“You Can’t Come Into the Same River Twice”: where did this expression come from, what is its meaning?

Origin and significance of the thesis "You Can’t Enter the River Twice Twice."

The winged expression “You Can’t Come Into the River Twice Twice” is so common in Russian literature that it is perceived by many as a Russian proverb. In this article we will talk about the history of the phase, and its true meaning.

The history of the origin of the phrase “You Can’t Enter the Same River Twice”

Historically, the physical originals of most of the works of the “Dark” philosopher Heraclitus have not reached our days. But they were so strong and biting that quotes from them have survived to this day. The speeches of Heraclitus speak indirect sources in the form of the works of the philosopher Plato, Aristotle and Plutarch.

As it turned out, the phrase "you can’t enter the same river twice" is an ancient phraseological unit, the gloomy and severe philosopher Heraclitus. In one of his works Heraclitus wrote - «δὶς ἐς τὸν αὐτὸν ποταμὸν οὐκ ἂν ἐμβαίης», and made me think about this phrase not only opponents, but the whole world. Later, Plato in the famous difficult dialogue “Kratil” will discuss the course of life, referring to the esteemed Heraclitus.

It is this recorded dialogue of Plato that is considered the primary source, since the dialogue of Heraclitus was never found anywhere. The literal translation of the phrase "You can’t enter the same river twice." In Russian literature, phraseologism was rephrased to a more harmonious, according to Russian writers, the thesis "You Can’t Enter the River Twice Twice."

Artistic representation of Heraclitus in the process of creating philosophical dialogues

As the sources indicate, Heraclitus implied by this thesis a constant movement of human life and a second-by-second change of external factors. He called for the need to live now, right in that moment. Since tomorrow it will be impossible to live today, it is impossible to return the past, as if a person would not regret the deed or abandoned phrase.

Heraclitus was severe, categorical, and the first to raise the very "heavy" topics of philosophy. He did not try to veil the problems of human life with beautiful speeches, but conveyed his thoughts with simple eloquent phrases that were understandable to every person, regardless of status and education.

It is believed that the thesis "You can’t enter the same river twice" struck the minds of compatriots Heraclitus and forced to reconsider views on life, releasing feelings and desires from the shackles of duties.

The meaning of the phraseology “You Can’t Enter the Same River Twice Twice”

Phraseologism "You can’t enter the same river twice" is more relevant today than ever. We again forgot how to live “today”, striving, by all means, to improve our social and material situation. Replaced true desires, false material values. They decided that family and children should be later, and first several decades of manifestations of egocentrism. Therefore, we cast aside friendship, relationships, and even the presence of a home.

The age-old wisdom “You Can’t Enter Two Streams Two Times” draws attention to the fact that a missed moment today cannot be returned at will tomorrow. Refuse someone or something today, think about whether it will be tomorrow? Can you turn back the clock and create something that is in the hands of today?

One of the interpretations of the thesis “You Can’t Come Into the River Twice Twice”

Millions of men and women in old age regret that they did not go traveling young. Thousands of people regret that they did not take advantage of the offer of study or career growth, believing that this could be achieved later. And as many people around the world repent that they did not maintain love, did not marry their loved ones, were proud and self-confident, and now live every day of their lives, recalling lost love.

Also, the wisdom “You Can’t Get Into One River Twice” says that you should not play with confidence. If you deceive a person, shake faith in yourself, betray and disappear at the most difficult moment - do not look after the atonement, it will not be. Even if a person says that he has forgiven, a feeling of distrust and doubt will remain inside him forever.

The phrase “You Can’t Get Into One River Twice” is a call for conscious decision-making every day of your life, as well as a reminder from an ancient source that it is worth living today and now. You will not have a chance to live this minute again, remember this every day of your life!

Heraclitus urged not to make mistakes, but to think before each of his actions, before every word that is pronounced aloud, since the world is changing at lightning speed, and we influence the changes in the same way as the solar system.

And in conclusion, we suggest watching a philosophical cartoon about how fleeting and changeable life is.

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