Buy-VIP online store - women's and men's clothing of large sizes: how to find new items and discounts on sale?

If you wear clothing or shoes larger than the standard, we will teach you how to look for things from new collections or on sale on the website of the Buy-VIP online store.

Fortunately, the days are long gone when men and women with sizes of 50 or more had to dress in markets or expensive specialty stores. Now they have the opportunity to wear branded clothes - beautiful, elegant and comfortable at the same time. You can buy it in the online store We will tell you how to do it.

BuyVip - women's and men's clothing of large sizes: how to find new items in the catalog of large sizes with filters?

Most women and men with plus sizes are skeptical of online fashion stores, believing that there is nothing there. But designers have long understood that it is unfair and unprofitable to ignore overweight people. Indeed, according to statistics, in Europe there are almost half full people, and in the United States two-thirds in general. And they also want to dress fashionably!

IMPORTANT: BuyVip is a multi-brand store on the Internet that is becoming no less popular than Lamoda or Wildberry. Here you can purchase certified branded clothing and shoes. You will definitely save on your purchase, because the store constantly has promotions, sales are held. If you wear clothes or shoes that are larger than the standard, we recommend that you study the Buy-VIP catalog, you will definitely find something for yourself.

It should be noted right away that not all branded items in this store are presented in standard or in large sizes. Indeed, some models on the full figure simply will not look. In order not to waste your own time and not to be disappointed, it is better to immediately use filters. Then you can easily determine what on BuyVip is on you.
Let's take a closer look at how this is done, using the example of a women's sweater in size 54.
The first thing you need to do is determine your exact size here from the table.

Large sizes of women's clothing on the table.

Next, return to the main page of the website of the Buy-VIP online store, click "Women" on the top of the panel. You will be moved to the catalog of women's clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

Section "Women" in the catalog of the BuyVip store.

By clicking on the "New" icon glowing in green on the top of the panel, you will redirect yourself to the news section. And then right on the menu on the right, choose what exactly you need: dresses, sarafans, trousers, shorts, skirts, shirts, sweaters or blouses. We decided that we would be looking for a blouse, so we moved to the category "Sweaters and cardigans".

New items in the women's clothing category in the BuyVip store catalog. Sweaters and cardigans.

At the top you will see a panel with filters. The parameter of interest to us is size.

Filter "Dimensions".

If you are wearing 54 top size, select it on the panel. By the way, this Russian size corresponds to the international size XXL. Check the box next to this size, click the "Apply" button below.

A selection of women's sweaters, sweaters and cardigans of large sizes in the store Buy-VIP.

You will see that blouses, jumpers and cardigans in your size on BuyVip 286 models! Choose the one that you like and suit your style. For example, a fashionable jumper with a hood or a cardigan with an asymmetrical hem.

Large size fashion cardigan with BuyVip. Large fashion sweater with BuyVip.

We will show the search for men's clothing of large sizes using jeans of size 56 as an example.

Large sizes of male "top" in the table. Large sizes of the male "bottom" in the table.

We will return to the main page of the website of the Buy-VIP online store. Now let's move from it to the "Men" section.
Also click on the inscription "New".

Section "For Men" in the catalog of the BuyVip store. New men's clothing in the catalog of the BuyVip store.

In the menu on the right, choose the category of clothing "Jeans".

Fashionable men's jeans in the catalog of the BuyVip store.

At the top of the filter panel, select "Size", check the box next to 56 and click the "Apply" button.

A selection of large size men's jeans.

Upon your request, 104 offers were found in the BuyVip catalog now. You can choose classic jeans that are trendy this year or jeans with scuffs and patches.

Classic men's jeans of large size with BuyVip. Fashionable men's jeans of large size with BuyVip.

BuyVip - how to find large size women's dresses in the catalog: an example

A woman with magnificent forms in a dress will look the most luxurious. The assortment of the BuyVip store will allow you to choose the winning style, color and length.
From the main page of the site, go to the "Women" section, select "Clothing" from the top of the panel. In the pop-up window the category "Dresses and sundresses" you are interested in will appear.

Women's dresses in the BuyVip catalog.

On the right in the menu, select the style that interests you: dresses for office, casual, evening, other. For example, we need everyday at a rate of 54-56.

Choosing the style of dresses at BuyVip. Choosing the size of dresses on BuyVip.

The dimensions filter gives us this time 9 offers. But there is plenty to choose from, agree. Attention is drawn to a fashionable model of a free cut with an asymmetric hem and guipure inserts. Yes, and a discount of 70 percent oh how happy!

Fashionable women's dress of large size with BuyVip.

BuyVip - large and large women's and men's shoes: how to find in the catalog?

Larger sizes of shoes are considered to be female, larger than 40, and male, larger than 45.

Large sizes of women's shoes on the table. Large sizes of men's shoes on the table.

IMPORTANT: Just in case, look at the table of shoe sizes on the website of the BuyVip store and measure your leg. Perhaps, in its parameters, it nevertheless fits into the standard size.

If you are a woman with a large foot size, you do not have problems with your legs and spine, we recommend that you choose shoes with at least a small heel. She will make your leg visually graceful. Therefore, how to find women's shoes of large sizes in the BuyVip catalog, consider the example of high-heeled shoes.

A selection of women's shoes at BuyVip.

We go to the section "Women", select the subsection "Shoes". In the window that appears, select the "Shoes" category.
We use the filter "Size". We put a tick in front of the one that interests us, for example, 41 sizes. Click "Apply."

Application of the “Size” filter when choosing shoes.

Choose from around 200 offers. For example, brown suede pumps with steady high heels.

Large size women's shoes with BuyVip.

BuyVip: how to find large size clothes and shoes in the catalog at a discount on sale with filters?

If you wear a large size of clothes or shoes, in the BuyVip online store you can update your wardrobe on sale with discounts up to 90 percent!

Sales section on BuyVip. All current sales in the Buy-VIP store.

From the main page of the site, go to the "Sales" section, select the most interesting current offer for you. Now, for example, Colin's brand offers discounts up to 65 percent. Let's see if there is something masculine in size 52.

A selection of large-sized offers among Colin's sale items.

We use the "Size" filter, put a checkmark in front of the desired 52. Click "Apply".
Here is such a fashionable men's large size cardigan from Colin's we can buy at BuyVip at a discount of 64 percent!

Large size men's cardigan on sale with 64 percent discount on BuyVip.