Children's two-wheeled and tricycles, scooters and bicycle runs on Aliexpress: types, review, catalog, price, photo, reviews. How to choose a bike for a child by height and weight: table, tips

We choose and buy children's bicycles and scooters on Aliexpress.

The cold snowy days are certainly followed by the warm season. At this very time, many parents are wondering what to buy for the child, so that the rest on the street is a pleasure, and the child runs into the street with impatience. Like a hundred years ago, children love transport and fast movement on it. We offer to pick up a child’s bike or runbike (by age) and, of course, everyone’s favorite scooter! Do you think you need to choose one thing, because children's transport today is not cheap? And we offer to order the desired model on the best Chinese site, thereby significantly saving and buying more, for example, a scooter!

Active rest is the best pastime for children!

How to choose a bike, scooter for a child by height and weight on Aliexpress: table, tips

And so you decided to buy a bike, depending on age and goals it can be completely different models. We will consider for each of the ages separately.

The first bike is more a fashionable device for parents than a vehicle for a child. Tricycles with a parental handle cannot teach the child to pedal, not to balance, nor to control the wheel independently. But! If your child does not like strollers and always tries to get out of there, then the design of the bicycle will definitely interest him. Steering wheel, deep seat, pedals that you constantly want to catch with your legs, as well as a game panel on the steering wheel. Such a vehicle is acquired by children from 8 months to 3 years old and allows parents to safely move long distances without whimpering escort of the child - because he has something to do!

When choosing a tricycle with a parental handle, pay attention to the height of the handle and your height (so that you do not have to bend too much when walking), the strength of the frame, the presence of a basket (it is convenient to transport toys, water and other little things for walking), the presence of a backpack bag with a mount seat, deep removable basket and seat belts. The child’s performance in choosing this bike is not important, as it is more associated with wheelchairs.

But if your baby is one year old and you want him to learn to ride an hour - a three-wheeled light bike is what you need! These bicycles also remind us of our children's “Gnomes”, made of light aluminum and with durable rubber wheels. Today it is believed that such a bike does not teach a child to ride, but we clearly remember that it was on them that we made our first successes!

Runbike. This new word in our vocabulary means a bike without pedals, but with thicker wheels that make it easier to balance. Riding it is simple - you push with your feet, lift them forward and ride, maneuvering the wheel. It is a runbike that teaches a child to keep his balance, steer the wheel and not be afraid to slow down or, on the contrary, roll out. When choosing a runbike, pay attention to the strength and at the same time the lightness of the frame, the width of the wheels and its stability.

Two-wheeled bicycles with auxiliary wheels, as well as two-wheeled bicycles. Everything is much more complicated here. They are stylized as mountain, cruisers, with a female and male frame. When choosing a children's two-wheeled bicycle, you should focus on the growth of the child and the diameter of the wheels. Below we give a diagram for matching the growth and diameter of the wheels, but note that children grow quickly. You do not need to skip the size, but if there is 1-2 cm of growth to the next size, take the one that is larger, since the children grow at lightning speed.

Choosing a scooter is much easier. Be sure to pay attention to the handle: minimum and maximum height. For small children, choose three to four wheeled scooters, and for those older, two-wheeled.

Child Height and Bicycle Wheel Diameter

Children's bicycles on Aliexpress: types, overview, photo

How to choose a transport for the child figured out, it remains only to find the right model for the best price! Aliexpress offers hundreds of different bicycles and scooters, which differ not only in quality, but also in amazing designs. Boring colors? Just not here!

Many bicycles for all ages can be found on Aliexpress at the link.

Pay attention to modern designs, unique frames, interesting solutions. It would seem that they do not affect the skiing process in any way, but they attract a lot of admiring glances!

Children's bicycles on Aliexpress

Tricycles with a parental handle for one and two children can be found here.

If you have twins on Aliexpress, you can find a huge assortment of interesting models. It is worth paying attention to bicycles in which the seats turn to each other. And for mothers who want to get in shape quickly, there are wheelchairs!

And of course, we could not ignore the magnificent scooters on Aliexpress, which you can find on the link.

Bright designs, luminous wheels, adjustable handles, signals, headlights and many other configurations that a modern child can only dream of! Walking with a scooter is fun and useful for a growing child!

Children's bicycles on Aliexpress: price, catalog

The pricing policy for children's two-wheeled bicycles differs depending on the size of the bike, its “filling,” and, of course, the seller, since there are many sellers on Aliexpress, and each one sets its own price for the goods. To view the catalog of children's bicycles, click here.

Children's bicycles on Aliexpress

When choosing a children's two-wheeled bicycle, you should be guided by:

  • Frame material (the lighter and stronger the frame, the more expensive the price);
  • Steering wheel, the presence of a signal, hand brakes;
  • Braking systems;
  • Foma saddles and at what height you can raise it as much as possible;
  • Types of pedals, circuit protection;
  • The total weight of the bike, especially if it will need to be lifted to the floor;
  • The presence of speeds, especially in teenage models.

Children's tricycles on Aliexpress: price, catalog

Tricycles are available with a parental handle, like a stroller, and lightweight aluminum bicycles on which kids from 1.5 years old can easily ride. Also in this category you can find a variety of runbikes that will teach you to keep balance. The full catalog of children's tricycles is here.

Children's tricycles on Aliexpress

Children's bicycles with a handle and wheelchairs on Aliexpress: price, catalog

Do you care about the environment and love active walks? Having a baby is a great chance to buy a wheelchair for active walks. On Aliexpress there are many models for both one and two children. Pay attention to folding models for convenient storage and transportation. You can choose and order a wheelchair bike on Aliexpress from the link.

Kids bicycles with a handle and wheelchairs on Aliexpress

Children's scooters on Aliexpress: types, review, photo

As previously mentioned, the most demanding customer will be able to find the right scooter on Aliexpress! Sound and lighting effects, an extra seat for the baby, which turns the scooter into a runbike and much more will charm you, and you can not help but order one of them! You can find children's scooters on Aliexpress you can link.

Children's scooters on Aliexpress

Two-wheeled and three-wheeled scooters on Aliexpress: price, catalog

The smallest (up to 2 years) two-wheeled scooter is very difficult to control, and frequent falls can discourage riding in principle. For this age, consider tricycle scooters, additionally equipped with a removable seat and a parental handle, if you go for long distances. You can find such scooters at the link.

Two-wheeled and three-wheeled scooters on Aliexpress

Two-wheeled scooters are located here.

Children's bicycle races on Aliexpress: price, catalog

Do not want to waste time on a tricycle and strive to ensure that the child learns to ride a bike as fast as possible? Buy a runbike for the smallest ones (from 1.5 years old!) And be sure by two years you will already transfer to a two-wheeled bike with auxiliary wheels! You can find children's runbikes on Aliexpress at the link.

Children's bike runs on Aliexpress

The best shops selling kids bikes and scooters on Aliexpress

One of the most popular Chinese stores hosted on Aliexpress is LiteTeck. For three years of work, they won the love of customers around the world, and broke into the top sellers! You can find the LiteTeck store here.

Another well-established store is TomTop. In this store you will find not only bicycles for the whole family, but also absolutely everything for outdoor activities and sports. You can find the TomTop store on Aliexpress at the link.

Is it worth buying a bike for a child on Aliexpress: reviews

Ivan: We decided to order a runbike and a scooter with a seat from various sellers on Aliexpress. The order came in a few weeks absolutely free, and even with gifts! They were pleasantly surprised by the quality, everything was done soundly.

Maksim: chose a bicycle for a teenager’s daughter. I wanted a cruiser, but they are quite expensive, and too heavy for her age. I found a mini copy on Aliexpress and immediately ordered it! The price for such a bicycle is ridiculous, suddenly the quality was worse, but nothing of the kind! We have been skating for several months and everything is fine!