Naughty and rude stars: 15 popular actors with a terrible character

Our article will be interesting to those who want to learn more about the life of famous stars. We will introduce you to the most popular actors with a terrible character.

Most people consider their idols almost deities. They seem ideal to them in everything. In fact, they are ordinary people who have achieved a little more in life than others. When they do not act in films and do not pose for the cameras of photojournalists, they are engaged in a routine familiar to everyone. The most interesting thing is that a lot of stars that we consider ideal have, to put it mildly, a bad character that repels those around them. We will talk about popular actors with a terrible character in our article.

15 popular actors with a terrible character: photo, interesting information

Bruce willis

1. Bruce Willis. Opens a list of actors with a terrible character Bruce Willis. For most of its admirers, the popular movie star is associated with courage, nobility, incredible endurance. But those who know the actor closely argue that in life he is very different from his on-screen heroes. As soon as the camera turns off, he turns into a rude, gloomy man who tries to stay away from the rest.

Moreover, almost all directors working with the actor claim that he loves to fit into their work, and is trying to influence the footage. Of course, his view of the film very often does not coincide with what the script suggests, and therefore very often it provokes the emergence of violent and lengthy scandals.

Gwyneth Paltrow

2. Gwyneth Paltrow. The list of actors with a terrible character is an actress with an angelic face. But do not be fooled by the lovely smile of this woman. Her self-esteem is so overstated that she considers herself almost a queen. For example, she has an assistant who is preparing the shower for her arrival. The star has a fad about cleanliness, so she will never take a shower if the shower is wet.

For this reason, her assistant has to wipe the shower cubicle dry so that, God forbid, the star does not stand on a wet surface. In addition, the capricious actress openly declares that she does not give a damn about the opinions of others, even if she knows that she is not doing the right thing.

Miley Cyrus

3. Miley Cyrus. Fans of the stars will probably not believe that this cute girl can fugue in the ranking of popular actors with a terrible character. For most fans, she is associated with a kind and smiling girl, incapable of bad deeds. This is exactly what Miley appeared before the fans in the film “Hannah Montana”.

But as soon as the shooting of the series was over, admirers of the actress's talent began to learn about the other side of her character. The press periodically appears pictures of a drunken star in the most unexpected places. Sweet Pie-Girl seemed to be crazy. She cut off her beautiful hair and began to act naked. In addition, she can quite rude to fans if she has no desire to communicate with them.

Lindsey Lohan

4. Lindsay Lohan. This celebrity was on the list of actors with a terrible character for nothing. It can flare up and start to scandal literally from scratch. So, one day she refused to take off all day just because she did not like the makeup and hairstyle that the make-up artist did. Often she requires directors to draw up her work schedule so that she can sleep longer in the morning and leave the set earlier than anyone else.

Thus, she tries to emphasize her importance and show her fellow actors that she is better than them. If she is unable to achieve her persuasion and threats, she is just late for the shoot, and the whole crew has to wait for her. Of course, other actors do not like this, and therefore all this leads to scandals. All this led to the fact that Lindsay was left without people who could support her in difficult times.

Russell Crowe

5. Russell Crowe. Russell's friends and relatives know that he belongs to that category of people with whom it is better not to argue. Even if he is not very right. The actor has such a terrible character that he can calmly hit an opponent if he runs out of verbal arguments. The celebrity is so hot-tempered that once it caused a scandal at the presentation of a film award. He did not like one of the guests so much that he began to call him inappropriate words right during the shooting of this event.

No persuasion reassured the actor, and he stopped cursing only when he expressed everything he thought. As a result, the organizers of the film award had to clean up the broadcast so that all this obscene abuse did not get on the air. But even this situation did not affect Russell’s behavior, and literally a couple of months later in the hall of a fashionable restaurant he tried to beat the businessman just because he was talking on the phone at the moment when the actor was having lunch.

Shia LaBeouf

6. Shaya Labaf. Another movie star, who literally before our eyes turns into an actor with a terrible character. The most interesting thing is that the celebrity claims that with his, to put it mildly, extravagant behavior, he is trying to push his fans away from himself, whom, by the way, he considers very annoying. So that admirers of his talent ceased to be interested in his personal life, he stepped on the red carpet with a paper bag on his head.

Such a peculiar headdress had an interesting inscription - "I am no longer a celebrity." Thus, the actor showed that he wants peace. And recently, in general, he has gone all out; he walks nights all the time, drives at high speed along a busy road and regularly abuses alcohol. If the police stop the drunken actor, he simply refuses to take an alcohol test, arguing that he is quite sane.

Sean Penn

7. Sean Penn. This actor with a terrible character is particularly aggressive. Those who have at least once encountered the stupid temper of celebrities know that it is better not to touch him if he is in a bad mood. Sean can quite easily hit a person just because he does not like his appearance. He is especially annoyed by paparazzi who regularly try to learn something about his life. The actor reacts so sharply to photojournalists and correspondents that he once kicked one of them and broke his camera.

And although he was awarded 300 hours of corrective labor for this act, he claims that he does not repent a bit, and if another correspondent again tries to cross the red line, he will do the same again. Another big drawback of Penn's character is his causeless jealousy. He claims that his blood literally boils if he notices that someone is looking at his soulmate for a long time.

Christian bale

8. Christian Bale. On the screen, this actor with a terrible character is always charming, kind and smiling. Therefore, most admirers of his talent do not even suspect that he has a very cool disposition. He is used to talking with people in elevated tones, and sees nothing wrong with that. And he behaves like this not only on the set. He can be rude to a waiter in a restaurant, a valet, a seller in a store.

And given that he visits fashionable places, you can imagine what kind of reaction people cause this behavior. The most unpleasant thing is that the popular actor is not easy to speak in elevated tones. Most often in his speech, he uses foul language, harsh phrases, and very often turns to the individual. This behavior has done its job and now the actor is less likely to be called to the set, and the circle of his close friends has narrowed significantly.

Patton oswald

9. Patton Oswald. In the lists of popular actors with a bad character, a celebrity got literally at the very beginning of his career. Patton's star disease appeared after the release of the first film with his participation. He began to consider himself a great actor and began to behave accordingly. Sometimes he made a scandal on the set just because he thought that in the scene he did not look courageously enough.

If he could not agree with the director, then he simply went into his trailer, thus demonstrating his dissatisfaction. As a rule, he stayed there until the director agreed with his arguments and did not re-shoot the scene that he did not like. They also say that the actor relaxes by smoking hashish. Sometimes a drug narrows the celebrity’s brain so much that it begins to be rude to everyone else. Often this leads to scandals in which the police have to intervene.

Meryl Streep

10. Meryl Streep. This aging celebrity has always had a terrible character. She has a very demanding disposition and loves ideal in everything. Perhaps that is why she often makes scandals on the set if she sees that one single curl has broken out of her ideal hairstyle. The most unpleasant thing is that the actress is so hot-tempered that if she fails, she cannot calm down for several more hours in a row, even if the cause of her irritation has already been eliminated.

Native people have already learned to smooth out such scandals, so they try to keep their distance while Meryl calms down a little. As for the colleagues of the actors, they always get a lot of negativity, since on the set you won’t be especially distant. Off-screen, a popular celebrity leads a closed lifestyle. She tries to do everything so that others do not know what is happening in her family. Therefore, if he notices that some reporter begins to be interested in her personal life, then he is simply openly rude to him.

Toby Maguire

11. Toby Maguire. Fans of Toby's talent do not see flaws in him and consider them to be the cutest and most charming. Therefore, when he got on the list of actors with a terrible character, they were very surprised. Looking at the actor on the screen, it is difficult to imagine that he can be rude and offend. But no matter how regrettable it may be to admit it is true. Popularity changed the character of the celebrity, and he began to consider himself special.

So, he drinks certain water, eats exclusively organic products, and puts on clothes exclusively from natural fabrics. Therefore, if on the set he does not find everything he’s used to, he arranges for a loud showdown. No, so long ago his star-sickness intensified so much that he forbade people to look directly into his eyes. Only some people are allowed to do this, and only if Toby allows them.

Zoe Deschanel

12. Zoe Deschanel. This sweet and fragile girl has a masculine character. She knows how to insist on her own and always achieves what she wants. The truth does this is not always right. If she realizes that her pretty face doesn’t really affect her opponent, she turns into a fury and scandal. For this reason, in Hollywood she has a reputation for upstart and great harm. On the set, she tries to show her neglect even to eminent actors, thereby provoking them to scandal.

The reputation of the squabbler led to the fact that the actress began to shoot less. She crossed the red line when she began to demand that she be present in every scene in the film in which she was shot. They say that an actress with a terrible character does not take off her star crown even at home, and regularly takes out her anger on the closest people.

Charlie sheen

13. Charlie Sheen. This actor with a terrible character is a nightmare for most famous directors. Torn shootings, scandals, hard drinking and unreasonable rudeness, all the time accompany the celebrity. The career of Charlie Sheen almost from the very beginning was scandalized. Literally after the release of the first picture with his participation, he imagined himself a great star and behaved, to put it mildly, defiantly. The actor considers it quite normal to skip a couple of glasses during filming, and he does this, by the way, regularly.

Initially, such behavior was turned a blind eye, but when alcohol made Sheen literally uncontrollable, drunkenness in the workplace began to be suppressed. True, by that time the actor was so addicted to alcohol that any restriction began to cause him anger and aggression. He began to talk about his features and demand privileges. At the same time, he could calmly leave the site during the shooting or just fall asleep drunk in his trailer. All this led to the fact that once he was simply forbidden to continue shooting, and they found an adequate replacement.

Val Kilmer

14. Val Kilmer. Val belongs to the category of celebrities who at the dawn of their stellar career were distinguished by a flexible and good-natured character. But as his popularity grew, he began to turn into an actor with a terrible character. At first, this manifested itself in a dismissive attitude towards colleagues on the set, and then requests began to appear, which seemed to everyone slightly overestimated.

So, he could ask to include in the contract the supply of expensive food to the set, while other actors had the simplest menu. At the same time, a celebrity likes to point out to another actor his worthlessness, while citing himself as an example to follow. During the filming, he always tries to emphasize his importance and is angry with everyone who dares to challenge his opinion. All this led to the fact that he was considered infantile and unbearable.

Jennifer Aniston

15. Jennifer Aniston. Another sweet, at first glance, a woman who has long been listed in the lists of actors with a nasty character. She considers herself the greatest actress, worthy of all the best. Therefore, if she sees that one of her colleagues has the best makeup, clothes or more attractive terms of the contract, then she immediately begins to find out why she does not have the same.

She openly declares that people annoy her like they do not reach her intellectually. Referring to this, the actress, even on the set, tries to stay away from everyone. Once the delusions of grandeur so overshadowed her mind that on the set of the next film, she asked her to place her trailer a mile from everyone else so that she could calmly enjoy being alone.

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