Who are downshifters and what do they do? Downshifting in Bali, Goa, Latin America, Thailand, India, Russia in the village: examples

To break the system, to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, to enjoy nature to the fullest and to experience real joy from life - all these can be downshifters.

Throughout history, man has been held hostage to other people's ideals. An urgent topic was the status of a person in society, the presence of certain material goods that elevate him above others.

The opponent is evaluated by the watch, suit, position. A lesser role is played by spiritual values.

Nowadays, people value their time more and more. The desire to live a happy life prevails over material status. It is this new philosophy of being that is called downshifting.

Liberation is the main point of downshifting

What is downshifting, definition

The concept downshifting appeared in the early 90s of the twentieth century, after the publication of an article in Washington, the post of Sarah Ben Breatnah, which revealed the features of this ideology.

The concept itself is literally translated as "low gear"(in the car). Already, based on the transfer, we can conclude that downshifting is associated with a decrease in the pace of life.

The main goal of this philosophy is to get rid of other people's goals and ideas, to free ourselves from the old system of values.

Downshifters have a modified value system

Who are downshifters and what do they do?

Downshifter task - stop in this crazy stream of modern life, focus on your happiness and time.

The status of a person in society, his security, achievements are becoming increasingly important. No one is interested in personal desires and dreams.

Downshifter Philosophy promotes the idea of ​​self-development, life for pleasure.

Downshifters do not burden themselves with work that takes up all their free time, even if it is highly paid. Sacrificing iPhones and gadgets in favor of a trip to a country where I have long wanted to go, followers of this ideology break out of everyday life.

Downshifters strive to enjoy life away from worldly fuss

Downshifter Country

If we start from the concept of downshifting, then a downshifter country is a state that is in decline, moving from a high level of development to a low one.

Famous Downshifters

One of the oldest downshifters - Diocletian, the Roman emperor who renounced his high position in society for his own well-being.

Another example of history is artist Paul Gauguin, who, having abandoned everything, moved to Tahiti, creating new masterpieces.

Of the modern downshifters, the Russian businessman and millionaire have become the most popular. Herman Sterling, who left business, moved with his family to the village. He runs a household, and his children do not go to school and study at home.

Among the followers of such an ideology there are representatives of show business - Claudia Slate, Amalia Mordvinova.

German Sterling - famous Russian downshifter

Downshifting in Bali

Experienced downshifters are often attracted coast of the indian ocean in bali. The special spiritual atmosphere of this island has a new attitude.

Therefore, this place has become quite popular among those who decided to live at a new pace. However, living in Bali will not be a cheap pleasure.

The downshifter in Bali must take care of his wealth. You can find work with local residents or open a business.

Bali downshifting seems most attractive

Latin America Downshifting

Friendly perceive downshifters and in Latin america. Most often for a long stay choose Argentina, Brazil, Peru. Hot climate, carnivals, original culture help to relax and feel the taste of life.

Downshifting in Goa

The opportunity to experiment with your attitude, you can try to acquire inner harmony on goa. In this part of India there are whole settlements of downshifters.

There is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The hunt for money and an office chair becomes absolutely pointless for those who come to this amazing place.

Downshifting in Goa

Downshifting in Thailand

The first thought that arises when asked what is the best country for downshifting - Thailand. Cities Phuket, Pattaya, Samui Suitable for those who want to be closer to the water.

If the rejection of civilization is too painful, you should stop in the capital - Bangkok. You can get maximum pleasure from life here.

Downshifting in Russia in the village: where to go

Russia remains the most budgetary place for downshifting. You can go to a remote village, leaving your office, everyday routine. Not only Russians, but also residents of other countries move to such remote corners.

Video: Downshifters

IMPORTANT: Downshifting in Russia is a fairly cheap option. In villages remote from civilization, you can find peace and relaxation, breathe deeply with clean air, engage in gardening, grow vegetables.

Downshifting in Russia in the village

Downshifting with children

Moving with children is of course much more difficult. Many are stopped by the presence of children before doing downshifting.

The child needs stability, medical care, education, good nutrition. Therefore, moving to another country should be financially stimulated.

Nevertheless, many downshifters believe that it is children who become the incentive to move. Parents want to provide the child with a bright future, a happy life. Children should be comfortable and cozy where they are. In this case, the risk is justified.

Downshifting lets people experience true happiness

Having left a boring job, a hated city, many go in search of themselves and a better life in different parts of the world. Downshifters face misunderstanding and condemnation, but is it worth living your life because of what society dictates to us? After all, once taking a chance, you can become happy for life.

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