Floor washing: signs and recommendations

Floor cleaning is an important element of cleaning. Let's find out about the signs and the psychological aspect of this action.

Despite the fact that everything in our modern world can be interpreted from a scientific point of view, most people of the old formation trust in superstitions that arose in the past. Due to the constant lack of time, when we come home after a working day, we do not rest, but do household chores.

Many of us know the sign that after sunset you can’t remove and throw away garbage. However, most neglect this. But you will not leave the garbage that the child did not clean in the morning? It is worthwhile to figure out if the floors can be washed and when.

Floor washing: signs and recommendations

Our grandmothers probably know the answer to this question. It has long been believed that starting cleaning after dark is not good. In the dark, evil spirits come to the surface who are looking for someone to apply their accumulated knowledge to. At this hour, witches were preparing love potions to curse and evil eye people. Floor washing according to signs removed the protective barrier from you and your home.

Your energy barrier will weaken and evil spirits, negative energy can easily climb into it. This will lead to conflict situations, illnesses, feelings of dissatisfaction and poverty. In those families where people had no idea about this superstition, the kids grew up impolite, rude and naughty. They were constantly sick and endured illness quite hard.

Clean the floor

The house where people live is endowed with energy and even a piece of garbage has it. Omen He speaks, what mop floors after sunset means to wash away the positive energy.

Mop the floor before traveling

Also, our ancestors existed omenthat if someone from your family or relatives is going to leave for a long time in any case Do not wash floors. You should wait until a person arrives at his destination. However, there were no telephones before, and they could not tell in any way that the person had reached the place, and the transport was not as fast as it is now. Therefore, wet cleaning was not done before three days after departure.

To wash the floor after guests: what do the signs say?

Mop the floor according to signs after the reception of the guests it should not be until the guests enter their home. If this is not observed, you can prophesy misfortune on people. The garbage that you collect may stick to them. This will bring a lot of trouble and problems.

This does not apply to uninvited guests, those whom you do not like. After them, it is better to immediately clean and wash everything so that all the negative energy goes away along with garbage and dirt. The result is not long in coming. Uninvited guests will no longer bother you.

Mop floors

There are days in the middle of the week, in which in no case should you clean and wash the floors. Our ancestors tested this by their own experience and followed beliefs.Clean the floor according to signsprohibited on Friday and early in the week.

These days are created to improve the financial situation, and by washing the floors, on the contrary, you wash out all the wealth, leaving the family without money. God created Sunday for rest, so you should also not do household chores, let alone wash floors.

Floor washing in the evening: signs or common sense?

If you mistrustfully perceive a variety of superstitions and beliefs, you should look for a reasonable answer to the following question: "Is it worth washing floors after sunset?" Water raises the humidity in the room in which the floors were washed. It is worth considering what you will breathe when you lie down to rest. Dampness can provoke respiratory diseases and aggravate an existing allergy.

Any housewife when washing floors adds chemicals to the water. Even the most expensive ones are not washed completely and leave a pleasant, but non-natural smell. After some time, water and chemical elements will begin to evaporate and spoil the air.

Even if you don’t smell, the vapors will still harm your airways, and after a while they will show themselves. This is especially dangerous for small children. If all of the above is familiar to you, then it is worth moving the cleaning to the morning or to another day.


Floor washing in the evening: medical treatment

Professional psychiatrists have a different opinion on why it is not worth it to start mopping in the evening. A tired woman who comes home from work, and then immediately takes up cleaning, is much more likely to suffer from bouts of hysteria and nervous breakdowns. These results were taken from the personal experience of doctors and the frequency of women's visits to psychotherapists and psychologists.

Women who work should postpone floor cleaning on a day off. This can be explained by the fact that after a working day the body must recover, and the additional load does not allow it to do this and further depletes it.

There are opinions of doctors

Morning is the time to do all the housework. It is better to devote the evening to relaxation, and in the morning to get up earlier than usual, wash the floors and take out the garbage. After a while, this will positively affect not only your well-being, but also your mood. Nervous breakdowns over trifles for children or husband will stop. Harmony and mutual understanding will come in the family.

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