Women's coat 2019: colors, styles, styles, fashion trends, 100 photos. How to buy a fashionable brand demi-season and winter coat in the online store Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress: links to the catalog of 2019

Description of stylish coat options for 2019.

You will learn about fashion trends in outerwear from this article. Let's dwell on the coat - styles, styles and trends of 2019, more details below.

Fashionable coat - spring-autumn 2019: colors, styles, styles

In the upcoming season of 2019, fashion designers decided to prepare coats for women with the most fashionable colors, textures and styles for women. There are no restrictions in the color palette.

Designers came up with coats of calm shades, as well as brighter and more saturated colors.Classic models will take the lead. Will be present minimalismin which there are no unnecessary details.

Large buttons, collars of various cuts and belts are used as decorating elements. Using our recommendations, you can easily create for yourself a unique and most fashionable image.

Apparently, many designers were fed up with a large cell with red shades, since they decided to change the color of the cells a little, and made them in gray-blue tones. But still, they did not abandon the old trends, they simply supplemented them with new colors.

Such a coloring will surely appeal to girls and women who do not like grayness and love bright, saturated colors. The last lines of many fashion designers are pale pink, gray and purple. Geometric ornaments, zebra and leopard, will also become fashionable, as in the past season.

Next spring, designers are advised to combine what has not previously been combined. The trio consisting of tweed, leather and natural cashmere will look incredibly stylish and unusual.

Reaped materials decorated with floral patterns will be popular. Many girls will no doubt like coats made of quilted material, as they are comfortable to wear and easy to care for, models will be complemented by a small belt.

Stylish option

Coat with feathers and fringe, such ornaments have ceased to amaze, as they have recently decorated bags, blouses, skirts, dresses and other elements of the wardrobe. In the coming spring, designers offer to decorate some models of clothes with fringe, in the new season it will be possible to buy models decorated with hanging threads and small feathers.

Fringed Coat

Stylish cashmere coat - spring 2019: links to the catalog Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress

Any representative of the beautiful half of the population wants to look stunning, regardless of age, at any time of the year or day. Even when the window is damp and slush, it is very important for women to remain stylish and beautiful.

It will always come to the rescue cashmere coat. In 2019, a variety of models will become real hits. Many fashion designers set the weather themselves. They believe that such models will be fashionable:

  • Military style coat

  • Sleeveless coat
Stylish sleeveless coat

  • Short coat

  • Maxi models

In the new season, coats made as pea jacket. Such interpretations of male style will make up a fashion kit that will fully correspond to fashion. Cashmere coats always look spectacular, even large.

In the spring of 2019, special trends will be in the foreground. Coats for women will be:

  • Complemented with a patchwork and fur inserts
  • With custom midi length
  • With decorative horizontal blocks
  • Decorated with colorful spots and stripes.

The following decorations will deserve special attention:

  • Patch pockets
  • Rich collars
  • Geometry and asymmetry

Well-known trading platforms offer a huge number of stylish options.

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  • Lamoda.

In the catalogs presented on the site you can choose the product to your liking.

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Overseas coat - spring-autumn 2019: catalog Lamoda, Wideberry and Aliexpress

Such a coat is considered a godsend for many fashion designers. This style has long been used in their own lines for most of the well-known brands. Currently, oversized clothing is booming in the fashion world.

The main advantage of a coat of this style is that now you can buy it in almost any store, for example, in

  • Lamoda
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  • Aliexpress.

Any woman can afford such a model.

This style originated in the eighties. In those days, it was fashionable to wear a narrow bottom coat with wide shoulders.

Oversize coat is very similar to men's. Of course, this style can be suitable only for self-confident women, because it does not have a drop of romance and tenderness. The main distinguishing features of oversize coats are:

  • Simplicity of cut, straight lines
  • Large and deep pockets
  • Presence of volume
  • Sometimes wide sleeves and large collars

An oversized coat in 2019 will be made with soft, muted colors, because it looks interesting in itself.

Women's leather coats spring-autumn 2019: links to the catalog Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress

The skin will return to fashion again next season. Women's leather coats will look stylish and very sophisticated. They are comfortable, practical, worn for a long time and look richly from the side.

Leather coats 2019 is a new trend that you need to buy now, without waiting for spring. The most fashionable options will be those models whose length will beto the floor.

Also no less interesting will look trench coats. The universality of this style lies in the fact that the coat can be combined both with the classic style and with the avant-garde.

Stylish trench coats

Designers decided in 2019 to apply for a leather coat double breasted smell. Warm leather coats with fur on the outside will also be very relevant.

The fur will look stylish on the sleeves, collars and pockets. As for the color palette, then in the season of 2019 black, red, green and many other colors will be the most relevant.

An excellent range of leather products offers you

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Beautiful Coats for overweight women - spring-autumn 2019: link to the catalog Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress

Demi-season options, such coats for overweight women will not have complex structural forms, a large number of jewelry and decorative inserts - the coat looks simpler, the more beautiful the girl will look in it.

The best option is classic coathaving strict concise lines. Coats 2019 for overweight women will be complemented by zippers, decorative lines, mortise slanted pockets.

Classic coat - trend 2019

Winter options. Winter women's coat for overweight women should be primarily cozy and warm. In 2019, models of a rectangular and trapezoidal cut will be relevant, in a word, classic options. Only cut and colors will remain restrained, for example, black, brown.

Winter stylish coat Strict coat for curvaceous

You can look for similar options in directories on popular sites -

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Beautiful women's coat-cardigans - spring-autumn 2019: catalog Lamoda and Aliexpress

One of the favorites for next season will be cardigan coatdecorated with a removable fur collar. It can be worn in the warm autumn, or in the spring.

Cardigan coat loose cut. One of the fashionable novelties of 2019 will be such a coat. It is not like the usual models of raincoats and cardigans. Women will be able to experiment with both texture and shape, and with a color palette.

Loose fit is very comfortable and practical. It combines almost all the cardigan options that fashion designers have proposed for the new season. Cardigans in the form of a coat can be found in almost every fashion collection.

Another famous trend of this coat will be maxi length models, any fashionista can complement her own wardrobe with such an interesting element. A universal, practical and at the same time stylish extended cardigan coat will become the basis of everyday and business wardrobe.

Maxi Cardigan Coat

Next season there will also be topical mini-cropped cardigans-coats, the length of which only barely reaches the waist, or generally short boleros.

  • Rate the variety of similar models in catalogs
  • Lamoda
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  • Aliexpresshere and here.

Summer coats-jackets, cardigans: Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress catalog

A summer coat-jacket and a coat will suit almost any woman. Today, a light coat is considered the basis of elegance and femininity of every woman. Such a universal thing can emphasize elegance, protect during bad weather.

The most interesting and popular option is consideredknitted coat and jacket. Why will such models become so popular next season? Yes, all because the girls who will wear them can stand out from the crowd.

Stylish outfit for the summer

A knitted cardigan and jacket for spring-summer 2019 will have a variety of styles, textures, patterns and colors. For the office, the designers decided to release models of beige, white, cream colors, and for the evening out brighter colors, for example, red, pink, blue. Look for interesting options on

  • Aliexpress
  • Lamoda
  • Wildberry

Fashionable women's coat without sleeves: catalog Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress

Sleeveless coat is the salvation for every woman who love femininity and elegance. Such a coat can save during the cold winter and cool autumn. Every year, fashion designers try to upgrade the coat, add new elements.

A coat without sleeves may seem like an ordinary vest at first glance, but a fashionable cut, materials and other characteristic elements will not do this. In the upcoming season, the collection of such models will be very transformed. Coats that do not have sleeves will become more like jackets.

Coats without sleeves will be complemented by various details, for example, a thin belt, massive pockets, large collars. Such models can be worn with wide trousers. Also, such a coat will be perfect with an evening dress.

Trend 2019 Stylish summer coat without sleeves

Sleeveless summer coat options are an indispensable item that can be worn with shorts, jodhpurs, shirts, summer sundresses and dresses. And of course, famous trading floors such as

  • Aliexpress
  • Lamoda
  • Wildberry

keep up with fashion trends and offer a ton stylish options sleeveless coat.

Light overcoat fashion spring, autumn 2019: links to the Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress catalog

The demi-season coats of the next season are one of the main trends. Today, wearing a coat is fashionable and at the same time stylish, practical and comfortable.

A large assortment of styles is what awaits all fashionistas in the upcoming season. You can consider more detailed options for branded coats on well-known sites.

  • Lamoda
  • Wildberry
  • Aliexpress

Current news. Models of demi-season coats of 2019 will have a straight and fitted silhouette, differ in a simple and elegant cut.

In addition to classic silhouettes, fashion designers decided to offer: A-shaped optionspelerine coat. These models will look stylish and fashionable, while hiding all the flaws of the figure.

The following styles will also become relevant: duffle coat, as well as a coat with two sides. Such a classic will reappear on the catwalks and streets of the city.

Actual colors. Next year, the color of the demi-season coat will directly depend on the weather. In the warm spring will become popular light, pastel colors. In cool autumn - dark and saturated shades.

2019 trend - white Colour. But the coat is black, much less women will wear. The most important directions of the coming spring are colorful tones, for example, red, orange, blue, pink, mustard, green.

Stylish white coat

Coat with fur pockets 2019: Lamoda and Aliexpress catalog

In 2019, fashion designers offer women a variety of models and styles of coats that have fur inserts. Shaggy cuffs, beautiful collars, insulated hoods will make the image more feminine and stylish.

Coat padded fur pockets, talks about the perfect taste of the owner. A strict and nondescript model will be able to play in a new way.

Large pockets with fox fur inserts give the product some luxury and wealth. The fitted models tied with a thin belt at the waistline and having fur pockets will look very interesting.

Pockets warm in the winter Fashion 2019

Whatever the fashion, and whatever role the fur pockets play, in the first place they will warm in the winter. Look for similar options, go to the site

  • Lamoda
  • Wildberry
  • Aliexpress

Fashion autumn-winter 2019-2020 - coat: catalog Lamoda, Wildberry and Aliexpress

An ideal women's coat is an indispensable thing that successfully combines a fashionable cut, shades and high-quality materials. In the fall and winter of 2019-2020, fashion designers offer a closer look at free and voluminous options. A coat a little larger than the right size looks interesting and a little defiant.

Unusual and very original will look models with diverse and interesting patterns: animal patterns, large and small cells, horizontal stripes. The couturier decided to pay special attention to snake and tiger patterns, making the women's coat a bright hit of the upcoming season.

Classic coat models will appear partially in the lines of many fashion designers. A classic coat with a double-breasted collar is considered very popular today. Its distinctive feature is narrowed sides. On the coat there is only one row with buttons, a closed fastener.

A double-breasted coat is a classic that has always been and remains fashionable. Appreciate the fashionable coat novelties that offer you

  • Lamoda
  • Wildberry
  • Aliexpress

Coats for pregnant women: catalog Lamoda and Aliexpress

Pregnant women with great impatience and joy are expecting the appearance of their baby. But they can be disappointed that you need to purchase voluminous clothes, abandoning your favorite and familiar things.

The most relevant model of a coat for pregnant women will be a model in style Empire. With such a coat, the buttons are located above the tummy, and the flare departs from the chest. Also a stylish option will beflared coat.

Coat for the future mother

Poncho, the advantage of which is that it can be worn both during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby. The only drawback of these two models is that such coats will let in cold air and rise in strong winds. Accordingly, such a coat is better to buy for warm weather.

Maternity Coat Maternity Option 2019

For severe frost, designers advise future mothers to wear down coat. Next season they will be more interesting than ever: bright, with all kinds of decorations, decorations, for example, with bows, ruffles and other decorations.

  • Lamoda
  • Wildberry
  • Aliexpress

They took care of future mothers and delight pregnant women with an excellent assortment.

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