What should be the clothes with the neckline? Neckline Wear Rules

The article describes recommendations for the correct wearing of the neckline. Also, lovely ladies will find out which neckline goes to different types of figures.

Girls who wear a neckline should not break the fine line between a beautiful emphasis on the chest and vulgarity. Therefore, you need to select dresses or blouses with a neckline on your chest skillfully. After all, the same thing on different types of figures can look completely different. On one lady she will look exquisite, on the other - completely tasteless.

And every woman somewhere deep in her soul dreams of being liked by men, of envy of close friends. Let's figure out how to make such dreams come true by choosing the right style of clothing with a neckline.

Rules for choosing clothes with a neckline

Learn the main rule - do not wear outfits with deep cuts in the chest area for work, formal events. This will interfere with business meetings, and you may be thought of as a frivolous employee. An employer will make a remark at best, and at worst may simply prevent you from serious matters, etc.

  • Such clothes are suitable for parties, walks under the moon, visiting ceremonial events (weddings, anniversaries)
  • The neckline cutout should not be too large to turn out that the chest is almost all open. It is beautiful when it is beautiful forms that are emphasized. In addition, if you have well-groomed skin or weak muscles in the decollete, it is better to wear a dress that emphasizes other advantages of your body
  • Do not overload the outfit with the neckline with excessive jewelry, lots of ruffles, frills, stasis. It is better that such clothes were sewn from high-quality material, she had an original cut, nice texture
  • In addition, if you already have a cutout in the chest area, then all sorts of figures on the back, sides are no longer desirable
  • Choose a suitable bra so that it is not visible. If the neckline is also on the back, then use silicone cups, etc., so that the bra clasps are not visible
  • If you want to wear fishnet stockings, over the knee under the outfit with a neckline, the look will be too provocative. It’s better not to go to social events in such clothes, such an outfit will be suitable only for a romantic dinner for two in a purely intimate setting

IMPORTANT: If you wear a dress with a neckline, then make sure that the skin tone is even. If there are imperfections in the skin, mask them with foundation. Make sure that the skin tone of the face does not differ from the skin tone in the neckline.

How to choose a neckline by the type of figure?

It is very important to be able to skillfully choose clothes with a neckline that will suit exactly your figure. Consider which cutouts are best used if you have small breasts and if you have large breasts.

  • For small breasts (0-1) shallow cutouts with interesting decorations go well. To increase the visually small breasts, you need to use ruffles, as well as fit as an American armhole. Blouses and dresses on the straps will look good. From all sorts of corsets, thin people have to refuse

  • For normal breasts (2-3 sizes) any kind of neckline is perfect, the main thing is not to overdo it with a neckline, to choose beautifully underwear

  • For chest size four choose cuts deeper and it is desirable that there was a V-neck

  • For the fifth sizeA deep cut will be appropriate, only the chest needs to be adjusted using underwear. A small neckline won't suit you at all. Also, a round neckline will look great on you.

In what clothes is the neckline appropriate?

If the neckline does not look vulgar, then it is appropriate in any type of clothing:

  • in evening dresses, everyday, cocktail
  • in sweaters, vests, sweaters, sweatshirts
  • in shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts, swimsuits, overalls

What should be the depth of the neckline?

Of course, it is ugly when the depth of the neckline on the dress reaches the navel. Going out to the festivities in our society in such a dress will be completely unseemly. Naturally, if this is not a fashion designer collection show or a social party.

Select the depth of the neckline according to the size of the bust, as described above in the article. The main thing is that the chest should clearly sit in a beautiful decoration, and nothing superfluous for prying eyes could be seen there.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the color scheme of the outfit. Incorrectly chosen color of the dress can spoil the whole look and even if the neckline sits perfectly on the bust - you will not be the queen of the party.

White dresses with a neckline, photo

Next, you will be presented with white dresses of various cuts with different neckline shapes that are fashionable this season.

  • A dress with such a neckline will go well for all types of busts;

  • This dress is for courageous girls with perfect breast shape. Just keep in mind that you have to constantly monitor your posture and not make sudden movements, since wearing it is not very convenient due to the cut

  • A classic version of the bride’s dress with a beautiful neckline, suitable for ladies with a normal and large bust size

  • Beautiful handmade dress for casual with a small V-neck

Dresses with a closed neckline, photo

For girls with beautiful shapes, but with skin imperfections in the chest area, the options provided with a closed neckline will fit below.

  • Dress with applique in the form of a flower and guipure top is suitable for a festive event even for capricious fashionistas who appreciate aesthetics and simplicity in the outfit

  • Gorgeous, modest and at the same time stylish dress for a young bride. It will be good to sit on a girl with a small bust

  • Dress for women of Balzac age of green color will hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure

Shirt and blouse with a neckline, photo

If you like blouses with a neckline, then see the news of this season next.

  • Fashionable blouse for young, energetic girls with a deep neckline

  • Cute blouse for a full lady with a V-neck, emphasizes the beauty of the chest

  • Slim-fit slim blouse

  • Bright yellow sports shirt for girls with a zipper in front. Thanks to which you can adjust the neckline

Black dress with a neckline. How to choose a black dress with a neckline?

There are many events where you can wear a black dress with a neckline. But now this is not about that. Let's look at the topic of how to choose a black dress with a neckline for women with different shapes.

  • If the lady has a long neck, oval, oblong face, then you need to choose an outfit with a rounded neckline
  • A short neckline is perfect for women with a short neck.
  • To make the waist look smaller, wear a black dress with thin straps, be sure to wear jewelry, without it the outfit looks too simple

IMPORTANT: Do not buy a clutch matching the black dress. It is advisable to choose it for the color of the shoes. And yet, shoes for parties, too, do not choose black, otherwise it will look too gloomy, do the aspect in bright colors.

How to choose a dress with a neckline for the full?

  • First of all, you need to buy a good, tight bodice that will emphasize all the charm of a bbw breast
  • Also, it is important not to make a mistake with the size of the dress with the bodice. It’s not nice when the bust sticks out much because of the tightness of the outfit
  • Do not choose a neckline with a small neckline and too large - this is not your thing
  • Do not buy a thing if there are too many ruffles, frills and other stripes. Minimalism will suit you more, so you will focus on the chest

Rules for choosing clothes with a neckline: tips and reviews

After the above information, you will be able to determine for yourself which style of clothing with a neckline will suit you more. With normal and large volumes of the chest, it is much easier to choose the neckline - this is clear from the reviews of women.

And with a small bust, there are many problems to solve them, see our video below. An experienced expert of the program “Everything will be kind” will tell you in fine details and tell you how to cope with such a problem.

Watch the video: Face Shapes And Necklines - Fashion Tips By Marilyn Hellman (November 2019).