How to keep your teeth white: rules, dental advice for white teeth

In this article, we will cover important tips on how to keep your teeth white.

Teeth is our business card. A man with a sparkling snow-white smile always has more to himself at his first acquaintances, in everyday communication, in business negotiations. And for the person himself, white teeth are not only aesthetic, but also psychological comfort. Therefore, sooner or later we all ask ourselves a question - how to preserve not only a healthy state of teeth, but also their natural color. And in this article we will consider how to keep your teeth white without aggressive means and at home.

How to keep your teeth white: important rules

First of all, it is worth mentioning the reasons why teeth can turn yellow with age:

  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Diseases
  • The use of drugs that affect the color of enamel
  • Smoking
  • Drinking coloring liquid and the right choice of water
  • Food
  • Improper dental care

We cannot influence many factors that cause discoloration of tooth enamel with age. But it is in our power to regularly visit the dentist, consult with him about dental care, and use the recommended preventive measures to keep the teeth white. And also do not forget about timely treatment, and in some cases, possibly a cardinal solution to the problem - prosthetics.

Snow-white smile
  • Heredity

Each of us has a hereditary predisposition to one or another physiological characteristics and diseases. The color of tooth enamel is no exception. Not all people have it perfectly white, people with a natural yellowish tinge of teeth and even with their progressive darkening to a grayish-brown color are often found. Knowing about such a predisposition, it is especially important to find "your" specialist, be under his supervision and follow his professional advice.

  • Diseases

Some diseases can cause progressive darkening of the teeth or give them a yellow tint. These diseases primarily include endocrine problems, diseases of the blood, kidneys and adrenal glands. In this case, it is important to establish the root cause, undergo a course of treatment and combine further observations with the attending physician and dentist. In addition, any caries, chips, gum inflammation / trauma, or even small holes in the enamel are a direct step to make the teeth dark or yellow. Golden Rule - we treat teeth at the initial stages and monitor the evenness of the teeth from all sides (not only from the aesthetic side).

  • The effect of drugs

There is a fairly large list of drugs that can significantly affect not only the color of enamel, but also the healthy state of the teeth. These are many hormonal drugs, diuretics, syrups and cough lozenges. Popular aspirin and tetracycline also belong to such remedies; dentists even have an expression such as “tetracycline teeth”. Sometimes taking such medications is a necessary measure, and here, as they say, the lesser of two evils should be chosen, but in any case, you should consult both your attending physician and a specialist dentist so that their actions and care about your health are well-coordinated.

Important: At risk include antihistamines, antidepressants, anti-hypertension drugs and tetracycline. The latter can cause damage to the enamel in children under 8 children. In addition, antibiotics are extremely detrimental to enamel!

Enemies of white and healthy teeth
  • Smoking

Smokers know how badly this bad habit affects enamel color. What advice can I give here, except for the banal - quit smoking immediately, keeping healthy not only the teeth, but the whole body! And to restore your teeth, we recommend reading "How to whiten your teeth at home?" 

  • Proper drinking water

The color of the enamel of our teeth directly depends on what water and liquid we drink constantly. The most favorable for teeth is spring, unboiled water, with a balanced composition of trace elements. Everyone has heard about the benefits of fluoride, calcium, iron, and other components of high-grade drinking water, but not everyone knows that an overabundance or imbalance of these substances is even more harmful to the body and does not affect teeth better. Therefore, Avoid Consuming Fluoridated or Iron Enriched Water - This is a direct path to yellowing and tooth decay. When boiling water, calcium precipitates, which also adversely affects the preservation of enamel.

  • Food

If you want to keep your teeth white, it is important to avoid or at least limit the consumption of products that adversely affect the color of enamel. These products include:

  • tea, coffee, red wine - these drinks contain a lot of tannins that contribute to the darkening of enamel
  • citrus - contain substances that form a yellow tint on the teeth and can destroy enamel
  • carbonated drinks - carbon dioxide contained in them leads to the destruction of enamel
  • brightly colored fruits and berries - have a coloring effect and contribute to the appearance of dark spots on enamel

If you are a big fan of coffee, then this article will be extremely useful to you - "How to remove stains from coffee on the teeth and how to drink it so that the enamel does not turn yellow?"

Eat right!

Products that favorably affect the color of enamel include, first of all:

  • an Apple - contains a lot of water and iron, favorably affecting the color of teeth
  • Strawberry - despite the red color, it has a whitening effect due to the malic acid contained in its composition
  • celery - cleanses the oral cavity of bacteria and promotes whitening of enamel
  • broccoli - has the same whitening effect as celery
  • nuts - a natural enamel cleaner that acts as a brush that effectively removes yellowness and stains from enamel
  • dairy products and cheeses - have a high content of minerals, in particular calcium, and are good at clearing enamel
  • baking soda - a natural scrub that removes plaque from enamel, but this product should not be abused!
We include in the diet

Proper Dental Care to Keep Your Teeth White: Dental Tips

In order to keep teeth white and healthy, it is important to properly care for them throughout life!

  • You should brush your teeth in the morning - immediately after sleep, in the evening - before going to bed, giving this procedure at least 2 minutes!
  • In addition, do not forget rinse your mouth rinses or apple cider vinegar after each meal. And also pay attention - clean the tongue every morning or after a meal, if necessary.
  • If you want to preserve the white color of the enamel, then paradoxically, but Do not use a hard brush and specially selected paste with a whitening effect. An excessively stiff brush can injure the gums and damage the enamel. The abundance of strong abrasive particles negatively affects the integrity of the enamel and it becomes more vulnerable. This is a direct step towards tooth sensitivity, if you use them on an ongoing basis!
  • To brush your teeth carefully: first from the outer surface, then from the inside and finally - along the chewing surface of the teeth. In this case, we rotate the brush not up and down, but from top to bottom and in a circle. If you wear braces, then read the article. "How to brush your teeth with braces?"
  • In addition to the surface of the teeth, thorough cleaning requires the space between the teeth, which is cleaned using dental floss. This should be done especially carefully after eating, in order to avoid decay of food debris. But we do everything carefully! Therefore, we recommend reading the article "How to brush your teeth and floss?"
  • Sometimes, if there is no way to brush your teeth after eating, you can use special chewing gum to clean your teeth,which includes xylitol. But it should be remembered that it is able to prevent the development of bacteria in the oral cavity, but it is not able to clean tooth gaps well and remove plaques from enamel, therefore, resorting to this method is often not recommended.
  • The effect of whiteness of the teeth is also achieved with the help of a special whitening elixir, which is used before brushing your teeth. Again, they often should not get involved. We also suggest you read our article. "How do you whiten your teeth yourself with White Light?"
We clean correctly!

If you watch your teeth, then you will be interested in the article. "How and how much to brush your teeth: dental advice"

  • Other ways to keep your teeth white.For example, a chemical procedure for teeth whitening, which is carried out using a special gel containing the active substance carbonite peroxide. The gel applied to the teeth is activated using a special lamp, the active substance evaporates, the released oxygen molecules penetrate the pores of the tooth and discolor the pigment. The whitening effect is not immediately visible and lasts about a year, subject to a special diet and supporting measures, after which an additional procedure is required, fixing the effect.

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Nowadays, there are many opportunities to keep your teeth white and keep an eye on their beauty. But try so that it does not develop into the so-called obsessive preoccupation with their ideal whiteness.

Teeth are responsible for overall health. After all, any microbes and inflammation with suppuration go straight to our stomach. And already this causes a decrease in immunity, which affects the decrease in the body's resistance to various ailments. And remember the golden rule of the dentist - prevention is better than dentistry!

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