Blue plus yellow - what color do you get? How to get green color and its shades when mixing paints?

To achieve extraordinary shades of green, find out from the material which colors should be mixed.

From childhood we remember that if a green pencil is broken and cannot be repaired, then there is no problem if blue and yellow are at hand. We draw in one color, we paint over with another - and the thing is in the hat, the green color appears on the album sheet as if by magic.

What color will turn out when mixing yellow and blue colors: how to get shades?

But this is in childhood, when mothers, educators, teachers are near, and most importantly - a box of pencils. How to achieve green, if you do not, for example, also yellow, and you need to paint right now? In this case, new mixes of similar colors and shades will come to the rescue. Take the color of ocher and, diluting it with white, mix with blue. A wonderful saturated color of bright juicy greens will come out.

With the classic green color and the way to achieve it is clear. And how to achieve this or that shade with which green is so rich? To do this, we again resort to mixing and see how the color saturation, its depth, how intense it becomes.

  • To achieve a pale soft shade of green, enrich the classic combination of yellow and blue with a little white. This is how calming pale green color in which it is recommended to paint or paste on the walls of the bedrooms.
  • Noble exquisite olive the shade is achieved in two stages: first we get the classic green, and then we begin to add yellowness to it, while controlling how much saturated color we want to have as a result. Light yellow color will make our olive soft and muffled, the darker the color of yellow, the richer and deeper the shade of the final color will be.
  • AT bottle shades of green when mixing blue with yellow, the base color is the second color. The final color, reminiscent of bottle glass, depends on its precisely measured amount.
  • By adding to pure green alternately and carefully, so as not to overdo it with proportions, yellow and black, we will achieve shade of needles.
  • Summer gamut fern recreate by mixing green with the contrast of black and white, and the base color will be exactly white. This color cannot be attributed to light or dark, rather, it is a link connecting these gradations.
  • Plunge into forest green You can, combining the right proportions of green with black.
  • So beloved by the kids bright salad - It is brightened with yellow and white green.
  • To obtain swampy shade (as an option - khaki), the initial green color needs to be "enhanced" with a red-brown gamma.
  • Dark green easy to achieve by varying black or brown colors, adding them to green.
  • Turquoise a hue that is already close to almost blue can be achieved by mixing green with blue.
  • Gray green the color will become when we add light gray and green paint to the base of white.
  • Colour avocado, as close as possible to the gamut of yellow hues, is created on the basis of yellow by adding brown and black.
  • For achievement emerald tones again take the yellow base and enrich it with certain parts of green and white.
  • Aquamarine based on white, with the addition of green and black.
We get green

So, using just a few colors, you can achieve the richest gamut of green shades - such juicy, rich, pleasing to the eye and unique.

Watch the video: How to mix green acrylic paint (November 2019).