How to dry butter mushrooms in the oven, microwave, on a thread in the sun at home?

Instructions for drying oil in the oven, microwave and air.

Oil mushrooms are small mushrooms that differ in a slippery hat. With their help, you can cook roast, pancakes, pastry toppings, as well as delicious soups. Few people know that these mushrooms can be dried.

Can oily mushrooms be dried?

Even 400 years ago, in Russia, only porcini mushrooms, as well as mushrooms, were eaten. But in connection with deforestation, there were not very many noble mushrooms, so other, as they were called, second-rate mushrooms were used. These are butterfish, honey mushrooms, and mushrooms. The main advantage of oil is that in one small clearing you can collect several buckets. This is due to the fact that mushrooms grow whole families.

WITHThere are several ways to suture the oil:

  • In the oven
  • Outdoors
  • In a special dryer
  • In the microwave
  • In the air grill

The main difficulty is that the mushroom contains up to 95% moisture, so the drying process is quite long. Readiness is determined by breaking a piece. If it breaks well, then the mushrooms have dried out enough, they can be poured into a jar and poured into linen bags.

Oven drying

How to dry butter mushrooms in the oven?

Drying in the oven is a simple and affordable method, but requires a decent amount of time. Be prepared for droplets of water to appear on the mushrooms during drying. In this case, turn off the heat and open the door. These droplets will contribute to the darkening of the mushrooms. If you do not want them to turn black, you must dry them in a special way.


  • Dry the mushrooms, select from them garbage, grass, as well as leaves. In no case should you wash the oil, because they are saturated with moisture, soaked.
  • Using a gauze, wipe the mushrooms, you can wipe the dirt with a damp cloth. The peel from the hats can not be removed. It all depends on her condition. If it is very dirty, you have to remove it. If clean, leave her alone.
  • Large mushrooms are cut into four parts or strips, and small ones are dried whole. It is necessary to lay out baking paper on a baking sheet and lay out a thin layer of mushrooms. The distance between the pieces should be 2 mm.
  • Drying takes place in several stages. At the first stage, the heating should reach 50 degrees. In this state, the pieces dry for about 2 hours. After that, the temperature rises to 70 degrees, and is dried for another 2 hours.
  • Next, open the door, mix the mushrooms and lower the temperature to 50 degrees. Dry in this mode for 2 hours. When breaking inside, the mushroom must be absolutely dry. Cooked mushrooms can be stored in jars or in paper bags. This kind of workpiece is stored for 8-10 months.
Oven drying

How to dry oily mushrooms in the microwave?

If you have never dried butter before, you will have to try a little, because at first you need to look into the microwave quite often.


  • Peel and mushrooms from debris and soil. You can’t wash the mushrooms, you must remove all the debris dry, that is, with a damp cloth.
  • Cut the mushrooms into thin slices and evenly lay on a plate, after laying the parchment on it. Turn on the microwave at minimum power and dry the mushrooms for 15 minutes.
  • If you see puffs of moisture, you need to instantly open the door and let the mushrooms ventilate, cool for 10 minutes. This will prevent darkening of the product.
  • Again, the product is closed and dried. Such manipulation must be carried out 3-5 times, until the mushrooms are completely dry. If you do everything correctly, you will not allow the accumulation of condensate, evaporation of moisture and laying it on the walls and door of the device, the mushrooms will not darken and will be a beautiful orange color.
Dried mushrooms

How to dry oily mushrooms on a string in the sun at home?

The classic way is drying oil on a thread. This method was used by our grandmothers. It was considered the simplest, because even children can dry mushrooms in this way. Ideal for small mushrooms that do not need to be cut.


  • Clean all grass and leaf products with a damp cloth. Cut the legs off the soil, and string the mushrooms with a needle and thread. Tie a knot, you get a kind of mushroom beads.
  • Hang them in well-lit places. You can do this in the yard, in the sun, or at home on the balcony. Thus, the mushrooms dry until they are completely dry.
  • You can also dry the oil on the table or on the floor of the balcony, pre-laying clean paper and cloth. Make sure that the street does not rain and the mushrooms are not wet.
Air drying

Drying butter is an opportunity to treat yourself and your loved ones in winter with delicious soups, as well as main dishes. Dried mushrooms have an excellent aroma and pleasant taste. They will remind you of summer and warmth.

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