As a guy, to name a man affectionately so that he likes: a list of words, adjectives. How to affectionately call a man, a guy who really likes, at the beginning of a relationship? How do men and boys like being affectionately called?

As you can call a beloved man, a guy affectionately.

Most often, lovers in everyday life use the most neutral simple words, referring to a loved one. Moments, when affectionate and tender nicknames become appropriate, come after the couple is left alone. From this article you can learn some unusual and original affectionate words for your beloved man, spouse, so that he wants to hear these words from you every day.

As men, guys like to be affectionately called: affectionate nicknames for their beloved men, guys - a list

Girls and women simply related to the idea that only for them beautiful words and compliments are thought up and pronounced. However, this is not at all true. Boys and men also want to hear affectionate words. Therefore, information on how to affectionately and originally call your man may be relevant for ladies in love. For example, in moments of pleasant communication, when tender feelings overwhelm and there is a desire to express it in words.

Tender words with which lovers give each other are simply necessary in communication. Indeed, with their help, "cooing doves" emphasize their special attitude to the second half. Cavaliers, as well as ladies, do not remain indifferent when they are addressed affectionately, pronouncing words in an appropriate and suitable tone for gentleness.

Like men, guys like to be affectionately called.

From this section you will find out what kind of affectionate words will be appropriate in various situations: in the presence of strangers, in the company of friends, when all the words remain secret from strangers.

How can I call a beloved in the presence of strangers:

  • Sweet
  • Favourite
  • Dear
  • My good
  • Native
  • My sun

These are well-known tendernesses that will be appropriate among friends and acquaintances. Lovers will thereby demonstrate a tender and romantic relationship, which nevertheless is under a veil of secrecy. You can add the pronoun “mine” to each of the pleasant words to emphasize the closeness of the relationship. Psychologists recommend that lovers use these words more often.

What to use tender association words

Some couples in love get into the habit of using diminutive words or phrases when communicating with each other. We offer to replenish the list of already familiar to you affectionate words that you still do not dare to pronounce in communication with your loved one.

If the words are intended for a man, then it is better to dwell on options that remind us of a beautiful, strong and sweet representative of the animal kingdom. Taboo for insulting nicknames! The cavalier is unlikely to be delighted to hear from you a playful comparison with a goat or a ram.

What kind of association words to use, naming affectionately beloved man

List of tenderness for a loved one:

  • Teddy bear
  • Cat, kitten, cat
  • Lion, Lion Cub, Lion Cub
  • Tiger, tiger cub
  • Bunny bunny
  • Hedgehog

You can add many other words to this list. For example, persuade or change them, replace them with a close value. You can whisper in your beloved’s ear such affectionate nicknames as Drakosha, Zaya-Kot, Krokodilchik. Tell your beloved what he likes best, but do not try to use homely affectionate nicknames in the circle of colleagues, strangers.

Home sweet nicknames for a loved one

  • Calling your soulmate a nickname in which you put all your tenderness in the presence of friends and relatives is not forbidden. Any nicknames and phrases that you invented will be appropriate here. The main thing is that your loved one adequately perceives such tenderness.
  • Come up with something unusual every time. If all the options have already been pronounced, then for you we have compiled a whole list of hint words.

List of cute and homemade nicknames for a loved one:

  • Fluffy
  • Sun
  • Kid
  • My hero
  • My treasure
  • My joy
  • Playful
  • Macho
  • My sweetie
  • Gingerbread Man (Gingerbread)
  • Angel
  • My happiness
  • Simpot
  • Sweet peach
  • Beloved
  • Owlet
  • Pretty girl
List of cute and homemade nicknames for a loved one

Experts in the field of psychology argue that the sound of a personal name for each person is the most pleasant sound to his hearing. Men are no exception. They are also pleased to hear how their native name sounds from the lips of other people, and especially if this name is pronounced by the other half. If you want to win the favor of a man, then often call him by name.

You can pronounce the name of a loved one in different ways. For example, Denis is called Denis, Deniska, Denisik, Denisochka. Sergei can be called Serzhik, Serenky, and Vitaly - Vitasik. Having traced the full analogy with the name of the guy, and calling him in a special way, you emphasize your warm attitude towards him.

Here are other options for affectionate names:

  • Sasha, Sasha, Sanya, Sasa, Alex, Shunya, Sashpunechka, Shunchik
  • Aleshenka, Alyushechka, Alex, Alyusya, Lesik, Leshka, Aleshechka
  • Andryushechka, Andrew, Andreyka, Dronchik, Dragon, Dyusha
  • Anton - Tosha, Toshechka, Tonchik, Antonio
  • Artyom - Artyusha, Tyoma, Temchik, Temusha, Temusik
  • Boris - Borik, Boryusik, Boryusechka, Boryunchik, Borisovichok, Barbarisik
  • Valery - Valik, Valerychek, Valerushechka
  • Vasily - Vasik, Vasyatka, Cornflower
  • Victor - Vityusha, Vitik, Viktavusik, Vitechka, Lyunchik
  • Vladimir - Vovanchik, Volanchik, Vladimirchik, Vovashechka, Vovatrushka
  • Vitaliy - Vitasik, Tasik, Talik, Vitality, Vitusik, Vitalyander, Vitalyushkin, Cog, Curl
  • Gennady - Genchik, Genyusha, Genius, Crocodile
  • Danila - Danchik, Nilchik, Daniusha
  • Dmitry - Dimik, Dimenok, Dimuski, Dimasik, Demon
  • Eugene - Zhenchik, Eugenchik, Ginseng.
  • Ivan - Ivanchik, Ivashka, Vanyok, Vanchik, Ivanushka.
  • Igor - Garik, Igorusha, Goryushunchik
  • Kirill - Kira, Kirchik, Kiryusik
  • Maxim - Maksik, Maksunchik, Maksemigliano
  • Michael - Bear, Bear, Mishanya, Bear
  • Nikolay - Nikola, Nikolichik, Kolik, Kolyunya, Nikolasha
  • Oleg - Olezhok, Olezhka, Olegusya
  • Pavel - Pashka, Nakhan, Pashulya, Pasheka
  • Roma - Chamomile, Romunchik, Romik, Romeo
  • Ruslan-Ruslik, Ruslanchik, Russo
  • Sergey - Sergunya, Sergunchik, Serenya, Serge
  • Timur - Tim, Timka Timurchik, Timurenok, Mumu
  • Fedor - Fedyunya, Fenya, Fe, Fefa
  • Yuri - Yurochka, Yurik, Yurasik, Yur

If your soulmate has outstanding abilities in the preparation of various delicacies, in repair, then the words invented in this topic are suitable as praise. You can also note the strength of your lover, his appearance, an unusual haircut or manner of speaking.

Here is a list of suitable nicknames:

  • My strongman
  • Sexual
  • Desired
  • Superman
  • Sweet
  • Zolotze
  • Precious mine
  • Sweet tooth
  • Only

A pronounced gentle nickname alone is not enough for a man to feel your warm feelings. Try to hug your beloved, kiss. Such tenderness is especially needed for men who are shy of their appearance or complex. Cute nicknames will help them believe in themselves and make sure of your sincerity.

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How to affectionately call a man, a guy who really likes: a list of words, adjectives

  • To come up with an affectionate nickname for a man that you like is not an easy task. Especially if he only guesses about your feelings.
  • Choose the most neutral affectionate words. Emphasize his special mentality, logical thinking, masculinity, gallantry. Every man deep down considers himself the standard of courage and is confident that he possesses these qualities.

Here is a list of nicknames for a loved one who has bad habits:

  • Smoking room
  • All-forget
  • Noskiraskidalka
  • Sonia
  • Telepuzik

And so you can call a man who is very attached to something:

  • Discoverer
  • Sea storm
  • Pencil
  • Salad
  • Pancake
  • Bar
  • My schumacher
List of nicknames for a man who has bad habits

How to affectionately call a man, a guy at the beginning of a relationship, so that he likes?

  • Regular encouragement and admiring glances from their beloved are necessary for men as well as for ladies - endless compliments. This is a kind of necessary emotional support.
  • To be one of the very best for your beloved is as important as for a lady to hear about her unearthly beauty, to catch the enthusiastic looks of men.
  • An affectionate home nickname at the beginning of a relationship can be compared to taking vitamins, where the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • When thinking of how you can affectionately call a guy or a man at the beginning of a relationship, do not try to introduce complex phrases into your speech that will sound unnatural, and sometimes even false. By this you will only push away the chosen one from you.
  • Use simple words for praise, adding something gentle and understandable to both of you. You can compare your beloved man with the hero of the film, with a fabulous character that he really likes.

Here is a list of phrases that we recommend using:

  • You are the best
  • You are my strongest and most fearless
  • You are my only, most beloved in the world
  • There is nobody better than you
  • My most tender romantic
  • How sexy and tireless you are
  • I'm going crazy with your kisses, touches
  • Only with you I feel good and comfortable
  • I think about you all day
The affectionate word at the beginning of a relationship can be compared to taking vitamins. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it

As you can call a beloved man, a guy affectionately: a list of words, adjectives

Tendernesses have a special property: after you pronounce them to your loved one, he turns into a handsome prince. Therefore, do not wait for the holidays to say kind words to your beloved.

If you all don’t know what to name your soulmate, then use the following examples of words caressing a man’s ear and pride.

List of adjectives:

  • strong, caring, upright
  • smart, welcome, witty
  • priceless, chic, kind
  • extravagant, dear, incredible
  • extraordinary, sexy, courageous
As you can call a beloved man, a guy affectionately

How can you call your boyfriend, a man affectionately and coolly, funny: a list of words

  • Lovers, whose relationship is long and lasting, can use in communication any silly and funny nicknames that both like. The main thing is that the unusual and cheerful nickname does not sound insulting or stupid.
  • From an unsuccessful joke, even a funny one, the gentleman may spoil for a long time the mood and desire to continue the conversation in the same playful tone.

Here is a list of playful nicknames for a loved one:

  • Sweeties
  • Fat bunny
  • Lysik
  • Pepper
  • Elephant
  • Sonya
  • Peach
  • Angel
  • Sexy
  • Donut
  • Sweetie
  • Dandelion
  • Baby elephant
  • Puzatik
  • Donkey
  • Baby
  • Ball - Smesharik
  • Glutton
List of playful nicknames for a loved one

As you can call your boyfriend, a man is affectionate and unusual: a list of words

Here is a list of unusual affectionate home nicknames for men:

  • Cartoon
  • Diamond
  • Brilliant
  • Hood
  • Lapulka
  • Lover
  • Dolphin
  • Lyublyunchik
  • Little key
List of unusual affectionate home nicknames for men

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How can you call your boyfriend, a man affectionately and originally: a list of words

For strong and courageous men who make serious and responsible decisions, affectionate words from their beloved are like a life-giving balm for the soul! It is worthwhile to demonstrate your feelings in gentle, affectionate words, and a respectable man will turn into a docile, kind and understanding, and a giant and a strong man will feel like a kitten next to you, comfortably sitting on a master's pillow.

Affectionate and original words for a loved one:

  • Appetizing
  • Insane
  • Hot
  • Magic
  • Delightful
  • Only
  • Desired
  • Sultry
  • Gold
  • Exceptional
  • Beloved
  • Extravagant

How to record a guy, a man on the phone affectionately: a list of words

By writing down contacts on your mobile, you unconsciously show your attitude to a person whose number is encrypted with his first and last name. Recording on the phone becomes the litmus test of your true feelings. As soon as the degree of your love reaches its maximum, the name of the other half in the phone changes in the mimic direction.

How to record a beloved man on the phone? See examples below:

  • Angel
  • Beech
  • Hedgehog
  • Treasure
  • King
  • Cat
  • Bear
  • Clear month
  • Man of dreams
  • My Lord
  • Cowboy
  • Sex bomb
  • Only
  • Beloved husband
  • Milenysh
  • Defender
  • Pretty boy
  • Murzik

On the phone, you can record the contact of a loved one under his name. Only use the familiar home option.

How to record a guy, a man on the phone affectionately: a list of words

Write your lover’s name in a special way on the phone. Then, seeing this record by accident, your man will be pleasantly surprised.


  • Do not use diminutive designations of animals (bunny, rabbit, wild boar)
  • You can highlight the name of a loved one in the contact list by writing it in Latin letters.

Appeal to the guy affectionately

  • Do not think that for a man the main thing in a woman is her appearance, her ability to give herself. Representatives of the stronger sex appreciate the manifestation of care and tenderness.
  • Affectionate words in this case will help you a lot. They are capable of much: create a mood, connect people. Therefore, more often use various cute words in everyday communication and do not skimp on diminutive suffixes.

Here is a list of the most suitable affectionate appeals to a guy, a man:

  • My boy
  • Cucumber
  • Joy
  • Eagle
  • Charming
  • Poganochka (if you had a fight)
  • My half
  • Donut
  • Gingerbread man
  • Pupsicek
  • My dear man
  • My light
  • Cream
  • Treasure
  • My fate
  • My happiness
  • Typhoon
  • Hard work
  • Hurricane
  • Cherry
  • Imp
  • Miracle
Appeal to the guy affectionately

How to gently wake a guy up?

Sleeping like a baby, a guy who did not wake up the alarm clock, you can try to put on alert the gentle phrases and affectionate words. Tell him, for example, “Get up, Sonya! Morning has already arrived!”

List of words and phrases with which you can affectionately wake your beloved:

  • Unusual
  • Incomparable
  • Sugar
  • Light coloured
  • Sweetie
  • Stunning
  • Solar
  • Astonishing
  • Fantastic
  • Wonderful
How to wake a man

How to call a guy affectionately in English?

If you communicate with your loved one in English, or both learn this language, you can call each other affectionate English words. It will definitely be perceived unusual and easy to remember.

Here is a list of the most common words:

  • Darling
  • Hun
  • Honey
  • Babe
  • Baby
  • Love
  • Sweetie
  • Honey bunny

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