as little as possible or not say anything at all. Gossip of this kind can play a trick on you, and the person who has become the subject of your discussions will be angry, perhaps take revenge and cause a scandal.
  • If you are not planning any conflicts, shut up. Try to restrain your desire, tell some secret about a friend.
  • If the tip of the tongue itches, they will talk about you, and not in the best light. Not ordinary gossipers on a bench or girlfriends will speak, but enemies who are trying to defile your name or have something bad in mind.

What to do when the tip of the tongue itches, and you do not want to get into unpleasant situations, to be defiled?

Ways to avoid gossip and trouble:

  • For brave people. Because it involves bringing little harm, more precisely, it is necessary to prick the tongue with a needle. This will prevent rumors from spreading about you.
  • There is another way. You need to bite your tongue and think about your enemies closing their mouths and not gossiping anymore. Pour a little salt, pepper on the tip of the tongue and say: how my tongue burns, so let it bake with my enemies.
  • You can also take a thread, tie a knot. Think about how enemies should shut up. After that, the thread is burned and discarded. It is believed that all these manipulations will help you avoid troubles, and will also prevent the occurrence of gossip around you.

Of great importance is the day of the week when itching occurred in the tongue. If this happened on the first day of the week, that is, on Monday, you will meet with an influential, wealthy person who may become an investor or sponsor of your project. During a conversation with him, do not talk much. Try not to talk anything superfluous. Because it can ruin your plans, and make the sponsor change his mind about giving money.

Why tongue itches on Tuesday: omens

In case of tongue itching on Tuesday, you need to keep this part of the body behind your teeth and not tell anyone about your income. It is also worthwhile to beware of excessive spending and unnecessary purchases, because in the future this can lead to a significant deterioration in financial standing. Perhaps in the future you will face serious expenses that will bring a lot of harm, and will be unsettled for a long time. You will recover your financial well-being for a long time.

Why language is scratched on Wednesday: signs

If itching occurs on Wednesday, expect to see a loved one. Perhaps this is your ex-boyfriend, relative or even a lover. Be friendly and try not to say anything. Speak on general topics, do not go into specifics and do not try to talk about your affairs. Because in the future, this may work against you.

What is itching on Thursday: signs

If the tongue itches on Thursday, be attentive to your loved ones. Perhaps they are expected to have health problems. Also, do not ignore your well-being, condition, so as not to harm in any way.

Why does the tongue scratch on Friday: signs

If itching occurs on Friday, you should not spread rumors about your friends and relatives. This can play a cruel joke, and you will take a long time to disentangle what you have done. Perhaps gossip about friends and acquaintances will spoil the opinion of loved ones, you will try to restore your reputation for a long time.

What language is scratched on Saturday: signs

If the tongue itches on Saturday, try not to go anywhere, and not communicate with anyone. It is on this day that troubles are expected at every turn. You can spoil your mood and day out of the blue. Try to cancel all your plans, and in no case make important deals or meetings that may affect your financial well-being in the future.

What does the tongue scratch on Sunday: signs

If the tongue itches on Sunday, expect good news. Your friends or acquaintances will bring pleasant and joyful news from someone close to you. You will rejoice with them.

Beliefs and signs helped our ancestors prepare for certain events in life, as well as prevent the implementation of bad omens.

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