How to clean moonshine with homemade methods from smell and fusel oils? Technology for cleaning moonshine at home with activated carbon, water, potassium permanganate, soda, salt, filter, bread, egg

The article describes in detail the various methods of purification of moonshine using simple tools. After reading the essay, you can choose for yourself a suitable way to clean a strong drink at home.

  • Unfortunately, many beginners of moonshine brewing believe that it is not necessary to clean moonshine, home-made drink, therefore, is superior in quality to store vodka
  • However, in this strong drink, in addition to water, alcohol, there are also harmful fusel oils, which you still need to get rid of
  • Cleansing moonshine will significantly improve the quality of the alcoholic beverage. Moreover, cleaning is not such a laborious process. Then you yourself can see for yourself

Homemade Moonshine Cleaning Methods

  • You need to know that not all fusel oils are harmful to the human body
  • Thanks to them, drinking moonshine, you feel the taste and smell of this strong drink. It is necessary to get rid of isoamyl alcohol
  • This component negatively affects health. Such a monohydric alcohol in its pure form is toxic; it causes burns in contact with skin tissues.
  • If he accidentally finds himself in the respiratory system, then there may be choking and a dry, severe cough
Different ways to clean moonshine from isoamyl alcohol

There are many cleaning methods homemade alcohol drink at home.

  • Biological method purification - at first milk, egg white is added to alcoholic drink. At the same time, unnecessary fusel oils curl up with these products and precipitate. After that, the moonshine is distilled again. Then the alcohol is diluted to 40 revolutions (degrees) with purified water and filtered with black, freshly prepared bread
  • Freezing Cleaning - This option is effective in winter in severe frosts. It is enough to put moonshine in the cold. Water will freeze to the walls of the tank, and the moonshine itself carefully pour into another vessel
  • Cleaning activated coal, potassium permanganate, soda, water filters, the egg, bread, milk. We will talk about these methods in detail later.
How to clean moonshine?

Purification of Moonshine with Activated Carbon in Tablets

This cleaning option is pretty straightforward. For the procedure, you will need to buy a pharmacy activated carbon.

Then, in the process of distillation, put cotton in the funnel, and on top of it several crushed tablets of activated carbon. Moonshine will drip and immediately filtered.

Activated Carbon Moonshine Filtration
  • Another option: you can pour pre-prepared powder from coal into ready-made moonshine. 45-50 grams of coal will be needed per liter of moonshine
  • After adding this component, alcohol must be put on for 14 days to filter in a dark place. Shake the container every day so that the coal is not at the bottom all the time
  • After two weeks, strain the drink through cheesecloth, folded in six layers. The obtained purified product can be used without fear, the main thing is to know the norm and not to sort out
How to clean moonshine with activated carbon?

Moonshine cleaning with water

The cleaning of moonshine with water has already been mentioned above. To do this, you need to carry out the procedure for freezing an alcoholic drink.

More precisely, make the alcohol composition in the cold, after it begins to thicken, pour the moonshine into another bottle. Water will remain on the walls of the old bottle in the form of a thin crust of ice, and a sivuha will remain in the same place. Moonshine will be cleansed, its quality will improve significantly.

Moonshine - after cleaning with water

Cleaning moonshine with potassium permanganate and soda

To remove residual acetic acid and harmful fusel oils in home moonshine, potassium permanganate and soda are used. The procedure is as follows:

  • At first, a soda solution (per 100 milliliters of purified water, ten grams of soda) is poured into a bottle with moonshine (per one liter)
  • Dilute potassium permanganate in a cup of water, proportions for moonshine: per liter of drink 1.5 grams of potassium permanganate
  • Then close the container, shake well, allow to stand for 45-55 minutes
  • Then shake again, leave for 14-15 hours
  • At the end, filter the home-brew, gently, without shaking it through cotton wool or gauze
Cleaning home moonshine with soda, potassium permanganate

IMPORTANT: After this filtration, another distillation must be applied, then the moonshine will be crystal clear.

Cleaning moonshine with soda and salt

This purification method also requires re-distillation of the alcohol product. The process is as follows:

  • In a cup of water (purified), dissolve a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of soda (per one liter of moonshine)
  • Pour the resulting solution into the raw, stir, let stand a little
  • Then re-distill the home alcohol product.
Purification of moonshine with salt, re-distillation soda

Cleaning moonshine with charcoal for barbecue

  • Home-brewing experts claim that charcoal cleaning is much better for charcoal grill than activated carbon filtration
  • After all, after activated carbon, an unpleasant bitter taste remains. In addition, the composition of pharmaceutical coal includes starch, talc
  • And these components interfere with the purification of the drink from heavy fractions of fusel oils (due to small pores)
Cleaning moonshine with charcoal for barbecue

IMPORTANT: When choosing charcoal, see the label so that there are no non-natural ingredients in the composition.

Cleaning process:

  • Pour charcoal for barbecue into moonshine (in the proportion of 1 part to 30, respectively)
  • Leave the alcoholic drink in this condition for a week, and preferably one and a half
  • Stir moonshine periodically
  • Then filter home brew through cotton wool

If everything is done correctly, then the alcoholic drink will be transparent.

Filtering moonshine with charcoal for barbecue

Cleaning moonshine filter Barrier and Aquaphor

Filter cleaning The barrier is carried out by filter cartridges. They are filled with adsorbents. One such filter is enough for 10-16 liters of home-brew. In order for the cleaning to be of high quality, the drink must be run through the barrier five times.

Cleaning moonshine with a filter Barrier

Aquaphor for filtering moonshine is somewhat more profitable. After all, it uses triple cleaning. Therefore, you can "pass" an alcoholic drink through it only once.

How to use Aquafor filters for cleaning moonshine?

Cleaning moonshine with bread

IMPORTANT: Clean only the fresh brown bread with a strong drink. Yesterday’s pastries will not work.

Cleaning moonshine with fresh brown bread

The process should be carried out in the following. sequences:

  • Take a large watering can or make it from a two-liter plastic bottle
  • Lay a napkin, gently push it into the neck of the watering can
  • Sprinkle on top and tamp the crumb of fresh rye bread a little, but do not overload the neck with the crumb, otherwise the alcohol will not pass
  • Strain moonshine

Cleaning moonshine with an egg

  • For this method, you will need egg whites, for every 700 grams of moonshine - one protein
  • Then mix the squirrels thoroughly with warm water (25 ° C). Purified water should be no more than 8% of the volume of moonshine
  • Add the water-protein mixture to the moonshine and mix well again
  • Put the mixture in a dark place for a week, shake it every day several times a day
  • On the seventh day, do not mix moonshine, let the sivuha with proteins settle to the bottom
  • Then filter the moonshine through a watering can with cotton
Purification of moonshine from fusel oils with egg proteins

Cleaning moonshine with milk, video

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