Why can not you give knives as a gift for a birthday, wedding: omens. When they give a knife, what should be done?

Giving knives is considered a bad omen. But is that true? This article will talk about what superstitions exist about this gift.

Is it possible to give knives as a gift for a birthday, a wedding: omens

Certainly knives are an important and useful thing in everyday life. They are useful in the kitchen, on a tourist trip, in needlework, in planing, in self-defense and much more. There are a lot of varieties of knives and those that are made made from quality materials are too expensive. That is why people began to present them as a gift.

In addition to knives for daily use, there are also army, hunting and souvenir knivesthat have become very popular lately. If you do not trust superstitions, then knives, in principle, are a necessary and universal gift. However, not everyone will decide on such a present, as they will be afraid of the consequences that such a "sharp" gift can bring.

Knives - a universal gift

INTERESTING: Superstition that knife - a gift with a special meaning, originated in pagan times. However, at that time, this item was considered not only a useful thing, but also a powerful amulet for a person. That is why the knife was presented as a gift to a newborn boy so that he would become a strong man and a defender in the future.

In some cases knives were given to the bride for a wedding celebration. This gift should have been protect the young family from adversity and problems in married life. At the same time, a high-ranking person (the king, chieftain, leader) was always presented with a sword or saber as a gift.

Such a cold weapon was supposed to "guard" its owner. Often it was not even intended for use, but played the role of a decorative object adorned with precious stones and metal.

The knife has always been a sought-after and important gift not only in Russia. With respect to such a present were treated in the Caucasus and the Middle East. In these parts, the blade was not perceived as a "symbol of threat." is he inspired respect and served as a talisman. It was believed that the knife "cut the way" to a happy life and protect from adversity.

INTERESTING: In Finland, a knife is a popular gift among business partners. If you present the blade to your business colleague, this will give you a chance at a "mutually beneficial friendship."

Knife is a popular gift all over the world.

In the modern world there are a number of superstitions according to which giving knives is considered a very bad omen:

  • Giving a knife - giving an evil spirit in addition
  • A gift knife will attract evil spirits and evil spirits.
  • If you give a knife in a loaf or in bread - this will contribute to family disruption.
  • The gift knife broke - to troubles and troubles
  • A gift knife rusted - to disease

If you want to give knives to a person for any occasion (wedding, birthday, anniversary) still do not do this in front of a large number of people. Indeed, in the crowd of people a superstitious person who will “incur trouble” will surely be able to appear.

After that, it is you who can be blamed for unexpected illnesses and unpleasant events. If you have the opportunity to “dilute” the gift a little, so to speak, present knives and a set of cutlery. This will remove the “negative subtext” from the gift and change its meaning.

Can I give a knife?

Is it possible to give knives as a gift to a woman, a man?

Knives - A popular gift for men. Most often, he will be presented with souvenir, pen and army knives. Men like knives because such a gift possesses the powerful energy of a defender and a warrior. They literally “captivate” men since they are in childhood.

Giving knives to a man or not is up to you. But try yourself protect from such a gift for the New Year. It is believed that knives on New Year's Eve "spoil" life for next year. In another case, give those knives that do not pose a threat to their appearance: decorative sabers, multi-function knives, knives for hiking.

Women are distinguished by the fact that they believe in superstition much more than men. That's why they can "take hostility" such a gift, even if you want to present quality steel products. Offer a woman to "buy" your gift for symbolic money.

Can I give a knife to a man? Can I give a knife to a woman?

Can I give knives for housewarming?

Housewarming is an important event in human life. It is believed that it "sets the tone" for all life in a new house. Therefore, a housewarming party is always celebrated magnificently, with a table set, a large number of guests and gifts that everyone present should bring.

Speaking about housewarming gifts, it should be noted that knives are undesirable on this day. It is believed that any "sharp present" will carry a negative and contribute to the fact that in the house "settles" resentment and quarrels. This is very undesirable for people who want to start a “new life” in new housing. In addition to knives, it is undesirable to give forks, needles, scissors.

You cannot give a knife for housewarming

Can I give a set of knives?

Even a modern set of stainless steel knives with sharpeners and a holder may become an unwanted gift for a person. You need to protect yourself from such a presentation if you are not in the best relationship with a person or quarrel often. This gift can spoil your already "not smooth relationship" and will contribute to the scandal.

Do not give knives and a set of knives to a sick person, so that bad omens do not contribute to the deterioration of his health. Do not give the housewarming set and New Year for the same reasons - so as not to aggravate relationships with people.

Can I give a set of knives?

When they give a knife, what should be done?

A gift can have negative energy when you yourself too believe in bad signs. But, modern man is very inventive and, in order to neutralize any negative effect of the gift, he came up with a loophole.

Before giving the knives, the giver requires money for them. It can be any symbolic sum. Thus, the gift is bought and will not be able to "do harm."

What to do with a gift knife?

In any case, if you were presented with a knife, need to respond to it correctly: Do not make big eyes and open your mouth, but smile and happily accept a gift. How you perceive the present will mark the beginning of your use of these knives.

In addition, it is believed that donated knives to a single woman will bring only prosperity. They will contribute to her acquaintance with her future husband. A subconscious hostility to a gift will only contribute to an unpleasant future. If you do not cease to worry much, then before you pick up the knives in your hands, give the person who gives them a coin for them.

How to give knives?

How to give a knife?

Give a knife should only with pleasant emotions and wishes. If you doubt the quality, importance and necessity of your gift, it will not bring joy to its owner. Prepare your congratulatory speech, poems and wishes from the bottom of your heart in advance.

Hand knives confidently. Try to note the importance of your gift. Tell us how reverently you chose these knives and why. Wish only positive changesthat can happen to a person after such a gift. Smile and share the joy.

How to accept knives as a gift?

Engraving on a knife as a gift, why do it?

Engraving often adorns metal products; knives are no exception. Decorate knives with engraving You can for any reason: anniversary, birthday, wedding, and so on. A kind of engraving "brand" this itemmaking it only one person’s affiliation.

It is believed that engraved knife will bring luck only to the person who owns and gives trouble to everyone else who takes on it. That is why famous chefs and kitchen workers often do engraving with their initials and the names of restaurants on personal knives.

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