Tips for pregnant women: before childbirth, on the plane, at sea, in the heat. Tips and tricks for pregnant women in early and late pregnancy

Tips for pregnant women on nutrition, daily routine, activity and exercise. Emphasis in relationship with husband.

The baby's waiting period is an interesting time for change in all areas of a woman, especially in the bodily aspect. Do not think that you are the only lady with a belly and all by itself will pass over time.
Yes, it will.

However, your well-being and crumbs, the experience of practicing obstetricians and friends will become indicators for a successful birth.

Earlier we considered narrower topics about pregnancy, today we will focus on tips for almost all occasions.

Tips and tricks for pregnant women in the first trimester

pregnant girl sits on a sofa and dreams
  • Get yourself a paper or electronic diary where you can write down your emotions and well-being by week.
  • Download the pregnancy development program to your phone and keep abreast of the baby's developmental stages.
  • Save the pregnancy test with two stripes as the first photo that you are not alone now.
  • Eat more often in smaller portions.
  • Drink more clean water without gas.
  • Exclude coffee, sodas, fast food, alcohol, spicy and fried foods, as well as refuse foods whose appearance and / or smell you don’t like cause gagging. For example, from meat, fish and eggs.
  • Throw away the last pack of cigarettes and forget about them forever.
  • More often walk in the park, in the countryside outside the city. Replace the screen of the TV, computer and similar gadgets with contemplation of the sky, nature, works of art.
  • If possible, quit your job to eliminate stress. You will experience hormonal changes almost from the first days of pregnancy, because the words and actions of those around you will become more clinging to you.
  • Refrain from sex. You are no longer alone, because an invasion from outside can at least be uncomfortable in sensations, and at most it can cause a miscarriage.
  • Introduce fresh seasonal vegetables, berries, fruits and their juices into your daily diet. Add fermented milk products, nuts.
  • Optionally, register at the antenatal clinic. Be prepared for an ultrasound scan that your doctor may prescribe several times.
  • If you are annoyed with toxicosis, nausea, pain in the lower abdomen, severe dizziness and excessive drowsiness, contact the doctor in the antenatal clinic as soon as possible.
  • Replace your familiar maternity bras. They are designed for the comfort of breast growth and development of the milk ducts in it.
  • Although the tummy is not yet visible, go to clothes that do not constrain your movements, do not squeeze the body. The best options are dresses, skirts and blouses.
  • For the time being, refrain from traveling and relaxing in exotic countries.
  • Sign up for yoga for pregnant women, driving courses, vocal therapy.
  • Refrain from active sports and training.
  • To decide whether or not to take pharmacy vitamins yourself. Definitely you will be advised by them in the antenatal clinic and on TV screens.
  • Start with your husband a repair in the children's room, decide on the interior and color.

Tips and tricks for pregnant women in the second trimester

girl with a small tummy rests reclining on a couch
  • Be registered at the antenatal clinic. Make an informed decision to take tests, some of which are optional. Do not expose yourself or your baby to unnecessary ultrasound examinations.
  • Change your wardrobe for maternity clothes.
  • Sign up for a birth preparation course or watch videos with the advice of recognized midwives.
  • If you have an older child or wish to change the environment, travel to health. Now it is safe and in joy.
  • From the middle of the current period, sleep on your left side. Between the legs, place a pillow for feeding or any other with which you are comfortable.
  • Move a lot, observe the diet and rest.
  • The flow of fresh water without gas is still relevant for you and the crumbs.
  • Keep on keeping your pregnancy diary.
  • Surround yourself with pleasant communication and the beauty of nature. The best option is to change city life to village life.
  • Do yourself a massage twice a day with stretch marks oil.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist and clean your teeth. If you need anesthesia during treatment, tell the doctor about your “interesting” period of life.
  • If you feel tension in the lower abdomen, relax the muscles of the face and hands, breathe evenly and deeply.
  • If possible, go to the pool and water aerobics classes.
  • Sign up for a photo shoot with the whole family.

Tips and tricks for pregnant women in the third trimester

happy pregnant mother with older daughter
  • Control your weight. Think over a weekly menu for yourself and other family members. You should switch to fruits and vegetables with minimal heat treatment.
  • Keep a note pad on hand, as memory will sometimes fail.
  • Keep your wardrobe up to date and comfortable.
  • Complete the repair in the nursery before the middle of the current period of pregnancy. Ventilate the room regularly so that all odors of paints, glue and furniture disappear.
  • Sign up for proper breathing during childbirth. Learn to own your body, recognize its needs.
  • Attend newborn care classes.
  • Decide on the maternity hospital, doula - assistant in home birth. Specify all the details and nuances a month and a half before the time "h". Think over alternative options for the place of birth.
  • Prepare packages with the necessary things / items for childbirth.
  • Walk more and spend time outdoors, listen to its sounds.
  • Minimize the stay on the screens of any gadgets.
  • Prepare your breasts for feeding to avoid cracks and wounds in the first days after birth.
  • Visit a psychologist if you are overwhelmed by fears of an upcoming birth. Take your husband with you, he also needs support.
  • Refuse cosmetic deodorants, replace them with more thorough care of the areas under the armpits and the use of natural minerals, such as alunite.
  • Choose a name for the crumbs, take into account the opinion of the husband.
  • A month and a half before delivery, drink tea from raspberry leaves. It helps soften the muscles of the uterus and the birth canal.
  • Pack the heeled shoes in boxes. You are more comfortable and safer to walk on a flat sole.

Psychologist tips and tricks for pregnant women

pregnant girl at the reception of a psychologist who gives practical advice
  • Allow the thought of a possible pregnancy and accept its fact with joy. Psychologists and pediatricians say that desired children are healthier, calmer and develop faster.
  • Learn to love your baby from the first days of pregnancy. Talk to him, stroke your stomach, sing songs, tell tales to establish and strengthen a healthy connection.
  • Trust your feelings about living emotions and desires. If suddenly you feel a craving for singing romances, do it.
  • Speak all fears and anxieties to a loved one - husband, mother, father. If something bothers you, sign up to a psychologist and work with him.
  • Communicate with other pregnant women and young mothers who have recently given birth.
  • Attend courses in childbirth, caring for the baby, maintaining physical fitness and mastering the breathing technique.
  • Pamper yourself with cosmetic salon procedures - manicure, pedicure, haircuts, styling.
  • Review your environment and protect yourself from unpleasant communication.
  • Only tune in on yourself and the baby. Allow yourself moderate exercise and relaxation.
  • Turn your old desire into reality. For example, accept from your husband as a gift a dress on the floor, sarees, beautiful jewelry.
  • Ask for help from relatives and strangers around you.
  • Relax, slow down, calm down, remove anxieties about the future. Especially the themes of money, survival, protection from volatile political laws.

Tips for pregnant women when flying on an airplane

pregnant girl on board an airplane

One of the tests for women in position is the restructuring of their rhythm of life. More precisely, a change:

  • thinking
  • views on many things and situations
  • hierarchy of priorities

Pregnancy, on the other hand, is not a disease that binds you to your home and bed for 9 months.

Understanding the changes in your body, given its needs, you can partly lead the same moving lifestyle as before. For example, fly a plane, travel.


  • gestational age
  • your well-being
  • health status at the current time and in dynamics
  • air carrier requirements
  • gynecologist's recommendations
  • risks for yourself and your baby

Details of air travel tips for women in position have been reviewed here.

Tips for pregnant women at sea

pregnant girl sitting on the beach by the sea

If you are healthy, feel good and there are no contraindications to the doctor who is observing your pregnancy, go to the sea after 12 weeks and no later than the last trimester.

  • Consider the change in your body and choose a swimsuit and clothes for relaxing at sea so that they do not press, do not restrict movement. Shoes also choose comfortable without heels.
  • The best tool for your trip is a car where you are a passenger.
  • Fold in a suitcase sun protection products, a hat.
  • Swim in the sea often and not for long - for 10 minutes. The optimum water temperature for you is 21-22 ℃.
  • After each bath, wrap yourself in a towel.
  • Take sun baths only in the morning until 11-00 and in the evening after 16-00 in short sections of 20 minutes. At the same time, you have a hat on your head, the body protects the cream / lotion for tanning.
  • Avoid swimming in the sea in the presence of light and medium in strength waves. They can knock you down.
  • Drink clean water more often. Eat only familiar foods.
  • In the evening, walk along the sea in a relaxed atmosphere. Consciously refuse discos, bars and similar entertainments.
  • After communicating with the sea, do not rush to immediately wash off its salt in the shower, let it soak a little in your body.

Tips for pregnant women in the heat

pregnant girl wipes her face with ice cube in the heat
  • Take a walk in the fresh air to peak solar activity.
  • Ventilate the room more often.
  • Use an air humidifier more than an air conditioner. If you turn on the latter, then set the temperature with a difference of up to 10 ℃ and not lower than 20 ℃.
  • In the hot season, always wear a hat and apply sunscreen to your skin.
  • Drink clean water as much as you like.
  • Take a warm shower as many times as you feel the need for it. Water perfectly equalizes body temperature.
  • Review your wardrobe. Wear clothing made from natural fabrics in light colors that matches your size.
  • Do not wear any wedges or heels in the heat.
  • Try to take off your shoes at any opportunity.
  • Learn to breathe properly in moments of intense heating of the body, for example, dog-like. These skills are shared in pregnant courses.
  • Try to be more in the shade on a hot day.

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

pregnant girl eats a salad of fresh vegetables and herbs

The nutrition of any person, not just a pregnant one, provides restoration of strength and support for activity. It should be as natural as possible, without snacks, fast food, colored soda and similar examples. On the beds salads with mayonnaise do not grow, and in the wells there are no store stakes and kvass.

  • An important point - choose products according to the season that is typical for the area of ​​your residence. They constitute the lion's share of your diet.

Read more about the nuances of nutrition during pregnancy here.

Pregnant vitamins: recommendations

girl with a big belly holds an apple and a handful of vitamins in her hands

Although the period of carrying the crumbs is not a disease, women have a fear of a lack of vitamins and minerals in their body. Therefore, they often buy vitamin complexes and take them almost before delivery.

You should know that an adequate balanced diet has the whole spectrum and doses of valuable substances for your body and crumbs.

Vitamins are indicated in cases of:

  • health features of a pregnant woman, when her body does not absorb specific types of useful substances or does not receive them at all because of the diet,
  • living in countries where there is a deficiency of specific vitamins. For example, in the north of Russia - iodine, in Africa - D,
  • nutrition is not balanced and adequate.

The World Association of Obstetricians is unanimous on the need for folic acid in women before and in the first trimester of pregnancy.

If you will be shown taking vitamins during growing a child, then:

  • focus on the results of your tests and the recommendations of the observing gynecologist,
  • give preference to children's vitamins.

Hygiene recommendations for pregnant women

pregnant girl shower set

Body care for a woman is always important, not only while waiting for the baby. And yet there are some differences:

  • take a shower at least twice a day. Refuse fragrance gels, replacing it with soap,
  • peel your body skin a couple of times a week,
  • wash yourself 2 times a day,
  • takes air baths for 5 minutes before bedtime and several times during the day,
  • change underwear as necessary and desired. It should be made of cotton, linen and similar natural materials,
  • discard the heavy odors of perfumes so as not to provoke dizziness and fainting,
  • instead of industrial deodorants, switch to natural deodorants.

Recommendations for pregnant women according to the regimen of the day

pregnant girl doing yoga in the morning
  • Increased drowsiness is one of the signals of pregnancy. Therefore, allow yourself to sleep at night for 8 hours and in the afternoon up to 2 hours.
  • Be daily in the fresh air for at least 3 hours. Morning walks are especially beneficial.
  • Do light gymnastics, yoga for pregnant women.
  • Eat at the same time.
  • Listen to pleasant music, read books, needlework.
  • Clean the house, but do not lift or move heavy objects.
  • If you work, review your schedule and workload with your supervisor. Exclude night shifts and business trips, replace harmful conditions with light ones.

Pregnant Anemia: Recommendations

pregnant woman feels unwell due to anemia

Anemia, or an insufficient amount of iron and a concentration of red blood cells in the blood, is characteristic both for diseases and for the particularities of the course of pregnancy of a particular woman. The following recommendations will help eliminate it or significantly reduce manifestations:

  • take folic acid before and during the first trimester of pregnancy,
  • according to the doctor’s prescription, based on the results of the tests, take iron supplements in the second and third trimesters. You may need intravenous iron supplements or a blood transfusion,
  • enrich your diet with foods where this mineral is found in greater quantities.

If you have your own well-established taste habits, do not change them sharply during pregnancy. For example, a meat-eater becomes a vegetarian, and vice versa.

Pregnant hypertension: recommendations

doctor measures the pressure of a pregnant woman to understand the presence of hypertension

To begin with, the fact that there are 2 types of hypertension in pregnant women:

  • chronic, that is, one that was present before the baby was born
  • temporary, inherent for 2 and 3 trimesters, which disappears after delivery

To accurately understand the picture with blood pressure:

  • buy an apparatus for measuring it for yourself
  • use it up to 3 times a day and write the results in a notebook
  • be in a sitting position during measurements
  • ask for help to determine the pressure indicator with the device of the husband or relatives
  • compare records with the results of measurements of your pressure in the clinic
  • give urine for analysis to determine the amount of protein.

As directed by the doctor, take only one drug with a confirmed diagnosis of hypertension.

Before starting taking medications and / or admission to a daytime inpatient for medical pressure reduction, consult with several other specialists in other clinics.

Remember that your peace of mind and the minimum in taking pharmaceuticals is the key to the health of the crumbs and a successful birth.

Tips for pregnant women before childbirth

obstetrician gives advice to a pregnant girl before giving birth

The closer the date of birth, the more exciting it becomes not only to you, but also to your loved ones.

  • Feel free to look inside yourself - are there fears, doubts, concerns. Make friends with them. Find the reason that caused them.
  • Move a lot, exercise, do yoga.
  • Learn to breathe properly. Control your body and help it relax.
  • Throughout your pregnancy, keep a positive attitude.
  • Be attentive to the contents of your plate and the indicator of weights.

Read more recommendations here.

People's advice to pregnant women

a pregnant woman in the last stages walks in the autumn park
  • In a moment of fright, try not to grab your hands, touch your face and other parts of your body. The baby increases the likelihood of birthmarks in these places.
  • Before taking medicinal herbs, carefully read their properties. Many of the natural gifts are contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Look at beautiful and healthy people, nature, classic works of art.
  • Avoid riding, biking, jumping and active physical activities.
  • Enlist the support of your husband and family for moving weights, hanging clothes, lifting something up.
  • Replenish your wardrobe with spacious things so that the waist area remains without tugs.
  • Eat chalk or drink its aqueous solution daily if you feel a craving for it.
  • Check your teeth regularly and treat them as needed.
  • Avoid contact with rubella, especially in the first 4 months of pregnancy.
  • Watch your bowels work. Taking laxatives can provoke unwanted uterine contractions.
  • Pay attention to underarm hygiene to prevent breast disease.
  • Drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices, especially carrot.
  • To better support the skin and keep it from stretch marks, wear a bandage in the last trimester.
  • Refrain from intimacy with your husband during pregnancy.
  • Dig into the essence of the results of your tests to understand the picture of your health and crumbs.

Tips for the husband of a pregnant wife

happy pregnant couple at photo session
  • Realize and accept the fact of your wife’s pregnancy.
  • Ask your friends, read articles on the features of pregnancy to understand the stages of her development in her wife.
  • Be patient.
  • Follow all the gastronomic whims of the spouse and support her diet, abandoning fried, smoked, spicy during pregnancy.
  • Be sure to support and implement her idea with a repair. Let it be only a balcony or a change of wallpaper in one room.
  • Master household chores - cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, hanging them.
  • Talk more with your spouse about her well-being, feelings, past events of the day. Learn to listen to her without boredom on her face.
  • Present small presentations and surprises to her so that she feels your attention. For example, candlelight dinner, going to the cinema, boating in the light of stars.
  • Arrange with your wife about the day and time of your personal privacy, for example, fishing, training in the gym. So you will cope with the stresses of living together with a pregnant wife and get a new charge.
  • Go shopping with her, buy quality beautiful things in which she and her belly will be irresistible.
  • Talk more often about my feelings for my spouse, about her unique beauty in this period of my life.

We briefly got acquainted with the mass of tips for pregnant women, as well as their spouses. However, the most important thing is to listen to yourself and the signals of your body!

Happy pregnancy to you!

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