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How can a girl meet a stranger first on the Internet, VK, school, gym, elevator, on the street, on the beach, by correspondence that I like: the best ways and tips. How to get to know a guy if you are shy? What to say or write to a girl guy to meet?

In this article we will figure out how best to get to know a guy and what words, behavior to choose in order to leave an indelible impression on ourselves.

Guys should take the first steps - this is an undeniable law of life. But if he is not aware that he "wants" to meet you, then you need to help with this. The girl should draw attention to herself, but the further initiative should be left to the guy. This article provides information on how to make acquaintance with a young man in various places.

What to do to a girl who wants to meet a stranger at school, on the street, on the beach: the best ways and advice from a psychologist

All acquaintances, regardless of the place and time of day are reduced to one thing - to draw attention to yourself. Most often, you need to be at the feet of a man. In the literal sense of the word. Stumble and drop your things, and cast a flirty glance at him. This is a bit commonplace, it can even be called classic.

School is the most popular and easy place to meet.

  • The task is simplified because you have the opportunity to be together and this opportunity falls out every day. So start with this - catch a guy’s eye more often.
  • Study his interests, because everyone has common friends at school! Prepare even the base of the first phrases for conversation. Or maybe you have some common hobbies with some kind of sport or object.
  • Start your first communication by chance. If you are standing in the same line in the dining room, then ask about today's menu. You can ask him for a piece of paper or a pen for a break, if the opportunity arises.
  • Collide accidentally while dropping a stack of books or notebooks. And you can accidentally pour some coffee on it. The next day, an apology will become like a continuation of communication. After that, do not forget to say hello to the guy, smiling sweetly at him.
You can meet at school
  • Ask for help or advice. If the guy is older, then you can ask about the future teacher or lesson. Or maybe he will tell you how to pass the exams.
  • Morning parties, KVN and other events are just a storehouse for dating and socializing. Your school may have a massive quest or game. No, then become its initiator.
  • Then, touch the set of social skills. Just not very intrusive. Become friends on the Internet. Indeed, without prying eyes in noisy corridors communicate more calmly. And only then periodically remind yourself if he has not yet taken the initiative in his own hands.

How do you meet a guy on the street?

Getting to know a guy on the street is both simple and problematic. The fact is that you can only guess about marital status. And immediately asking about it is just uncivilized.

  • Well, remember romantic films. There are a lot of similar scenes there. Face it, drop your papers, spill coffee - all this is a classic of the genre, which will help to attract attention.
  • Ask for directions, time, or ask for heavy packages. Or maybe you twisted your leg and collapsed immediately to the future lover in a hug. The main thing is to add a twist to your image. Perhaps it is a perfume fragrance or a chiffon scarf.
  • If there is a pet, then let it "break" off the leash. Or maybe the guy has a very nice dog. Or it started to rain sharply, but you didn’t have an umbrella at hand.
Acquaintance on the street
  • It is very important to be polite and nice to smile. Also try to make humor in any situation. Add a phrase about recent news, express your life position or remember a quote from your favorite book (film).
  • If a guy makes contact, then take an interest in general information about him. You may both be fans of Bulgakov, or you may like one style of music. Or maybe he was also at a concert that you visited a week ago.

IMPORTANT: Do not evaluate a person by appearance. Do not draw any conclusions for him. Be natural! A simulated smile or laughter will only ruin the situation. Do not talk a lot about yourself. Better, use intriguing phrases. And always leave the last word to the man.

  • And yet, give the guy a compliment. For eyes, a smile, hair or a T-shirt - it does not matter. Guys are just as flattering as girls. And embellish the importance of his act or help for you. Guys love being admired. The beach is a great dating option.

To meet a guy on the beach, you need to put your body in order. No one says that all guys need a girl with only a model appearance. As statistics show, men pay more attention to girls with forms and a small tummy. But do not forget that everyone has different tastes. A girl needs a beautiful and slender figure, that is, you. Then there will be courage and confidence in his spell.

  • You need to act on your own, without the help of friends. Yes, inner courage is lost so little, but the possibilities of acquaintance increase.
  • Ask him to look after your things when you go buy yourself water or ice cream. You can offer him something to take. It will already depend on your courage. Or you saw that he wants to buy something. Don't be afraid to ask, it’s important for guys to feel fit.
  • You may not be able to open soda, spread out a deck chair or insert an umbrella. Or maybe he flew away "randomly". Any excuse for help will be an opportunity to get to know each other.
Acquaintance on the street
  • The main thing is not to end the conversation with a simple "thank you". Ask questions even about the weather. If he makes contact, then gradually approach his interests and hobbies.
  • Alternatively, ask him to photograph you. And if you are used to going ahead, then offer to take a joint picture. Or help apply sunscreen to your back. Skin contact, as in a melodrama, will create a kind of "tink".
  • Volleyball is a great opportunity to get to know each other. By the way, you can also act as a fan.

IMPORTANT: And a little trick - drop something nearby and ask for help to find. Even if there is nothing. Or maybe your wind blew your hat, and a brave guy got it out of the water. Based on the situation, but always include imagination, ingenuity and female charm.

What to do to a girl who wants to meet a stranger in a gym, elevator?

With an elevator, with a gym - these are some specific places for dating. But sometimes, in such places the strongest relations arise. True, this happens by chance. But you can come up with your own scheme for meeting a guy.

In the gym

This dating option has one virtue - people have at least one common interest. So, there will be something to talk about at the first date. It is also worth noting that in this place everyone will look as natural as possible.

  • To get started, start seriously. If you are like 2-3 classes, then the guy simply does not consider it necessary to pay attention to you like the girls who just want to meet you, a lot comes every month. Therefore, start tackling yourself and your figure - tidy yourself up and raise confidence.
  • To get to know a guy, use a banal scheme - ask for help. Help with some kind of simulator or with the scheme of the exercise. Or maybe you don’t have enough strength to put something on, take it off or move it. In general, start from the situation.
  • Men are greedy for compliments - appreciate his efforts. By chance, you can still ask for some advice or talk about life on various topics. But not more than 5-10 minutes. And go on to engage - leave the further actions to the man. After all, he is a hunter!
Acquaintance in the hall
  • If he did not immediately call you on a date, continue to say hello and smile sweetly. Do not forget to periodically, but not often, ask for help.
  • You can "accidentally" eavesdrop on his conversation with a friend. And, having apologized, inquire about this or that remedy, drug, or maybe about a specific exercise. After all, you so wanted to try, but there was no one to ask for advice.
  • And if you are not only a athletic and strong girl, but also brave, then simply come up with an offer to drink a cup of tea, coffee or juice. After all, life is one, what else to wait or to guess.

Elevator as a place to meet

On the one hand, this is a romantic place for the first meeting, which will be the birth of a new love. But there is a flip side to the coin - only a beautiful and modern metal box fits into the picture, and even better, with glass walls. If we are talking about the elevator of a multi-storey building, in which repairs were made several centuries ago, then this is not the most fabulous option.

  • So, remember the romantic melodramas. The easiest way is to pretend that you feel bad. Pass out or just pretend to suffocate. You can lean against the wall, creating the illusion of dizziness. And gracefully move down the wall to the floor. There is nothing touching, than a girl who needs the help of a man.
  • You can add more drama and reality to the film - persuade the elevator. True, in this situation, you need to know up to seconds exactly when he will be in the elevator and will be in it alone! Do not forget to give the elevator a present if he is not your good friend. After your call, which you need to make quietly, the elevator will stop for a while.
    • And now you can play the picture - "I'm afraid of a confined space." This is a banal scene from melodramas, but it really works.
    • The second branch of the development of events is simply acquaintance in the elevator. After all, you will need to stand an hour or even two. Just prepare in advance outline topics for conversation, so as not to stand in complete silence from the excitement. Or at least find out a little about his interests.
  • You can go easier. Click the Stop button. Just do it unnoticed. But then you will need to come up with an excuse then, as you have not remembered about this before. So that the man does not realize "playing" with the button, turn your attention to your fear of the closed space.
Meet the elevator
  • You can go a little simple, but not feigned method - lend a phone. Your sat down, and then an urgent call. At the end, start a dialogue that you are from the same house and it’s interesting to know, by the way, from which apartment is the “neighbor”. And what is the name and in a similar style. But do not be imposed on the young man, ask questions by chance and if the guy makes contact.
  • Another slightly extreme movie technique is spilled coffee. Prepare it in advance so as not to burn the poor fellow. Apologize for a long time, start wiping the stain with napkins, and offer help with washing.

How can a girl meet a stranger first in pen pal on the Internet, VK?

Now the Internet is the main pastime of most young people. If earlier the kids could not be driven into the house, now they are driven out with a whip into the street. Guys spend more time on computer games, but they also remember to use social networks. Therefore, to meet a guy via the Internet, arm yourself with some notes.

  • The first thing that is required of you is to put things in order on your page. Clean photos, adjust information about yourself. And show that you are an interesting person and you have a hobby. It is not worth it to exhibit half-naked photos or shots from parties. Guys rush to it, but then expect a reciprocal attitude.
  • Check out his page! In this situation, you can take a note for yourself with what he is fond of. So, you can properly show your page. You will know what to focus on. But you should not impersonate another person, because then it will still be revealed. But it is worth highlighting for yourself:
    • common interests or outlooks on life. Perhaps both of you are fond of mountaineering or you have the same views on the musical style. Or maybe you are one of those rare shots who prefer real books than modern electronic versions or even films. This information or part of it can be seen even from the main photo.
    • common acquaintances. With their help, you accidentally stumbled upon it, like an avatar or an inscription on a friend’s page. Common friends create the first topic for communication, if they really are and you know these people in life.
    • often a place of study brings strangers together. Each school has its own atmosphere, the same applies to the place of work. By the way, in this case there may be general acquaintances about whom you can talk. But do not discuss behind!
    • Common interests can complement groups and communities. Therefore, such insignificant information will be another reason for conversation.
Acquaintance in a social network
  • To meet a guy on the Internet, write first to him with this offer. Yes, directly. Or disarm him by saying what an interesting person he is. Judging by the information on the page. And you so need to communicate with new people. After all, both do not lose anything if you start communication.
  • If you want to surprise a guy, come up a little from the unusual side. Ask for advice on watching a movie. Although there is nothing wonderful in this, he will be surprised at a stranger by reading such a message.
  • Or start a discussion about the information on his page. Let it be a book, a movie or some kind of quote. Express your opinion, but do not push too much. After all, everyone has the right to have an opinion.
  • After the first conversation, continue to correspond, but do not impose! The guy should also be interested in you. Ask leading questions about his hobbies and hobbies, because the information on the page in VK can be already outdated.
  • Ask for advice and keep up the conversation with interesting stories. But there must be a dialogue! Take care if he is sick or has learning problems. And most importantly - be natural! If this is “your” person, then communication with him will be easy and simple.

IMPORTANT: And yet, write correctly and check the spelling of words. Do not scold the guy if he did not respond in time. Do not throw a guy hundreds of messages - guys are afraid of obsessive girls.

How can a girl meet a guy that she likes?

There is no clear instruction to follow. All the guys are different, like the girls. The acquaintance situation may seem nice to some, while it will surprise others. Trust your intuition and remember that without risk you will not know exactly anything. Perhaps the guy himself has long laid eyes on you.

  • The first rule of any girl is appearance. Emphasize your strengths, and mask the flaws as much as possible. But do not shove cotton wool into the bra to enlarge the chest by several sizes. After all, further exposure will only cause disappointment.
  • Set yourself apart from other girls. More often use a perfume with unusual notes or an original decoration. This should be remembered by a guy, but the most vivid emotions in men are a woman’s smile.
  • Do not wear too revealing and elaborate outfits. This scares men, as well as excessive makeup.
  • Always be yourself and be natural. If jokes are not your thing, then do not let the memorized phrase.
  • The most popular way to get to know someone is to ask for help. But the guys know him well, so choose the original methods.Although in this situation, you also need to master acting, so that the situation does not look simulated.
  • Closing the eyes with palms from the guy’s back will look very beautiful. After all, it is common for everyone to make mistakes, and he looked so much like a friend from the back.
Meeting a guy
  • Let the banal, but tell the man compliments. Everyone loves to listen to praise.
  • You know, guys are also afraid of failure, so they will approve the girl’s initiative. But do not be imposed on the young man with the phrases "here is my phone" and "be sure to call back." Modesty has always been and will be in fashion!
  • Do not invent hobbies and hobbies just to please a guy. This is stupid and a little childish.
  • And I want to add - if you want to meet a guy, act with the first impulse. As practice shows, over time, more analysis of the situation will begin and only fear and fear of failure will appear.

IMPORTANT: Always follow the rule - to attract attention and wait for action from a man. If he did not respond, then appear in front of him again, remind yourself. But the initiative should be from a man. At least he should think so!

How does a girl get to know a guy in an original way?

Give him a bouquet of flowers with a proposal to sit in a cafe, and he will definitely remember you. True, with fright, he is unlikely to give his phone number. But seriously, in such situations you need to approach with humor.

  • Suggest fortune telling on the hand. After all, fate pushes him to meet a pretty girl.
  • If you have enough courage, then give him a balloon to cheer you up. And on it write your phone number. Better yet, tie the number to the ball leg. But handing the present away.

IMPORTANT: You can start dating silently. Pay attention to the guy, and then retire. Noticing, for example, that a guy has unleashed a lace. Come and whisper in a passionate voice in your ear about "his problem." And get away with your business. The point is not what you said, but how you presented this information.

  • Alternatively, you can offer him to adjust the shirt collar. Having said only the phrase: “can you be courted?” But, without waiting for an answer, adjust your tie or collar. This will show that you paid attention to the guy.
Choose a random situation for dating
  • You can sit down on a bench in the park or at one table in a cafe. "Hi Sasha!". Then he will begin to explain at a loss that his name is different. Translate the conversation that you look like a friend. Or pretend that you were played. Asked to give the book to such a person. They said that it will be in this place at this time.
    • By the way, do not forget to agree in advance with a friend so that she calls at the right time for the accuracy of the information. The same book, picture or disc with the game (!) Will be an excellent occasion for starting a conversation.
    • Games are loved by all the guys. Therefore, in this way, you will definitely carry him into conversation. But ask your friends guys what is better to take for these purposes. You can ask for help to pass such a level. If a guy sees a soul mate in you that understands computer games, then he will run after you to the ends of the world.
  • Ask you to dial to find your phone in a secret pocket. And then kiss him on the cheek. To have a good mood all day. This guy will definitely pay attention. Well, he will already have a phone number.
  • If he reads a newspaper or magazine, then ask if there is an announcement about the missing man. After all, you are looking for the perfect man with such and such external data.

How to get to know a guy if you are shy?

This trait was adopted, and went to conquer the guys. They grind with a sweet smile, red cheeks and shyly lowered cilia. Just do not replay! The only thing needed is to have the courage to approach. And there, proceed already according to the above schemes.

  • No need to even talk. You can, for example, run into a guy and drop papers with drawings or photographs. Let him compliment you and take the initiative.
  • You can’t even go for it. Then toss him a note in the pocket of his jacket or jacket. Or ask a passerby to convey such a letter. After all, we usually shy before those who are pretty. And in that business card, indicate the name and phone number.

What to say or write to a girl guy to meet: the best words and phrases to start dating

The first phrases often become the key to future communication. As soon as you submit yourself, such an opinion will become attached. Above were mentioned some possible phrases to start dating.

  • Ask for advice or help, but consider the possibilities of the situation. Make it clear that you have common interests. For example: "I heard you are fond of such and such a group, and you know where there are tickets for the concert. Could you help me get them".
  • Or go into a more active attack: "Have you and I never met in such a cafe, movie or club?"
  • Or maybe the guy can get the phone number of an old mutual friend. By the way, to start a conversation, you can ask where they met.
Words for correspondence with a guy
  • Men love specifics and they don’t know how to read thoughts, so state your thoughts clearly: "Don't want to go have a cup of coffee?". Such a phrase works well when you" accidentally "knock over his glass and want to make amends.
  • Also remember, men need to be given a choice! Therefore, give instructions with the possibility of his choice. For example: "And at what time will it be convenient for you to call?"and suggest options. More precisely, give the guy the illusion of choice.
  • Or say the phrase in a velvet voice: "Could you please help me. I am completely unaware of such and such a topic.".
  • If you have great courage and a sense of humor, then offer the guy a "piece of positive." "Such a great mood that I want to share my joy with others. You do not mind?".
  • Or maybe you have an extra movie ticket. "Would you like to go to a movie session with an unfamiliar pretty girl?"

IMPORTANT: But most importantly - do not make yourself the one who can "stop the horse and gallop." A girl should need a man's strong shoulder, his help and advice. And for them, similar phrases as "balm for the soul."

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