How to speak, write: put a signature or signature in the document? What is the difference between the word signature and mural?

This article details the topic of how to speak, write: put a signature or signature in the documentation. You will find out - what is the difference between the lexical meaning of the words signature, painting.

According to the lexical meaning of the word:painting, signature totally different. The first word means a listing of something (inventory, property, income). He also has another meaning - to paint, paint walls, etc. More precisely, when painted with colored paints on the surface - this is painting. BUT signature - this is exactly what we are talking about: personal autographs, which are put by persons, endorsing any documents, assuring that they are drawn up correctly. And the individual undertakes to fulfill what is written there. Further, in detail, we will consider how to write, speak, put painting or signature in the document.

How to: put a signature or a signature?

According to all the rules of Russian grammar and the lexical meaning, the word in the expression - put a signature or a list, you should choose the first interpretation. It will be true to use both in writing and in oral speech the word - signature.

Signature or painting?


  • Your signature already appears on the document, it remains only to do business.
  • Sometime this signature will be very popular.

You can often hear a phrase like documentationunder painting. These words can be used in Russian vocabulary, because they are close in meaning to the verb to sign.


  • This document is given on hand only for signature.

If read Russian legislation, then there you will not find a clear explanation of what is correct to use the word in a letter: signature. The only thing that is mentioned in the Civil Code is that a signature should be affixed in a variety of situations in a document that expresses confirmation of a fact of a transaction. (Article 160 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Another person may endorse with her signature the requisite check (Article of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

It is believed that the papers do not correspond to reality in the event that under them there is no signature of the responsible person according to the Unified Document System, the requirements of GOST R6.30 of 2003. Such a signature should include not only the signature on the paper (a personal, personalized halo, special), but also the name with initials, so that it is clear who owns this signature. The same condition is spelled out in the Civil Code of Article 19. All persons who acquire and exercise any rights and obligations must, in addition to the signature, also put their surname with initials (legible handwriting).

It is interesting that sometimes, when it is necessary to sign for an absent executive person, they use the so-called signature - facsimile (slash) or pretext: FOR. in this case, the documentation is invalid, because it is considered illegal. Instead of the absent boss, his deputy or a person who has the right to such decisions must sign it, and the documentation where the “carluchka” (facsimile) stands is invalid.

What should be put a signature or a list?

IMPORTANT: It is imperative to remember what is correct in the expression: put a signature, use this very word: signature. The use of the word painting is not correct. You can say: documentation for the signature, sign, but not the signature.

How to: put a list or signature - what is the difference between the words?

Put a list or signature - how to say it, have already figured out. Despite the fact that many still apply these expressions in their speech and even in writing. You can’t say put a list, you can say sign here.

After all, the difference between these words is big. Painting - this is a picture on a tree with special paints or other materials, another meaning of the word painting - this is a list of some cases, a listing of something, but not a signature on the text in business papers, etc. ... As you can see, the difference between the lexical meaning of these words is significant. And the signature - this is a personal autograph, which is put at the bottom of the document.

Will speak correctly and - sign up at the bottom of the document. Just write: put the list, or drop the list - this is wrong.

What are the differences between words?

It is because of the verb sign up many say incorrectly: put the paintingoriginally a verb and a noun are similar to each other. Interesting that the verb subscribe unfortunately, it is rarely used in speech and writing. Perhaps - this also plays a big role in pronunciation and spelling of incorrect phrases and sentences.

So, to summarize, we can safely say that the word painting when signing documentation misuse. Correctly say, write: put signature down there.

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