House on Vastu. Features of the layout of the space in the house according to Vast

Vastu principles for the construction and layout of houses. Schemes and photos of the house, made according to the principles of vastu.

The world is woven from energies and subtle unshakable universal laws. Each object and life form has its own purpose, interact and exchange invisible energy flows.

Earlier civilizations, before our time, knew these laws of the Universe and skillfully used them to harmonize their lives. In India, 5,000 years ago, people built countries, cities, houses, and arranged furniture and other objects indoors, following the science of Vastu. For example, the Taj Mahal is still striking in its beauty and architecture. But it was built in accordance with the laws of the vastu-sastra. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Vastu - the harmony of your home

  • Translated from Sanskrit, vastu means "place, city, house, room." Its principles and recommendations are equally good for the planning and construction of residential and non-residential premises, religious churches, cities and even countries. The relevance of Vastu postulates has been preserved for the present without being tied to national and religious aspects.
  • People 50 centuries ago treated everything that surrounds them as a living person. Therefore, they tried to build harmonious and constructive relations with everyone. The same goes for home. In it, a person spends most of his life. And the health of residents, their family relationships and success in business and career, the well-being and harmony of the atmosphere of the home largely depend on the quality of the layout of the space
  • Vastu aims to form and maintain good relations with vastu-purusha, or brownies. The psychological comfort and spiritual fullness of the happiness of the environment in the home depends on how pleased he is with his place and the care of the residents.
  • The ideal location for Vastu Purusha is the corners of the house. So his head looks to the northeast, and all other parts of the body, respectively, are in other angles. The owners honored the brownie and never filled anything with its location, that is, the space of the corners always remained empty. They were careful not to deprive Vastu Purusha of a part of his body and incur troubles, poverty, hunger and even the death of posterity

The diagonals of the house northeast and southwest make up the spine of the brownie and balance the chakras of the home. It is forbidden to pierce or set anything in these areas.

House plan for Vastu

Ancient knowledge about the structure of the house says that the correct arrangement of rooms in it is the key to a harmonious and healthy life of all inhabitants.

The principle is simple - the kitchen should stimulate the appetite and the fire of digestion, the bedroom - to relax and calm, the living room - sociability and the joy of meeting guests, the bathroom - to relieve tension and cleanse the body both on the physical and emotional planes.

How to arrange the rooms in the house in order to balance all the energies and lay the foundation for a blissful and creative atmosphere in it?

Vastu recommends following the principles of influence of cardinal points and planets. As there are 8 directions on the compass, so in the knowledge about the device at home are defined by 8 principles.

  • East direction is favorable for the entrance hall and a small corridor from the front door
  • West - responsible for rain and water. Favorable for dining
  • The North is under the auspices of the energies of wealth and prosperity, therefore the location of safes and pantries, as well as the well, are appropriate on this side
  • South auspicious for guest bedrooms and adult children's rooms
  • The southeast direction is subject to the fiery element. Here it is appropriate to arrange the kitchen
  • In the southwest should not place a bathroom, toilets and bathtubs, wells, as this is fraught with harm to humans. This side of the world is good for arranging the bedrooms of the head of the family, married newlyweds and nurseries for the smallest
  • The northwestern direction is controlled by the element of wind. It is unfavorable for tall buildings and tall trees. However, it’s good to plan a toilet room here. Better if it will be located outside the main building. The toilet can also be arranged in the west, north, southeast, south.
  • In the northeast there is a water supply and sewage system, but without toilet rooms
  • In the center of the house there should be a place for worship, an altar or a room for prayer. Be sure to keep this part of your home clean so that strife and disease do not enter it.
  • The mistress of the house grows house indoor plants in the northern, eastern and northeastern zones

Vastu shastra for home

Shastra in Sanskrit means "treatise", and shastra shastra means "knowledge of the house."

All Vedic knowledge is closely related. Therefore, vastu is interconnected with Ayurveda - the science of life, or in other words medicine - and Vedic astrology.

In the distant days, when people treated everything and everyone as a person, honored and respected them, before doing something, they planned and consulted with more knowledgeable people. A visit to the Vedic astrologer was mandatory:

  • determined the place and favorable time to start building a house
  • composed his horoscope for the owner
  • marked the date of the housewarming

Before laying the foundation, the soil of the place was studied, the proximity to human and natural objects.

  • Vastu teaching is based on the influence of cardinal points on the layout of the house both outside and inside. The house must strictly look with its walls to the north, east, south and west. If there are angles or displacements in the house, it is impossible to achieve harmony, peace and creation
  • A special role in the planning of future construction and the rooms of the finished house have the sun, moon and time. According to their cyclical nature, everything in the house is designed to help a person engage in his activities and improve spiritually and physically, rather than create tension and irritation of residents
  • For example, the eastern side is ideal for conducting spiritual practices, meditations and ablutions. That is, there is a place for a shower or a bathroom and rooms for privacy and prayer in the early morning hours

All moving and stationary objects on our Earth are subject to the influence of the planets:

  • East - to the Sun
  • Southeast - Venus
  • South - Mars
  • Southwest - Rahu (Dark Planet)
  • West - Saturn
  • Northwest moon
  • North - Mercury
  • Northeast - Jupiter

This principle is strictly observed when determining the placement of rooms, furniture and other items in the house.

Entrance to the house according to vastu

  • According to Vastu teachings, the entrance to the house should be from the north or east side. Since energy flows from north to south, they freely enter a person’s living space and spread freely in it
  • If the front doors look east, they meet the sun and its energies, which are associated with the movement of vital energy - prana. It is in the morning that solar energies are the most active and powerful. They are beneficial for improving health, contribute to the success and clarity of mind of all the inhabitants of the house
  • The southern direction for entry is extremely unfavorable, since it contradicts the laws of nature. Family troubles, serious illnesses, apathy and depression become companions of those people whose front doors face south

Vastu house scheme

Consider several schemes of houses built in accordance with the laws of vastu.

And another option

And the third option

What does a vast made house look like?

  • The house, made according to vast, attracts with its location and internal practical design. Everyone feels comfortable and peaceful in such a house.
  • Harmony, comfort and logical arrangement of interior items and furniture in space are easily felt.
  • After spending some time in such a house, the guest will be able to feel the beneficial effects of balanced energies and a peaceful atmosphere.

Vastu house photo

What does a house look like built and planned in accordance with the principles of vastu?

For example, like this:

Or so:

Or so:

Location of the house in vastu

  • Vastu-sastra does not recommend building a house near a cemetery or factory, as well as a lake or river, located on the western side of the future house
  • If housing is bought ready, then you should first study its history. In the event of more than 2 deaths in the previous two months in it, it is considered unsuitable for purchase and life in it
  • Also, in accordance with the owner’s zodiac sign, you can buy favorable housing in a city or town. You should know that the representatives of the water element will suit the eastern region of the village, the air - the western, the fire - the north, the land - the south
  • Vastu says that a house facing any direction, sheltering north or east, attracts negative situations and illnesses to its residents

Still sick, this trend is exacerbated if:

  • the shape was chosen incorrectly; there are slopes or ravines on it
  • the owner neglected the proximity to objects that negatively affect the house from an energy point of view
  • Lakes, rivers and other water bodies of the site or outside it are located on unfavorable sides
  • road pattern is intermittent
  • incorrect location of entry to the village

Vastu house shape

Vastu-sastra defines a strictly square shape with right angles as the best for home. It balances the influence of all sides of the world, planets, energy flows.

However, there are forms of houses without corners. In this case, the inhabitants of such a home need to know about the possible consequences and imbalances in their lives.

  • The lack of a northeast corner, according to the vastu-sastra, is the worst. In such a house, the number of women prevails over men, including among children. And financial difficulties and poverty accompany its residents
  • Without a southeast corner, there is a high probability of quarrels and disagreements between husband and wife, problems and difficulties in children with school
  • There is no southwestern, southern and / or southeastern corners - there is no good health either. Diseases developing in the future leading to disability and movement restrictions
  • Theft pursues homeowners without a northwest corner

The layout of the house in vastu

Consider one example of the layout of rooms and spaces of a real house built

  • It is built of gas silicate blocks and yellow cladding brick, has many windows for the natural penetration of a large amount of sunlight
  • Has a gable roof, covered with turquoise tiles
  • The house is two-story, the second floor is attic
  • It is strictly oriented north-south-east-west, has a strictly square shape. Entrance from the north side, right there is a veranda

We look inside the house.

  • Northwest Square is a room for female guests or relatives. It is bright thanks to the large windows. This zone is patronized by the moon, in addition, it is located to the left of the entrance
  • North Square - Entrance Hall
  • The northeast square contains a hall, it is also a living room and a working room of the owner of the house. Under it is a cellar with a water tank and a pumping station, which provide water to the house
  • The western square is controlled by Saturn, so there is a room for elderly relatives who come to stay
  • The central square is empty. Due to the lack of overlapping of the second floor and additional lighting with windows in its ceiling, it is bright most of the day
  • East square consists of a bathroom and an altar
  • In the southwest is the master bedroom. This part is controlled by the planet Rahu, because it is the darkest and has a rest
  • The southern square consists of a corridor and toilet, stairs to the second floor, a small utility room
  • In the southeast there is a kitchen, a water boiler

You are interested in Vastu and dream of building and planning your house according to the laws of this science, then read the Vastu-sastra, listen to lectures in the public domain or consult a specialist in this field. However, you are quite capable of independently understanding all the nuances of Vastu and creatively approaching the project of realizing your dream home.

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