Pregnancy: signs and superstitions. Signs for an early pregnancy. Bad signs during pregnancy. How to attract pregnancy, determine the sex of the child: signs

A review of signs and superstitions during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman always carefully treats all signs and superstitions, even if before an interesting position she did not believe in them. This is due to the desire to give birth to a full-fledged baby without diseases. That is why the mother, on a subconscious level, is trying to protect the child from all that is bad and what could harm his health. In this article, we will talk about the most common signs that are associated with pregnancy.

Signs for pregnant women: what can not be done?

There are a huge number of pregnancy bans. This is due to the fact that a lot of what is allowed to an ordinary woman in the situation is not allowed to be done due to the deterioration of health.

There is plenty to take, and here are some of them:

  • Pregnant women should not cut their hair. It is believed that the ends of curls contain vitality, energy, therefore, when they are sheared, a woman loses additional energy, which can adversely affect her baby. Although in reality it has nothing to do with reality. Specialists do not prohibit cutting hair in an interesting position.
  • During pregnancy, you can’t stroke the cat, because it takes vitality and energy. At the moment, it is difficult to confirm or refute this fact, but the fact that it is better not to communicate with unknown animals that do not live in your house is for sure. The fact is that cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis, so the expectant mother can become infected with this serious ailment, which will become a significant risk to the health of the unborn child.
  • Pregnant women cannot sit on the doorstep. It is believed that the threshold is a certain boundary between this and the other world, therefore it is in the area of ​​doorways that evil spirits and magical powers can accumulate. In order that they do not interfere with the birth of a child, it is necessary to try to spend less time in these places.
  • It’s believed that pregnant women should not sleep on their backs, because the baby will be born dead. Perhaps the sign was created for a reason. Because there is information that when standing on your back you can squeeze a vena cava, which impairs blood circulation within the abdomen and will cause oxygen starvation of the child.
Girl in position

Bad signs during pregnancy

There is still a lot of what pregnant women should not do.


  • Pregnant women cannot sew and embroider. This promises a future mother a difficult birth, it is also possible that the baby will become entangled in the umbilical cord.
  • Pregnant women were also not allowed to look at different deformities, because it could promise some kind of illness or disability for the unborn baby. This was considered a bad sign, could cause the birth of a not quite healthy child.
  • In addition, many believe that pregnant women should not apply makeup, this may adversely affect the health of the child. There is some truth to this, because in some pregnant women, cosmetics can cause severe allergies, as well as rashes. An organism that is in an interesting position does not always adequately respond to a variety of allergens. Even if cosmetics did not cause allergies before pregnancy, this does not mean that everything will be fine in the new position.
  • It’s not a good omen to step over fruits and vegetables, who grew up in the earth. It is believed that in this way a woman steps over her child and inhibits his growth. That is, in this way, the fetus may fade and stop its development inside the womb.
  • Also, pregnant women are recommended not to disclose an interesting position, hide it in every way. To do this, women in the position are recommended to wear clothes that do not emphasize pregnancy. There is also some common sense in this, because people are different, and maybe someone will envy your position or look crookedly. What can negatively affect the health of the mother, as well as the unborn baby.
Girl knits in position

Superstition during pregnancy


  • Many women who were already in an interesting position know that you can not hang out underwear. Until a certain point, this was considered superstition and could entail entanglement of the child in the umbilical cord.
  • However, in fact, hanging clothes can really become a threat to the health of a pregnant woman. This is due to the fact that when you raise your hands up, skin tension on the abdomen can be observed, which will entail a tone of the uterus and premature shedding of amniotic water. Thus, you can provoke premature birth.
  • Women in position are not recommended to eat red fruits, including exotic ones. In fact, this is not entirely superstition, and there is some truth in it. The fact is that very often brightly colored fruits are strong allergens, so a baby can be born with diathesis or atopic dermatitis. But besides all superstitions that are explained by common sense, there are those that are not scientifically confirmed.
  • They say that pregnant women should not sit cross-legged, crossing them. It is believed that this can cause clubfoot in the child. However, this is actually not the case. But still, expectant mother is not particularly desirable to sit in this position, because it impairs blood circulation in her legs, and this can cause varicose veins. What is fraught with swelling and pastiness.
  • It is believed that pregnant women should not purchase things before the birth of the baby. After all, the clothes should be a baby. If you purchase clothes in advance, then unclean power can settle in it. Thus, it can promise death to the unborn child. However, in reality, these signs are unreasonable, because it is very difficult to imagine a woman who will come to the hospital without things for the baby.
  • Your household, as well as those who remain in the house, will be forced not only to clean the housing, and prepare for the reception of a new man in this world, but also to run around the shops and purchase a variety of things for the baby. It’s not a fact that you will like them. In addition, the acquisition of things for mom is a rather pleasant procedure, which causes positive emotions, and sets up a favorable birth. This superstition is completely unconfirmed.
The acquisition of new things

Signs for pregnant women - who will be born?

They tried to determine the sex of the child not only by the shape of the abdomen, but also by some interesting, unusual signs. It was believed that if the expectant mother is distinguished by gait, and more often steps on her left foot, then a boy will be born, and if on the right, then a girl.


  • At the same time, in the old days the birth of twins was considered a bad sign that brings misfortune to the house. For this reason, pregnant women were forbidden to eat double fruits, as well as to eat eggs with a double yolk. However, now everything has changed and many want to immediately give birth to two babies, that is, twins. It is believed that this is double happiness. You can also determine the gender of the child by the state of health of the mother.
  • It was believed that if a woman in the first trimester feels good, she does not have any rashes on her face, as well as nausea, toxicosis, then a boy will be born. If an interesting situation is very difficult for a woman, then a girl will be born. In fact, there is no confirmation of this. You can also determine the sex of the future baby by the state of the abdomen, or rather by its hair growth.
  • If you have abundant hair on your stomach that was not observed before pregnancy, expect a boy. Many consider this sign not unreasonable. Indeed, inside the womb of a woman who is pregnant with a boy, the amount of testosterone and androgens can increase. Due to this, the amount of vegetation on the body of a pregnant woman increases. However, there is no confirmation of this.
  • You can determine the sex of the child by the state of the mother’s abdomen. If it is sharp enough, then a boy will be born, if you have vague sides, then a baby will be born. The most interesting thing is that this is indeed confirmed in most cases.
Who will be born

Signs for pregnant women before childbirth

There are also signs associated with the church that you should stick to, here are some of them:

  • Pregnant women should not remove the cross, because this removes the protection. This can cause premature and unsuccessful childbirth. In addition, it is advisable for pregnant women not to attend funerals and negative events, because this can also provoke a deterioration in the condition of the child.
  • Pregnant women are forbidden to visit magicians and sorcerers, because an evil spirit or some kind of demon can inhabit a child, as well as ruin the upcoming birth, make them unsuccessful. That is, it is worth fearing that the birth does not end sadly, deplorably for the mother and baby.
  • Until recently, it was forbidden to know the sex of the child in advance. But now everything is somewhat different, because several screenings, including ultrasound, are mandatory for pregnant women. That is, in any case, the mother will know the gender of the baby. This sign is currently irrelevant.
  • Pregnant women should not step over the ropes and belts, because this promises entanglement of the baby in the umbilical cord, and a rather difficult birth. Harbingers were considered spring cleaning, as well as when you collect a package of things in the hospital. Of course, there is some truth in this, because a woman is physically tensed, which can cause an increase in the tone of the uterus and premature birth.
  • In addition, if the cabinets and doors open wide, this may contribute to the onset of premature birth. That is why pregnant women in ancient times tried to close all closets, and not sit in a room with an open door.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to cross the log, because it promises a halt to fetal growth. In fact, a pregnant woman can only stumble through it, and thereby inflict some bodily harm on herself, which can cause her pregnancy to stop. There are also many negative signs regarding pregnancy. However, not everything should be taken seriously.
Pin during pregnancy

How to attract pregnancy, get pregnant quickly: signs

It was believed that if you sit on the spot where the pregnant woman recently sat, that is, immediately sit on a chair, then this promises you an early increase in the family. In addition, it was recommended to give pregnant women a variety of gifts and pat their stomach. Soon, this also promised replenishment in the family.

Harbingers of pregnancy are most often dreams. They can be prophetic.

Signs for pregnant women - which indicates the imminent conception:

  • If you dream of fish, mice, or some kind of pets.
  • If you pick mushrooms, berries or pick some vegetables on the market.
  • If you find some kind of treasure buried in the forest.
  • If you dream that you choose baby things or cradle in the hands of the baby.
Cat with a pregnant

In order to accelerate the onset of pregnancy, many people who are associated with magic are advised to adhere to several rules and carry out rituals.

To get pregnant:

  • Have the pregnant woman sneeze at you or cough.
  • Ask to ride an empty stroller. It is believed that if you ride a baby stroller a little without a baby, then God will send you a baby.
  • You can also draw two fish and put them under a mattress or pillow.
  • In addition, it is believed that the precursors of pregnancy may be the behavior of pets. If your aggressive cat suddenly becomes very kind and affectionate, constantly spinning around you, you should expect an early pregnancy. Animals feel if a child lives in the stomach of their mistress.
  • It is widely believed that in order to accelerate the onset of pregnancy, it is necessary to communicate more often with women in position, put on their things, and drink from a cup. It is believed that this is a kind of virus that is transmitted by airborne droplets.
In an interesting position

Of course, you should not take it seriously, but perhaps there is some truth in this. As you can see, a lot of signs and signs that our ancestors have long traced are associated with pregnancy. Believe it or not, it's up to you. However, you should not ignore them.

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