The breed of dogs is pti-brabancon: upbringing, character, care, health, maintenance. Griffon pit-brabancon: photos of an adult dog and puppy, reviews, cons, breed features

This article describes the nature and behavior of Pti Brabancon dogs. You will also learn other interesting facts about this breed.

Petit Brabancon is a Belgian dog breed. It was in this country that it was decided to bring these little dogs.

  • This breed has several names, but more often it is called the Brabant Griffon.
  • But such a name did not come from the name of a flying creature. Griffon is a French word that translates as "hard wool".
  • Indeed, the dogs of this breed have a rather stiff and short coat.
  • Belgium bred several types of griffons, but the most popular is the baby Brabancon. Read more about breed features.

Breed of dogs pti-brabancon: description, features of the breed with photos

Petit brabancon

The breed was standardized several times: in 1904, 1963 and 2003. According to the requirements of the latest standardization, outwardly such a dog must meet certain parameters.

Breed characteristics

The parameters of the dog should be as follows:

  • Cranial head similar to a dome, round, wide. The hair on the head is very stiff and of small length. On the face there is no wool that adorns dogs of other breeds: beards, mustaches and eyebrows. Coverage on the face is even and coarse.
  • The transitional part from the forehead to the nose is pronounced. The muzzle is small in size when compared with other parts of the head. At the sight of a dog, an upturned nose is immediately evident - black and large. The nostrils are open. If you look at the dog’s face in profile, then the nose mirror, frontal part and chin are located in the same plane.
  • The jaw has its own structural feature - the lower row of teeth is pronounced and extends beyond the upper row. The incisors in the dog’s mouth are arranged vertically. The mouth closes tightly. Therefore, if the tongue or teeth are visible, it is better to refuse to buy such a puppy, since this is an unclean breed Brabancon, and mixed with another breed.
  • The part of the head in the chin area is large, with a pronounced relief, protrudes forward. The lips are always dry and fit well to the teeth. The color of the lips is black. The overhang of the upper lip over the lower is unacceptable.
  • The eyes are large, slightly arched and set wide apart in relation to all other parts of the muzzle. The iris is dark. If the dog looks straight, then the whites of the eyes are not visible - this is a characteristic feature of this breed. The eyelids are also dark or even black. The same color and long eyelashes of this dog.
  • The ears are small, set high on the head, and are in a semi-standing position. The ends of the ears hang forward. Previously, the owners of this breed of dogs stopped their ears, giving them the shape of a pointed triangle. Currently, breeders prefer not to do this, so more and more often you can see bird-brabancon with ears that nature gave him.
  • The body of the dog is well muscled, the chest is deep, and the body itself is like a square. Muscles are also developed on the back. This part of the body is straight, short and with a convex withers. It is important that the length from the scapula to the sciatic tubercle corresponds to the height at the withers. In this breed, it is permissible that the inclination of the hull be towards the tail, but it should be small.
  • The length of the legs is average, they should be parallel to each other and set straight. The paws themselves have black pads and claws of the same color. The shape of the legs is oval, small. We can say that the paws of the bird-brabancon are compact and neat.
  • The tail is long, but owners often stop it by 2/3. It is set high and has a saber-shaped form in its natural form. The tip of the tail is directed towards the back, but it is important that it is not twisted and does not lie on the back.

If you describe the breed in a nutshell, then we can say the following: the round large head of the dog is on a strong body with good muscles. It is the disturbed proportion of the head and body of this breed that gives the dog a funny appearance. The weight of the dog varies within 4 kg, and the height can be from 16 to 25 cm.

Coloring characteristic of wool

The coat is no more than 2 cm long. It shines beautifully and fits snugly in the body area. The hair on the head is very short - from 0.5 to 1 cm. The color of the dog can be in such colors:

Petit brabancon
  • The black
Petit brabancon
  • Deer
Petit brabancon
  • Black and tan
Petit brabancon
  • Mix black with red

Worth knowing: A puppy of a bird-brabancon can be born with a dark color. But as you grow older, the color of the coat will change. In any case, the color of the coat should be stable and saturated, especially in mixed breeds. The tan marks are beautiful bright colors.

The spots are usually located on the paws - from the metatarsus to the carpal joint and from the metatarsus to the hock. The tan color is acceptable on the inside of the paws, on the breast, near the ears and in the pre-ductal area. The muzzle is usually "masked".

Important: Whitish spots on the chest indicate an impurity in the breed and this is unacceptable for a real bird-brabancon.

Breed of dogs Pti-Brabancon: education, character, care, health, maintenance

Petit brabancon

Despite the pretty appearance, the character of the pit-brabancon breed is independent and proud. But the dog treats the owners with affection and tenderness. The emotionality of this dog is diverse. All this thanks to the expressiveness of the muzzle. This dog is sensitive to changes in the mood of the owner and therefore will behave the same. She will become your reflection.


A dog of the Piti Brabancon breed is a real companion dog. He is peaceful and kind to everyone around him. Especially attached to the owner, but will be good for all family members. You will not notice importunity in relation to the manifestation of feelings for a person in him, but he does not like loneliness.

Being a puppy, such a dog will already try to please its owner and will do everything in order not to upset a person with either its behavior or its attitude. The fearlessness of dogs of this breed helps them become good guards, despite their funny appearance.

The dog is not very aggressive, but at the same time it is non-shy. Does not lose self-esteem. It gets along well with other pets that you have to get along with in the same room. A good nervous system and an adequate response to surrounding circumstances helps her in this.

Such a kid perfectly understands the humor of the owner and never harbors a grudge against any practical jokes. His character traits lack vengeance and vindictiveness. The playfulness of this baby is maintained throughout his life. He will be happy to play with children, both at the age of the puppy and in old age. The dog's tirelessness and its ingenuity are admirable.

Important to remember: A dog of this breed is very attached to the family in which he lives. Therefore, when traveling, it is better to take it with you, and not leave it in nurseries. Being with strangers can cause a doggie trauma.

Petit brabancon

Key Points in Parenting

Even if you do not have experience in dog training, raising your pit-brabancon will not be difficult for you. This breed has a good memory and excellent mind, so the dog will be able to quickly understand the command and remember it for life. The dog will know the meaning of each of your words when referring to it.

Remember: When raising a dog, do not try to change her character and do not be rude, otherwise the dog will not listen to you and will not understand what you want from him. Only trust, respect and understanding.

When learning a new team, encourage your dog. Dog breeders claim that the intelligence of this dog corresponds to the development of a 3-year-old baby. Therefore, he should understand all the commands and consequences arising from them.

If you will bring up Brabancon yourself, then know that in front of you he will not show and assert his authority, since the dog is sure that he is already at the top of the hierarchy. Demand from him only a good attitude to yourself. Stop any aggression immediately. After all, this dog, although playful, is still a predator. And if you make allowances during the upbringing, then an uncontrollable devil can grow out of this cute animal.

Tip: In education, show tolerance and tolerance.

Petit brabancon

How to care and maintain a dog?

Minimal care for the baby and adult of this breed is required. Even the most unpleasant procedures for the dog will be performed without problems, as she is faithful and unconditionally trusts her owner. It is not necessary to trim the hair, as it is already short throughout the dog’s life. Just comb it daily with a special brush. This will help remove dust, dirt and dead hair.

Tip: Wash your four-legged friend as it gets dirty. Use a specially designed dog shampoo for this. In winter, do not bathe, so as not to catch the dog. If you suddenly need to wash, then after the procedure, blow dry the hair with a hairdryer.

Be sure to do the following when leaving:

  • Brush your dog’s ears and teeth once every 2 weeks.
  • Shorten your claws as you grow with special cutters that you can buy at any pet store. This is necessary so that the claws do not break and crumble as they grow.
  • Wipe your eyes daily with a cotton pad dipped in warm boiled water.

Walk the dog 1-2 times a day. Be sure to wear a leash so that your friend does not suffer from vehicles or the actions of large dogs. Train from a young age to obey during a walk and do not allow the dog to pick up any “goodies” edible for it from the ground. This is fraught with poisoning. Demand the exact execution of prohibiting commands.

Common pit-brabancon disease:

  • Cataract eye
  • Eyeball prolapse
  • Retinal detachment

Therefore, it is so important to monitor eye health and be sure to wipe them daily. If you have any problems, urgently contact an experienced veterinarian. A fairly common phenomenon in such a breed is a cold and lung pathology.

Dog feeding It is performed 2-3 times - for an adult, and the baby requires 4-5 meals a day. Make sure that the dog does not overeat, as the constitution of his body predisposes to the appearance of obesity. The diet should include:

  • Low-fat meat
  • Different cereals
  • Fruits vegetables
  • Dairy products

Tip: If you prefer to feed griffon ready-made feeds, then buy such food of good quality and from trusted manufacturers.

Petit brabancon

Dog keeping simple and this breed will live perfectly in a city apartment. She can walk at home in the tray, but walks are necessary for the dog to develop. The dog will guard its territory and will certainly meet strangers by barking. She is sensitive to the emotions of the owners. The dog will not be able to develop normally in gloomy and reserved people who are prone to tantrums and scandals.

Here are some tips for keeping your bird bird:

  • Talk a lot with the dog.
  • Buy her some toys. She must have her own toys so that she can develop and spend her free time.
  • Make a comfortable sleeping place.
  • Love your friend and he will show his affection for you in response.

Remember that without responding to your love for the owner, the dog will begin to feel sad and may even refuse to eat.

Griffon pit-brabancon: breed cons, owner reviews

Petit brabancon

Typically, real dog breeders do not talk about the downsides of a particular breed, as those people who love these four-legged friends do not notice the downsides. But, speaking objectively, it is worth noting such disadvantages of this breed:

  • Due to its playful character, it can mess up until you are at home. For example, tearing up a sofa or tearing up a plush toy. This is due to lack of attention of the owner.
  • Eye diseases. You should constantly show the dog to a good veterinarian so as not to see the onset of the disease. If you do not start treatment in a timely manner, then the dog may even die.
  • Diseases of the teeth. You also need to carefully monitor the condition of the dog’s teeth.

This breed has no other minuses. This is confirmed by the reviews of the owners:

Vasily, 35 years old

My son has been allergic since childhood. Any pet leads to the appearance of a chronic runny nose, especially if the animal has long hair. The kid really wanted a dog, and due to allergies, we did not buy him a puppy. But recently, a friend advised the breed of ptits-Brabancon. I learned that this breed has short hair and my wife and I decided to get a puppy. The son is very satisfied, there is no allergy. The dog lives with us for the second year and we loved him with all our heart.

Irina, 25 years old

In my childhood I had a bird-prab-brabancon dog. She lived a very long time and I loved her. Now that I am already living an independent life, I decided to have a puppy of this breed. This is a very good and playful friend. With her you will not be bored. She is sensitive to her master and passes all his emotions through herself. If you are sad and the dog will suffer, and if there is laughter and fun in the house, then the dog will jump around you, looking into your eyes.

Asya, 30 years old

My husband is a skeptic towards small dogs. He says that they are only for glamorous ladies. But when Chipik appeared in our house - a black bird-brabancon, the husband fell in love with him like himself. Now she’s even jealous if Chipik is more fond of me, and not him.

Pti-Brabancon breed: photo of an adult dog and puppy

If you have not decided to start such a breed for you or not, then look at the photos of adult dogs and puppies. They are very cute, with smart and kind eyes. Surely at first glance you will have a love for these pets, they are so interesting.

Petit Brabancon - puppy Petit Brabancon - puppy Petit Brabancon - Puppy Petit Brabancon - Adult Dog Petit Brabancon - puppy Petit Brabancon - Adult Dog

If you decide to buy a puppy of this breed, then remember that he must be healthy, playful and look at others with interest. Buying a dog for later treatment is not worth it, since it will take you more money than you save on the cost of the puppy. The most important indicator of health is a coat of bright saturated color, clean eyes and playfulness.

Watch the video: Petit brabancon pups (December 2019).