What does the word dude really mean?

The origin of the word dude.

The word "dude" at the moment is not as common as it was before. It gained wide distribution in the seventies of the last century. In this article we will talk about the origin of this word.

What does the word dude really mean?

It is worth noting that in the seventies of the last century they tried to fight this expression, and already in the late eighties the word went into the passive reserve of young people. They began to use it much less often. Despite the fact that this word arose long ago, it is not known exactly about its origin. There are several versions, none of which are currently confirmed.

Options for the origin of the word "Dude":

  1. Perhaps from the gypsy “Chavo”, it is translated from the gypsy language means a guy, respectively dude - this is the wife of a gypsy or the wife of a guy. Although previously it was believed that the guy meant a prostitute.
  2. Another option for the appearance of the word is jargon, which was common among musicians. They say that people who play a trumpet or wind instruments for a long period of time, at first it is quite difficult to pronounce the words. Accordingly, instead of people, it turned out "chevyek", then, accordingly, reduced to "dude". So dude just means man.
  3. Some scientists do not quite agree with this, they suggest that the word "dude" could have happened since the time of Wednesday, which was common among thieves, and then gradually turned into youth slang in the fifties. The word "girlfriend of a thief" meant.
  4. Popularly, this word was among the dudes, people who appreciated everything American and Western. The word meant "A man respecting the great American culture." It was a kind of decoding of the word.
  5. It is also believed that the word "dude" means a castrated camel or ram. But there is no confirmation of this at the moment. Where this version came from is not known for certain. Now it means just a person or colloquial: “Hey, come here, tough guy or man,” “come here.” Used to attract the attention of men and call him to themselves.
  6. The most interesting thing is that many people generally associate the word "dude" with chyaviacs - these are deep galoshes that help to climb mountains. It comes from Kabardino-Balkarian. But at the moment it is not known how mountain galoshes relate to a person or a man. Therefore, this option is not on Wikipedia.
  7. There is an option that rural “dude” means straw, which is located under domestic animals. Perhaps that is why the word once meant litter or a prostitute. Many people think that the word dude was not the original one. Initially, the word “dude” arose, and “dude” became derivative, that is, a prostitute’s friend or thief.
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We advise you not to use this word in colloquial speech, because it refers to excessive expressionism. The word is rather harsh, not every person will like that they call him that. As for distribution in culture, as well as in music, indeed, since the seventies this word has always been featured in songs.

In the nineties, this word is also often found in films and is used in translation from English. What does a friend or buddy mean. In the seventies this word was also used in several feature films, one cannot fail to note the film "Operation Y", where the word "dude" is used. This is an episode about learning English among prisoners.

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