How to take measurements, choose and order a bra, underwear and corrective underwear, sets of women's underwear on Aliexpress?

In this article we will look at how to take measurements and correctly find out your size. And also tell you how to choose and order a suitable size of underwear on Aliexpress.

On Aliexpress Today you can order absolutely any product, any color and style. Moreover, do not overpay for this wound amount. But here you need to approach the choice of goods with great care, especially if these are things at the bottom of the wardrobe. In this matter, you need to strictly select the sizes and styles. And to understand this delicate issue, we will consider how to take measurements and choose women's underwear on Aliexpress.

How on Aliexpress to choose a bra and take measurements necessary for it?

Let's start with the most difficult process, since a bra is the number one problem for every girl and woman. Especially if you are the owner of a considerable shape. Buying such a thing over the Internet is a bit problematic and even dangerous. Since you need to guess not only the size, but also the fit. And Chinese shops are famous for their certain size reduction, so you need to carefully check each measurement.

How to measure the upper part of the lower wardrobe or how to take measurements for a bra with Aliexpress?

By the way, this practice will not hurt you to determine your size for shopping in the store. Especially, this nuance applies to girls who have not yet learned their parameters. But you should not lose sight of the fact that the size of different manufacturers may vary. And this is not only a feature of the Chinese market.

  • The first necessary measure is girth under the chest, which will also act as a volume. That is, these are the usual numbers 75, 80, 85, etc. Measurements are more convenient to carry out with someone else's help. But every girl and woman can get used to this independently.
  • You need to become even and relaxed. You need to take a measurement by inspiration, since in such an item of clothing should be comfortable. The biggest mistake is a small girth. They noticed how some women are wearing a bodice that cuts into the skin, creating completely asexual folds.
Detailed instructions on how to choose a bra
  • This is the merit of small volume. The centimeter should be kept strictly in a horizontal position and held under the chest. If you are confused about what you need to do while breathing, then take a centimeter and conduct an experiment on yourself. Measure as you exhale and inhale. The difference will be approximately 4-6 cm.
  • By the way, breathing in too much air is also not necessary. After all, as a result, you can get a big measurement, and the purchased bodice will hang on you. But, if you get an intermediate number, then round it up. That is, with a volume of 82 cm, you need to order 85 cm, and if you have 86 cm, then it is better to take a girth of 90.

Important: If you have a wide back, and your chest is small or the sizes are not included in the accepted standards, then focus on the cup. Online Aliexpress clasp extensions are available. By the way, their correct name is a sconce-extender.

Table with sizes of bras on Aliexpress
  • The second measure is measurement on the protruding points of the chest. It is convenient to do this in a bra, especially for women whose breasts have lost their shape. But remember - no push-up! You should take your measurements, not a bust in a bra.
  • We bring to your attention how Chinese sellers offer to take measurements. Very interesting and helpful. The chest, according to the rules, in the bra should be raised. Visually create a point between the shoulder and the elbow in the middle. This will be the level of raised nipples. That is, they should be on a par with this point.
  • But without a bra this is problematic, and with it you can get a slightly distorted size. Therefore, arm yourself with such a technique. Lean slightly forward and let the centimeter loose on the most protruding parts. This will allow you to get the full volume of the breast.
How to take measurements for a bra and the proposed table with sizes
  • The third step is the most responsible - cup size. Not only on Aliexpress, but also at any other store and manufacturer the names of the cups may differ significantly. Therefore, choosing a model, compare your measurements with the estimated measurements.
  • Basically, the standard value of the cup is as follows:
    • AA - this is a difference of up to 10 cm;
    • A - covers a gap of 11-13 cm;
    • B - this is a difference of up to 15 cm;
    • C - from 15 to 17 cm;
    • D is the difference of 18-19 cm;
    • E - more than 20 cm;
    • F - covers the gap from 22 cm to 24;
    • G is the difference from 24-25 cm.
A small cheat sheet on how to identify a cup on Aliexpress

How to choose a bra on Aliexpress by type of fabric?

  • The choice of fabric also plays a significant role. Of course, natural materials do not cause irritation or allergies, and also allow the skin to breathe. But their appearance is not always attractive. Here are the most common natural materials for bras:
    • cotton;
    • atlas,
    • silk;
    • and elastic lace.
  • Although attractive bras that hold your chest well and serve for a long time, there are some artificial materials. Young girls and women, who prefer beautiful models, often choose as a basis:
    • elastin;
    • microfiber;
    • lycra.
  • By the way, on Aliexpress on the left there is a whole list of necessary parameters. That is, you can set any necessary model. Although not always the Chinese market provides the desired search. After all, sellers in the product description often write a list of suitable words. Well, or it is the merits of an automatic translator.
The necessary parameters can be set on the site
  • Do not forget to consider the liners and pillow material. There is hard or soft foam. Or maybe you want to get a push-up effect. Nowadays, gel-like inserts are gaining great popularity. They do not squeeze the chest as much as foam, but they also perfectly support and lift it, giving additional volume.
  • The general catalog of bras on Aliexpress look here.

How not to make a mistake with choosing a bra size on Aliexpress?

  • Online Aliexpress, as in any store, there is a separation of the shapes and styles of the bra in size. Here is a good example that such a style is suitable for medium and magnificent forms. It not only slightly visually reduces the chest, but also softens the load on the shoulders due to the correctly selected calyx and wide straps.
An example of a bra that is great for a large chest
  • But such popular "Angelica", which come in different variations, are still more suitable for small and medium breasts. More than 4 sizes (and this is the maximum, with a stretch) the bra will lose its effect, since the weight of the breast will lie on your shoulders and on the cup itself. And it can deform from a lot of weight.
  • Moreover, such beloved variations, like a strapless balcony, will not suit girls with large breasts at all. And after 3 sizes. Even invented silicone straps through the neck will not withstand the received load.
  • You can see the push-up bra in the catalog on Aliexpress here.
Angelica bras are suitable for small breasts
  • Such a model looks beautiful on a large chest, but only in the picture. She visually enlarges the chest and raises it. But a heavy bust can be lost in the literal sense of the word when worn. By the way, this model is not suitable for everyday choice and, especially, for sports.
  • And now bras like "Deep plunge" are so popular, which means "bold neckline". They hold the chest from below and from the side. Although there is no hollow, but the chest looks sexy in it. But doctors unanimously prohibit it for long-term wear, since normal blood circulation in the chest area is blocked.
This model with a bold neckline is only suitable for small breasts.

Important: For daily wear, if you do not plan to run on a date after work, choose only the classic version. He holds his chest, and does not harm his health. By the way, suitable for any shape and size of the chest.

  • For a large breast, it is better to take a minimizer. It is he who supports the chest well and does not transfer the entire load to the back and shoulders. It is also great for everyday wear. But this option is definitely not suitable for a date.
  • Another novelty, which is also more suitable for breasts up to 3-4 sizes. Thanks to silicone, the bodice is firmly attached and holds the chest well. But it requires a clear size. That is, if you did not guess with the measurements, then you will not get the desired effect.
  • You can see the bra for big breasts in the catalog on Aliexpress here.

The popular bra without straps and straps is only suitable for small breasts.

The shape and fit of the chest is important for choosing a bra on Aliexpress

There is no measurement to determine the position of the breasts from each other. More precisely, it is, but not practiced as much as the cup volume and girth under the chest. But when sewing clothes, it is taken into account. The wrong style will be played at your comfort.

  • Consider an example. A wide-set breast, whose nipples are directed in different directions, will feel inconvenience in a model with a push-up or hard tightening cups. The ideal solution is such a model that is presented in the bottom photo. True, it suits young girls with small breasts.
This model is suitable for breasts looking in different directions, but it comes in one size
  • But just for a wide-set chest, the ideal solution would be this option. A bra will put together a bust, creating an attractive hollow.
For a wide-set chest, this model will be the ideal solution, although it is suitable for any type of bust
  • The drop-shaped form of the breast is worth special attention, which often happens with age or after breastfeeding, weight loss and other abrupt changes in a woman's body. In such cases, support for the bust is simply necessary. Therefore, choose a bodice only with bones and with wide straps. It is desirable to choose a fastener double or even triple.
  • You can see the drop-shaped bra in the catalog on Aliexpress here.
A great option for breasts that have lost their shape
  • A sports bodice comes in two variations. The compression model is suitable for representatives with small breasts. But the encapsulating option is for any breast size. But since it supports each breast separately, it is more fond of women with curvaceous forms.

Remember: You can walk in a sports bra for no more than 2-3 hours. There is a strong compression of the mammary glands themselves. And also normal blood circulation is disturbed, so this bodice is only suitable for training.

  • View the catalog with sports bras on Aliexpress here.
  • You can not touch on such an aspect as a different breast shape. Yes, asymmetry is normal. Remember the course of biology and anatomy, the left side is different from the right half. In such cases, focus on large breasts, and in the second place a small foam or silicone insert. By the way, it can also be purchased at Aliexpress.
Bra Inserts on Aliexpress
  • I would like to continue the theme of accessories. Pay attention to the bottom picture. This small plastic fastener will help solve two problems: when your straps fall off or when you need to hide them under your clothes.
Such an accessory will help to hide the straps under the clothes
  • Hangers for a bra and pads silicone to them to look in the Aliexpress catalog here.
  • Clips for bras in the catalog on Aliexpress here.
  • And still need to mention nursing mothers. Now the choice of nursing bras has slightly increased and embellished. They acquired a more attractive appearance, tailoring and even accessories appeared on them. But do not forget that for a nursing mother, first of all, you need to choose a natural material.
A bra for nursing mothers that looks very attractive
  • Discard pitted models. Unless you have too big and heavy breasts. But it will be poured only the first month (even less). A bone will create only an additional burden on the chest. During this period, you need to provide the bust with maximum comfort and ease of use at the right moments.
  • See the catalog with bras for nursing mothers on Aliexpress here.
  • For girls who are just starting to grow breasts, opt for Aliexpress pitted models. They usually come in the same size. But their significant advantage is that they do not squeeze the chest area, making it comfortable to stay in the bra.
Great option for a girl

Important: Chinese things go in small numbers. Therefore, read and carefully study the dimensional grids and tables of the proposed models. Consider each bra option separately. And do not always trust even the data provided by the seller. Reread reviews or even ask your question to buyers. And our advice is better to order a little more.

  • View the catalog of bras for girls on Aliexpress here.

How to choose underwear for women on Aliexpress?

With this part of the wardrobe is not so much the task as with a bra. But even in this matter there are many nuances that must be taken into account when buying goods on the Internet, especially on the website Aliexpress.

  • As in the example with bras, the site offers a choice of the necessary parameters in the left column. The bottom photo shows that the choice is not only in size and color, but even in the picture.
How to choose options for underwear
  • There are models that provide for the selection of underwear in size. Therefore, to find out the correspondence to the parameters, it is necessary to go down a little lower. The product description is immediately below the main photo and product information.
The model description is below the main photo
  • And there are models that come in only one size. In such situations, do not trust blindly written information. Do not forget that Chinese sizes are always slightly smaller than standard measurements. Therefore, either add a few centimeters, or re-read the comments carefully.
One size underwear
  • And here is their size if you go a little lower. By the way, focus not on the maximum rate.
Parameters of underwear in one size
  • You will need to know only two sizes - waist and hips. The last parameter should be measured by the most protruding points in a horizontal position. As a rule, there are no problems with it. This can easily be done on your own. Also do not forget that the centimeter should lie down freely, and not tight.
Table with the sizes of underwear
  • But with the waist there may be a snag. The fact is that the standard measurement of the waist is along the navel line. But after all, models of cowards do not always reach this mark. Especially on Aliexpress there is underwear that has a low rise.
  • In this case, you need to carefully study the product description. Sellers for each model exhibit their size tables. Therefore, do not be too lazy to view them.
Choosing the size of underwear
  • See lingerie sets in the Aliexpress catalog here.
  • Women's panties look in the Apliekspress catalog here.

How to order corrective underwear and sets on Aliexpress?

  • Relatively corrective underwear. Here you will need a volume of hips, waist and even girth under the chest. Of course, it depends on the model chosen. You should not be guided by the rule: "the smaller the size, the slimmer I will look."This only brings yourself discomfort and even cause health problems.
    • But it should not be big either, because the task of such linen is to hide imperfections and make the figure slimmer. Therefore, carefully read the reviews and product description. It does not hurt to also consult with the seller with Aliexpress.
  • By the way underwear sets require careful selection. The fact is that there may be a mismatch between the upper and lower parts. That is, the bra goes to the third size, and the underpants are great. Or, conversely, under the briefs you need to take a second cup.
Table for choosing a lingerie set
  • In such a situation, consult the seller to group the kit. If you do not know how to do this, pay attention to the bottom photo. There is always a connection with the seller.
  • You just need to click on the inscription "send a message". It is advisable to write in English, but you can use an automatic translator. More precisely, you just need to write a message in your native language, and the Chinese will already translate in their automatic mode. But then he may misinterpret some of the nuances.
How to contact the seller
  • By the way, you can ask him to send or pick up the necessary parameters of linen for you by your standards. And if the size still does not suit you, then in your defense you can provide a screenshot of the correspondence. And confirm that the seller’s fault is the reason, not your carelessness.

Important: If you want to order underwear with Aliexpress several colors, then you can also ask in the message with a request - to put instead of 5 identical things the same different colors. Just list, to guarantee which color you need.

  • You can also go the other way. You make different orders with the necessary colors, but do not pay them immediately, but simply send them to the basket. And finally, click the inscription "pay " or "buy from this seller "if you have other purchases in your cart. And in the line "comment to seller"ask to send everything in one package.
  • Women's shapewear in the Aliexpress catalog here.

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