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Slimming with alpha lipoic acid. How to take lipoic acid for weight loss? Alpha lipoic acid for weight loss: reviews, application, dosage, side effects

Methods of taking lipoic acid for weight loss. Contraindications and reviews.

Lipoic acid is a little-known substance that has not been fully studied by scientists. This substance is produced in the body in negligible amounts.

It is found in certain foods. The main feature of the substance is the ability to block glucose synthesis and contribute to the breakdown of fats.

How to take lipoic acid for weight loss?

It is recommended to administer the drug after reaching 30 years. This is due to the fact that it is at a young age that active acid synthesis occurs.

In adulthood, the substance is practically not produced by the body, so if you want to keep yourself in good shape, enter acid in your menu.

Rules for taking lipoic acid for weight loss:

  • Do not take products that contain a lot of iron with the drug
  • Limit your intake of chicken and beef liver, apples and buckwheat
  • The drug enhances the effect of certain drugs, so before using any tablets consult your doctor
  • The substance breaks down bad cholesterol, therefore it is recommended for people suffering from hypertension
  • Alcohol prevents the active absorption of the substance, so drinking wine and the drug is useless
  • Distribute evenly the amount of substance in three doses
  • Drink the medicine an hour after eating

The drug is not a medicine, it is an active supplement that helps the body cope with the breakdown of fats faster.

Daily dosage of lipoic acid for weight loss

  • A dose of 50 mg per day can be considered optimal and completely safe. This amount is sufficient if you are not exercising, and do not plan to lose weight
  • With active weight loss, it is allowed to consume 200 mg of acid at a time
  • The daily dose is 600 mg. Divide it into three tricks
  • It is recommended to gradually increase the amount of the drug. Start with 50 mg at a time and gradually increase the dose.

Reviews of doctors about lipoic acid for weight loss

This substance is used not only as an active supplement for weight loss. In some cases, the drug is prescribed for glaucoma, diabetes mellitus and neuropathy.

Doctors reviews:

  • The substance is a catalyst for metabolic processes in the body, respectively, it contributes to the rapid breakdown of fats.
  • It prevents the accumulation of lipids and blocks the release of excess glucose
  • With an uncontrolled intake of a substance, an exacerbation of an ulcer and gastritis is possible
  • As the only means to combat excess weight, ineffective. It is recommended to drink the supplement in combination with a protein diet and training.

Slimming Lipoic Acid Analog

  • Lipoic acid is an inexpensive drug. Its cost is cheap. Doctors often prescribe analogues of the substance, since they consider them more reliable.
  • In addition, recently this drug has disappeared from drugstore shelves. Only in some kiosks can you purchase pure substance
  • Basically, analogues are sold that are not cheap. Usually their cost is several times higher than the price of acid


  • Berlition. It is considered a hepatoprotector and is used for cirrhosis. Active substance - lipoic acid
  • Lipamide This is also a medicine based on thioctic acid.
  • Oktolipen
  • Thioctic acid
  • Tiolepta

All of these substances are based on lipoic acid.

Contraindications and side effects of lipoic acid for weight loss

Despite the complete naturalness of the supplement, there are contraindications to its use. First of all, these are people with metabolic disorders.


  • Hypersensitivity
  • Diabetes mellitus (allowed to be taken under medical supervision)
  • Under 16 years old
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Gastric ulcer and gastritis

The use of lipoic acid for weight loss: reviews

Reviews about the drug are diametrically opposed. Many do note the effectiveness of the drug. In addition to losing weight, the substance helps to improve the functioning of the liver. Many therapists prescribe it specifically for the treatment of the liver.

  • The effectiveness of the drug is noted by people who lead an active lifestyle and do not rely only on dietary supplements
  • When taking, it is advisable to engage in some kind of exercise
  • The instructions indicate that the drug increases the release of energy, so it is advisable to use it before breakfast, after training and at bedtime.
  • In addition to losing weight, it helps normalize cholesterol.
  • The condition of the skin and nails improves
  • Many note a surge of strength and vigor. This is due to the fact that thioctic acid is an antioxidant.
  • Some women say that without diet and sports there is no effect at all

Despite the naturalness of the drug, talk with your doctor before taking it. Do not try to replace workouts and proper nutrition with dietary supplements. Do not exceed the indicated dose.

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