Peeling baking soda on the face, scalp, hair and body at home. Peeling recipes with baking soda with salt, lemon, hydrogen peroxide and shaving foam

You can improve the condition of the skin and hair with the help of such an effective procedure as peeling. You can cook it on the basis of a simple "home" product - baking soda.

Peeling baking soda for face for problem skin: recipe

Every day cosmetic products invent all the "best and best" skin imperfections: creams, lotions, peels, scrubs. As practice shows, the more popular the brand, the more expensive its cosmetic products. However, this is far from a guarantee that the product you purchased will indeed prove effective.

Increasingly, women resort to home, more budget and proven eternity, personal care products. One of the most “faithful” was ordinary baking soda, which can be used as a peeling for any area of ​​the skin. The structure of this product is quite small, which allows you not to injure the skin and "gently" eliminate all problems.

Who needs a procedure:

  • For those with oily skin (you notice shine, makeup rolling, clogged and wide pores).
  • Those who often suffer from inflammatory processes, occurring on the face (internal acne, purulent acne, large and small acne, black spots).
  • Excessive facial pigmentation (spots or freckles)
  • Sagging skin, plenty premature and age-related wrinkles.
Home methods for preparing effective peeling for facial problems

Making peeling is very simple:

  • As a basis, we can use any face wash gelA simple liquid soap is suitable if you do not suffer from dry skin.
  • You can replace any washing gel vegetable oil or egg yolk.
  • For one procedure all will be enough for you 1 tbsp bases (gel, oil or yolk) and 0.5 tsp. soda.

Face peeling with baking soda and salt: recipe

Normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminate their secretion and slightly “dry” the problem areas (nose, chin, forehead) will help peeling made on the basis of not only soda, but also salt. It is important to know that salt should be used only "Extra", as coarse salt can scratch the delicate skin on the face.

How to do:

  • As a basis for peeling, you can use washing gel, liquid soap, vegetable oil or egg yolk.
  • You need 2 tbsp. basics add 0.5 tsp soda and 0.5 tsp Extra salt.
  • Mix the product and then apply to wet skin. Moisturize your skin with cream after the procedure.
What helps peeling made from soda?

Face peeling with baking soda and peroxide: recipe

Hydrogen peroxide - a popular remedy to combat problem skin, rashes, inflammation and acne. Together with soda, peroxide is able to effectively fight all the foci of inflammation on the face, resulting in smooth and healthy skin.

Preparing a peeling is very simple. To do this, just mix a little a bottle of 3% peroxide from about 10-12 g of baking soda. Thoroughly mix the mass. Apply on pre-cleansed skin. After the procedure, rinse with warm water, apply a moisturizer to the skin.

IMPORTANT: If you have any open wounds on your face: scratches, extruded acne with bruising, abrasions, it is best to abandon the procedure (it will give unpleasant painful sensations).

Helpers in the fight for clean and healthy skin

Peeling with baking soda and shaving foam: recipe

Peeling made on the basis of shaving cream can be an excellent tool to combat black spots. By itself, a cream or foam (as well as a gel) has emollient and disinfecting actions. Soda, as part of a homemade scrub, gently cleanse pores from contamination.

To make such a scrub is very easy. To do this, squeeze the required amount of foam or gel from the tube. Add to it 0.5 tsp baking soda (it is possible and more - 1 tsp if your skin is not sensitive). Rub the product thoroughly into all problem areas of the skin and leave for one minute, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Shaving foam based

Face peeling with baking soda and lemon: recipe

Lemon - It can act as a narrowing pore and a “drying” agent. Its acid is capable of regulate the sebaceous glands and eliminate excessive salivation. Lemon juice can be added to the peeling, and you can use it to wipe the face after peeling.

Prepare a simple peeling:

  • Basis - 1 tbsp. l (shaving cream, baby liquid soap, washing gel).
  • Soda - 1. tsp (can be divided in half with Extra salt).
  • Lemon juice - 1 slice or ring

IMPORTANT: A slice of lemon can wipe the face after peeling, but this is only useful for oily or combination skin. If it is dry, add lemon juice to the peeling.

Facial lemon peeling with soda

Body Peeling Baking Soda: Recipe

Body peeling - A necessary procedure to ensure that your skin is always soft, smooth and velvet. Soda, as part of such a gamma, will have a very gentle effect on the surface of the skin, exfoliated only dead cells. Thus, the procedure helps to remove dead skin particles so that the new layer of the dermis receives enough oxygen and looks good.

Do body peeling yourself:

  • Olive oil (or any other, but vegetable) - 5 tbsp.
  • Soda - 3 tbsp
  • Essential oil - according to preference (depending on skin problems) 2-3 drops.
Soda-based body peeling

Peeling scalp and hair with baking soda: recipe

Exfoliation - This is the very cleansing of the skin, which we used to call "peeling." In addition to the fact that it is necessary to “clean” not only the body and face, the peeling procedure can very favorably affect the scalp under the hair.

What can such a procedure give:

  • Allow skin cells to receive more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Improve blood circulation than allow bulbs to get enough trace elements.
  • Eliminate peeling and dandruff caused by dry skin, allergies to head care products.
  • To clean the scalp and the hair itself of the residual and indelible amount of styling products (foam, varnish, mousse, gel, wax and so on).

IMPORTANT: Do not be afraid of this procedure, because it is completely safe for you and can bring many benefits. Of course, you can carry out a similar procedure in any beauty salon. But, it is much cheaper to do it at home with the help of improvised means.

Head peeling may be different, made from a variety of components. Very popular is such a universal remedy as baking soda. Due to its fine-grained structure and enormous chemical value, soda is able to easily cleanse the skin of impurities, stimulate blood circulation using a simple peeling massage and not irritate the skin.

IMPORTANT: If you want to do a peeling with soda. In a small amount of shampoos, add from 0.5 to 1 tsp. soda (depending on skin problems) and rub the product thoroughly into the head. After the procedure, the head should be washed thoroughly with shampoo and balm.

More universal tool - soda mixed with "extra" salt. This salt has the necessary fine structure, not able to injure the skin. Such peeling is useful for those who have problems with the sebaceous glands. Salt can slightly “dry” the skin, and soda thoroughly “remove” the remaining particles of secretions.

To prepare such a cleanser is very simple:

  • Extra salt - 1 tsp
  • Shampoo - 3 tbsp. (preferably 2 in 1, with balm)
  • Soda - 1 .l.

IMPORTANT: The product is applied to the scalp with massage movements and rubbed for several minutes. After which the product is thoroughly washed from the head with running water and shampoo.

Soda - a means for beauty and purity of hair

Peeling face and scalp baking soda: reviews

Marina: "I did the procedure for the sake of interest. I just did not believe that ordinary soda could be better than professional remedies. To my surprise, the remedy turned out to be more effective and, most importantly, milder than the scrubs that I buy from the catalog. Now I do peeling regularly. Sometimes I mix salt to soda. "

Varya: “Simply put, soda is the savior! No masks, stripes and extrusions could save me from the hated black specks all over my nose. Salon procedures left ugly, huge holes of clean pores, which also didn’t please. I just began to thoroughly wash my nose with soda peeling on liquid baby soap and after about 10-12 days I didn’t find a single dot! "

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