How to draw a five-pointed star with a pencil using a ruler and compass?

You can draw a star using a compass, a ruler, a pencil and paints. You will get a beautiful and symmetrical figure with the correct rays.

The drawing process helps relieve stress - it is calming and inspiring. Begin self-study with the simplest, for example, draw a star. To do this, you need only a sheet of paper and a simple pencil.

The result is an interesting result. And then you can teach how to draw a star and other similar figures, teaching your children or friends.

How to draw a five-pointed star with a pencil in stages?

How to draw a five-pointed star with a pencil in stages?

Prepare a sheet of A4 paper. Even a regular notebook page will do. You can take any pencil: soft, hard - whatever you like.

So, how to draw a five-pointed star with a pencil in stages? Follow these steps:

1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. This can be done without a compass - manually, if the hand is trained, or using a glass. Draw its bottom - the circle is ready.

2. First draw a little noticeable lines and divide the resulting circle into 4 parts, and then draw “bold” lines, dividing the circle into five equal parts. It’s difficult to do it by eye, you need a protractor.

Tip: Probably, he was somewhere lying around with you from the school bench. Using it, you can draw a circle, as the protractor contains a semicircle.

3. Measure with a protractor 72 degrees on both sides of the vertical line.

4. Then from the drawn line again measure 72 degrees and draw a new straight line, repeat this until you get five equal parts in a circle.

5. Now you can draw a star by connecting the segments, as in the figure below.

6. Erase all thin lines and the circle itself. Also remove the internal lines with the eraser. Everything - the star is ready, it turned out to be symmetrical and beautiful.

Or follow the five-pointed star pattern shown in the image below..

Ruler drawing stars

Using a plastic ruler (wooden will be uncomfortable), you can also draw a beautiful product with five ends. Without special tools, this is unlikely to be possible. Therefore, we prepare an A4 sheet, a ruler and a pencil.

  • The line drawing of a star consists of the base of a five-pointed star.
  • This is a broken line, the ends of which are connected at one upper point, forming a pentagon with equal sides.
  • All sides of this pentagon are equal.
  • If you understand how to complete such a drawing, and you know the essence of the construction of figures, then you should start.
The right pentagon to create a star

Important: You will be able to draw a star in this way if you have fundamental mathematical knowledge in geometry.

We continue:

  • When the pentagon is already drawn, draw lines to the opposite corners.
  • Connect all the points to make a five-pointed figure.
  • Erase excess segments and the figure is ready.

How to draw a star with a compass?

How to draw a star with a compass?

If the house has a pair of compasses, this is good, since drawing a circle with it is much easier.

How to draw a star with a compass:

In the diagram below, you will see the construction of a five-pointed star relative to the radius of the circle..

  1. On a ruler with a compass, measure a radius of 10 cm = 100 mm and draw a circle.
  2. Divide it into 4 parts.
  3. Then, on the same ruler, measure 117.56 mm and cut off the circle to the right from the top point. It will be a 2 ray star. And to the left - this will be the 5th ray of the star.
  4. Next, from the second ray of the star with a 117.56 mm compass, cut off 3 rays, then from 3 rays, mark 4 point of the ray by misfire.
  5. The 4th ray can also be marked with a cutoff from the 5th ray.
  6. Connect the rays together, as shown in the figure and erase the excess lines.

How to draw an even star without a compass?

In order to draw a symmetrical and beautiful figure, you will have to try.

Important: Sharpen the pencil so that its core is thin, and prepare the protractor and ruler.

How to draw an even star without a compass is described in this video:

Video: How to draw a star without a compass?

Now we will consider all the steps step by step:
  • The upper vertical is equal to the value: the hidden number times 1.62. In our case, this is 7 x 1.62 = 11.34 cm
  • Height H1 is 7 x 0.59 = 4.13 cm
  • Height H2 early 7 x 0.95 = 6.65 cm
  • From the middle of a constant value, that is 7 cm, draw a vertical up. Pieces H1 and H2 will be located on this vertical
  • Measure H2 again at the edge of the sheet so that you can then draw symmetrical rays
  • Draw a line from the resulting point to the other edge of the sheet. Measure 11.34 cm on this segment. The middle of this segment should be strictly at the resulting point when drawing a line from one edge of the sheet to the other
  • When all the points are built, connect them to get a five-pointed figure. Everything - the star is ready

Important: For this method you need to know the basics of mathematical calculations. If you are not friends with mathematics since childhood, then it is better to choose a different way of drawing a star.

How to draw a surround star?

The star will turn out to be three-dimensional in the figure, if you create upper faces for it, and shade one of the sides with paints or pencils.

So how to draw a three-dimensional star? Follow these steps:

  1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper (using a glass or compass)
  2. Divide it into five equal parts, as described above, using a protractor
  3. Draw lines and connect all the points to make a five-pointed star
  4. To give volume, you need to draw lines through the center from each corner to the opposite, as shown in the figure.

Volume star

5. Now you can paint the star with pencils or paints, giving it volume. Allowed only to paint each beam of the figure with dark color from one side

Volumetric star with colored rays.

7. Do it with color paints, it will turn out very original

Volumetric Star Paints

Use your imagination to create this figure. Thanks to this, you can make a unique composition from a simple form. There are many options for drawing and design, but you can come up with something of your own - experiment and enjoy your beautiful result!

Watch the video: How to draw a five pointed star (December 2019).