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Dream Interpretation - to see in a dream a friend: the meaning of sleep. Why dream about beating, chasing a friend, drinking, making peace, dancing, kissing, having sex, getting married, quarreling, fighting a childhood friend, boyfriend, husband: interpretation of sleep

Friends appear in dreams to warn, guide or warn. What exactly the friend dreamed about, the article will tell.

Popular wisdom says: "The light is not sweet, when there is no friend." Friends play a very important role in the life of any person. Someone has a wide circle of friends, and someone has one single proven best friend. It is not surprising that friends, one way or another, regularly come to us in dreams.

What is my friend dreaming about?

What is my friend dreaming about?

As a rule, dreams about friends have a positive interpretation; they promise joy, fun, support. Sometimes - they are warning in nature, help to avoid trouble.

  • New friendhaving a dream, it promises a very pleasant and meaningful acquaintance, the beginning of a new interesting business. Perhaps a new person, an important partner, comrade, or even relative, will really appear in life. A woman's dream of a new friend promises a successful pregnancy.
  • Relatives of a frienddreaming about unexpected news. If in dreams I had a chance to see the whole large family of a friend, it means someone from his relatives remembers the dreamer and would be glad to meet him. It is not surprising that soon an invitation to a family celebration will come from a friend.
  • Friend's momdreamed in a dream - a symbol of maternal love and care. Even penetrating the world of dreams, she is able to support, direct, warm. A dream can be considered as a peculiar request of a mother to a dreamer to take care of her child.
  • If dreamed friend's sister - in reality, the dreamer secretly dreams of communicating with her.
  • If dreamed friend's baby, but in reality he has not even started a family - you can interpret the image of the baby as a projection of the inner world of the friend himself.
  • The child is healthy and cheerful - the friend is all right. If baby looks sick, cries - it's time to sound the alarm and rush to the rescue of your friend. If in a dream had a chance to see friend's real baby, with which the dreamer is familiar, then the next trip to visit a friend, you must not forget to grab some interesting gift, a treat. Gift will be appreciated.
  • Cheating on a friend with a dreamer's passion - A dream that portends a breakdown in relations, both with a friend and with a loved one. Now it is important not to draw unnecessary conclusions and not to make hasty decisions. Otherwise, the slightest misunderstanding can lead to serious trouble.
  • Friend's blood in a dream - a warning sign. He warns about possible health problems in the dreamer or his relatives. It is important not to miss the time and start treatment immediately.
  • Meeting a friend in a dream - to intimate conversations full of confessions and revelations.
  • If dreamed conversation with friend, you need to try to remember what exactly the comrade was talking about. Perhaps the dreamer uses unverified information, trusts unreliable people, and the purpose of such a dream is to warn of impending danger.
  • Drunk friend - a sign that in real life a friend needs help. Be sure to find out what is the cause of the trouble and do everything possible and impossible, but help out a friend. This is the case when, apart from the dreamer, no one can help. A different interpretation of sleep warns of the possibility of a quarrel with a dreaming friend through the fault of a dreamer.
  • Sleeping friend - a sign that the dreamer pays too little attention to communicating with friends. With this approach to friendship, the dreamer should not be surprised if in the near future one of his friends will not be able to remember his name.
  • Crying friend - a sign that some misfortune is coming, a serious test, but, despite the troubles, the friend will remain faithful to the last.
  • Laughing friend in a dream - a very good sign. Things are clearly going uphill. Ahead of promotion or the conclusion of a profitable contract.
  • If a friend from sleep looks sick - Get ready for the bad news. Separation is expected soon.
  • Beaten friend in a dream - to the good news from a friend. Perhaps in his life some significant positive event will occur.
  • If you had a dream beat your friend yourself - the dreamer in real life will provide help and support.
  • Pregnant friend - soon some very personal secret secret of a friend will be revealed to the dreamer. This secret is one of those that no one is told about. It is all the more important to treat him with respect, show tact and keep a secret.
  • To dream friend's internet, with which there has never been a personal meeting, means that the imagination is trying in every possible way to think up the missing details of the puzzle and collect the same image of this friend. It is quite normal to be interested in various areas of a person’s life, with whom there is frequent communication, which is considered a friend.
  • School friend lost touch - a sign that the dreamer seeks to fall into childhood. Oddly enough, this practice is very useful for psychological growth. Having realized and having weighed all the pros and cons of that time, a person makes a conscious decision and can safely begin to move forward in adulthood. You can also wait for a pleasant meeting or unexpected profit.
  • If in a dream friend came to visit - So in reality this person needs something. In a dream, accept a friend as a dear guest - find a way to solve his problem, help in reality.
  • Drive a friend off your doorstep in a dream - refuse assistance for any reason.
  • If it happened in a dream celebrate friend's birthday - a big feast is expected. You will have the opportunity to take a big walk with friends. The more fun the celebration will be in a dream, the more vivid impressions will be in real life.
  • Reconciliation with a friend - to improve relations with someone close.
  • Dance with a friend - have some unrealized joint plans and regret it. Perhaps there was a bright dream to visit a city together or to compose a song, but there was not enough time or desire. In fact, it’s never too late to phone up, make an appointment, and plan to spend a weekend together for a cup of coffee.
  • Drink with a friend - means that a friend will cause unthinkable troubles and worries. Perhaps he will get stuck in some unpleasant story and the dreamer will have to rescue him.
The dreaming new friend promises the beginning of a new business and interesting acquaintances.

What does a guy dream of with a friend, boyfriend’s friend?

See in a dream friend of his boyfriend and at the same time, feeling not very comfortable for a girl can be the result of ordinary jealousy. Unwillingness to share the attention of his young man with his friends is understandable, however, putting a guy in front of a choice is not far-sighted.

Even if the scales today outweigh the side of love, tomorrow the situation may change and old friends will be a more valuable burden. If you establish good relations with your boyfriend’s friend, then in his person you can find a very valuable ally.

What does a husband dream of with a friend, a husband’s friend?

If in a dream a woman dreamed that husband in his friend’s campaign working on something enthusiastically, a dream speaks of approaching success in financial matters. The task of paramount importance for the spouse now is not just not to interfere with business, but to support her man in every possible way. Created as comfortable conditions in the house, open praise of his achievements will help to increase the husband's performance and self-esteem. This will certainly have a beneficial effect on his career growth.

If a husband and friend laze in a dream, a dream can reflect a woman’s true relationship with her spouse’s friends. However, one should not too openly show one’s negativity, to love everything that a husband loves is very useful for his wife in particular and for family happiness in general.

A woman's sexual attraction to her husband’s friend can also be reflected in such dreams. In this case, you need to reconsider your behavior with your husband’s friend.

In a dream, a friend of a husband can identify a woman’s true attitude towards him.

Why do many friends dream?

If in the night dreams happened visit friends campaign - A dream promises a fast journey in the company of pleasant companions. A change of scenery will help to look at familiar things from a new angle, to find answers to questions that previously seemed insoluble.

Also big campaign of friends in a dream may mean that in reality the circle of close comrades, unnoticed by the dreamer, has narrowed somewhat.

What is a former friend dreaming of?

Former friend who dreamed in a dream - a reminder of past and sunken life events. The dream reminds that one should not go too deep into the past, live yesterday. If you turn back all the time, you can skip something special right in front of your nose. The full importance of the present moment is almost impossible to overestimate. From such fleeting, elusive moments life is made up.

If a quarrel broke the relationship with an ex-friend, the dream in which this person appeared portends a meeting and news.

A meeting with a former friend in a dream may portend a meeting in reality.

Why do people dream of each other?

  • People are usually dream of each other regardless of how long they last saw each other, or how close they were.
  • If a a dreaming person is dear to the heart, just need to take an interest in his affairs.

Perhaps we can single out the case when two people at one night dreamed of each other. If at the same time the circumstances of the dreams echoed in a certain way, then these two are connected much more strongly than it might seem at first glance. Perhaps there is some kind of joint venture ahead, which will most radically affect their lives.

What is the dream of a dead, deceased friend, dead?

Sleep is usually a warning. He says that we must not forget to take some measures. Depending on that said what a dead friend looked like You can try to determine in which particular area to act. Do not forget to bring an umbrella with you, call your business partner back, insure yourself in case of a car accident or anything else.

  • If a dreamed of a tragically dead friend - in reality one should beware of more serious dangers. In no case can now take on risky business.
  • Dead friend in a dream warns of unexpected obstacles, the overcoming of which is necessary for further advancement. Moreover, friends can help to cope with problems.
  • Dead friend dressed in all red - warning of imminent loss.
A dead friend in a dream warns of trouble.

Why dream of kissing a friend, kiss a friend?

In most cases, such a dream suggests that friendships hang in the balance, despite the existing attraction to each other. Perhaps, in order to maintain friendship, it would be more correct now to temporarily step back a little. There is a risk that one of the friends will commit meanness, perhaps even without realizing it.

For the most accurate decoding of this dream, it is important to recall in what situation the kiss occurred, and what it was:

  • farewell - an improvement in relations, but a long separation afterwards, which will probably happen if the kiss in a dream occurred on the platform, pier, stop or at the airport
  • on your cheek - distance from each other
  • erotic kiss - to the beginning of a common cause, which can not do without mutual trust
  • with a friend of the same gender as a dreamer - to unexpected adventures

Why is my best friend dreaming?

If you dreamed in a dream best friend, a person with whom constantly, almost every day, pleasant pastime takes place - a dream promises cloudless, absolutely carefree times for the near future. Everything is alright, everything is in order.

If dreamed best friend, from whom, however, for a long time nothing was heardworth worrying about. He needs to contact his friend, maybe he needs help.

Negative meaning is a dream in which best friend suddenly turned into an animal. It means that the dreamer's enemies started the evil and will soon prove themselves.

The dream in which I saw my best friend is one of the most favorable.

Why dream of having sex with a friend?

There are two interpretations of such a dream, and both are obvious.

  • The first means that not only platonic relations are connected with the other, at the subconscious level a spark of passion flares up.
  • The second option - this is not a matter of friend, but of banal sexual dissatisfaction. Hormones literally hit a fountain in the head. The fact that a friend dreamed is far from the most terrible case of the many variations possible in such a situation.

What is the dream of a wedding with a friend?

Dream wedding - the sign is very symbolic. It is difficult to overestimate the global nature of such a dream. A dream wedding is a prophecy for the rest of your life. So if in a dream had a chance to marry an unloved person, eg, just a good friend, now you need to be extremely careful in making important decisions. There is a risk of making a mistake for which you have to pay until the end of your days.

A wedding with a friend in a dream is a difficult choice in reality.

Why dream of a relationship, love with a friend?

If a dreamed friend of the same sex with the dreamer - Do not strain and betray too much meaning to sleep. You just need to try to get it out of your head as soon as possible. Such dreams, as a rule, say that an unpleasant incident occurred in life that caused the dreamer to be embarrassed, self-conscious. Moreover, this event, most likely, is not connected in any way directly with the dreaming friend.

Romantic relationship with a friend of the opposite sex in a dream - a reminder that the dreaming friend is also a living person, and in spite of the trust of friendly relations, sometimes he may not have a completely platonic attraction. If you share these feelings there is no desire, then it may be worth letting such a friend go away for a while.

What is the dream of the girl, the wife of a friend?

Such a dream may speak in favor of the fact that in the near future important news will come from a friend or fresh news about a friend. It would be nice to ask in advance about the situation of the comrade. If the dream was erotic in nature, friendship is at risk.

You need to think about whether obscene thoughts about your friend’s wife have lurked in your head, to think how much value this friendship is, and whether you can afford to neglect it.

Friend's wife in a dream - to waking news.

What does a childhood friend dream about?

Such a dream means that there is an invisible thread that connects old friends through the years and distances, and now one of the two needs support. Perhaps the dreamer himself was tired of endless troubles, daily worries and would be happy to be in that children's world where friendship rules, children's delight, where there are no annoying obligations and worries.

There is also the possibility that dreaming friend was in trouble and there was nowhere to wait for help from him. In any case, it will be most correct to recall a long-forgotten phone number and call without fail. A conversation will bring joy to both.

Why does a friend often dream of?

If in a dream the same friend regularly visits - it means that the dreamer has a very strong connection with him at the non-material level. Dreaming friend - a congenial person.Also, a dream may indicate that now there comes a period when the dreamer can play a very important role in the life of this friend. It is important to participate in the life of a friend. Timely assistance and valuable advice can radically affect his fate.

If a friend dreams very often, then in reality between friends there is a strong spiritual connection.

Why dream a quarrel with a friend?

Such a dream says that friendship will move to a new level. There will be global changes in life. Perhaps someone will start a family or move to another city. In this case, friendship will undergo a serious transformation. In the new realities it will be possible to be friends with families, become godfathers, switch to online communication. However, a friend will not cease to be a friend no matter what.

What is the dream of a friend’s car for?

See in a dream friend’s house - a sign of openness and good nature of a dreaming comrade. Dream interpreters advise cherishing this friendship.

If in a dream happened drive a friend’s car, drive his car - dreamer is a positive person with an active lifestyle. Such energy is laudable, but there are times when it is worth less to impose your opinion on a friend. He is able to manage his own life himself. Perhaps he is already fed up with moralizing and advice.

A friend’s house in a dream is a sign of good relations.

Why dream about a feast with friends?

Such a dream promises unexpected joy, rapid changes for the better. Abundance, prosperity, prosperity in everything will accompany in the near future. A pleasant change of scenery, a trip on vacation, which will leave the most pleasant, unforgettable experience, is possible.

But pleasant changes for the better in the dreamer's life will come only if the tables were full of various foods and drinks in a dream. If food was not enough, or there were scraps and bits on the plates of friends, joyful events would be overshadowed and quickly fade into the background.

Why are friends having a fight?

  • If in night dreams occurred a fight with a friend - this means that the dreamer in real life is clearly trying to convey something to a dreaming friend to no avail. The wall of misunderstanding is annoying and enraging. This suppressed emotion finds a way out in dreams.
  • If in a dream only a dreaming friend displayed aggression in a fight, then there is a threat from enemies.
  • Managed to fight back, win - In real life, great success is expected.
Suppressed emotions can be reflected in a dream in the form of a fight with a friend.

What does a former best friend dream of?

In a dream, to meet a person with whom a strong friendship had previously associated in life, but at the present time fate has divorced is a good sign.

  • If a friend in a dream in good health - to unexpected good news or even to a material pleasant surprise.
  • Sometimes former friend may dream about a quarrel with a current friend. This is due to the fact that the dreamer subconsciously compares his friends with each other. You must immediately stop doing this and realize once and for all that each person is unique and unique. To look for the character traits of an old friend in a completely different person is at least stupid.
A former best friend in a dream is a good sign.

True relationships with your friends can often be judged by the content of their dreams. If this friendship is really valuable for the dreamer, he seeks to preserve it, then you should not neglect the interpretations of dream books.

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