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Thanks for the congratulations. Kind, beautiful words of gratitude for Happy Birthday greetings in prose, in verse, SMS, in your own words

Words of gratitude are an important response of each person. You should choose the right phrases, verses or prose in order to leave the best impressions about yourself and maintain a warm relationship.

Thanks to friends for birthday greetings: in poetry, prose, SMS

Birthday is a special holiday for every person. Relatives and friends strive to pay as much attention as possible to the birthday person on this day and create a festive cheerful mood with gifts, congratulations, and kind words.

  • This is done by family members, colleagues, neighbors and those who even meet by chance on our way. Etiquette rules state that it is imperative to respond to such tokens
  • You can respond with gratitude with ordinary, familiar words. However, it is much more pleasant when the congratulating person receives a planned answer in prose or in verses addressed specifically to him
  • For such cases, there are special thanks in verse, prose or for sending in the form of SMS. They differ in content and at the same time in the concise presentation of thoughts.
Thanks to friends for birthday greetings can be sent in the form of SMS

Options for gratitude in prose:

Option number 1:Thank you for such a nice congratulation that lifted my spirits on this day. I appreciate your attention and answer you 100% reciprocate every word you say !. Life shows us who is really important for a person by his actions. And the fact that you have not forgotten about my birthday proves to me once again that you are an important person in my destiny!

Option number 2:So nice to hear your congratulatory words today. My birthday would not be so fun without your attention and colorful congratulations. I want to share my joy with you and invite you to a modest tea party.

Option number 3: Thank you for your golden heart! You didn’t forget to congratulate me on my birthday today and that tells me a lot! Thank you for feeling me like no one else. I am infinitely grateful to fate for our friendship and our mutual understanding. Thank!

Option number 4:Thank you for your sincere wish and congratulations on this day! I needed such nice words like air! You always know how to cheer me up and create a cheerful mood! I thank God for making true friends. For me it's you!

Option number 5:I don’t have many friends, but thank you so much for so many years later that you stay close and never forget to wish me a happy birthday! This is the most pleasant thing for me - to receive kind and sincere congratulations. The best gift today is to have a friend like you!

Option number 6:When I hear such nice words, I want to climb the highest mountain and shout loudly: “SPA-SI-BO!” I am grateful to you for every pleasant word and endlessly appreciate your friendship. Thank you for not forgetting about me and always in a hurry to congratulate!

Gratitude to friends for birthday greetings should be present at every holiday

Verses of gratitude in verses

I don’t have enough words to say thank you,
You struck me with the sincerity of phrases!
Do not describe how beautiful everything is
And I rejoice like the first time!

I appreciate your work today without a doubt,
My love and friendship have no edge.
Thank you for this birthday!
My soul is resting today!

This verse is intended today.
To everyone who shares my date.
I say thank you, that means
Everyone is to blame for my happiness.

God sent me a faithful friend
My heart is open to him.
There will be sun outside the window il blizzard
I do not close the door in the house!

No matter how many pleasures of life,
I don’t need much, I have everything.
And I rejoice only at the thought,
That all my friends are here today!

Thank you for these congratulations,
Attention - this is your best present.
Revelations flow from my heart
You are better - in this world there is simply no!

Thank you for your wishes
For kindness and congratulations.
I'm so warm and so nice
Hear it all on your birthday!

Thank you for not forgetting
I value it doubly.
In response, I wish you good luck -
You are worthy of her completely.

Thanks to friends for happy birthday in SMS

Thanks in SMS:

Option number 1:Thank you for such a nice and sincere congratulations! My soul as a child rejoices in this holiday only because you do not forget about me!

Option number 2:Not many people are able to wish their birthday a pleasure, as you did! Thank you for your love, care and trust. I appreciate it.

Option number 3:How much I want to say in gratitude and how little SMS for this. I will not be original and just scream: SPA-SI-BO!

Option number 4:How joyful it is to understand that there are friends in the world who do not forget about important dates! Thank you for congratulations on this day. I feel like the happiest person!

Option number 5: The best and most pleasant thing from me on this day is to receive congratulations from loved ones. Thank you for your attention and nice words, they warm my heart more than ever today and give me joy!

Thanks to friends for congratulations on March 8 in prose verses, SMS

Spring Festival March 8 -important and loved by many women of our country. It is customary to congratulate every lady on this day, to give her flowers and gentle words that emphasize the femininity and grandeur of her soul!

It’s not difficult to pick up congratulatory words - just arm yourself with poetry, prose, or just send an SMS message in time. A woman who regularly receives tokens is a happy woman!

Congratulations should be bright on the 8th of March, and sincere thanks

Options for gratitude from a woman for congratulations on March 8 in prose:

Option number 1:Thank you for the kind words that showed me how wonderful today's day is! I appreciate your attention and endlessly rejoice at the thought that real friends exist in life! Love you!

Option number 2:How touching it was to receive poetry this holiday morning from you! You have incredibly subtly emphasized the femininity and tenderness of this day, and I feel especially important today. Thank you for your joyful mood on March 8th!

Option number 3: If it weren’t for your words, I wouldn’t know how pleasant today's day is! Thank you for rediscovering this holiday to me and reminding me that it’s wonderful to be a woman! Thank you for the tenderness, sincerity and sweetness of your congratulations!

Gratitude to friends for congratulations on March 8 in verses is important and pleasant

Variants of gratitude in verses from women on March 8

I want to say thank you to me
For not forgetting on a spring day
Send the best poems only to me
Pleasant as voiced drops.

You emphasized the grace of the soul
And I didn’t forget about female beauty,
Your words are so good
The words "thank you" will send an answer to you!

For joy I want to sing today
You have made my life so colorful!
With words you could warm your heart,
Keep gratitude answers!

Thank you for March 8 again
He will dance with the best holiday of the soul.
Tender love warms my heart
Your words are insanely good!

Do not find the warmth of a gift
Than nice words.
This March 8th Day
I am happy as always!

You managed to congratulate me
Best of all and brighter than all.
And so today
There will be joy, tenderness, laughter.

I am so grateful to you for caring
Because you know how to support me,
Rush to help me in any weather
To say a good word!

You are the most reliable in the whole world
And you can’t count all your advantages!
I'm glad that I was lucky to meet
As you are!

Thanks to friends for congratulations on March 8 in SMS

Options for SMS thanks on March 8:

Option number 1:Thank you very much for being able to emphasize the subtlety of my soul and femininity on this day! You gave me a special spring mood!

Option number 2:This day would not be so sunny, colorful and gentle, if you had not sent me such nice congratulatory verses. I appreciate your attention and you!

Option number 3:I can not describe all the feelings that arise in my soul from the congratulations that were sent to me. Thank you for the joy and smile, I am happy!

Thanks to the man for congratulations in prose, SMS

Expressing gratitude to the man for the sent or said congratulations is a prerequisite for those who want to have a warm relationship. Gratitude can be expressed in verse, prose or short sentences in SMS. The main thing is to be eloquent and not afraid to express your feelings.

Options for thanking a man in prose:

Option number 1: Your subtle male soul was able to pick up the most tender words to me, and I am infinitely grateful that out of all the women you congratulate me. It is a great happiness to receive pleasant congratulations on this day from you. I thank you and send the most sensual hugs in return!

Option number 2:Only you could pick up the magic words that played on the strings of my soul that day in a special way. You are the embodiment of all the gentle that is on this earth, I am incredibly happy to accept your congratulations on this day!

Option number 3:You didn’t say much, but you were able to touch my soul so much that I’m as if floating on a warm river of happiness and today I feel very happy! Thank you for your dedication, attention and those feelings that today belong only to me!

Thanks to the man for congratulations in prose verses, SMS should be very sensual

Thanks to the man for the congratulations in verse

Thank you, dear, for the words.
I appreciate your every look and step.
You picked it up like never before
Poems that hinder the soul.

I love the tenderness that sometimes
You send only me to the holiday.
Thank you dear, dear!
Thank you faithful !!

Thank you dear
For a lot of nice words!
You're the best and only mine
I appreciate your love so much!

Congratulations from the heart
Means a lot.
They let the soul warm
And give a portion of heat.

Your nice words
Sometimes they need me like air.
I will be faithful always
And I will be faithful only to you!

Thank you I want to say
For everything that they have helped in life,
May the heart protect
You angel from trouble-sorrow

Thanks to the man for congratulations in SMS:

Option number 1:You, like a ray of sunshine, could melt congratulations on the gray ice of everyday life. Thank you!

Option number 2: How never more pleasant are your congratulations on this day! Thank you for your tenderness and such sensual tokens!

Option number 3: It is a great pleasure to receive congratulations from you! Thanks for the warmth of words and sensual overtones, I appreciate your every sign of attention!

Thanks to the woman for congratulations in prose verses, SMS

It is customary to thank everyone who decides to congratulate you on a significant day! In particular, you should choose pleasant words for women who seek to address you poems and words for any reason.

Thanks to the woman in prose and SMS:

Option number 1:How few people on earth exist who are able to understand my soul as kindred. Thank you, my dear, for finding the very words that can reach the very depths and touch the delicate strings. I love and appreciate you!

Option number 2:You, like no one, were able to choose sensual and truly festive words! Thank you for your understanding, sympathy, attention and just a good attitude towards me. How few people in the world who can treat me as sensually and gently. You are my dear man!

Option number 3:My dear friend, you are what makes me smile every day! Thank you for your congratulations, because they mean a lot to me!

Thanks to the woman for congratulations in prose verses, SMS

Versions of gratitude to the woman in verses:

Thank you loyal friend
What is so striving to give your warmth!
I can’t imagine us without each other
And I’m really lucky with you!

Thank you very much,
What are you giving words today.
Attention is golden
When it comes from you.

You will understand me with half a word
Thank you for that.
You are my dearest
And I love you so much!

Thank you for your concern
Thank you for the warmth.
I know what work
You had to do it.

Your attention is a holiday.
Your congratulations is a song.
I think girlfriend,
We will be together forever!

I want to say thank you
In these tender words
Do not add anything to this,
Except thanks in verses

Thanks to the daughter for congratulations in verses, prose, SMS

A daughter is the most wonderful wealth of every mother. Congratulating your child is nice and you always need to be able to pick up incredibly sensual words. They will reveal all your tenderness and will be able to awaken joy in a person.

Thanks to the daughter for congratulations

Words of gratitude to the daughter in prose and SMS:

  • Thank you, my treasure, for the kind words on this holiday! I am grateful to God for giving me you once. I love you madly and am proud that I was able to raise a good person!
  • Daughter, it’s so nice to receive congratulations from you! You are the best that I have. I will not tire of thanking you and want to give you all the mountains, seas and open spaces in return. I am only happy about the thought that I have you!
  • How nice to receive such congratulations from my own daughter! You are a very sensual and sincere person and I am extremely glad to be necessary and important for you. Thank you for every word!

Thanks for congratulating my daughter in verse

Nice my daughter
Read your poems today.
You know i love you
Soul, body, even blood.

God once gave me
Such a miracle and forever.
Who wouldn’t say now
You are the best in the whole world!

My little piece of paradise
You are a miracle, my daughter.
I don’t know without you now
And I can’t live a single day.

Thank you for your gifts
Thanks for your words.
I don’t need more in life
With all my heart I love you!

Thank you for your congratulations
You, like no one else, could understand me.
You managed to congratulate so beautifully
You managed to find the words for me.

I love you, my dear, very much
You are the best that fate has given me.
Oh, my daughter, thank you,
What are you today with me today!

I wish my daughter dear
More in the life of happiness.
Let peace reign in the soul
And bad weather will go away.

Let your life be bright
To be always cheerful
Not knowing sorrows and troubles
I wish you many years to live!

Thanks to the son for congratulations in prose verses, SMS

A son is the support and protection of each parent, so you need to express his gratitude for congratulations with dignity. Warm and sincere words in prose or poetry will be especially pleasant.

Thanks to my son for congratulations

Thanks to my son for congratulations in prose and SMS:

  • Thank you, son. that you never forget to congratulate you on holidays! Your attention is an important thing in my life. You are my defense, support and hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Son, you are my dream and my hope! I thank you for every pleasant word and I am infinitely proud that you have grown up as a sincere and kind person!
  • There is no better present for me today than your congratulations, son! You are what makes me enjoy life and moves me every day. Thank you!

Thanks to the son for congratulations in verses

Son, you know, this is happiness!
Thank you for today
Incinerate my bad weather
And gave the soul flowers!

Thank you for the joy
You picked up the keys to your heart.
From a young age you are like a sweet to us
And the embodiment of love!

Thank you, son, for your pleasant speeches.
This holiday is special with you.
You are a dear and beloved man for us,
Although the adult is now free.

I love you son and I love with all my heart
You brought a lot of joy into my life.
I want to continue to enjoy you
To a deep and quivering old age.

Thanks to colleagues for congratulations in prose verses, SMS

Colleagues are people who accompany every day and respond with gratitude to their congratulations is very important for creating a warm and respectful relationship in the team.

Thanks to colleagues for congratulations

  • Thank you, dear friends, for the warm congratulations on this day! For me your words are insanely important and pleasant. Thank you for the wishes of career growth, everything is in place - we are a huge organism, which strive to achieve success and respect for each other will quickly lead us to our goals!
  • Thank you colleagues! I am pleased with your attention, because warm relationships in the team - the key to successful business and work!

Thank you my friends
For picking up the speech.
After all, you can’t ignore
Any date of a person.

I will answer you with all my heart
I am happy to work with you
And my collective is golden
Nothing will become between us!

The response word for congratulations in your own words

A correctly selected beautiful response word decides the outcome of any event.

  • Thank you, dear guests, for taking the time to attend today. here on my holiday! I am glad to share not only the festive table and my celebration with you, because in this circle there are only people who are pleasant to the heart, important and necessary. I love you for your attention and desire to always come to the rescue! You are real wealth for me
  • For this event I want to say thanks to everyone who is present here today! You are what makes me a happy person every day. Thank you for all the signs of attention and kind words, it is nice to realize your importance and need in this world
  • There is nothing nicer than the presence at such a holiday dear to the heart of people. You are the main wealth of mankind: family, friends, close colleagues. Not knowing you is a great sorrow and I’m very lucky to receive congratulations and attention

Status thanks for congratulations happy birthday

Nowadays, status in social networks is an important feature for every person. In any case, he conveys the mood and tries to convey important information to everyone.

  • Thanks to everyone who was able to congratulate me on this day! Friends you - my wealth of life!
  • I will not be verbose, I am happy that I have so much helpful friends
  • I never thought that the main happiness is to receive congratulations from your loved ones in such numbers! Thanks everyone
  • Many thanks for such sincere and sensual happy birthday wishes
  • I can not answer everyone, but I want to thank everyone for the tremulous words of congratulations, I'm pleasantly amazed and just happy

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