How to draw a dandelion with a pencil in stages for beginners? How to draw a dandelion on the wall?

Features of drawing dandelions with pencil and paints. Step by step instructions.

Psychologists from all sources of information talk about the benefits of drawing for us. And the appearance of babies in the family is necessarily associated with creative minutes of joint communication.

Continuing the theme of drawing elements of nature, let's talk about the features of the image of a dandelion with a pencil, paints, sponge.

How to draw a dandelion with a pencil in stages for beginners?

dandelion in pencil, step by step instructions
First decide on the future drawing, it will be:
  • dandelion on a stalk surrounded by flying seeds
  • flowering and closed bud of a plant on stems surrounded by a pair of leaves
  • dandelion with a fluffy head and blooming on stems, around which are three or more leaves
Next, prepare:
  • thin core pencil
  • paper
  • eraser
Step by step draw a dandelion like this:
  • depict a small oval-core of the future dandelion with seeds, a larger circle for a flowering plant, an average oval for drawing a closed bud;
  • from him / them down, draw one or two parallel lines-stems. Remember that they are figured in dandelion;
  • draw a circle around the core, outline the serrated petals of an open flower, draw lines of leaves and their ends near a closed bud;
  • In the outer circle, draw fluffy dandelions into small cloves. These will be the tops of its airy seeds. If desired, on one side add a few detached fluffs that already seem to fly through the air. To do this, draw dots and thin stems from them;
  • at the core of a dandelion with ripened seeds, put a lot of dark dots, near a blossoming flower, shade darker the leaves of the stalk, which are wilted, and highlight the closed bud with shadow lines on the leaves and the ends of the petals more clearly;
  • dandelion with seeds, add their thin stems coming from the core, and a light web of their tops. To do this, draw short rays from the middle in all directions;
  • display shadows on stems, shading darker places;
  • start drawing leaves from the line of the core or outline their general oval;
  • symmetrically draw embossed protrusions on the leaves, resembling a Christmas tree. Expand the leaves towards the bottom and reduce their curvature;
  • if you started drawing leaves not from the midline, then add it as the last touch in the work.
And a few photos as a step-by-step instructions for drawing a dandelion with a pencil.
dandelion pencil step by step drawing, option 1 dandelion pencil step by step drawing, option 2 dandelion pencil step by step drawing, option 2 dandelion pencil step by step drawing, option 3 dandelion pencil step by step drawing, option 4 dandelion pencil step by step drawing, option 5 dandelion in pencil step-by-step drawing, option 6

How to draw a dandelion with a pencil in stages for children?

ripened dandelion draw with a pencil
Children are extremely impatient during their creative activities with their parents. Therefore, master the simple technique of drawing a dandelion and teach it to use your child.
  • On the sheet, display the thin stalk and midline of the future sheet
  • Outline an oval on the stem
  • Display 7-8 petals shaped like rectangles
  • Draw 4-5 stalk leaves below
  • Around the middle of the sheet, start to display its curly lines in the direction from bottom to top.
  • It is enough to outline 3 cloves of sheet parallel to the midline
  • Color the resulting dandelion blank
dandelion is drawn in pencil in stages

How to draw dandelion paints, watercolors for children?

dandelion painted
Watercolor dandelions will appeal to children and adults the ability to easily mix paints and adjust the drawing at their discretion.

For example, master a couple of techniques with:

  • wax crayons
  • gel pen and simple pencil
In the first version, on a blank sheet of paper, draw the skeleton of a future dandelion, namely the stem, leaves, flowers, and / or a fluffy umbrella.

In the second - when the work dries, draw clear lines of the stem, pedicel, buds, dandelion umbrellas with a pen.

To give the work lightness and airiness, use large crystals of salt. She picks up wet paint and leaves white spots on the canvas.

How to draw a dandelion on the wall in stages?

dandelions are painted on the wall
If you like to experiment and decorate the interior of your home yourself, draw some flowers / fluffy dandelions on the wall.

At the preparation stage, pay special attention to the choice of brushes for painting. They should be different in thickness of the drawing part.

Work sequence:
  • draw with a simple pencil the contours of the future drawing, highlighting the stems, head;
  • with a thick brush, apply paint to the stems;
  • with a thin brush mark the legs of the seeds on the head of the dandelion and next to it, giving the picture the effect of a blown wind;
  • with the third brush, put a lot of dots around the airhead of the plant. They will be seeds that come off and fly through the air. Remember that there are more of them near the dandelion and less as they separate from it;
  • Airy seeds draw thin legs and umbrellas. The rays of the latter are directed in different directions and resemble the sun;
  • draw similar umbrellas on a dandelion head;
  • around the stems under the fluffy heads of the plant with a thin brush, depict 4-5 sheets of s-shape.

How to draw a dandelion on the wall with a sponge?

the airy part of the dandelion is painted on the wall with a sponge
Continuing the theme of decorating the interior of the housing, pay attention to the technique of drawing a dandelion on the wall with a sponge. It almost completely replaces brushes and brings a special lightness and volume to the picture.

We note several features of creating a dandelion on the wall with a sponge:

  • it acts as a drawing tool for marking the stem and umbrellas of seeds.
  • except for its wide part, use a thin one and one of the corners.
  • color saturation easily changes depending on the amount of paint on it and the side that leaves a print on the wall.
To ensure that the drawing has clear boundaries, set them with masking tape before picking up a sponge for drawing.

Dandelion - drawing for children for sketching

Children love to see a real image before their eyes, which they draw and decorate to their taste.

Below are a few examples of dandelion drawings that kids can offer as patterns for sketching.

drawing of a dandelion for sketching for children, option 1 drawing of a dandelion for sketching for children, option 2 drawing of a dandelion for sketching for children, option 3 drawing of a dandelion for sketching for children, option 4
So, we looked at different techniques for drawing dandelions on canvas and as an element of decorating the interior on the wall.
Draw for yourself and with the children, devote time to this fascinating activity and enjoy the amazing summer flowers - dandelions.

Watch the video: How to Draw a Dandelion Easy Free Drawing Tutorial for Beginners (November 2019).