How to squat girls right, to quickly pump up and tighten the ass and for slim legs with weight and without weight: the technique of the correct squat. How to squat a girl with a barbell, kettlebell, bar, on one leg: squat technique, video

Tips for a proper squat.

Booty nut is fashionable, beautiful and trendy for many years in a row. But how to squat correctly to achieve the desired results? This will be discussed in this material.

How to breathe a girl when you squat?

Squats are effective basic exercises that are part of many training complexes. They have a positive effect on many areas of the body:

  • kneading joints of the legs
  • improves circulation in the pelvic area
  • muscles of the back, abs, buttocks, calves are tightened
  • the load on the heart muscle increases, thereby forming a healthy rhythm of its work
  • tendon condition improves

However, you need to understand that intense physical activity is a kind of stress for our body. And he needs the supply of more oxygen to uniformly distribute the necessary nutrient components in all muscles and internal organs.

In order to get the expected effect of squats, you must breathe properly during their execution. After all, a correctly selected breathing rate is important for many aspects:

  • increases endurance, allowing you to train with more effort and a number of approaches
  • contributes to even load distribution
  • reduces the risk of exercise
  • helps achieve the desired results in a shorter period
Squat Breathing

There are two types of breathing:

  • Breast - chest is filled with air. Human in the absence of physical activity
  • Abdominal (with the participation of the diaphragm) - deeper, in which the abdominal cavity is involved. When filled with air, it expands the chest, and thereby allows the body to receive more oxygen

During sports, professionals use exactly diaphragmatic breathing, which is performed as follows:

  • air through the nostrils
  • try to direct the volume of air into the abdominal cavity, sticking your stomach to the maximum size
  • exhale smoothly and slowly, pulling in the abs

It is also important to remember that during any physical exercise, exhalations are carried out in the process of the greatest load, and inspiration is the smallest. This is due to the characteristics of the body:

during inspiration:

  • the chest is stretched
  • relaxation of the press muscles occurs
  • difficult muscle tension

during exhalation:

  • muscles tighten more
  • press stress occurs and the body stabilizes
  • pectoral muscles are grouped, forming a kind of corset, which helps in the development of the greatest gain

The maximum load during the squat falls on returning to a standing position. So, at the moment when you are lowering, take a breath, and when rising, exhale.

Squat Breathing

When doing squats, consider the recommendations for the proper breathing of professional trainers:

  • while standing in the starting position, exhale to rid your lungs of carbon dioxide
  • with a nose breath, start a squat. The lips should be compressed. Remember, you can only inhale through the nose, because in its mucous membrane there are receptors through which oxygen passes, signals are sent to the brain, as a result, organs begin to work more intensively
  • reaching a low point, you can hold your breath for 1-2 seconds
  • exhaling, rise to the starting position. You can exhale through the mouth by slightly opening your lips (but without opening your mouth too wide)
  • do not try to inhale more air, because this can lead to an increased breathing rate, and oxygen will flow unevenly into the tissues
  • at a fast pace of exercise, breathing should be shallow and frequent, and at a slow pace, measured and deep
  • with sudden exhalations and inhalations, the load on the heart increases, and this can lead to dizziness and fainting
  • even with minimal breath holding, pressure rises, which can negatively affect one's well-being
  • it is allowed to exhale noisily when working with large weights (pancake, barbell, dumbbell). In other cases, a quiet exhalation is recommended.
  • if possible, exercise outdoors or in a well-ventilated area
  • Do not focus solely on breathing. This process should be easy and natural, otherwise you risk losing control of your body, and the exercise will ultimately be performed incorrectly.
  • Learn to control your breathing from the very first lessons in the gym or at home. This will help you develop the right habit.

How to squat the girls in order to quickly pump up and tighten the ass, and not legs without weight: the technique of the correct squat?

Unfortunately, malnutrition, maintaining a predominantly sedentary lifestyle and a genetic predisposition lead to the fact that many girls have weak buttock muscles and look ugly.

Simple exercises, which include squats, are extremely effective in shaping a beautiful, inflated priest. The main thing is to carry out the training correctly, using the muscles of the hips and buttocks. It must be said that, according to professionals, pumping up the butt without increasing the thigh muscles will not work, since during the squat it is impossible to isolate the gluteal muscles from the hips.

In order to avoid over-pumping leg muscles with these exercises, the following is recommended:

  • alternate strength and cardio workouts
  • keep track of nutrition
  • do exercises without additional burden
  • do squats slowly, keeping the gluteal muscles in tension
  • do better in the gym

Depending on the characteristics of the girl’s figure and the goals pursued, you need to choose the right type and frequency of training:

Squats for girls

To pump up the ass with a small basin:

  • use heavy weights
  • do 4-5 sets of 5-10 squats
  • exercise twice a week (break - at least 2 days)

In order to reduce volume with wide hips:

  • use your own body weight or light weight
  • do 15-20 squats in 5 sets
  • exercise at least 5 times a week

You need to start training using your own body weight. And only then, after warming up the muscles, you can use weighting agents (dumbbells, barbell, bar).

Technique of execution:

  • straighten up and slightly bend your back
  • lift your chest
  • spread your legs more than shoulder width
  • Socks slightly outward
  • look straight ahead
  • transfer your body weight to the heels
  • Squatting, direct the ass back and down, as if trying to sit on a chair
  • squat as low as you can (try to get a right angle between the floor and the hips, or even lower)
  • when lifting, retract the abdominal muscles. Otherwise, over time, your abs will stick out and your figure will look thicker
  • keep your knees straight, they should not go beyond the line of socks
  • make sure that the weight does not move on toes, it should only be on the heels
  • when rising to the position - source, tension should concentrate in the hips and buttocks
  • go down two times slower than you go up
  • do not forget about breathing - when you squat, inhale, and when lifting, exhale
  • between approaches for rest, do 2-3 deep breaths
Exercise effectiveness

Hands while doing Squats can be located in different ways:

  • palms down, stretched forward
  • brushes are located at the waist
  • folded behind the head with elbows apart
  • pressed to the body in a bent position, thumbs up

For a quick tightening of the priests, it is good to use squats using the Plie and Sumo techniques, since when they are performed, the effect occurs on the inner surfaces of the thighs and buttocks, and the load on the quadriceps is minimal. The legs with such squats are much wider than the shoulders, and the socks are turned outward at 120 degrees.

The difference between these two techniques is as follows:

  • Plieux - the back is upright, the pelvis is flat, the knees are widely extended apart
  • Sumo - the back leans slightly forward, and the pelvis is retracted, which allows you to take more weight when using the bar

How to squat the girls to quickly pump up the ass with the vulture?

Weight squats are one of the main exercises in weight training for girls. Weights significantly increase the load, which allows you to pump muscles in a shorter time. In addition, squats with weight also use other muscle groups (press, back, lower legs, etc.). But before you start such a complex, you need to master the squat technique without weight.

How to do bar squats correctly:

  • feet shoulder width apart
  • turn your socks 30-40 degrees outward
  • hips with knees apart
  • put the bar on your shoulders, holding your hands wider than the length of the shoulders
  • flatten the shoulder blades
  • expand your elbows
  • put your back straight forward slightly and bend slightly in the lower back
  • put your body weight on your heels
  • tighten your abs
  • keep your eyes straight
  • bending your knees, do a squat

Note that an empty bar weighs 20 kg. Therefore, for untrained girls, it is better to start exercises using dumbbells. When your muscles get used to the loads, you can take the bar.

Vulture Squats

Vulture recommendations:

  • for weight loss, do 3-5 approaches 15-20 times, and for gaining muscle mass - 3-5 approaches 5-7 times
  • Between approaches, rest no more than a minute
  • place your legs so wide that it’s convenient for you to do a deep squat
  • Be sure to do a warm-up before doing this, since strength exercises without preliminary stretching and warming up the muscles can lead to stretching and tearing.

Hatfield squats seem to be very effective for forming a beautiful relief priest, the peculiarity of which is that when they are performed, the joints of the arms and shoulders are not involved, and the whole load is on the gluteal muscles with hips.

Features of execution:

  • a special bar is used, the weight of which is 40 kg
  • the bar is held on the body without arms
  • hands are placed on racks

How to squat the girls to quickly pump up the ass with a barbell?

Barbell Squats can be performed by girls who have mastered the technique of performing with low weight. The principle is the same as with squats with a bar, but with small features associated with weighting:

  • inhale deeply and exhale sharply
  • approach the machine, put the bar in the area of ​​the "trapezoid" on the shoulders
  • legs wider than shoulders
  • straighten your back and keep it as straight as possible
  • point your gaze slightly upward and look this way throughout the entire squat
  • inhale by filling the lungs with air about 3/4 of their volume
  • smoothly squat, pulling the pelvis back
  • reaching the required depth, hold your breath for 1 second
  • starting to exhale smoothly (through nostrils or closed teeth), slowly rise
  • When returning to the rack, do not straighten your legs completely.
  • straighten and exhale the remaining air
  • do 8-10 times in two sets
Barbell Squat

Additional recommendations for training:

  • be sure to warm up before starting strength exercises. Do some squats without a barbell
  • make sure that the bar does not lie on your neck - this can cause serious injury
  • breathe in the same rhythm
  • be sure to take a break between sets of up to 5 minutes, during which breathing should be smooth and carried out only through the nose.
  • return to exercise after your heart rate returns to normal.
  • before the next squat, take a breath to fully open your lungs
  • reduce the load if after squatting you find it difficult to catch your breath

If you have problems with knee joints, you can do such squats:

  • kneel down
  • keep your lower legs parallel with your shoulder width apart
  • put a bar or bar on your shoulders
  • take your ass back
  • sit down slowly while breathing in
  • exhale straight

How to squat the girls to quickly pump up the ass with dumbbells on the shoulders?

After fully mastering the technique of doing squats, experts recommend increasing the load. This will significantly enhance the effectiveness of training. It is more convenient for beginners to do this using dumbbells.

In addition, dumbbells are ideal for training with weight at home, as this sports equipment:

  • affordable and inexpensive
  • gives you the opportunity to train at home
  • takes up little space
  • does not directly affect the spine

Using dumbbells solves the following problems:

  • effectively pumps muscles (while the quadriceps, gluteus muscles, inner and back surfaces of the thigh work)
  • prepares your body for heavier loads
  • allows you to hone the technique of the squat, using the power load

Squats using dumbbells on the shoulders are also called isometrics. They work well on the lower limbs. In addition, it also involves shoulders.

Dumbbell Squats

The exercise is based on a squat without weight, but with some features:

  • place your legs at a distance that is approximately 1.5 times greater than shoulder width
  • Socks and knees point out
  • take your buttocks back as much as possible
  • put dumbbells on your shoulders, holding them with your hands
  • there should be a right angle between your body and elbows
  • as you inhale, start the squat to the hips parallel to the floor position or lower
  • tighten your abdominal muscles
  • if for some reason it’s too difficult for you to do a very deep squat, get up a little earlier, not reaching the bottom point
  • rise as you exhale
  • do squats at a smooth pace
  • keep your butt muscles tense all the time
  • optimal dumbbell weight - 5 kg
  • do 4-5 sets of 15 - 20 times
  • a break between sets of not more than 2 minutes.

How to squat girls to quickly pump up the ass with a kettlebell?

Weights are also often used by girls as weights during squats. A squat with a weight is also called a goblet or a cup squat. This is a wonderful exercise to work out the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Squats like this are easier than using squats. Therefore, it is often recommended for beginners.

Execution technique These exercises are similar to dumbbell squats. The difference consists mainly in the location of the weight relative to the body:

  • choose a weight up to 8 kg
  • put your legs wide, slightly spreading your feet
  • take a weight on the sides of the bow and hold it in front of you at chest level
  • press your elbows to your torso
  • sit down slowly as you inhale
  • point your elbows down
  • at the time of a deep squat, the elbows are between the knees
  • stay at the low point for 1-2 seconds
  • exhaling slowly rise
  • do 4 sets of 15 reps
Kettlebell Squat

The advantage of this squat is that holding the dumbbell in front of you, you thereby exert a force load on the biceps with shoulders. Thus, at the same time there is a training of these muscles.

How to squat girls on one leg: squat technique?

Squat on one leg is very effective in its effect. It allows you to pump up the leg and gluteal muscles, resorting only to their own weight, without the use of additional. This makes it possible to do such training at home, without visiting the gym.

There are three main types of similar squats on one leg.

"Pistol" - An exercise known to everyone since school. However, not everyone does it right.

Correctly execute it as follows:

  • first use the support in the form of a chair or wall. After your muscles become more trained, do without support
  • spread your legs shoulder width apart
  • hold the support with your hand (if you are doing it without support, then stretch your hands in front of you to better maintain balance)
  • move your weight to one of the legs
  • lift the other one, not supporting, keeping it in front of you exactly
  • smoothly squat on your supporting leg
  • the pelvis is slightly retracted, and the body forward
  • in the lowest position, the free leg is parallel to the floor
  • keep your back straight
  • push up slightly, get up
  • tighten your free leg

Weighted Squat - less stress on the back, and therefore suitable for those girls who have spinal problems.

Perform it this way:

  • use a barbell (on shoulders) or dumbbells (in hands)
  • breathe in
  • with your right foot, make a wide lunge forward so that the tibia is perpendicular to the floor
  • bend your left leg at the knee, do not touch the floor
  • standing up, straighten your legs without changing the position of the feet
  • bend your legs again at the knees, while doing a springy squat down
  • repeat with the other leg
Weighted Squat

Using a chair - involves the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, quadriceps.

Do as follows:

  • stand with your back to a chair half a meter away
  • with one foot back, place the forefoot on a chair
  • bending your second leg, do a squat
  • the knee of the first leg should be closer to the floor
  • straighten your leg from the squat
  • repeat 10-20 times
  • change position and do the same on the other leg
Squat with a chair

Sissy Squats: A Technique for Girls

Well pumps the lower region of the quadriceps and forms a beautiful relief Sissy squat. This type of squats is not very common among athletes, because it does not contribute to an increase in muscle volume. However, such a squat is perfect for girls who want to improve the shape of their legs, as it affects the muscles of the calf and back of the thighs. In addition, trainers recommend such an exercise in the form of a warm-up before serious power loads.

Features of doing Sissy Squat:

  • need support (Swedish wall or back of a chair)
  • lean on it with one hand
  • straighten your back and straighten your shoulders
  • put your feet together or at a distance of no more than 25 cm from each other
  • transfer the center of gravity to the socks (you can put a plate under the heels)
  • while inhaling, deflecting the body back and keeping your back absolutely flat, gently sit down
  • while the knees bend at a right angle, do not diverge to the sides
  • exhale slowly rise
  • knees in a standing position should not be fully extended. Repeat 10-20 times
Sissy squat

This type of squat can be done either without weighting, or with a small dumbbell. I must say that the implementation of this exercise is quite complicated, so it is more suitable for trained girls.

When performing such squats, be careful because they put a very heavy load on the knee joints. At the bottom of such a squat, the knees are brought forward very strongly, and a similar position is traumatic. In addition, please note that such squats are contraindicated in those who have any knee injuries.

How to do a girl a deep squat?

Squat, in which the pelvis with the hips fall below the level of the knee joints, is called deep. At the same time, the thigh muscles stretch very much. Such squats are more difficult to do than before reaching the hips parallel to the floor. But the effectiveness of such exercises is higher. After all, the amplitude of lowerings and rises increases and thereby:

  • more muscle is used to work
  • stamina increases
  • the functioning of the knee joints improves

To perform a deep squat, a girl needs:

  • good physical fitness
  • sufficient flexibility of the joints of the ankle and hip
  • stable coordination of movements

It seems to some that in such squats there is nothing particularly difficult. However, many girls perform deep squats incorrectly.

Deep squat

pay attention to proper technique:

  • bend your back during the entire exercise. This will remove the negative load from the spine.
  • support should be only on the heels. If you find it difficult to crouch deeply without taking them off the floor, place a small plank under your heels
  • knees should not go beyond the level of the foot
  • do squats at a slow pace
  • Maintain a fulcrum at all times while balancing the body
  • determine for yourself the point of optimal abduction of the pelvis back
  • when lowering below the "parallel hips", keep your back straight, not rounding the chest and not leaning forward
  • reaching the lowest point of the squat, it’s important not to relax the muscles and not to carry the weight on the joints
  • the lowest point is the minimum time
  • make a powerful lift

Some trainers are too deep squats for girls do not recommend for several reasons:

  • since there is a strong force on the knee joint, which can give the knees a dubious appearance
  • in a deep squat, there is excessive pressure on the pelvic organs, including the uterus
  • due to compression of the capillaries, the development of varicose veins can begin

How to squat a girl to lose weight body?

Squats are a great way to lose weight and reduce body volume. After all, such exercises are a combination of two types of loads:

  • Strength - to increase body weight upwards, increased muscle tension occurs
  • aerobic - rhythmically repeating movements contribute to increased heart rate and heartbeat

This combination accelerates the body's metabolic processes, saturates it with oxygen, which contributes to the burning of body fat.

The following types of squats are considered effective for weight loss:

  • classic, with arms raised up and feet shoulder width apart
  • with narrow legs, when the main emphasis is on the gluteus maximus muscle
  • sumo and plie with legs wide apart
  • heavier

The process of burning calories is affected by the number of squats, and how fast they are performed. The more weight, the more it is burned. It is believed that classic squats without weighting for 10 minutes per 100 repetitions burn, on average, 80 kcal.

Squat Weight Loss

Many experts assure that correctly performed squats improve the metabolism of the whole body and contribute to weight loss even after training. In order for your exercises to bring as much benefit as possible, follow the advice of specialists:

  • Do not do all kinds of squats in one workout. It is better to choose 1-2 types, alternating them with other exercises, since all squats have approximately the same efficiency
  • squat at a fast pace
  • if you are not trained enough, start 10-15 exercises, gradually increasing the load
  • do 25-30 times in several sets. Do not get too carried away by the number of squats, because due to fatigue you will do them not effectively
  • train better morning and evening

Curious in terms of weight loss is the system of "1000 squats." Its essence is as follows:

  • during the day you must complete 1000 squats
  • exercises are done in several sets of 10 times throughout the day
  • beginners need to do less squats, gradually increasing their number, and bringing it to 1000

Exercise is known to promote calorie loss and stimulate muscle growth. But if you exercise and at the same time do not decrease in volumes, then you need to reduce the number of calories consumed per day.

How to squat a girl to lose weight in her legs?

In order for the girl’s legs to be able to lose weight and gain harmony, classic squats that exert pressure on each muscle of the limb are the best fit, thereby training them and burning fat.

Good results are achieved by the following options for squats:


  • stand up straight
  • put your feet shoulder width apart
  • with your pelvis pointing back, sit down a bit
  • jump from this position while raising your arms

with a lunge:

  • stand straight
  • place your hands on your waist
  • keeping your back straight, with one foot lunge forward until a right angle is formed
  • linger in that position for 5 seconds
  • return to position - source
Squats for swinging legs

lingering in a squat:

  • feet shoulder width or wider
  • keep your arms bent at the elbows
  • sit down parallel to the floor
  • linger for 30-40 seconds
  • straighten up

with jumps:

  • put your hands behind your head, spreading your elbows to the sides
  • place your feet slightly
  • bend your knees
  • jump and sit down right away
  • so you jump before the squat

Remember that for weight loss you need to perform such squats at an intense pace.

How to squat a girl to build legs?

Squats with weighting will also help to make legs slim. Such exercises strengthen muscle mass, contributing to its growth. It is better to take a barbell or weight.

You need to do the usual exercises for you, but with moving the center of gravity from the heels to toes or the entire foot. To do this, place a low plank under the heels. This will redistribute the load from the buttocks to the leg muscles.

To give the leg muscles the necessary shape such squats help:

with a dumbbell or weight:

  • stand up straight
  • feet together
  • take a dumbbell or weight up to 5 kg
  • keeping your weight on your arms stretched down, slowly squat
  • do it 20-25 times

with stand (good pumping calf muscles):

  • place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders
  • put a block under your socks
  • squat without taking your feet off the floor
  • touch the buttocks of the heels

front boom - similar squats increase the load on the quadriceps (front thigh):

  • place a bar or bar on your chest
  • take less weight than when doing shoulder exercises
  • keep your back straight, in the lower back with a slight deflection
  • legs shoulder-width apart
  • do classic squat
  • do 4 sets of 5-7 reps at a slow pace

How to squat a girl so as not to hurt her knees?

Incorrectly performed squats can become not only a useless exercise, but also cause injuries to the knee joints, since this area has an increased load.

To avoid this, during squats, follow these rules:

  • don't bring your knees - in this case, the load moves to the patella, which can lead to injuries. The direction of the knees and feet should match. At first, this is difficult, but it is very important to learn how to control this process.
  • when returning to the top, do not straighten your legs completely - they should remain in a slightly bent position. This will ease the load on the knees and spine.
  • Do not extend your knees beyond the line of socks by tilting the body. Try not to bend down, taking your pelvis as far back as possible. Make sure that a right angle is created between the knees and heels.

How to squat the right girl: contraindications

Despite its effectiveness and overall benefit for our body, squats, like any power loads, have a number of contraindications. These include:

  • phlebeurysm
  • spinal diseases
  • diseases of the knees and hips
  • heart and vascular disease
  • muscle inflammation
  • period after fractures
  • pregnancy
  • too much body weight (this can cause injury to the knees)

In cases where you do not have serious ailments, but when doing squats, there are pains in the back or joints, pay attention to the correct exercise technique. If after this the discomfort persists, consult a doctor. Be attentive to your well-being during training. Otherwise, you risk getting serious injury (hernia, sprain, dislocation).

Top 5 Common Squat Errors for Girls

There are frequent cases when girls give a lot of time and effort to training to create a beautiful relief in the hips and buttocks, but they can not achieve a positive result. The fact is that muscle pumping occurs only with the correct technique for doing squats.

Squat Errors

The most common mistakes squats do are called by the trainers:

  • bent body and improper head position - the back should be flat, with a slight bend, and the head should not bend. Otherwise, there is a risk of loss of balance and, as a consequence, injury.
  • heels off the floor - at the same time, the load on the socks is incorrectly distributed, which makes the exercise useless for tightening the muscles of the buttocks and hips.
  • lack of breath control - as already mentioned, improper breaths lead to dizziness, fatigue and improper distribution of oxygen in the body.
  • too shallow squat, in which the muscles of the buttocks are weakly involved (put some support behind yourself, touching which in the squat, you will understand that you are doing the exercise correctly).
  • insufficient load and insufficiently long training period - experts are unanimous in their opinion: it is impossible to pump up the ass in a week or a month. Building muscle is a fairly slow process, so training should be carried out regularly. In addition, after you have mastered the technique of doing squats, it is very important to increase the load.

How to squat: the advice of Dr. Bubnovsky and Neumyvakin

According to many doctors, squats can improve not only the appearance of our body, but also cure various ailments. The exercise complexes of professors Sergei Bubnovsky and Ivan Neumyvakin gained great popularity.

In their general opinion, squats are one of the main means of maintaining and treating the heart muscle. Weak legs contribute to the fact that the heart also becomes weak and can not cope with the main task - pumping blood.

Bubnovsky squat technique:

  • keep your back straight, legs shoulder-width apart
  • lean with your hands straight on the Swedish wall or support with a rubber shock absorber (this way the back muscles will not be involved, and the load will only be on the leg muscles)
  • squat to the depth that your joints allow
  • while straightening, exhale actively with a diaphragm with the sound "haaa"
  • do 3 - 5 sets of 10 times

Squat technique for Neumyvakin:

  • stand at the support (preferably at the tree)
  • grasp the support at the navel level
  • put your legs together
  • tilt the body back while keeping your legs straight with your arms
  • do squats only by flexing and bending your knees
  • you can start the squat depth with 10 cm if it’s hard for you
  • Squat 20-30 times, gradually increasing the number and depth of squats
  • squat daily at least 100 times, and preferably 300-400

Watch the video: We Did 100 Squats Every Day For 30 Days (December 2019).