Lily of the valley: medicinal properties and contraindications, use in traditional medicine. Tincture of lily of the valley - instructions for use

Lily of the valley is not only a beautiful and pleasantly smelling flower, but also a medicinal plant with a unique property. It will help against many diseases, but if taken improperly, it can be fatal.

When the lilies of the valley bloom, it becomes immediately clear that spring has come into full force. The aroma of this wonderful plant spreads far around, and delicate flowers are collected in fragrant bouquets.

But not only by its beauty famous lilies of the valley. In many countries, they are officially recognized. medicinal plant. Lily of the valley has a huge amount useful properties. Let’s try to figure out why this fragrant flower is so useful.

Lily of the valley: medicinal and medicinal properties

Since ancient times healing properties This flower is known to mankind. Tinctures from its flowers are used to treat diseases heart and in ophthalmology. At the beginning of the last century, a pure medicine was obtained from lily of the valley, which was named convaltoxin.

Lilies of the valley are not only beautiful, but also healing

Despite the fact that people knew about the usefulness of lily of the valley for a long time, this plant came to official medicine relatively recently. Mid 19th century one of the scientific journals published an article by a professor Inozemtseva about the wonderful properties of lily of the valley. But no one paid her due attention. And only after a few decades, a famous doctor Botkin introduced into his practice tinctures from lily of the valley for the treatment of heart disease.

A few years later, pharmacists isolated from lily of the valley powder that had a beneficial effect on the heart.

When the production of the powder was started, it was not sufficiently cleaned, so patients began to complain about side effects. After that, they forgot about the lily of the valley for a while. And even after the powder began to be cleaned effectively, people were wary of this drug. Only a few decades later Botkin returned to the lily of the valley a well-deserved recognition.

Most often, lily of the valley is used to treat cardiovascular diseases.

The composition of this flower contains substances that are beneficial affect the heart muscle. Also in its composition there are various acids, such as citric and malic, starch and aspargin.

Lilies of the valley contain substances that act on the heart, due to which heart rate stabilizes they also affect blood vessels.

Lily of the valley is used in the treatment of heart disease, with neuroses and defects. It has the ability to dilate blood vessels, so it is used with hypertension. With its help, blood circulation processes improve, toxins and harmful fluids are removed from the body.

Lilies of the valley should be taken as a sedative

This wonderful plant is also used. with nervous breakdowns, as a sedative. In the arsenal of useful properties of lily of the valley sleeping pills. It is used to treat epilepsy, the thyroid gland, with headaches and paralysis.

Acting on the renal vessels substances in the composition of the lily of the valley expand them, due to which the outflow of liquid increases. It perfectly helps to cope with puffiness during pregnancy and eliminates symptoms. with menopause.

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Tincture of lily of the valley - instructions for use

Folk healing For several hundred years now, the useful properties of lily of the valley have been complete. Tincture from this plant can be prepared independently, it will not be difficult. It is recommended to take it with:

  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • urinary tract ailments
  • cardiovascular disease and tachycardia
  • for washing eyes with severe conjunctivitis
  • insomnia and nervous irritability
  • febrile malaria and rheumatism
  • epilepsy
  • intestinal colic and asthma
In the assortment of pharmacies there are many funds based on lily of the valley

In any pharmacy you can buy alcohol tincture of lily of the valley. For use, it must be diluted with ten parts of water.

There are also tinctures from lily of the valley with the addition of other medicinal herbs, such as hawthorn or valerian. In combination, these drugs are used for diseases of the thyroid gland, atherosclerosis, nervous system disorders and insomnia.

A unique tincture of lily of the valley is considered potent. Therefore, before using it to treat any problems, you must consult a doctor.

Lily of the valley: application in traditional medicine

Traditional medicine has long been familiar with healing properties of lily of the valley. It contains a huge amount of nutrients. Mainly used flowers and leaves of a plant. The raw materials are dried in a shady place, and then taken if necessary.

For the preparation of medicinal tinctures, powders, oils, flowers, leaves and stems of lily of the valley are used.


A tablespoon of dry matter is poured into a glass of boiling water. Then this solution is insisted for a couple of hours. The infusion must be filtered and taken by fifteen milliliters every two hours.

You can use brewed lily of the valley as a sedative and decongestant. In this case, it is taken four times a day for a tablespoon. The course of such treatment should not exceed two weeks.

Lily of the valley can be brewed as tea and drunk as a sedative instead of valerian or motherwort


Lily of the valley can slow down the disease and lower intraocular pressure. In this case, the lily of the valley is mixed with nettles. A tablespoon of dried lily of the valley flowers and half a glass of nettle are poured with thirty milliliters of boiling water and allowed to infuse for eight hours. It should turn out to be a mushy mass. It is applied to a bandage and applied to the eyelids for half an hour. The course of treatment is two weeks.

Lily of the valley in combination with other plants used for eye diseases


In the prevention of this disease you need alcohol tincture of lily of the valley:

  • chop the flowers and leaves of the plant
  • pour ten parts of an alcohol solution
  • stand the infusion for a couple of weeks in a dark place and strain
  • in a glass of water, dilute a teaspoon of the medicine and rinse eyeballs with this mixture twice a day.

Heart diseases

For treatment heart problems used infusion of lily of the valley, dill, mint and valerian. Each drug is taken in a tablespoon, brewed in a liter of boiling water and left to infuse for an hour. Filter and use inside, 150 milliliters per day for two weeks.

Lily of the valley used to treat cardiovascular disease


To eliminate the symptoms of menopause, take infusion of lily of the valley with honey. To do this, brew in a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of dry collection of lily of the valley. Then filter and add a spoonful of honey. Drink must be twenty milliliters five times a day.

But remember, before using folk recipes, be sure to consult a doctor.

Lily of the valley: heart treatment

In folk medicine, lily of the valley is rightly considered heart healer. This is an effective medicine for many diseases. of cardio-vascular system. For treatment, use alcohol tincture. About how to cook it, we wrote above. The main medicinal substance of lily of the valley is capable of:

  • restore heart rate
  • improve the clinical picture with heart disease
  • stabilize blood circulation
Lily of the valley - heart doctor

What is dangerous lily of the valley: poisonous properties

Along with useful properties, lily of the valley has negative properties. He is very poisonous! Even in the water where the flowers of this plant stood, a large amount of toxic substances is contained.

Lily of the valley by no means not used for self-medication, because this can lead to very unpredictable consequences.

In addition to the benefits, lily of the valley can cause serious harm.

Special dangerous berries. They can cause severe poisoning, malfunctioning of the heart and hallucinations. Therefore, if you use lily of the valley for medicinal purposes, be extremely careful!

Lily of the valley poisoning symptoms

Lily of the valley is a poisonous plant, this should be remembered and never do not exceed dosage. In case of an overdose, the following unpleasant symptoms may occur:

  • nausea first and then severe vomiting
  • weakness of the whole organism
  • heart rhythm disturbance that can lead to complete cardiac arrest
  • drowsiness
  • flickering begins before the eyes, hallucinations may occur
Doctors do not recommend placing bouquets of lilies of the valley in the bedroom, and especially in the nursery

If not timely help with such poisoning, a person can expect death.

In case of poisoning, the victim must first call an ambulance. While waiting, you can do it yourself do some manipulation:

  • Dilute in warm water manganese and give the patient a drink. It will cause vomiting and empty the stomach.
  • Give the victim any sorbent preparations
  • Can make an enema to cleanse the intestines

Contraindications to the use of lily of the valley

As already mentioned, lily of the valley is very poisonous. Therefore, the use of drugs should be carried out only in consultation with a doctor. Required follow the indicated doses!

Medications from lily of the valley have many contraindications, which should be clarified by a doctor

Not recommended use preparations based on a fragrant plant to people who suffer from problems with the kidneys and liver, as well as with pronounced endocarditis.

Also, you can not use lily of the valley with myocardium, with changes in blood vessels and pronounced problems in the cardiovascular sphere. Do not inhale the smell for a long time lily of the valley, as this can also lead to poor health.

How to cook tincture of lily of the valley at home: recipe

Let's get acquainted with a couple of recipes for tinctures that are not difficult cook yourself.


  • Dry flowers and leaves of lily of the valley in the amount of one teaspoon
  • Glass of boiling water
Lily of the valley tincture can be easily prepared at home

Pour boiling water over the ingredient, cover the container and let it brew for about an hour. Next, drain the liquid and take a tablespoon no more than 4 times a day.


  • Fresh lily of the valley flowers
  • Pure medical alcohol

In a jar with a capacity of half a liter, pour the flowers of the plant, so that they occupy a third of the volume. Fill to the top with alcohol, tightly close the lid and set in a dark place for two weeks. In this case, the contents of the jar should be shaken periodically.

Then you need to drain the liquid through cheesecloth. You can accept no more than 90 drops in a day. Dilute with boiled water.

Do not forget that before taking medications from lily of the valley it is necessary consult with your doctor.

What is harvested from lily of the valley as a raw material?

For the manufacture of various drugs use only land part of lilies of the valley, and these are leaves and flowers. The collection must be carried out in sunny weather, in no case do this after rain. Lilies of the valley must be cut with a sharp knife or secateurs. Do not tear them together with bulbsbecause it will destroy the culture!

By tearing a lily of the valley with an onion, you will destroy the plant; moreover, the underground part is not used for medical purposes.

Dry medicinal plant needed immediately after cutting. After it fades, the medicinal properties will sharply decrease.

Better to carry drying procedure in a special apparatus. But if one is not available, then spread the raw materials in the shade and periodically turn over. When the plants are completely dry, they must be placed in a resealable container and stored in a cool, dark place.

What leaves and flowers of lily of the valley have medicinal value?

The leaves and flowers of a fragrant plant contain a large amount of active substances, essential oils and acidsthat have a wonderful medicinal effect on the human body. In the history of medicines, lily of the valley is far from the last place.

To prepare tinctures use the leaves and flowers of lily of the valley

In ancient times, the Kingdom of Prussia was invented tincture to cure paralysis. Lily of the valley flowers were picked in the early morning, they had to be covered with dew. And then they insisted on wine.

In Foggy Albion tincture from this plant was called "golden water." Used her like a panacea for nervous breakdowns, used to treat headaches and even saved him from epidemics. And such an infusion was sold only in expensive bottles of gold or silver.

The healing properties of lily of the valley are used to this day and not only in traditional medicine. Fragrant Doctor helps with a variety of diseases,if used wisely and under the supervision of a physician.

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