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From which womanizer you need to run away: types

In this article we will talk about what types of womanizer women are and why it is worth running away from them.

Many men are real womanizer. They need to learn to recognize, so that, God forbid, fall in love with this and not remain fools. There are a lot of reasons why men become so. You can discuss them for a long time and each time come to the conclusion that a man does it in vain. In any case, it’s clearly not for us to judge. Let's talk about what womanizer women look like.

Womanizer men - what are they and why is it better to run away from them?

Womanizer man


This type of male womanizer is the most popular. As a rule, the girl herself is not even important for such a person, how many of them are there. He gets acquainted with the girls, and then tells his friends about his adventures and is proud of them. Good pick-ups, as a rule, are charming and penetrate the very soul with their psychological tricks. He knows how to find an approach to any girl. But he doesn’t understand himself.

Forever Young

And of course, drunk. Usually these are middle-aged men who already have their first gray hair, the demon hits in the rib, and the bank account is decent. Such men are very harmless. Despite their age, they are always internally still not 18, but they can’t add up their own prices.

It is important for such men to attract a young lady. It is very simple to get rid of them, although it is also possible to get many pleasant “bonuses”. If, of course, you want this.


Such men-womanizer women can be seen immediately. This is such a pumped up fatal beauty, whom everyone loves. Mostly machos are not suitable for girls of the greatest mind, because they are much easier to conquer.

Inner child

Inner child

This is a luxurious-looking man who has a gentle look and very cute eyes. He is good in platonic relationships, and therefore it is difficult to catch him immediately. Such a person will reveal itself to you for a long time, show how romantic he is, and the bed is not important to him. Only feelings are important. No, the bed, of course, will be present in the relationship, but it will happen rarely and not very well. These men play on the senses and therefore they are considered the most dangerous of all.

Lieutenant Rzhevsky

These are the brightest and most charming womanizer women. They enjoy life, walk and are able to bribe with their cheerful and light character. There are never difficulties with him. That's just the relationship and should be so, because you are not the only one.


The best in the business. These are luxurious and charming men who are inherent in beautiful courtship and talk of love. Even the most persistent woman can melt away from his speeches. You should be more careful with such men, because apart from empty words and promises, you will receive nothing more.

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