Children's fashion for girls 2019-2020: trends for spring-summer, fall-winter, style and models of beautiful children's clothing, images, photos. How to buy fashionable children's clothing for girls in the online store Aliexpress: links to the catalog 2019-2020

Fashionable clothes for girls on Aliexpress.

Constantly changing fashion trends, the rapid growth of a little lady pose a difficult task for parents to update their baby’s wardrobe.
The online store will help you solve this problem without difficulty.Aliexpress.

Its advantages are already well known:

  • The assortment of the store is huge.
  • The price category is so diverse that it will satisfy the needs of any family budget
  • Constant catalog updates keep up with all the new fashion trends

Children's fashion for girls 2019-2020: trends for spring-summer, styles

  • The main fashion trends for girls are still as close as possible to the likeness of the style of adult clothing
  • Practicality and convenience replaces just beautiful things
  • Natural materials, simple cut, uncomplicated models - all this is welcomed in the new season
  • The emphasis is on sports style, military, retro, street style
  • For the demi-season, knitted fabrics are offered by leading fashion designers.
  • Details from metal, rhinestone, heels are welcome
  • The texture of the fabric is shiny with a metallic sheen
  • Trendy pastel and very bright colors. Especially red, bright blue
  • Onion of the season: cage, peas, vertical stripes, floral print

Beautiful summer dresses from chiffon for girls: photos

Previously, chiffon dresses were worn only for celebration. This season, such plain models or dresses with color prints can be worn every day. Young girls and little girls will look great in short summer dresses made of chiffon.

For girls and girls, it is proposed to decorate the image with a thin satin belt or a leather belt. Photos will show how these dresses look beautiful and emphasize the good taste of a little fashionista.

Children's fashion for girls 2019-2020 on Aliexpress - skirts, dresses: price, catalog, photo

  • Dresses presented on Aliexpress contain more 178 thousand items (select the child size in the menu on the left in the additional filters).

All the main trends of fashionable proposals of designers are taken into account:

  • The trend of the season that is not inferior to its position mothersWith actual strip

337 - 788 rubles
  • Peak Season Chiffon Dress floral print
1 267 - 1 550 rubles
  • Not out of fashion peas is in the catalog more than 7 thousand models

A cute and ultra fashionable polka dot dress is perfect for walking in warm and cool times.

  • Popular strip offered in 9.5 thousand copies
  • Print decoration in the form of a kind rabbit looks unusual, stylish.

  • Checked dresses count more3.0 thousand goods

  • Tender, not out of fashion ruffles represented by 4 thousand models

  • New fashion trend of 2019 - A-line dresses count more 85.0 thousand great options

  • The general catalog of elegant skirts has 9.5 thousand goods
  • Regular skirts look here.

Bow of the season:

  • High Waist Plaid Skirt
915 rubles
  • Pleated skirt. In the catalog more than 8 thousand different models

513.31 rubles
  • Animal print- dresses, t-shirts, skirts
464.92 steering wheels
  • And of course irreplaceable denim- sundresses, dresses, skirts, vests, jackets
975.45 rubles

Children's fashion for girls 2019-2020 on Aliexpress - spring suit: price, catalog, photo

An indisputable advantage in choosing a fashionable spring suit is convenience and comfort. Given the activity of little fashionistas, designers for the spring of 2019 offer free and practical models.

  • On Aliexpress there is a wide costume selection on warm spring days.

In trend red color represented by couple from practical pants and a comfortable raincoat with a hood.

  • Bright set of three with relevant cartoon printprobably a little fashionista will like it. Costume Catalog look here.

  • Original and warm costume warm the baby on cool spring days
677.47 rubles

Children's fashion for girls 2019-2020 on Aliexpress - dresses for graduation in kindergarten: price, catalog, photo

Aliexpress offers 63 thousand beautiful ball gowns, given the fashion trends for little ladies.

  • Very current trend of the season polka-dot dress
834.28 rubles

Such a chic polka dot party dress is perfect for a little princess.

  • For several seasons in a row, the floral print in the catalog of ball gowns has not gone out of fashion.14.6 thousand units.
  • One of them gorgeous dress indescribable beauty.

Also available are holiday dresses:

  • With a geometric pattern -559
  • Solid - 24.0 thousand
  • Animal Print - 920
  • With various signs - 6.3 thousand.
  • With inscriptions - 275
  • Paisley - 144
  • Patchwork - 6.3 thousand.
  • Tartan - 605
  • With a pattern - 4.4 thousand.
  • Striped - 2.0 thousand

Children's fashion for girls 2019 on Aliexpress - children's t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts: price, catalog, photo

Bright cartoon, animal, floral prints - this is what is welcomed at the top of the wardrobe of young fashion fans.

Aliexpress express especially rich in such new things:

  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts - 8.6 thousand

  • T-shirts and tops - 47.3 thousand

Children's fashion for girls 2019-2020 on Aliexpress - jeans

The undoubted hit of the season are flared jeans.

Have time to buy !!!

  • On Aliexpress them total 137 options.
  • How to refuse such beauty?
620.5 rubles
  • Do not give up their positions and skinny jeanscounting in catalog of 920 units.
  • Jeans with fur lapel.
415.31 rubles

Children's swimwear for girls on Aliexpress

  • Clothing for swimming in the store totals 1,7 thousand goods.

Bright, extraordinary models not only protect the body from the hot sun, but also emphasize the beauty and personality of a young girl.

Children's sneakers, gym shoes for the girl on Aliexpress

The fashion for sports shoes for babies is traditional - first of all, convenience and comfort.

  • The catalog of sneakers and sneakers has 36.6 thousand models.

Children's shoes for the girl on Aliexpress

Bright, practical, comfortable, breathable - the requirements that designers make for children's shoes.

  • To any dress and outerwear you can choose such shoes on Aliexpress.

Children's fashion for girls: trends and styles for the fall-winter 2019-2020

  • Parents prefer to buy quality models of jackets.

Hoods, lining, sewn and adjustable drawstring at the waist and hem, inserted knit cuffs - an irreplaceable set. The product is required to fully protect from all cold inclement weather.

1302.26 rubles

Necessarily this beauty should be fastened with a slight movement of the lock - lightning bolts.

1342.69 rubles
  • On peak season, as in adult collections, elongated parka jackets.
1468.26 rubles

Fashion is gaining momentum faux fur. Such children's jackets for the fall of 2019 are very practical to use, warm and light.

  • Do not go out of fashion and children's leather jacketswhich are suitable for the first autumn days.
from 1267.34 rubles

The fashionable colors of the fall-winter season 2019-2020 of the season are represented by a rich and colorful palette that will dispel the grayness of a rainy autumn.
Hot pink has lost its relevance.

  • Samples came in first place:bright red tones
from 2094 rubles
  • And green tones.
from 747 rubles

For lovers of a quiet range, designers offer fashionable jackets with a soft floral palette: pale pink, light lilac, silver blue.

  • These shades make any clothes.outfit of a real princess.
from 2100 rubles

Onions of the season recognized prints.

  • Fashion designers returned to their favorite children's images: cartoon characters, good forest animals, butterflies, flowers, balloons.
from 904 rubles
  • Stylish is suitable for an older lady cage print.
from 2298 rubles

Still relevant:

  • Patchwork Appliques
  • Shuttlecocks and ruffles
  • Clear or using floral patterns, deferment
  • Guipure or lace inserts in jeans

Children's winter fashion for girls 2019 - 2020 on Aliexpress - down jackets, jackets, overalls

Buying fashionable outerwear for a baby on Aliexpress is not difficult.

By clicking on the links below the full catalog will open:

  •  Pukhovikov
  • Jackets and coats
  • Jumpsuit

Children's winter suit for the girl on Aliexpress

A little fashionista always wants to look extraordinary.

  • The original will help her in this. winter costumes:
  • Patchwork style warm. pants and parka
from 3697 rubles

Three set in trendy color, decorated with ruffles, decorate the image of any girl.

from 2058 rubles

Coat children's for the girl on Aliexpress

To be like a mom is every girl’s dream.

It will be possible to look like an adult acquired on Aliexpress:

  • Stylish baby red coat

  • Or retro stylish
from 1803 rubles
  • Or maybe this denim parka 
from 1389 rubles

Children's sports suit for the girl on Aliexpress

  • Various models of clothes for playing sports, you can see the school by going to this link

The trend strip will pleasantly surprise the owner of a set of tights and long-sleeved T-shirts.

from 1071 rubles

Children's hats, mittens, gloves for the girl on Aliexpress

Accessories for girls can be selected in the catalog by sections:

  • Hats
  • Hats and caps

  • Gloves and mittens

Boots, children's shoes for girls on Aliexpress

  • Catalog boots and boots contains 16.6 thousand models.
  • Winter optionsfor babies represented by 11.3 copies
  • Demi-season- 1.9 thousand pairs
  • Summer boots- 30 units
  • Summer sandals

Children's pajamas, underwear, pants, tights, bathrobes for girls on Aliexpress

We are looking for home clothes and linen by categories:

  • Panties
  • Pajamas and bathrobes
  • Tights

Children's clothing for babies and girls up to 1 year old on Aliexpress

  • Clothes for babies contains 151.4 thousand goods.
from 145 rubles

The catalog is divided into categories:

  • Dresses
  • Body and romper
  • Outerwear & Coats
  • Skirts
  • Pants & Pants
  • Outerwear
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Accessories
  • Shorts
  • Pajamas and bathrobes
  • Socks and tights
  • Teen Sweaters
  • Swimwear for teens
  • Underwear, diapers
  • Outfits

A wide selection of items on Aliexpress makes it possible to completely update your wardrobe without leaving your home. But this advantage can be attributed to disadvantages. Indeed, from all this mass of goods it is so difficult to choose the right and worthy thing.